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Finally I can buy things in perches, pennyweights and pecks. So much easier.
Thanks #Brexit
All of these #remainers in my DMs saying the #Imperial System is difficult. Look, a scruple is 20 grains and a troy pennyweight is 24 grains. A minim is 1/60 of a fluid dram so expressing a fluid’s density is easy. I choose pennyweight/minim as it just makes more sense.
If a train is travelling at 5 rods per minute and burns off a gill of fuel every 5 minutes calculate its momentum. Come on. Sir Isaac Newton could do it.
#pounds #Brexit
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Funny if not so tragic:
“an investigation by @DailyMailUK on Sun found that UK exports are routinely being blocked due to 'an avalanche of red tape'”

1. Didn’t take an *investigation* - #Remainers warned you about leaving SM/CU
2. You wanted a hard #Brexit; you got your wish
Illustrates yet again how #Brexit was a consequence of both arrogance and ignorance
Maybe we can recruit the @DailyMailUK & MoS to lead the campaign to rejoin at least the Single Market & Customs Union?
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Since that dark day in 2016, there was not a single point in this process where #remainers had ANY INPUT WHATSOEVER about what form Brexit would take.

We put our arguments. We marched in our millions. And were excluded. Ignored. Ridiculed.

Own your #BrexitRiots, #Brexiters.
This article from 2 days before the referendum was true then. True now. It doesn't matter where you insert your union jack.

No patriot would do this to their country.

Own your #BrexitRiots.…
We patriots marched in our millions to rescue our country. To rescue our freedoms. To rescue peace.

Not a single word of the Brexit Agreement was shaped by a #remainer.

Not one.

After a divisive referendum of lies won by a narrow majority.

Own your #BrexitRiots, #Brexiters.
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① of ⑧ On my Facebook page, under my video about the case for #Breturn, ardent #Brexiter Bob Pattenden commented: ‘You can’t accept a Democratic vote you lost get over it and move on, but you always have the democratic choice to move to a EU country but my guess is you won’t’ Image
② of ⑧ I replied: My Facebook page only supports strictly democratic means to achieve change. In a #democracy, if you lose, you don't have to give up. You can hope and campaign to win next time. That's precisely what #Brexiters did after they lost.
③ of ⑧ So, please, don't bring double standards to my Facebook page. If #Eurosceptics could campaign for a new vote after they lost, then so can #Remainers/ #Rejoiners too. If that was not the case, we would no longer have a democracy.
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LORD FALCONER 🔥🔥ON FIRE!🔥🔥@houseoflords
I have no doubt this comes from No. 10!
It is the product of a PM clueless about detail, so lacking in grip he cannot or will not see beyond looking tough toward the EU, who is flailing around trying to deliver on the false promises..1/
he made to NI businesses that there'd be no additional checks btwn NI & GB, & to hard-line Brexiteers that he'd do something about the NIP.
He is a PM with advisers out of control, looking for political STUNTS to reinforce the insurgent nature of #Brexit, happy to sacrifice...2/
...the #RuleofLaw in the hope of a good culture wars row with #remainers & some screeching headlines!🔥
& oblivious to the consequences to the standing of the UK, its long-term relationship with the EU countries & the security & safety of those who live in Ireland...3/
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I'm supporting this call in the FT from UK's important medium sized businesses for a close #EU trade deal.

This is not about #remainers or #leavers. We have left the #EU, and it is now incumbent on #Government to deliver for us ALL on their promise.

And we rely on this promise of an ambitious, wide-ranging & balanced economic EU partnership not #NoDeal and not and #AustraliaDeal and not #Canada either. The bespoke #ovenready deal with no economic downside which needs close alignment on standards 2/3
And here the letter in full and the 110 signatures of entrepreneurs, small and medium sized businesses and manufacturers

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"We should all be aware that the Rule of Law problems across Europe are not CAUSED by the pandemic, the pandemic raises questions of freedom vs. safety"

- @PetrKratochvl3 from @IIR_Prague kicks things off by laying out the key issue of the Debate Image
This sentiment reflects today's TEPSA Brief perfectly!

Check it out ➡️… Image
As always, we will be showcasing some choice quotes from our experts💪

We start by talking about #Hungary with @BardPetra:

"#Authoritarians across the world are having a great time quashing democratic liberty in the name of fighting #coronavirus

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I recognise this same behaviour in #Brexit. #Brexiters needed an enemy so #Remainers became the enemy.

And the more ridiculous and divorced from 2016 Brexit that their ideas became so the more Remainers pointed that out...…

...and the more #Brexiters dug into even worse outcomes driving further lies.

A mutual assured destruction of UK plc.

Could it have been resolved differently?

Well, I can think of many ways that #Brexit could have been an objective project managed on its merits. But...
3/4...none were possible after the lies of 2016.

I think three things could have saved us.

1. Leadership.
a) a good PM would have kicked Brexit into review
b) a good opposition would have built a strong case against.

2. Free Press
If we had one Brexit would have been buried.
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@DPJHodges Just read your piece.

Difficult to cut thru all YOUR hate, scorn & vitriol, but I discern the kernel of an idea — that people want to be respected & *feel* Remainers don't.

That's actually a fair point, but don't you think you'd convey it better if you didn't hate-coat it?
@DPJHodges Is it actually *true* Remainers don't respect Leavers, or is it just folk like you putting that narrative out there?

a) you prime your readers' reaction by starting with the word *bitter* & using a string of pejoratives (As BITTER REMOANERS RANT... FRUITCAKES & LOONIES)

@DPJHodges Was Campbell being "bitter" when he mocked a 50p coin? Or was he merely thinking, like millions of us, that the inscription felt rather at odds with "17 million F*** Offs" proponents of the #Brexit ideology pride themselves on giving to the EU?

Was that just you editorialising?
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#london RT to restart campaign to leave the UK.

Remember #Scotlond? Maybe it's just my Scottish heritage, but it feels like we share more with #SNP than we do with the (average*) of the rest of the UK.
*I'm sorry English #Remainers, I know you're stuck with them, empathy.
London and Scotland are #taxationwithoutrepresentation, dragged from EU against our will. We are the new #BostonTeaParty and the #NewEnglishEmpire is just as arrogant today as the old one was 246 years ago on 16th December.

Time WE took back control.…
Despite what tory offshore owned tabloids say, London has some of the most deprived areas in the UK. It shares a long history of financial services and entrepreneurship with Scotland and similar politics
And best of all - together we are 20% of the UK, but 30% of tax revenues
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Hi #Remainers and #FBPE. As we move into this ridiculous #Brexit GE on Halloween, I gift you with an on thread theme....and the right to IGNORE 2016.⏬

No propaganda.

Take back our Democracy from these ghouls who would sell our souls and NHS for cash
The lies are unprecedented. Everyone knows both campaigns lied.
They did, but since then the distortions created by the soulless ghouls leading this abomination have worsened.

But in so doing they have helped. Because now their deals look NOTHING like they claimed
Give the bastards credit. Brexit is quite the accomplishment

The richest, most out of touch predatory bastards in the country, persuaded those with not enough to vote for something that would give them even less believing they'd take back control.

JG's proud of them
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There is no compromise for #remain in this brexit deal. For MPs who think it will bring people together once again they are indulging in sheer fantasy. The compromise is between a hard brexit and a slightly less hard brexit, all being harder than Mays WA which was pretty hard.
The people who have yapped on for 3 years about EEA Norway etc have completely wasted their breath. As soon as Mays red lines were drawn this option was out of the picture. If labour MPs think this deal is right they are doing a great disservice to the country.
The biggest Pro EU movement in Europe is not going to disband if brexit is imposed without at the very least a chance for people to have a voice at the ballot box ON. THE DEAL. #Leave have completely ignored #remainers concerns for 3 years.
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*Sigh* after weeks of yo-yo-ing optimism I can now clearly see what PM Boris is going to do in the next weeks and months... and us #Remainers aren't going to like it.

Here goes... *DEPRESSING THREAD WARNING!* #brexit #borisjohnson (1/?)
(1) Boris with his unique style is the one man who can reunite the majority of the Conservative Party into agreeing to May's Deal.

He will sit down with the 1922 & probably the ERG to tell them it's May's Deal or disaster (GE, 2nd Ref, Brexit Party decimation)...
(2) And they will sign up to it!

Every one of them.

Because it will cease to be "May's Deal" & become "Boris' Deal". Boris, co-leader of the Leave campaign. Boris the great marketeer (bullshitter). Boris their last final hope to salvage Brexit & the Tory Party.
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A lot of guff today (only a little of it from Boris!) on the £39bn #Brexit ‘divorce bill’ which the UK is expected to pay as part of May's deal. The key point is that the £39bn is meant to honour commitments *already made* during the period of the UK’s membership... (1/8)
It is therefore simply wrong for #Remainers to claim that the £39bn is a ‘cost’ of Brexit that we could avoid by staying in (and that it should have been on the side of a bus too). In reality, the £39bn is money the UK would have had to pay anyway, even if still a member… (2/8)
However, it would also be wrong to assume that we would save the whole £39bn by leaving with #nodeal. I’m well aware that many experts (including a HoL committee) have argued that the UK would be on strong *legal* ground if we decided to walk away without paying a penny… (3/8)
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Things #Remainers clearly still do not know about the #EU, although this could be such a huge thread as there are so many that I have tried to list only the most important ones, but please feel free to add anymore. Thread 1/11
The 1st thing was the framing of the referendum question to leave or to remain a binary once in a generation vote. Framing was crucial as by now we would have become a fully integrated member of the #EU had we voted to remain but we voted to leave despite the lies of Remain. 2/11
There would never have been a 2nd #EU referendum vote. As a fully integrated Eurozone member state your electorate has no say on the following five policy areas: (i) monetary policy, (ii) fiscal policy, (iii) trade policy, (iv) immigration policy & (v) industrial policy. 3/11
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What “Continuity #Remainers” do not understand or do not care about, this will be a long thread as anyone with an #FBPE on their Twitter profile still appears to have a lot to learn and understand about the #EU and its complete and utter ruthlessness – Thread 1/17
The first point was the biggest lie of the entire referendum, a bigger lie than Chuka’s bus, a bigger lie than no #EU army, even a bigger lie than the Treasury forecasts was that there was ever Continuity Remain in the first place. The #EU can only survive through expansion. 2/17
Expansion of power, territory and control over its citizenry and in order to achieve this it has already (i) put itself on a warpath with Russia over the Ukraine and now (ii) wants to impose itself on Africa through the use of the #EU army. 3/17
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1. Don't pin the blame for this debased #Brexit on #Remain #Remainers #RemainerNow
We tried to tell you
2. We said a Ref was not a good idea
3. We warned Safeguards were needed
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THREAD on the Subject of #Brexit & Respect...with a hint of Betrayal.

#Remain #Remainers, #RemainerNow Pls RT or feel free to Use this whenever you are told to Respect the Non-Binding Referendum & by all means add some more.
1. #Brexiters & #Lexiters have 2 justications, apart from 'we won you lost', for the #BrexitShambles.
Namely that we must RESPECT the #Brexit Ref result & that to seek to overturn it would BETRAY the Will of the 'British People'. (nb they often omit the N. Irish)
2. Respect or Lack of Respect & Betrayal at the heart of should we Respect the EURef 2016 & Who or What is being Betrayed?
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1. Never forget the Elephant in the Room..never debated not Consented. #Brexit = Loss of Rights.
If we don't stop the #BrexitShambles we know what follows Tories will Remove them outside the protections we currently have under international treaty...…
2. #Brexit is all about deregulation & Removal of Rights & Protections.
The EU doesn't prevent a Govt adding them as a member so why would the Govt wish to leave & repatriate control if not to Remove them?
This has No Consent
#PeoplesVote #Remain option.…
3. I appear to have a hidden grateful, if it's a troll, if #Remainers who can see the comment could give it hell & screenshot it for me so I can block it...😎
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Thread 1) In response to this petition shared by @simonbruni, people have said the solution #citizensrights is to Remain in EU. They are right, but meantime many EU27 and EFTA citizens in UK live with insecurity and uncertainty over settled status.…
2) This Perth for Europe member was given two weeks, during school holidays, to provide extra information to the Home office or have her citizenship application refused. Luckily she was only away for a week.…
We asked MP @PeteWishart to get involved. His office deal with this type of issue frequently – it's not a one off, but part of the #HostileEnvironment. And what of EU27 citizens who can't afford the £1300+ to get citizenship? Or from countries which don't allow dual nationality?
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1. Seen quite a bit of anti #FBPE nonsense...mainly from the further left..we've been called a cult by Corbynistas...I'd remind them, cultists worship deities PEOPLE or objects; opposing a #Brexit which is leaving us all Poorer, Weaker with Less Control & Fewer Rights is neither.
2. Using #FBPE doesn't make us anti Corbyn or Labour it makes us anti #Brexit & sadly that means we are in opposition to those who are forcing a flawed #BrexitShambles upon the Ppl & denying the Ppl a #FinalSay a #PeoplesVote to Confirm the Will of the Ppl to leave or to #Remain.
3. Fighting to give the Ppl a #FinalSay nor indeed giving the Ppl a #PeoplesVote doesn't thwart #Brexit nor disrespect merely allows everyone to Confirm if they still want it or now to #StopBrexit &'s called DEMOCRACY as it allows ppl to change their minds
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Backed by 70% of voters (#LocalElections2018) our two major parties aim to take UK down to the minor leagues of sub-#G20 growth, supported by NO detailed plans as to the costs, complexities & consequences of such bizarre recklessness. Not just insane, but amazingly short-sighted!
2. Is this a case of who blinks first? Surely I, and fellow well-informed remainers, are not in exclusive possession of key economic facts and trends? Con/Lab MUST have these too? Maybe everyone should check the latest @guardian piece by @williamnhutton!
3. People who think Brexit (in any form!) would be easy, painless or cost-free are very sorely deluded! Maybe the 70% who just voted Con/Lab in #LocalElections2018 should have been asking 'that question' of their wannabe councillors? before parting with their votes? Too late now!
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#Remain voted for:

A say in whether the EU enlarges or not.
A say in if the EU federalises or remains a union of independent states.
A say in if there is an EU army.
Being the financial capital through which the majority of € is traded while still keeping the £.


The UK has taken the lead in efforts for EU enlargement. It pushed for the inclusion of Eastern European states. It pushed for Turkey to get its shit together so that it could join (which it made very slow progress with, and has largely been undone by Erdogan)
After #Brexit, the UK will have no influence on EU enlargement. In fact, as setting the EU as a rival, every country that joins the EU will a) strengthen the EU, and b) unravels any trade deals that the UK will have made with that country, isolating it further.
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1/ Liz it is not that you reported on Nigel & Jacob throwing some fish into the Thames. It’s that you did not also report on many many many more people marching against #Brext. The logic given for. It doing so does not add up.
2/ it is also that you did not raise critical & basic questions in regard to said stunt throwing of fish into the Thames. It is the total Government pro #Brexit. Has exhibited by @BBCNews in recent years.
3/ It is the sheer number of appearances by #Brexiters such as #farage versus #Remainers. It is the ambush mounted on @carolecadwalla by @AndrewMarr9 & #Brexstremjst guest
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