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HISTORY -- With Nzekwe Gerald Uchenna



He was one of Africa’s richest men and is always referred to as HIS EXCELLENCY, OLUWO ANTONIO OLADEINDE FERNANDEZ.
He was a Nigerian business magnate and a Permanent Representative of Central African Republic to the United Nations.
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary.
A foremost diplomat who had interests in diamond and gold, he was said to have direct contacts to the most powerful world leaders, business executives and entrepreneurs e.g Nelson Mandela, George Bush etc
He was born into the popular Fernandez family of Lagos that originated from Brazil.
Although a Nigerian, the multi-lingual and exceptional business man was appointed the permanent representative of Central African Republic (CAR) at the United Nations in 1997.
This was before he served as the special adviser to the President of Mozambique on International Economic Matters and from 1992-1995.

He was also an Open Ogboni Confraternity believer and Worshiper.
He was the Oluwo of Lagos & Olori Ogboni of the Universe.
In addition to a varity of other chieftaincy titles, he held the title of the Apesin Ola of the Egba clan of Yorubaland.

Let's take a look at the Earthly Sojourn of Chief Deinde Antonio Fernandez's.
Early Life and Education :

Oluwo Antonio Oladeinde Fernandez, is from the popular Fernandez family of Lagos, Nigeria.

Originally, the Fernandezes were descendants of freed slaves from Brazil, where Portuguese is the official language.
Some of the first modern-styled buildings in Lagos were built by the Fernandezes,and these buildings are known for their spectacular Brazilian architecture.
Portuguese navigators were also the first European explorers to reach Lagos.
Actually, they gave the state the name 'LAGOS.
His father's name is Mr. Canut Akinwale Fernandez and his mother name is Mrs. Julia Fernandez.
Oladeinde Antonio Fernandez's mother was from the Popular Olumegbon family of Lagos Island.
Growing up, Oladeinde Antonio Fernandez Parents were not rich, but were of sufficient means by the standards of those days, Although Deinde was determined early in life to grow beyond the shadows of his parents. He purposed in his heart to be Rich and Successful in life.
He attended Holy Cross primary school near Lagos City hall, C.M.S. Grammar school and St. Gregory college, Obalende, Lagos Island.
In 1954, at a Tender age, he proceeded to the United Kingdom.

He was employed as a document officer with the United Nations (UN) in New York.
He was at the Brooklyn College and St. John’s University before rounding it up at the Columbia University Graduate School of Business, where he graduated in 1972. He also qualified as a stock-broker in England.
With the help of the late sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, he became the first black member of the New York City Cocoa Board.This signalled the beginning of an accomplished business career.
Deinde Fernandez's Wives :

He was formerly married to Barbara, an American woman for 25 years but they divorced in 1989.

and Aduke Fernandez, whom he divorced in July 2003 following a £ 300m divorce suit in Scotland filled on July 1, 2003. Lord Brodie presided over the case.
The wife revealed in court that in UK alone, Deinde was worth a whopping £300m.
He was asked by Aduke through her counsel,Charles Macnair QC, to compel Fernandez to pay her a lump sum of £5m and an allowance of £75,000 monthly for 3 years.
but the case was dismissed by the court.
In 2012, he denied reuniting with Aduke, his former wife. The chief thundered: ‘It’s a big lie. It will never happen, even in a million years.’

In 2013, Both of his wives Barbara and Aduke died, within the space of three months apart.

Aduke bore a girl, Abimbola for him.
Chief Deinde Antonio Fernandez was also
romantically linked with the Erelu of Lagos, Abiola Dosumu who had a daughter for him, Antoinette Oyinkansola.
Ironically, they fell apart.
The taciturn, hefty businessman with a booming voice came into national prominence when he took Princess Erelu Abiola Dosumu to court asking her to drop his name. He pursued the matter for decades.
Eventually, Abiola Dosumu dropped the name 'Fernandez'.
In a divorce case with one of his former wives, Deinde Fernandez was said to have splashed 200,000 British Pounds on his seven-storey townhouse to buy 1,000 books of gold leaf to sophisticate the already sophisticated cornices and balustrades.
In 2003, Deinde Fernandez got married to Halima, a beautiful lady from Kano State. 
She has a daughter, Mahreyah.
She is said to be of the Alhaji Muhammadu Maude (also known as Maude Tobacco) family of Kano.
Alhaji Maude was the Presidential Liaison Officer for Kano State during the Shehu Shagari presidency.
Alhaji Maude was a wealthy businessman, who also made an attempts to become Governor of Kano State in the 1980s, but lost even though his campaign was one of the most colourful and was associated with the use of yan banga, local thugs.
Deinde Antonio Fernandez's Children :

He has many Children. Which includes:

Mrs Teju Phillips

Teju Philips is the eldest child of Late Fernandez. She was a former commissioner of Lagos state.She is a director in Keystone Bank and a chartered accountant who worked with UAC.
Chief Fernandez is the father of Princess Antoinette Oyinkansola Fernandez, from his relationship with the current Erelu Abiola Dosumu, of Lagos.
Abimbola Fernandez

Abimbola, is one of the daughters of Nigerian gemstone tycoon Antonio Deinde Fernandez. a Nigerian model for Vivienne Westwood of Edinburgh. In 2009 her face was the album cover for platinum selling artist Cobra Starship's CD "Hot Mess".
She also modeled for the cover of the single "Good Girls Go Bad".
She is a singer and she released her first single “Let’s Take It Naked,”.
Business interests and Diplomatic Appointments:

The omo Eko Billionaire owns the world's biggest diamond and gold mines in Zaire, Central Africa and Turkey.
Fernandez ran an oil company called Petro Inett which obtained a 50% share with South African-based Energy Africa Limited in a deal with the state oil company for exploration rights in a 4,700 km2 area of Angola's coast in 1996.
Fernandez’s exploits in international business and diplomacy are legendary. He was the man with the Midas touch and everything he touched have literally turned to gold. His diplomatic principle of seeing all sovereign nations basically as members of the international community ..
with brotherly inter-relationship also worked like magic. And that explains why he could marry his active interest in the leftist countries like Angola and Mozambique with that of capitalist nations like the U.K. and the United States.
Some of his astonishing accomplishments in international politics include linking the former American Defence Secretary, Kelvin Laird and Mozambique’ Foreign Minister, Joaquim Chissano in 1982 to renew a broken down dialogue between the countries.
This was at a time when Angola wanted a compromise with South Africa,which was attacking it.
Deinde later became Ambassador of Mozambique to United Nations,after his negotiation skills led to the Nkomatio Accord — the treaty of non-aggression between Maputo & Pretoria in 1984.
Angola also struck a deal, which led to the withdrawal of 25,000 Cuban troops in return for cordial relations with the United States. He mediated in the 1645 North war and ended the 30-year old war by the 1648 treaty of Westphalia.
He also imposed upon Spain the 1659 treaty of the Pyrenees and arbitrated in the 1660 – 61 North Peace.

He was also once the Consul for Benin Republic (then Republic of Dahomey) (1966), made the Economic Advisor to the Angolan Government in 1982 ...
(just for perspective, only Nigeria produces more oil than Angola in Africa).

In 1982, he was a long serving adviser to the Angolan Government on Economic matter. He held this position for two Santos.
At a point, he was a Deputy Minister of Finance in Swaziland.

In 1992, he was appointed as Special Adviser to the President of Mozambique on International Economic Matters, a position he held for three years.
Life Of Affluent :

Deinde Fernandez became a millionaire at the age of 35.
Indeed, way back in the 1960s, he was mentioned in the Time Magazine as one of the wealthiest blacks in America.
With six state-of-the-art private jets, a yacht and a private Island of a home in New York among many homes around the world, it is no exaggeration to describe Fernandez, as perhaps one of the wealthiest Nigerians.
And he has always been proud of the fact that the seed of his enormous wealth was actually planted here at home in Nigeria in 1956 when he used to purchase Columbite Ore and Gelena Lead Ore from the then Prince Oyewunmi Ajagungbade, the present Soun of Ogbomoso.
Chief Deinde Fernadez lived life like a king. He had one of the best yacht and private jets in the world . One of the biggest mansion in England, France and many part of the world.

This is the Island owned by Chef Deinde Fernadez (Mind you, I said Island! Not house).
Growing up and going to School, Deinde never had a bicycle. But decades after becoming a billionaire, during his Son Koyejo's 16th Birthday, he bought him an airplane
Deinde himself owned 6 private jets including Gulf stream G550, best in aeronautic engineering, luxury & comfort.
Although, The highly-classed rich man rarely comes to Nigeria.
Nevertheless, he has a Personalized tower in Lagos.
He also owns one of the most luxurious homes in Kano State (with one of the largest horse stables and farms in Nigeria.
Infact in January 2012, during one of Boko Haram's attack and battles with the Nigeria Military in Kano State, in which one of the pregnant wife of the Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau was reportedly killed, the incident happened close to Deinde Fernandez's Property in Kano.
Chief Deinde Antonio Fernandez also owns homes in New York (where he is said to stay almost permanently), Scotland, France, Belgium , the United Kingdom and so many other Countries.
The business magnate also has his own Personal Island, a mansion in Larchmont, NY, a house in Brussels, and a French hunting château that once belonged to Napoleon Bonaparte.
But that’s not all, Deinde Antonio Fernandez has accounts in the Cayman Islands, France, Switzerland, Ireland, Hong Kong, Scotland and the United States.

Ironically, he has No investment in Nigeria, Nor does he have any Account with any Nigeria Bank (Sad Indeed).
His Taste, Friends and Associates :

Deinde Antonio Fernandez was the richest man in African world. He was so powerful because of his money. Everything in his mansions were made of gold.
his shoes are the best of snake and leopard skin like that of his Friend Mobutu Sese Seko.
Deinde Fernadez has hosted Late South Africa's President Nelson Mandela on his Island Mansion in New York.

And also an ally of Kofi Annan.

Infact, Deinde Antonio Fernandez was known as "The Emperor of Blinding Swagger" - Terrific Swagger, by some.
He was so classy that whenever he entered a restaurant to eat, everyone else must leave because he could not eat with the 'Commoners'. He took over entire restaurants for the night to avoid encountering 'Riff-raff. (Chai! Poor Man Don Suffer).
Of all the rich Nigerians I have Researched, Read about and known, NONE came close to Chief Deinde Antonio Fernadez when it comes to level of Style, 'Tooshness' , Splendor and Money-Backed Aloofness.
Deinde Fernadez was just in his own Class and world.
Fernandez Interview with Ovation Magazine:

Some time ago, Chief Dele Momodu of Ovation Magazine did a coverage of Chief Deinde Antonio Fernandez.
The Interview took 40 pages of Ovation Magazine of that edition.
Ovation International Magazine was given an exclusive access to his private Island off the Coast of New York, the awe-inspiring pictures were a wonder to behold and many wondered about the source of his wealth.

Chief Dele Momodu of Ovation, Chief Deinde Fernandez.
The Interview revealed alot about Deinde Fernadez's prestigious standard,Wealth, Investment and Pritate life.

But,with all his Stupendous wealth, Deinde very rarely comes to Nigeria where he is from.

Although,His wealth has dazed, fazed many, and left even many more speechless.
Some of Deinde Fernandez titles:

He is a tribal Yoruba chief and he is one of the most Prominent members of the Ogboni secret cult

Deinde Fernandez was the Custodian of Prosperity & Panache, Olori Ogboni Agba (Supreme Ogboni Chief) and Olori Oluwo (Head of the Occult) of Lagos
Deinde Fernadez's family motto is: 'Aguntan meji kii mumi ninu koto kan na' which simply means 'two rams cannot drink from the same container' or 'two captains cannot be on a ship'. 

- he is, His Imperial Highness Garsan Fulanin Kano (Kano State, Nigeria).
- Baron of Dudley (England). -Grand Officier de l’Ordre National du Leopard (Grand Officer of the National Order of the Leopard, the Democratic Republic of Congo)

- Grand Officier de l’Ordre du Merite Centrafricain (Grand Officer of the Order of Merit, Central African Republic)
- Grand Officier de l’Ordre du Mono (Grand Officer of the Order of Mono, Togo). 

- Commandeur de l’Ordre National du Merite du Gabon (Commander of the National Order of Merit, Gabon).
Officier du Ouissam Alaouite (Officer of the Ouissam Alaouite, Morocco where the descendants of the Alaouite dynasty rule as kings. The present is King Sidi Mohammed VI)
Nigerians Criticism of Deinde Antonio Fernadez :

Ironically, According to those close to him, they said, With all these money, they never heard that Chief Deinde Antonio Fernandez has a Charity Foundation that is taking care of the less privileged.
They also said He was NEVER known for granting educational scholarship to poor bright kids.

But more Pathetic is that, Despite Deinde Antonio Fernandez's high level international experience and exposure, he never knew nor worshiped God! He never served God!
He never for a moment believed in God!
He never believed that his blessings came from God but through his hard work. He once told an associate that, "when others are asleep, I work & when they are awake, I continue to work." He was carried away by African traditional believes.
"Despite his love for Nigeria women and Eko, he did not have a single investment in Nigeria. No account in any bank in Nigeria.
Yet,him and his wives only use Nigerian passports to travel to everywhere during his lifetime.
He was that Patriotic. He had no Nigerian employee anywhere in the world, not to talk of omo Eko. He never donated blackboard chalk to any of the schools he attended in Nigeria.
A Source lamented.
Chief Deinde Antonio Fernandez's Death :

Chief Oladeinde Fernandez died on September 1, 2015 in Belgium after an undisclosed illness of several months and was buried at Ixelles Cemetery in Brussels on September 18, 2015.
Picture of the Service of Songs during his Burial.
Let's take a look at the Over £8.7billion Estate Deinde Fernandez left behind :

Chief Oladeinde Antonio Fernandez millions flowes in daily from oil, gold and diamond interests in Cayman Islands, a British Overseas Territory, encompassing 3 islands in the western Caribbean Sea,..
and some of Africa’s mines. He was the first private Nigerian to lift crude oil partnering with major oil companies including Tenneco and Texaco. In Swaziland he once had a beef factory; in Angola he operated oil fields in Cabinda;
and Geneva where he had a trading company dealing in oil and gemstones from Congo. Deinde Fernandez owns houses in choice destinations in USA, Belgium, Nigeria, and a French hunting château that once belonged to Napoleon Bonaparte.
His 19th-century Chateau de Bois Feuillette, seats in 25 acres in Verberie, Picardy, 40 miles north of Paris, and is believed to be worth £15 million. He was a wine connoisseur whose wine cellar was worth £2 million.

Three private jets flew him between his properties.
His newest private jet was a new Falcon 900 valued at over $40 million.
Deinde Fernandez also had proceeds of the sale of shares in Sandcat Petroleum,
Sandcat Enterprises,
Sandcat Goldfields,
Deinde Fernandez was a car collector, and owned a fleet of customized luxury cars including Bentleys, and Rolls-Royces.
He owned the 150-foot headship yacht, Yemoja.
These and more are some of the properties he left behind.
Deinde Family's Tussle for his Wealth:

Chief Oladeinde Antonio Fernandez Died and left an Estate of Over £8.7billion

In his lifetime, Deinde Fernandez was very close to all his children.
Even When he married Halima in 2003, at the age of 74, he still ensured his children remained close to him

But after Deinde Antonio Fernandez was buried in September 2015 in Brussels, Belgium, Conflict regarding the Billionaires £8.7 Billion Estate ensued amongst his family.
Less than 5 months after Fernandez's burial, the relationship his last wife Halima has with the children went Sore.
Halima went and posted on her Twitter handle a letter written in 2006 by head of the Olumegbon family (which the late Deinde Fernandez hailed from), showing that only her marriage to the late business man was legitimate.
This apparently did not go down well with 2 of Deinde Fernandez's children who were social media-friendly too.
One of the Daughter Abimbola Fernandez then posted on her Instagram page :

"Nigerians, I present the real Halima - not only is she a trash bag she also tweeted ...
"go bury that whores ashes" my dead mother was cremated and not buried. One can only assume she's referring to dads children who were born of you African American mothers in the above tweet which includes me. Go back to Kano and be with your family.
You're not a part of ours and aren't entitled to anything. #WheresYaPapers? #YouHidTheWillInThatSafeRight?
Didn't dad tell you he wanted to be buried back home? Why didn't you invite his children to his funeral? Why are you legally battling his heirs? Bleep outta here."
While Antoniette, another of Deinde Fernandez's daughter, replied that:

"Babes this is horrendous but hilarious. Don't let it get to you. Evil always shows itself up! Love you beautiful".

Although, the Fernadez family members are still trying to Sort things out amicably.

It's Obvious nothing in this life last forever.
And all the Wealth that you Amassed in this world, when you die, you can't be buried with it.

The Greatest reward you can have in this life, is the number of lives you Helped and affected POSITIVELY.
Every little time and money you have, make sure you use it to touch the lives of those in need who are around you (Not Only your family members).

Deinde Fernadez was Wealthy and Lived a life of affluence, but its Sad that he wasn't Charitable.
The best investment in life is to invest in human beings because when you die you will be remembered in the good book of history and those people you help will make you live in their Memory forever .

May God grant us all wisdom and the Heart of Giving, Amen
The End

Sources : NGU Library Collection, Wikipedia, Adams Odunayo, Prof. Oyeweso, Jumi Rhodes, Nairaland, Adebayo Adedeji, Iyaniwura, Adenekan Africa

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