Trump is not accidentally inciting right-wing neo-Nazi violence. He's not unaware of the danger unleashed by his rhetoric. His rhetoric is intentional & the violence it creates is also intentional. Media MUST stop pretending otherwise before it's too damn late. Please read below.
Remember this "mistake" - early in Trump's campaign - where he "accidentally" created a campaign image with Nazi soldiers superimposed on US flag instead of US soldiers? "Mistake" was blamed on an intern, but it was no mistake - he instantly led GOP polls.…
Remember this one - where he claimed he didn't know the 6-pointed star was a Jewish star & had no idea this image of Hillary superimposed over it & images of money was anti-semitic?
Then - this campaign ad, featuring images of George Soros (Jewish financier), Janet Yellen (Jewish Fed Chair) & Lloyd Blankfein (Jewish Goldman Sachs CEO) alongside coded alt-right language about "globalists" ("Jews") "who control the levers of power."…
Trump, of course, refused to condemn the neo-Nazis that MURDERED Heather Heyer in Charlottesville & referred to the alt-right there as "very fine people" & alleging (a lie) there was "violence on both sides."
Trump’s campaign slogan “Make America Great” & phrase “America First” hearkens back to “America First” movement of the 1940s led by a Nazi sympathizer that sought to prevent US from entering WWII. The movement used anti-Semitic & pro-fascist rhetoric.
“America First” was used even earlier – in the 1920s – by the Ku Klux Klan, another hate group. Trump chose this particular slogan for a reason.…
“Dog whistle” politics is when politicians use coded language that means one thing to the general population & another understood only by targeted sub-groups. It’s like blowing a dog-whistle that a dog hears, but others don’t. Trump uses coded anti-Semitic language & imagery.
At campaign rallies, Trump hinted Clinton was part of an elite “globalist” conspiracy seeking to harm American interests economically & take away America’s sovereignty. This idea of a vast Jewish conspiracy for world domination is a dominant, recurring theme among the alt-right.
It doesn't matter that Clinton isn't Jewish. In this anti-Semitic fantasy, she's allied with these powerful Jews. "Globalist" is nazi-speak for "Jew." Today, this theme takes shape in anti-Semitic stereotypes of Jews as the owners of media, Hollywood & the banking system.
Trump attacks media as ‘fake news" - similar to Hitler’s attacks on journalists as “lugen-presse” (“lying press.") Discrediting media prevents lies from being exposed. Media is also associated with Jews & alleged conspiracy. Cries of “lugen-presse” were recorded at Trump rallies.
"The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" is a fake document alleged to be notes of a meeting of Jewish leaders discussing how to take over the world. Hitler used this document (later proven a forgery) to rile Nazis up & make average Germans fear & hate Jews. We know where that led.
An alleged Jewish conspiracy to achieve worldwide domination implied Jews had taken over media & banking to control information & world economies. Hitler stoked hatred of Jews with it & now Trump does the same. Many don't realize "globalist" is code for "Jew," but his base knows.
What's that, you say? Trump's daughter is married to a Jew. Trump's grandchildren are Jews. Doesn't matter. I have no idea if Trump is deep-down anti-Semitic himself, but I KNOW he's using anti-Semitism to incite his base & has been doing it since Day 1 of his campaign.
Anti-Semitism did not begin, or end, with the Holocaust. It has been around for thousands of years & Trump is exploiting it for power. Anti-Semitic attacks are on the rise worldwide, associated with an overall rise in intolerance toward marginalized groups, esp. immigrants.
Anti-Semitic acts in US increased nearly 60% in 2017, according to Anti-Defamation League. ADL documented 1,987 anti-Semitic incidents in US in 2017, a 57% rise since the year previous. It was the highest single-year increase since data collection began in 1979.
In addition to violence and assault, vandalism of Jewish cemeteries, attacks on Jewish synagogues & displays of the Nazi swastika & Nazi flag have increased.
In Charlottesville, a Unite the Right rally ended with murder of Heather Heyer when a neo-Nazi drove into a crowd of peaceful protestors. Alt-right groups marched with torches chanting the Nazi slogan “blood & soil,” screaming “You will not replace us. Jews will not replace us.”
Take a look at this "Hate Map," documenting the incredible number of hate groups operating right now in America.
These hate groups have been with us for awhile. Trump did not invent them. He has, however, brought them mainstream with his embrace of them. GOP, too, are now actively embracing the "alt-right," which is a nice way of describing neo-Nazis.
Trump's WH is full of white nationalists & actual Nazis (like Gorka, who left after his Nazi affiliation became known). Stephen Miller is Jewish, but also white nationalist. Remember this at Kavanaugh hearing? Kavanaugh's assistant SEVERAL TIMES flashed "white power" hand signal.
Trump people & GOP are often spotted giving the hand-signal for "white power." It used to mean "OK." Then white nationalists appropriated it as a way to troll liberals (started out as a hoax on Reddit, but now the alt-right is really using it, so it's a legitimate hate symbol).
The first recipient of a mail bomb by the #MAGABomber was George Soros. I bet a lot of you were wondering who the hell he is & why he was targeted. Soros is the latest embodiment of the "worldwide Jewish conspiracy" lie. He's a billionaire who donates to liberal causes.
Trump & neo-Nazis, however, have demonized him. When we protest against Trump, they claim Soros is paying us. Trump claimed at his rally last week that Soros was funding the caravan of refugees heading through Central America. The ludicrous reason - to "help" Dems in midterms.
Soros has become a stand-in for the same lie that Hitler used - a Jewish conspiracy to take over the world. This is dangerous rhetoric & the idea that a US president would be spouting it is astonishing. This rhetoric led not only to the bomb campaign, but also to today's tragedy.
The man who killed at least 11 innocent people at today's synagogue shooting was incited to act by a belief that Jews were bringing dangerous immigrants into the US to attack American citizens. The attack was both anti-Semitic & anti-immigrant.
Hours before Bowers allegedly entered the synagogue, he posted about a Jewish organization that assists refugees: “HIAS likes to bring invaders in that kill our people. I can’t sit by and watch my people get slaughtered. Screw your optics, I’m going in.”
This rhetoric can be traced DIRECTLY back to Trump, who incites his followers constantly with anti-immigrant rants based on lies & disinformation. Fox "News" & GOP amplify & parrot this rhetoric.
If you watch only Fox News, you would believe America is under attack by immigrant gangs. That caravan would seem to you to be an invasion force, containing violent gangsters & Middle Eastern terrorists, rather than what it is - families, esp. women & children, fleeing to safety.
It's time for us to stop pretending it's normal & ok for a president to spread lies & paranoid fantasies instead of truth. His words carry weight & he KNOWS it, but chooses to spread dangerous untruths anyway. Trump is the greatest national security risk America has EVER faced.
I'll add this, which just happened at tonight's rally:
NOTHING Trump & his ilk do it accidental, even when it appears so. Even Melania's jacket stunt was a dog-whistle.…
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