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THREAD: @StarVancouver is reporting live from Wanzhou Meng’s bail hearing in B.C. Supreme Court. The #Huawei CFO was arrested in Vancouver Saturday. This story will be updated all day.… Follow: @Mui24hours @jwints @Nuttallreports #MengWanzhou #Huaweiarrest
Dozens of journalists including many international media are waiting to enter Court 20 for #MengWanzhou bail hearing #Huaweiarrest #Huawei at B.C. Supreme Court.
Lawyer Richard Kurland tells us: It’ll be up to Meng and her legal team to prove she is not likely to flee Canada if she gets bail. Meng is being sought by the U.S. Attorney’s Eastern District of New York office (Brooklyn) to face unspecified charges.…
Photographer @jwints reports that a group arrived at the courtroom about half an hour ago in a stretch limousine, with a man covering his face with a folder from camera flashes. @starvancouver
Our seasoned reporter @Mui24hours says security for this hearing looks tighter than usual. International media continues to arrive. #MengWanzhou #Huaweiarrest
Both UBC and the University of Toronto supplied statements to StarMetro suggesting that unless the federal government issues an explicit ban on business dealings with Huawei, the research partnerships the schools have established with the company would stand.
The development of interconnected 5G technology is very costly, so “there are economic reasons that Huawei has been attractive” to Canadian companies and universities, according to cyber security expert Christopher Parsons.
This case can be such a flashpoint for so many top level geopolitical issues, there are quite a few lawyers and legal experts here just observing the hearing. #Huawei
A security officer just said loudly to legal team in front of reporters, “Are you saving this seat for the husband?” So #MengWanzhou husband might be coming. #Huawei
Waiting for #Huaweiarrest hearing to begin. Gallery is completely full with notebooks and phones and laptops balances on reporters’ laps. Meng’s legal team is quite large.
This case is about extradition to the US of a Chinese citizen but the loud background music is all about fears of #Huawei acting as spying conduit for Beijing as well as possible struggle over trade sanctions against Iran -former US prosecutor @therealNWC:…
Reporters in gallery are joking about whether any of us are using #Huawei phones. Two minutes before bail hearing for #MengWanzhou due to begin at 10 am PST.
Searching in vain for court wifi, I discover a Huawei connection. Should I use it? @ #MengWanzhou #Huaweiarrest bail hearing.
The federal government is facing harsher criticism for Canada’s continued involvement with China’s #Huawei after #MengWanzhou arrest. Matthew Dubé, NDP critic for public safety says the “just trust us” line is just not good enough.…
The seat purportedly being saved for “the husband” with #MengWanzhou legal team is still empty. Hearing still hasn’t started yet. We don’t know if it’ll go very quick or if bail hearing itself will be complicated.
It’s a sunny and chilly day in Vancouver. Our photographer @jwints is waiting outside B.C Supreme Court with other camera crews from local and international media. #MengWanzhou #Huawei
After several years reporting on human rights in mainland China, I’m enjoying the novelty of being allowed inside a courtroom instead of getting surrounded, shouted at and pushed away by plainclothes police... #pressfreedom
Hearing is already over twenty minutes late. No sign of #MengWanzhou. @Mui24hours and I are seated in gallery right next to where she might sit in a glass cubicle. Reporters starting to get off twitter and check email.
#MengWanzhou has arrived in person to her bail hearing! She is dressed very casually in navy green sweater and matching sweat pants. Relaxed posture standing at back of court speaking with her lawyers. #Huawei
#MengWanzhou has hands loosely crossed and she’s smiling as she speaks animatedly with her lawyer. She looks like she’s at a casual office meeting. She glances behind her at man sitting in gallery and he gave her a thumbs up.
#MengWanzhou speaks English but she appears to have an interpreter by her side. Judge hasn’t arrived yet. Mood in courtroom is calm and she is sitting up straight looking ahead to the bench. #Huaweiarrest #Huawei
#MengWanzhou is dressed casually in green sweater set and her shoulder-length hair is undone and loose. She was smiling quite a bit, now looking around as judge still hasn’t arrived. #Huawei
Lawyer for Canada attorney general was granted permission to speak first. “It’s obvious this case has attracted much attention and comment from Canada and abroad”
Breaking: lawyer for attorney general says in court the extradition request from US is for fraud offenses. This confirms unverified reports that this is the case. #Huawei #MengWanzhou there is an arrest warrant from the US.
NEW: Attorney General lawyer says #MengWanzhou was arrested in Vancouver airport while she was transiting from Hong Kong en route to Mexico. #Huawei
#Breaking: lawyer says US banks became concerned about relationship between #Huawei and subsidiary SkyCom. Meng told banks the two were separate when in fact “Huawei is SkyCom. This is the alleged fraud”.
Breaking: Attorney general’s lawyer alleges #Huawei used an unofficial subsidiary, SkyCom, to facilitate transactions with Iran, which is against sanctions. #MengWanzhou had also denied the link between the entities when questioned by banks and “this is the alleged fraud”.
Lawyer says Reuters broke a story describing how #Huawei controlled #Skycom (which allegedly imported US manufacturing equipment into Iran). Meng personally denied to US banks and said Huawei engagement with SkyCom is normal business cooperation, and this is the crux of “fraud”.
Main arguments from lawyer against granting #MengWanzhou bail: 1) No connection to this jurisdiction 2) “Access to vast resources and connections” 3) Pattern of avoiding the US after she was aware of criminal investigations. #Huawei
Main quotes from lawyer: “The main allegation is SkyCom is Huawei” “#Huawei⁠ ⁠is SkyCom. This is the alleged fraud.” #MengWanzhou has a pattern of “dishonesty” and “deceit”. Father has net worth of $3.2 billion. Her home is in China, without extradition treaty to Canada or US.
Lawyer for attorney general name is John M.L. Gibb-Carsley is very thorough. He listed main points and continues going into detail on all of them. This is definitely a much lengthier than usual bail hearing. #MengWanzhou #Huawei
Breaking: Lawyer tells judge #MengWanzhou made "no trips (to the US) since March 2017", even though she used to visit frequently and she has a son attending school in Boston. This suggests she actively avoided going to the US after being aware of criminal investigations #Huawei
For those just following, @StarVancouver is the BC bureau of @TorontoStar and we are investing in hard-hitting enterprise journalism and comprehensive coverage of major breaking news in the province like #Huaweiarrest #MengWanzhou. Check out all our work:
@StarVancouver, the BC bureau of @TorontoStar, does not only focus on enterprise reporting, we have several Mandarin and Cantonese speaking staff dedicated to covering Canada+China issues comprehensively. Please consider subscribing to support us. #huawei
Meanwhile: #Huawei pledges $2bn in effort to allay UK security concerns…
Meng's arrest and court hearing happening in #Vancouver has particular resonance because of #Huawei's extensive partnerships with companies and universities here including Telus and the University of British Columbia focused on developing 5G networks.
Both UBC and the University of Toronto supplied statements to us suggesting that unless the federal government issues an explicit ban on business dealings with #Huawei, the research partnerships the schools have established with the company would stand. No comment from companies.
Interesting that crown lawyer said in court that #MengWanzhou made "no trips (to the US) since March 2017", even though she used to visit frequently and she has a son attending school in Boston. Imagining that reporter colleagues in US will be seeking him out now.
In 2013, Reuters found that Meng served on the board of Skycom Tech, a company that offered to sell HP equipment to Iran. Can someone help dig up link to that article? Bit busy here :)
After a short break, #MengWanzhou is back in the courtroom. She is speaking with more of a serious tone and expression to her interpreter. Not smiling or laughing like she was before hearing with her lawyer.
Wow, Meng's defense lawyer David Martin just explained the doctrine of "face" in Chinese culture to the judge to argue that #MengWanzhou wouldn't skip bail because she wouldn't want to "embarrass her father whom she loves," and given her prominence, embarrass China as a whole.
Defense: "She would not ever breach a court order ... would be to humiliate and embarrass her father whom she loves. It would humiliate and embarrass #Huawei .. with its 180,000 employees around the world and given her prominence in China, she would not embarrass China itself."
Now her defense lawyer is addressing allegations of Huawei controlling SkyCom. Follow my colleague @Mui24hours for parsing of these arguments. It's quite subtle and technical so far.
Eyes getting sore from all these tweets? My colleague @Nuttallreports has updated our story online with a full recap of #MengWanzhou bail hearing so far with context on stakes involved and the likely next steps.… #Huawei #Huaweiarrest @starvancouver
RT @Mui24hours: lawyer concurs that, yes, at one point around 2009 Meng sat on the board of directors of SkyCom. But says that SkyCom was sold. Argues that the allegation leveled by US government at best involves "benign domestic telecommunications equipment" sold by SkyCom.
Defense lawyer suggests US sanctions against Iran are complex and not clear whether #Huawei violated sanctions. Then: "At some point SkyCom was a subsidiary (of Huawei) but it was divested and Meng left the board and she explains that all in a PowerPoint". Quite the PowerPoint.
RT: @Mui24hours #MengWanzhou's lawyer suggest services and equipment actually under US sanctions were in oil and energy sectors, and in tech that could disrupt communications. But #Huawei and #SkyCom had focused on civilian telecom services, not military equipment.
RT @Mui24hours Lawyer is now referring to the presentation in 2013 that is the crux of the allegations. Identifies the bank presented to was Hong Kong bank. Says the presentation clearly detailed how #Huawei is compliant with US and international regulations with respect to Iran.
In summary, as we break for lunch: This whole case rests on the content of a Power Point presentation #MengWanzhou made to a bank responding to concerns about #Huawei’s relationship with SkyCom and whether this is fraudulent misrepresentation. #Huaweiarrest
Prominent immigration lawyer says Chinese government will have avenues to put pressure on Canada on #MengWanzhou case politically and economically, but they’re right to look out for rights of their citizen. And this case can go on for a long time perhaps years #Huawei⁠ ⁠
Earlier, defense lawyer arguing for bail: "Ms Meng will remain here. She has a home, her husband is here, her daughter is at school but transferred to this place." Crown says she has two "very expensive" homes in Vancouver. #MengWanzhou #Huawei #Huaweiarrest
Court resuming now. Defense lawyer David Martin says to judge: "I was at page 11 of the PowerPoint ... if you're with me..." and now going through bullet points. We need to see this PowerPoint. #MengWanzhou #Huawei
#MengWanzhou defense: In Powerpoint to bank she reiterates central mission of #Huawei to enable customers to enjoy telecommunications services.

Page 22 emphasized that there are continuous improvements and that "building a trade compliance system is a continuous process."
Defense also says that a KPMG audit showed Huawei's subsidiaries did not include any entities associated with SkyCom.
RT @Mui24hours Meng's lawyer now saying that he did not mean SkyCom was a subsidiary of #Huawei, if he had said that earlier. He says now #Huawei was only a shareholder of SkyCom, with Meng being a board member at one point. After 2009, SkyCom became an independent contractor.
Defense is ramping up tone: "This PowerPoint is from 2013. Five years ago. If there was conspiracy ... to mislead financial institutions ... if #Huawei and its employees were engaged in this activity, I ask rhetorically: Why has this company not been charged?" #MengWanzhou
On a side note, #Huawei throughout the proceedings has been pronounced by lawyers as "Hua-Way" as well as "Wah-Way" and sometimes with a sound somewhere between "H" and "W".
#MengWanzhou started the hearing relaxed in posture and even shared a laugh with her lawyer. Now she listens intently with pen in hand and was writing something down. She leaned towards interpreter who said something in her ear. She does not require simultaneous interpretation.
And to reiterate, this full-day hearing is still only about whether #MengWanzhou should get bail in Vancouver. Lawyers on both sides seem to be deliberately providing a lot of information that media can report. Publication ban lifted in beginning of hearing. #Huaweiarrest
Defense says this is a small point, but Hong Kong Bank has not initiated civil proceedings. "I simply say ... this process will take time ... and it's unjust for Ms Meng to be detained ... while such allegations are proffered by the US government and contested in this court."
Now defense lawyer makes a dig at the US: 'It's not as black and white as Americans would think it". #Huawei #MengWanzhou
Defense responds to Crown comment that Meng "avoided" the US by saying, "An entity would have to be tone deaf to not understand that the US has been a hostile place for (Huawei) to do business." He referenced context of US-China trade tensions and US Congress ban of #Huawei.
Breaking: Defense said #MengWanzhou had permanent resident status in Canada but had relinquished that status. Said she first visited Vancouver 15 years ago and PR status expired in 2009. She had a BC care card, ID and social insurance number.
#MengWanzhou lawyer submits "typical family photos" as exhibits showing multiple visits to Vancouver and family home showing "consistent involvement of family in Vancouver life." "Here in a park... I haven't pointed Meng in everyone one of them but she's there..."
Multi-pronged argument from defense, who just said Meng has a completely clean criminal record at 46 years old. He also says she has complex health issues such as high blood pressure and sleep apnea. She is also prepared to give up two valid passports including one HK passport.
Defense tells judge #MengWanzhou now has two valid passports: one Mainland China passport and one Hong Kong passport. She has a number of expired passports (unclear if from other countries). Meng was formerly a permanent resident of Canada, but this expired in 2009. #Huawei
RT @Mui24hours #MengWanzhou lawyer says Meng and her husband purchased a home at 4005 W 28th Ave in Vancouver’s Dunbar neighbourhood at one point. Her husband and her have a 10 year old daughter together, she has three sons, 14, 16 and 20 from a previous marriage. #Huawei
For friends who prefer reading Chinese, I'm here with my @singtaodaily colleagues (also part of the TorStar group). Their coverage 小杜早知捕孟行動-稱司法獨立沒干預…
Defense now continually building up image of #MengWanzhou as someone who devoted her life to her company, #Huawei, since joining 25 years ago as a secretary. She's proud of the company's success ($92 billion gross revenue in 2017). Martin said she wouldn't throw this away.
Our wrap so far: "‘Vast’ resources, connections make Huawei CFO a flight risk, Crown argues."… This has been a huge team effort @Nuttallreports @PerrinGrauer @Mui24hours @JenStDen @mdgmedia @CSeucharan @jwints #Huawei @MengWanzhou
Last plug to support @TorontoStar content. It takes so much effort and resources to do this journalism day after day, and our industry can't rely on ad sales anymore. Please consider supporting us for Canada + US coverage plus WSJ and Bloomberg access.
Defense urges against stereotype that, "Oh, she's wealthy, she will flee ... Wealth can't be a prohibition to bail. Even a person of enormous wealth can be released from custody in our great country." He earlier mentioned #MengWanzhou has high blood pressure and sleep apnea.
Defense says he's run out of time today. Judge requests a plan of what kind of bail conditions he is proposing. Martin hands over document with 12 conditions including stay at home, curfew, surrender all passports, risk mgmt, GPS, physical surveillance, consent to RCMP checks.
Judge says he will think about the proposed bail conditions over the weekend. #MengWanzhou defense will go into detail about the proposals on Monday. Court will adjourn at 10 am PST.
Whoops getting tired. I mean court will soon adjourn until Monday 10 am. Judge has not made a decision on bail and today's session will conclude shortly. Thanks for reading and following on! Bookmark for continuing updates. #MengWanzhou #Huawei
A man who appeared to be her husband, Liu Xiaozong, gave her a thumbs up as she looked back at the gallery.

When StarMetro approached the man during a break and asked whether he was Meng’s relative, he held up his palm as lawyers whisked him away.…
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