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Aboe Maria al-Qahtani van HTS (Hayat Tahrir al-Sham), die onder bescherming van #Erdogan staat in Idlib, Noord-Syrië:
'We hebben de mogelijkheid om een islamitische as op te richten tussen #HTS, #Taliban, #Pakistan en #Turkije.'
Qahtani: 'HTS, Taliban, Pakistan en Turkije zetten in tegenstelling tot de Arabische seculiere regimes de islamitische politiek & jihad op hun verdiende plaats.'
Terwijl veel Arabieren afstand nemen van hun uitvinding de #islam, omarmen de Pashtun, Turken, Perzen, ... de islam.
Ze streven allemaal naar islamisering en een strenge shariastaat, maar #Taliban, #AlQaeda, #TTP (Pakistaanse Taliban), #Hamas, #Qatar, #MoslimBroederschap zitten in een concurrentiestrijd met #ISIS.…
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1. US invaded #Afghanistan after #Taliban refused to hand over Bin Laden after 9/11 attacks.
2. US invaded #Iraq based on tortured “confession” of Ibn al-Sheikh al-Libi that AQ was working with #Saddam to get WMDs.
3. But, just like AQ, there no WMDs in Iraq - until invasion.
4. Abu Musab al-#Zarqawi left Afghanistan to set up AQI in Iraq to fight US.
5. His tactics were so brutal than even AQ central tried to curb them.
6. Shia and Sunni groups who’d both fought occupiers turned on each other while US back one against the other.
7. Abu Ghraib abuse images shocked the world but Enhanced Interrogation Techniques (#torture) first used in Kandahar, Bagram and #CIA ‘black sites.’
8. Alleged AQ & Taliban captives sent to #Guantanamo where General Geoffrey Miller applied US approved torture methods.
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The #US has lost control of the airport in Kabul because desperate people flooded the airfield to try to avoid being abandoned to the Taliban by the US. #Afghanistan
The messaging from this administration and its surrogates would be laughable if it wasn't being used to kill thousands of people and rebirth a jihadist regime that threatens us all
Amrullah Saleh, whatever else we have to say about him, consistently tried to get the world to understand that what was happening in his country was a foreign attack from #Pakistan. And he has remained in #Afghanistan, incidentally, whether that is wise
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NEW: Just released @UN report warns of "heightened threats emerging" from #ISIS #alQaida affiliated groups worldwide

"This is especially true in parts of West and East #Africa" per the report, based on member state intelligence
In West/East #Africa, affiliates of #ISIS #alQaida "can boast gains in supporters and territory under threat, as well as growing capabilities in fundraising & weapons, for example, in the use of drones" per the @UN report
#ISIS in #Syria "has evolved into an entrenched insurgency, exploiting weaknesses in local security to find safe havens & targeting forces engaged in counter-ISIL operations" per the @UN report
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#BLACKLISTED from the #Crumbling #Empire,
Sneeked through its #Feeble #Censoring.

#Imperial #Cohorts Under Constant #Rain of #Fire In Both #Syria & #Iraq by the Middle-East #Resistance.

They stepped on a #Hornet's nest:

👉👈from #SouthFront via Archive🤫
#BLACKLISTED from the #Crumbling #Empire,
Sneeked through its #Feeble #Censoring.

An Explosive Week For The #Imperial #Cohorts in the Middle East.
July 7th, 17 rockets by the #Resistance targeted Ain al-Asad Air Base:

👉👈from #SouthFront via Archive
#BLACKLISTED by #Crumbling #Empire #Media,
Bypassing its #Feeble #Censoring.

#Turkey is to improve the security of #HTS #Terrorists in Greater #Idlib by pushing towards #Manbij + attempting to capture that #Syrian town.

👉👈from #SouthFront via Archive
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.@frontlinepbs's documentary on #HTS leader Abu Mohammed al-Jolani begins at 10pm EST tonight -- it's already caused shockwaves in the jihadist world.

I've been studying #HTS (& its predecessors) & Jolani's leadership for 10yrs -- the story has profound analytical implications. Image
@frontlinepbs Few could have imagined in 2012-13 that Jolani's Jabhat al-Nusra would years later have a new name & be speaking in quasi nationalist tones; running a semi-technocratic "govt"; proactively engaging w. international NGOs & media; & seeking to establish dialogue w. Western govts.
@frontlinepbs The path between '12 Nusra & '21 #HTS is complex & strewn with inter-factional conflict; vicious internal strife; geopolitical manipulation; and above all, the impact of #Syria's nationwide uprising.

In breaking from #AlQaeda, #Jolani sparked a massive intra-jihadist debate.
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With the #Biden administration settled in, there's a clear trend emerging in certain circles to swat away long-standing, complex foreign policy challenges -- and #Syria appears to be low-hanging fruit.

'#Syria doesn't matter,' some say... 'It was just never that important.'
It's good for there to be a debate -- & yes, 'great power competition' (#China, #Russia etc.) ought to be *the* priority.

BUT to shove #Syria aside as a minor inconvenience would be profoundly reckless, given the extraordinary costs it's inflicted on global stability since '11.
So far, arguments in favor of '#Syria doesn't matter' can be broken down into 2 camps:

(1) Those who ignore the profound past, current & future costs altogether - or worse - (2) those who astonishingly claim that #Assad, #Russia & #Iran can resolve the crisis & achieve stability
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This is great by @jeromedrev & @patrickhaenni -- #HTS has come to represent something uniquely challenging.

After violently achieving domination (vs. #FSA, #AQ & #ISIS), it's now pursuing a policy of "gradual opening & mainstreamisation," giving concessions & seeking acceptance.
@jeromedrev @patrickhaenni The U.S, #Europe & #Turkey should press #HTS to address concerns & "define clear benchmarks which (if met) could enable HTS to shed its “terrorist” label," argue @dkhalifa & @NoahBonsey.

Doing so would symbolize a new diplomacy+military approach to CT.…
@jeromedrev @patrickhaenni @dkhalifa @NoahBonsey Following yesterday's public revelation of #HTS hosting @FrontlinePBS (& others) in #Idlib, my thread below details how the former #AlQaeda affiliate has adapted in recent yrs & created new realities & challenges/dilemmas we'll have to deal w. eventually:

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Very, very interesting.

#HTS & its leader Abu Mohammed al-Jolani have just finished hosting @frontlinepbs's @Martin28Smith in #Idlib for 3 days.

How times change -- quite a difference from 2014/15.
@frontlinepbs @Martin28Smith #pt: It's no secret that #HTS has been pushing hard behind-the-scenes for opportunities to improve its image abroad -- first in outreach to researchers/institutes & more recently giving top access to highly-regarded media outlets.

And fwiw, PBS is one of several.
@frontlinepbs @Martin28Smith #pt: That #HTS is pushing this shouldn't come as a surprise -- the ingredients were put in place as far back as 2015, when a prolonged internal debate regarding the right path for Jabhat al-Nusra began. Clerical "lobby groups" got involved & then #JFS was created; then #HTS.
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Thread: 1/5
#AQ loyalist group in #Syria Hurras al-Din (#HaD) attacked a Russian military base in Tal as Samn in al-Raqqa's countryside this morning.

It is significant because: 👇 Image
It is the first attack ever by HaD outside northwest #Syria where the group’s influence exist. The timing is crucial, HaD is trying to take advantage of the security chaos in the region as the battle is looming in the town of Ain Issa (50 Km from the attack location) 2/5 Image
between #Turkey and its backed Syrian National Army on the one hand and #Russia, the Syrian regime and the #Iran-ian militias on the other. It also came after the release of four consequent statements by HaD top religious senior Sami al-Uraydi,3/5 Image
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#BREAKING_NEWS of the day from #Iraq

A very active #Iraqis in battlefield against #ISIS which created by nato & zionizt but investment of this was al saud & #UAE & still is them + ledes by #gs/#usa who bluffing to say we fighting terrorism & fuck u terrorist supporterz! CNTU ImageImageImageImage

The Commander in chief of #PMU/#PMF says in recently the #nato/#gs/#usa refused to airstrikes the strongholds of #ISIS in #anbar border to #Syria/#Iraq

He told they as usual says we r here to fight ISIS & that’s totally lies! Instead they supporting terrorism in #Mosul etc ImageImageImageImage
Suddenly more news from #Iraq & #سلیمانیه at least 6 innocents kurds got killed & dozens injured in #Suleimania

The usually ppl protesting since 2 12 2020

Why? Coz barzani s too rich & other #Kurdish ppl ve not money2buy food(all payments s stopped by #Baghdad coz of conflict ImageImageImageImage
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I understand @ishaantharoor may not have chosen the title and that presenting this as a clash of two leaders’ ego is catchy. But this is missing major issues, at least four of them :
1/ How it started: there is a constant disregard in reports for the fact that FR-TUR tensions started and continue in Northeastern #Syria because Ankara’s milit interventions disturbed the fight c/ #ISIS. Why is it important ?
Because the US was the main player on the ground and the failure to find an understanding with TUR led to the escalation we saw in October 2019 when TUR intervened and the US withdrew without consulting its European allies.
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So, who joined #IS but has been ordered to keep it quite (by al-Qurashî's audio)? The keeping it quite part IMO rules out groups with a monopoly on jihâdist violence in their area. #IS has never been shy to announce such acquisitions even when this meant international scrunity. /
Cases in point would be its provinces in Libya and the Phillipines whose territorial control was crushed by bombings of international coalitions. I don't think that this approach has changed when looking at Mozambique right now. 2/
The #ISCA province is very much on the offensive and has been noted as a security risk by international actors. The military intervention of a strong local or global force is only a question of time. 3/
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Unless it's the case of 2 men with the same name, the name Samer Souad is/was an infamous smuggler who became particularly wealthy from fuel smuggling & black market trading in #Idlib.

Initially linked to Jamal Maarouf, some claimed he was linked to #HTS in recent years.
In addition to Samer Souad, locals also claim influential #HTS commander Abdulqader Tahhan (aka Abu Bilal Qadas) was at the targeted location outside #Salqin.

Qadas was given responsibility for Jisr al-Shughour security, following #HTS's recent crackdown on #AlQaeda loyalists.
Here's an image of the late-night meeting held in Jakara outside #Salqin -- reportedly convening #HTS security officials with other local notables.

Casualties likely to be more than the initially cited "2." Image
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#Conflans : le terroriste était en contact avec un djihadiste à #Idleb #Syrie, @jpham_le @jmdecugis @le_Parisien
signe d’une confusion désormais classique dans sa conscience politique, il glorifie #HTS qui est en guerre ouverte contre #AQ & #EI ...…
Une de mes dernières chroniques au sujet de la situation à #Idleb après l’arrestation d’Omar Omsen par #HTS et les raids conduits contre plusieurs « bastions » de Hurraseddine branche #Syrie-nne d’#AlQaeda
J’ai questionné #HTS au sujet des contacts que l’assassin de #SamuelPaty a entrepris avec un russophone à #Idleb
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#Syrie dans une vid 18m le grpe d’Omar #Omsen dénonce son arrestation en réfutant les accusations d’#HTS sur les dossiers du mariage, de la justice interne et l’indépendance du grpe. il y dévoile l’ID des 3 autres détenus «AbouSaleh #Nice, AbouKhalid #Paris, AbouBassir #Monaco»
#France Dans cette vidéo des images inédites et connues de la participation du grpe d’#Omsen aux combats de #Kassab (ville à majorité arménienne), #Idleb ville, #JisrAlChoghour, régions de #Lattaquié & #Hama #Syrie
De part le contenu et le timing c’est une défiance vis à vis de #HTS dans le région d’#Idleb suite aux efforts du groupe pour tenir les rênes des différentes factions jihadistes étrangères et locales sur zone.
Il y’aura probab un avant et un après pr le grpe d’#Omsen
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UN Commission of Inquiry report on #Syria finds "Syrians continue to be killed on a daily basis & suffer gross human rights violations, war crimes & crimes against humanity at the hands of all parties"
.@UNCoISyria assessment based on 538 interviews, official documents, photos, videos & satellite imagery, per its report
In NE #Syria, @UNCoISyria found ongoing clashes between #Turkey forces, #PKK & Syrian Nat'l Army "further destabilized the region"

"Security situation also deteriorated" in #DeirEzzor "...where the [#SDF} increased raids & arrests of civilians w/alleged links to" #ISIS
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The predictable fate of all foreign terrorists and collaborators in wars of aggression. Al Qaeda fan boy @BilalKareem captured by #alQaeda / #HTS / #Nusra in #Idlib, #Syria Image
Grayzone, three years back, reminds us how #CNN used American #alQaeda propagandist Bilal Abdul Kareem.…
"media activist"
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Bij #NPO dramaserie over NL commando's. Dat is natuurlijk veel spannender dan wat echt aan de hand is in Nigeria, Burkina Faso en Ivoorkust. #journaal heeft al maanden niets meer gerapporteerd over ontwikkelingen mbt de mondiale jihad.…
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