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There's been so many fake news going around about FREE tuition in Germany. I know this because I have so many friends in Germany presently in school and I have worked with so many people presently in Germany. To this end, let's demystify the things you never read online. #Thread.
I've read in so many articles where people talk about #GermanFreeTuition but never talk about the nitty gritty. Of a truth, Germany is one of the best countries to live in the world, yet still, they offer Free Tuition to everybody from primary education to PhD and you're at an
Advantage too. Which means YOU can also enjoy this... Unfortunately for international student, Nigeria as a case study, you need to provide something VERY crucial before you can get their visa. That thing is called Sperkontto in German which means BLOCKED ACCOUNT. Yes, you need a
To provide a blocked account. Hold on with the crucifying thoughts... Before you crucify the German government on the Visa clause which is a Blocked account, you'd agree with me that they did a good thing introducing the Blocked account. Stay with me. The singular reason why they
Did that is to curb OUR excesses. You and I respectively. You know how we can abuse opportunities when we get to a foreign land? Let's just say some people are Over zealous and they have too much ginger to make money but these ginger goes a long way to affect us adversely. Of
Course, no country wants anybody to become or constitute a nuisance in their country let alone becoming a nuisance from a FREE opportunity. So, they decided that: To enjoy the Free Tuition opportunity as an international student, you need to prove to the German government that
You can survive in their country for a year without tenaciously and "gingerly" trying to survive. How do you do this? By putting your living expenses in a BLOCKED ACCOUNT which you won't have access to till you get to Germany. And upon arrival, you won't even have access to all
The funds except for a monthly percentage. (So, don't think you'd borrow and refund as soon as you get to German). Let me explain better: your rent, feeding, transportation, books and extra-curricular in Germany is about €750 to €850 monthly depending on the individual's choice
So, a multiple of that by 12months gives you the almost N4million or above you're required to credit into the Blocked account. Upon arrival in Germany, you will be credited monthly into a new account linked to your Blocked Account. Now that we are on the same page with d Germans
Let's explain how the funding is done and the new tricks to it. Before these discoveries, the usual way we went about funding my clients Blocked Account was way too expensive. It was the use of Deutsche bank then and they get all the funding once. After opening a Deutsche bank
Account, the next race is providing N4m which in most cases is Very hard for most people that wants to leave Nigeria for a greener pasture or education. After the N4m, we will then go to bank and their International transfer fee is CUT THROAT. It was tedious and aswell expensive.
Very few people could take the opportunity. Recently, we've made new researches and discoveries into how You can enjoy this opportunity. I know you're becoming impatient but stay with me. We discovered a means where you don't need to pay in all the Blocked funds at once, we also
Discovered some simple tricks for those who can't afford all the funds of the Blocked Account. The first thing is called FINTIBA. This is a platform that allows you open an account with Sutor bank instead of Deutsche bank that takes the whole funds at once. Once you open the
Account with FINTIBA, within 3 working days, your account details will be sent to you. Upon the receipt of your account details, the next thing is funding the account which you can do for as long as you want. Anytime you have 100k, you can put it there, 50k you aren't using, put
It there, 200k and so on till you complete the payment. After every deposit, you will always get your account statement as a mail and you can follow your progress sternly yourself in your mail and on your FINTIBA dashboard. This begs the question of how you fund without crazy
Bank charges. For me, I work with my friends in Germany. They have a group of Nigerians in Germany. So, once I need to fund an account, I talk to them and they get me a good exchange rate. I credit their Nigerian account and they credit my clients German account. You can do same.
The second option for those who can't afford the Blocked account is to use what is called SL. Sponsorship Letter is used as a replacement for the Blocked account but it has some restrictions and limitations. One, asides the SL, you still have to survive in Germany so the entire
Money you spend on securing the SL is a waste except for the fact that it will get you the Visa. You will have to run helter skelter to pay rent, feed and do other things. You may be lucky though. And finally, there's something they call a waiver that is sold for 20k during the
Application. It means, you will get the Blocked account waiver but you will provide a proof of sufficience when you get to Germany during your Visa application which you can do by providing your sponsors Statement of Account with good funds as the closing balance. So, go get your
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