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Here's a personal story that goes along with my previous tweet.
For a long time I was focused on metrics, I made them the indicators of my success whether in blogging, life, or business.
Until I realized it was pointless to worry about how many people read my articles, it was simply something out of my control, what I could do though.....
was write 10 high-quality articles a month and those would get me to where I wanted. And so I acted.

Writing articles was something I could control directly. Bounce rates, views, and other metrics I could not.
Now I'm proud to say I surpassed my previous ........
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Ludzie w życiu chcą osiągnąć szeroko pojęty sukces, często ujmowany w pryzmacie pieniądza.
W tej serii nie podam Ci złotej recepty, jednak powiem czego się wystrzegać, aby być o poziom wyżej.

Zostaw ❤️ i zapraszam do lektury.
Oto jeden z przeciwników samorozwoju 🧵⬇️
1⃣ Marnowanie czasu

Nie jest to nic odkrywczego, jednak każdy z nas marnuje sporą część dnia na aktywności, które nie przynoszą nam żadnej korzyści.
Czas, który poświęcamy na przeglądanie filmików na tiktoku czy granie na konsoli, moglibyśmy wykorzystać lepiej.
Nie chodzi mi też o to, że mamy w ogóle nie korzystać z tego typu rozrywek. Chcę jednak skupić się bezpośrednio na czasie, który marnujemy przy urządzeniach takich jak tablet, telewizor, telefon, konsola czy komputer.
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Cold exposure to boost your health!

Let's talk about cold showers and winter swimming. We will talk about the nervous system and the implication for physical and psychological well being. #coldshower #icebath #Lifestyle #Health #ROAR Image
The cold-shock response is a simple method to make massive improvements for your life. I talked about temperature regulation in a former thread, which you can visit below.

🧵 (1/18)
To summarize, we know that our body works like a thermostat with thermoreceptors measuring our core (brain) and shell (skin) temperature. To adjust the temperature of our body our skin, muscles and adipose tissue play a major role.

🧵 (2/18)
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Why do some #doctors do not include advice on #diet and #exercise in their #treatment plan for #patients?
1. It is clear that with modifications in diet & #lifestyle and exercise; we can prevent, control, reduce the severity or cure diseases and improve patient's quality of life.
2. Still we see that patients are given options of medicines and surgery but very little advice about diet and exercise, even though these don't cost much (in comparison to other medical interventions). Patients almost always ask for these advices though.
3. What could be the reasons?
a. There are fewer research papers on role of diet and exercise in disease prevention and treatment. This is not a surprise, as most of the research is pharma-funded, and #Pharmaceuticals have little to gain if diet/exercise prove to be beneficial.
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Sauna and heat exposure to improve your health!

Let’s talk about how our body works in regulating our body temperature and how sauna can actually improve our physical and mental health. #Sauna #Lifestyle #Health #ROAR

🧵👇 Image
Our body works very similar to a thermostat, where you have a temperature sensor measuring the temperature and a controller comparing the measured temperature with the desired temperature eventually activating a heating or cooling device.

🧵 (1/12)
The body has 2 types of thermoreceptors:

1) Peripheral ones in our skin and viscera
2) Central sensors in our brain (hypothalamus)

Neurons are transporting the information to our thermoregulatory center, the preoptic area (PAO).

🧵 (2/12)
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30 quotes about life from Naval Ravikant that changes your mind:👇
#life #lifestyle #LifeHack #lifequotes
1)The only real test of intelligence is if you get what you want out of life.
2)Life truly is a single-player game. Nobody stays by your side forever.
3)You have to pick something big to work on, because it's hard to commit your life to something small.
4)Don’t settle, and don’t struggle. Life is what flows in between.
5)To measure the quality of your life, simply do nothing, and see how it feels.
6)One path to a happy life is to retain a sense of wonder.
7)Life is about navigating a series of events that don’t quite repeat./
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An 8-month trial in mostly females (17/18) with #obesity & type 2 #diabetes, shows that those randomized to an *intensive* #lifestyle intervention (n=10) e.g. had:

⦿ notable #weightloss (-17%)
⦿ ~63% ⬇️ intrahepatic fat

+ marked metabolic benefits 🧵>…
The standard group received "regular" (ADA-guided) instructions on diet & activity.

The intensive lifestyle group had:
⦿ weekly education sessions,
⦿ ⬇️ kcal intake by 500/d &
⦿ 4 x 60-min supervised progressively 📈harder – both resistance & endurance! – training sessions
Energy intake was adjusted to ⬇️ Bw by >10% in 6 months.

The lifestyle intervention was overall quite intensive, & frequent face-to-face contact may have facilitated adherence:

Attendance was 92-98% – possibly facilitated by the rather small sample size, but still impressive
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Tongue scraping, or jihwa prakshalana,
is a traditional Ayurvedic self-care practice.

Overnight, as the body processes everything that was ingested the previous day, toxins begin to form & are visible as a coating on the tongue.

#healthy #health #healthcare #ayurved #lifestyle
Each section on the tongue corresponds to an organ, making the tongue a roadmap to the body's health.

Scraping the tongue thereby gives our internal organs a gentle massage. When you scrape the back of the tongue, the colon is cleansed, stimulating better peristalsis.
Why scrape your tongue?

✅Reduces toxin load; preventing reabsorption of toxins that your body worked to expel
✅ Reduces obstruction to the respiratory system
✅Reduces bacteria and dead cells from the tongue
✅Enhances sense of taste
✅Promotes overall oral & digestive health
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#Work/#FunEmployment: "Record numbers of people aged 50 and over in the #UK have become economically inactive since the start of the pandemic, the Office for National Statistics said this spring"…
"For a number of respondents, caring for family members was a factor, and while most do not envisage having to return to the job market, various people said they may have to do so because of spiralling #costs in Britain."
"'#This profession was who I was, for nearly 30 years. I was surprised at how little the decision impacted me, apart from a feeling of guilt at leaving my colleagues and students mid-year,' he says. 'Now, I look forward to having more control over my life. I won’t be going back'”
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Let's #Endvirginitytest 🙏🏽
#SouthAfrica: A South church has carried out virginity tests on their single female worshippers and issued certificates of virginity to those that passed the test.
According to the church, the test is said to be an effort to encourage chastity among the
ladies in the society.
The church identified as Nazareth Baptist Church is located at Ebuhleni, northern part of Durban in South Africa.
It was gathered that the church carried out a free virginity test on ladies who attend their church and are 18 years and above.
It is an annual
event carried out by the church and at the end of the test, a Certificate of Virginity is awarded to the successful ones.
Also, a white mark of purity is placed on the forehead of the virgins.
The test is usually conducted in the middle of every year and the certificate issued
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Here is the 1st thred of my fitness journey. Might nt be perfect thread but helpful for so many who wants to get fit & start healthy life style.
How it started:
Feeling dull daily
Obese (66 kg with 30% fat)
Unhealthy lifestyle
Craving for bad habit & few body problem.
1/n Image
How It’s going:
Feeling energetic during the day.
Fittest till now (57 Kg with 19% fat).
Healthy lifestyle.
No craving for bad habit and got rid of few body problems.
1. Motivation: Keep below 👇 point in mind to get motivated.
a. If u love urself and ur family.
b. People will respect and love u more.
c. If i can do it at 30 then why cant u do it.
d. Get shirtless in front of mirror and be ashamed of ur body.
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Being a superpower isn’t just economical or military.
It’s a brand.
And a brand that should sell.
And history has shown that all great powers were brands that sold. And the humans of earth bought with their heaters and minds.
#superpower #world
Quite simply, now, #Russia and #China haven’t made themselves institute strong brands
The #Chinese are lately realising this. The #Russians no
They won’t
Not how they work and think
Being super BRAND power means humans of Earth wanting to be like the citizens of a superpower.
Being a super #BRAND power means your educational institutions, #lifestyle, #habitus, #culture, #language, #food, #traditions EVERYTHING is presented as the best on the planet.
And it usually is.
In the superpower game, 💩 sells some of the time. Not all.
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7 things which really helped me in changing my #life altogether for GOOD!!

A Thread...

Like & retweet!!!

#healthy #HealthForAll #health #HealthyEating #wealth #finance #personalgrowth #investing #Investment #lifestyle

Spending less than u earn..

This is simple but yet a POWERFUL statement to stick in ur mind.
It helps u to stay with no #debt and be in #debtfreecommunity which brings immense peace and can focus on ur #happiness rather than earning mindlessly to clear ur debt.
Thread (2/7)

Investing every month.

Keep #investing a small amount of ur earnings - expenses in a medium which can beat #inflation.

@RichifyMeClub is a great person to promote this a lot.. ❤️
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#STEPN with #AlchemyPay AMA 27/05/2022:

* Mission
* Why?
* How?
* Who are they?
* Why #AlchemyPay?
* Recent achievements
* Situation today
* Future
* #AlchemyPay and #STEPN
* How to onramp
* Off ramp
* #STEPN and its competitors
An AMA done with:
* Jonathan CEO of @AlchemyPay
* Yawn Rong (@yawn_rong) Co-founder of @Stepnofficial
* Barndog (@Barndog_Solana) Ambassador of #STEPN

Not sure if a recording is available. If so, I'll post later on.
* Drive global adoption of cryptocurrencies.
* Take cryptocurrencies from investment instruments to actual currencies that consumers can easily use in the real world to pay for goods and services.
* Help DeFi penetrate into mainstream.
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Understanding Lifestyle Creep - A Thread 🧵

Lifestyle inflation, is overspending after your income increases.
It can occur over years and difficult to spot unless
you are on top of your budget

#personalfinance #FinancialFreedom #financialplanning #lifestyle
Basically increase in spending after receiving a raise instead of saving the additional income.

Or if monthly loan payment got over & extra cash now not saved but spent on non essential items

Once this takes over, new cash gets spent as fast as — or faster than — it comes in.
It's normal for lifestyle spending to increase when we get a better income. We want to treat yourself after working hard to make that money. Where it becomes problematic is when the increase in lifestyle outpaces the increase in income.
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Current research on microplastics is the stuff of nightmares-

They’re dangerous, they’re spread through our food, they're in the air... they’re everywhere

Thread 1/x
#health #ClimateCrisis #PlasticPollution #food
Much of the research is trapped behind paywalls, and only reported on in a limited, fragmented pattern

-like so much else when large corporations cause environmental damage and impose widespread health impacts on the public

#health #ClimateCrisis #PlasticPollution #food
The growing risks of microplastics are a direct function of an ongoing push by the same sociopathic corporations that are driving the climate crisis

#health #ClimateCrisis #PlasticPollution #food…
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By the way, this game offers the Buy Feature that allows you to buy into the free spins bonus and control how many wilds you can see per spin.

#holiday SPIRITS
holiday-spirits-image31606829911Ebenezer Scrooge and his old business partner Jacob Marley came to #lifestyle in this… 3-reel classic that has only 5 pay lines but Play n’ Go has stuffed it with extra features. All symbols can appear as a stack while Scrooge is wild and likes to give away multipliers to boost your wins. He is often visited by the ghosts of Christmas… Past, Present, and Future (oh yes, they do exist!) that use their powers to guarantee players a win.

Special Win Spins are triggered by landing two stacked reels of the same symbol and being awarded a multiplier on a non-winning spin. Reel 3 will just
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“Doctor, what should be my targets for Hba1c, Fasting and Post meal (PP) glucose?”

Many of our friends with Diabetes have this question. I will try to explain in the thread below.

#Diabetes #GlycemicTargets #HbA1c (1/n)
HbA1c should be done at least 2 times a year if goals are met and glucose control is stable,

Done more often if goals not met or there is change in the medicines.

A1c goal for many non pregnant adults is < 7% without any significant hypoglycaemia.

#Diabetes #HbA1c (2/n)
Tighter HbA1c goals ( less than 7%) may be considered in some.

Less stringent goals (less than 8%) may be appropriate in pts with limited life expectancy or side effect of drugs.

Individualisation of glycemic targets is a must. It’s not a one size fits all criteria.

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We have had a busy 2021 and we look forward to 2022 which is brightened further with the spirit of Indovation and ideation. Cheers to each of you and your families. Image
2/n 2021 was a challenging year personally for many with #Covid 2nd wave but it presented professional opportunities for #startup ecosystem too. @SucSEED_IN built its maiden #AngelFund #IndovationFund, amongst overwhelming response & kept growing its strength as #AngelNetwork too ImageImage
3/n At #IndovationFund, we believe that early-stage discovery is best handled with the help of Experienced folks. We have great #SectoralCommittee structure helping us to discover, screen, curate, invest and mentor these startups, in 6 sectors of our #Fundfocus #SucSEEDfamily Image
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Does work-life balance really exist?
ah, I feel it is always one that dominates the other.

note: the right audience should take it at an individual level

~ *thread* ~

The standard metric to measure this is figuring out what type of person are you.
I feel we all can be represented in 3 dimensions or types.
(at least what I feel)
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Devyani Intl. Ltd - Franchisee of Yum! Brands & operates the highest outlets of KFC, Pizza Hut, Costa Cofee in India. It is a the largest operators of quick-service restaurants chain in India. It operates 655 stores across 155 cities in India. 🧵..
@kuttrapali26 @AvadhMaheshwar2
Company - Started its first association with Yum brands in 1997 when it opened the Pizza hut. Company has expanded to 696 stores in 166 cities. It is largest franchisee of Yum brands on a Non-exclusive basis. It is a part of RJ Corporation started by Ravi Kant Jaipuria in 1991.
Business segments- The company has three major business segments namely, Core Brands (73% ) International Business (10% ), Own Brands (17% of the revenue as of FY 20)
👉 284 KFC stores,
👉 317 Pizza Hut,
👉 44 Costa Coffee stores (Q2,21)
#lifestyle #growth
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 11/28/2021…
Smallpox vials found at Montgomery County lab, but ‘there is no basis for being worried’…

#smallpox #laboratories #InfectionRisk
Satellites offer new ways to study ecosystems—and maybe even save them…

#RemoteSensing #SatelliteTechnology #EcosystemsHealth #CorrectiveAction
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 11/11/2021…
Yacht Full of Climate Scientists Plots Giant Sea Gate to Save Manhattan…

#ClimateChange #mitigation #manhattan #SeaGate
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