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“Doctor, what should be my targets for Hba1c, Fasting and Post meal (PP) glucose?”

Many of our friends with Diabetes have this question. I will try to explain in the thread below.

#Diabetes #GlycemicTargets #HbA1c (1/n)
HbA1c should be done at least 2 times a year if goals are met and glucose control is stable,

Done more often if goals not met or there is change in the medicines.

A1c goal for many non pregnant adults is < 7% without any significant hypoglycaemia.

#Diabetes #HbA1c (2/n)
Tighter HbA1c goals ( less than 7%) may be considered in some.

Less stringent goals (less than 8%) may be appropriate in pts with limited life expectancy or side effect of drugs.

Individualisation of glycemic targets is a must. It’s not a one size fits all criteria.

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We have had a busy 2021 and we look forward to 2022 which is brightened further with the spirit of Indovation and ideation. Cheers to each of you and your families. Image
2/n 2021 was a challenging year personally for many with #Covid 2nd wave but it presented professional opportunities for #startup ecosystem too. @SucSEED_IN built its maiden #AngelFund #IndovationFund, amongst overwhelming response & kept growing its strength as #AngelNetwork too ImageImage
3/n At #IndovationFund, we believe that early-stage discovery is best handled with the help of Experienced folks. We have great #SectoralCommittee structure helping us to discover, screen, curate, invest and mentor these startups, in 6 sectors of our #Fundfocus #SucSEEDfamily Image
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Does work-life balance really exist?
ah, I feel it is always one that dominates the other.

note: the right audience should take it at an individual level

~ *thread* ~

The standard metric to measure this is figuring out what type of person are you.
I feel we all can be represented in 3 dimensions or types.
(at least what I feel)
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Devyani Intl. Ltd - Franchisee of Yum! Brands & operates the highest outlets of KFC, Pizza Hut, Costa Cofee in India. It is a the largest operators of quick-service restaurants chain in India. It operates 655 stores across 155 cities in India. 🧵..
@kuttrapali26 @AvadhMaheshwar2
Company - Started its first association with Yum brands in 1997 when it opened the Pizza hut. Company has expanded to 696 stores in 166 cities. It is largest franchisee of Yum brands on a Non-exclusive basis. It is a part of RJ Corporation started by Ravi Kant Jaipuria in 1991.
Business segments- The company has three major business segments namely, Core Brands (73% ) International Business (10% ), Own Brands (17% of the revenue as of FY 20)
👉 284 KFC stores,
👉 317 Pizza Hut,
👉 44 Costa Coffee stores (Q2,21)
#lifestyle #growth
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On #ageing from a personal #ActuallyAutistic perspective.
At nearly 62 I consider myself to be an ‘older person’, and quite ‘old’ objectively.
But although age is one of the ‘protected characteristics’, under UK equality legislation, I don’t feel very protected at all.
Ageism is ingrained in daily life.
There’s a steady drip, drip, drip, of pro-youth, anti-old-age bias.
I’m writing this now because a tweet suggested old people use outdated language and don’t like change.
Substitute ‘black’ for ‘old’ and see how this reads.
It distresses me.
It’s also dangerous, because this negative narrative impacts on how older people are seen, and treated, by others.
Whether it’s job recruitment, hospital treatment, or dating, anti-age bias has a massive impact.
It affects self worth too.
Those messages encourage insecurity.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 11/28/2021…
Smallpox vials found at Montgomery County lab, but ‘there is no basis for being worried’…

#smallpox #laboratories #InfectionRisk
Satellites offer new ways to study ecosystems—and maybe even save them…

#RemoteSensing #SatelliteTechnology #EcosystemsHealth #CorrectiveAction
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 11/11/2021…
Yacht Full of Climate Scientists Plots Giant Sea Gate to Save Manhattan…

#ClimateChange #mitigation #manhattan #SeaGate
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Since it's been so long I have attended a #wedding, I'll be #Livetweet my #reactions follow pleej
Is it normal to avoid 'wyd for a living?' by not asking others the same thing?
Alright I am fibbing my #resume here. I am telling me them I am freelance journo. Sue me.
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Today at uni we watched a video of a GP consult with a woman who was presenting with low mood, poor sleep, not eating well, and a recent pay cut at work. The GP used the PHQ-9. We were asked what we felt the next steps should be. People were talking about CBT and medication.. 1/
.. individual self-help, support groups etc. No one seemed to understand that integral lifestyle factors such as sleep, eating, and having enough money to pay your bills have the most significant effect on one's mood. Is it because we're studying ClinPsy that people are 2/
already moulded into assuming 'depression' as its own medical entity unrelated to the clear factors in the patient's life that needed addressing. According to our lecturer 'sleep is the new thing' that is currently being addressed as important as opposed to being 'something 3/
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मध्यमवर्गीय कुटुंबाचे #आर्थिक_नियोजन कसे असते?

मी पाहिलेले काही #अनुभव मी इथे सांगत आहे.

मध्यमवर्गीय कुटुंबातील तरुण, पती व पत्नी आपले आर्थिक जीवन सुधारावे म्हणून खूप प्रयत्न करतात. उच्च शिक्षण घेऊन 3, 5 वर्षात चांगल्या मोठ्या पगारची नोकरीही मिळवतात
2) पण, तरीही त्यांना आर्थिक स्वातंत्र्य ( #Financial_Freedom ) प्राप्त नाही करता येत. अगोदरच त्यांच्या लग्नात खूप खर्च झालेला असतो. खर्च येवढा असतो की , तो जर कोठे गुंतवला असता तर काही वर्षात त्यांना कॅश मध्ये स्वता:साठी घर घेता आले असते.
3) जेवढा पगार जास्त तेवढी त्यांची जीवनशैली ( #Lifestyle ) उच्च असते. जेव्हा खर्चाची वेळ येते तेव्हा ते सगळे केलेली मेहनत विसरून आयुष्य जगायला सुरवात करतात आणि काही काळाने म्हणजे लग्नाच्या एक दोन वर्षांनंतर नंतर एक हप्त्यावर
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We want to move @SafaricomPLC from being just a #telco with a #payment #platform #MoMo #mobilemoney #Mpesa to a #technology #company. Going into areas that are more #solutions oriented ... a #lifestyle brand for #individuals, and an empowering #brand for #SMEs@PeterNdegwa_
The #agile way of working is not new since it has been implemented by global #media and #online companies such as @netflix #netflix and @amazon #amazon
“What we are doing now is to #scale. Not everyone will go fully #agile, since departments like #Finance will still operate largely in its traditional way. But those that will be affected will be in the #frontend side of the company such as the #marketing and #technology teams.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 04/13/2021…
Prevalence of Optimal Metabolic Health in American Adults: National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2009–2016…

#MetabolicHealth #SurveyResults #DataAnalysis #ResearchFindings
A new era of innovation: Moore’s Law is not dead and AI is ready to explode…

#InnovationRate #MooresLaw #ArtificialIntelligence
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✨The Show business of CRED✨

They are not in the #Fintech business or the #Lifestyle business but the #Show business.

👇 Expand this thread to learn more about the $2.2 billion valuation of #CRED!
Had an interesting discussion with my fellow cohort members @StoaHQ about @CRED_club and its massive $215 million in a Series D, which values the business at a whopping $2.2 billion.
To understand what these ✨"marquee" VCs✨ might have seen in CRED, let's do a good old SWOT analysis of CRED.
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Me: Since how many years u have Diabetes?

Patient: Sir, I had ‘borderline diabetes’ since 5 years. Not on medicines, only diet. First time now, I have checked in yrs,sugars 220 (Fasting) 310 (after food)

What’s ‘borderline diabetes’ Thread. #PreDiabetes #Medtwitter (1/n)
What is #Prediabetes

When glucose levels don’t meet criteria for Diabetes but r still high to be considered normal. Includes

1. IFG - Impaired Fasting glucose - FPG 100-125 mg%

2. IGT (75 gm OGTT)- Impaired Glucose Tolerance - 2 hr PG 140-199 mg%

3. HbA1C - 5.7-6.4% (2/n)
#Prediabetes increases future risk of Diabetes and cardiovascular disease (CVD).

It may be a/w Obesity, Dyslipidemia (deranged cholesterol levels) and Hypertension (high blood pressure) (3/n)
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हम वोह है जिन्हें पैदा होते ही उम्मीदों से लांघ दिया जाता है फिर थोड़ा बड़ा होते ही किताबों का बोझ डाल दिया जाता है बड़े लाध से रखा जाता है बाद प्यार किया जाता है कभी कभी ग़लतियो पर दांत भी दिया जाता है तोह कभी कभी शरारतों पर मार भी दिया जाता है।
और फिर हमारे रोने पर हमें चुप कर दिया जाता है और बड़े प्यार से समझा दिया जाता है की तुम लड़के हो ऐसे रोया थोड़ी जाता है।
तुम्हारे आँसू को तुम्हारी आंखों मे क़ैद कर दिया जाता है तुम्हारी भावनाओं को तुम्हारे दिमाग़ में बाँध दिया जाता हैं ।
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Best tweets of the year: Part 1 of 3.
(a thread)
"Assets produce income whether you work or not."
-- Robert Kiyosaki @theRealKiyosaki

"You are rich if you wouldn’t change your lifestyle if you got richer."
-- Orange Book @orangebook_

#life #wealth
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 11/23/2020…
Balancing Epistemic Humility and Prior Knowledge - Insight…

#humility #balancing #knowledge #coronavirus #prior
Maybe There is No Technological Slowdown - New Things Under the Sun…

#growth #technology #decline
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The RED Talk on The #Business and #Science of #Healthcare is now live! Still time to join us at
The next big issue facing NICE & #healthcare will be our relationship with the European Medicines Agency after Brexit; it will impact our #medicines research, trials. We could see a dramatic reduction in research, access to medicine and disrupt the supply of meds - @steve_mccabe
The British #taxpayer makes a phenomenal contribution to the development of new #drugs - but these can then be prohibitively priced. We need to improve access to new medicines and there is a question around cost, access and funding. @steve_mccabe
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