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#SAT Analysis

The #PulwamaAttack of 2019 that killed 40 CRPF personnel in Indian-held Kashmir served as a trigger to bring India & Pakistan on a nuclear threshold.

But were India’s blames rightly put?

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How the BJP government averted from intelligence oversight & focused instead on winning the electoral margin following the #PulwamaAttack is the hot talk in India right now.

An “explosive” interview of BJP’s former governor of #Kashmir, #SatyapalMalik, has sparked a debate.


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In 2010 #India under Dr Manmohan Singh Govt gave #Pakistan US $ 25 million for flood relief.
* This was 2 years after 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks.
* Pak had not punished #HafizSaeed let alone State actors in 26/11 terror.
* Was Pak grateful?
* Did Pak stop India centric terror?
No. Pak shamelessly not only took $ 20 million of Indian tax payers money & another $ 5 million through UN, Pak terror continued to bleed India.
* In 2011 Pak terror hit Mumbai with multiple blasts at Zaveri Bazar, Opera House & Dadar.
* Sept 2011 there was a blast outside Del HC
In 2010 despite taking $ 25 million of Indian tax payers funds, Pak Mil Jihad complex continued to kill Indians.
* 11 killed & 50 injured in 2011 Delhi High Court blast blamed on Pak terror.
* 20 killed & over 100 injured in the multiple blasts in Zaveri Bazar Opera House, Mumbai
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There are many things wrong with the way this issue of KCR is being reported...
1. His comments were in response to a Q on Pappu.
2. Why is it Q's Army? KCR is not asking the army for anything nor is Army obligated..
3. Hes asking GOI & Modi.. thats all
All the dophas of @Timesnow @Republic @Indiatoday are jumping with "Army insulted, Army insulted".. STFU.. KCR is free to demand what he wants of ModiGovt & ModiGovt is free to ignore.. Dont turn it into Jingo nonsense of "Army Questioned/Insulted"
Now... Modi can confidently share info on Surgical Strikes with Constitutional Heads.. if he wants to.. w/o making anything public.. Its Modi who appears to be the LIAR by dodging others.. He can surely take CMs into confidence with LIMITED info
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Here are a few uncomfortable truths. From 1947 to 2021 (except 75-77) India has been as free or unfree a democracy as you chose to label it. NOTHING has changed. So all of you out there put a lid on your lips & if you want to lecture India about democracy, freedom etc please 1st
read the threads by the brilliant scientist @ARanganathan72 & if you find his facts too hard to stomach search for the number of books banned, leaders jailed, riots etc with the help of Dr Google & you will find answers. So what has changed that post 2014 you hear these cries?
1) Till 2014 it didn't matter who was in power in Delhi as PM, the brokers middlemen, dalals, Lutyens club members, fixers, were in power. They decided everything from foreign policy to defence to internal security 2) They decided what was good for the country & it's people &
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#AatmaNirbharBharat is not just about Vocal for Local,but creating ecosystem that welcomes global investors&while in 1991,India had to pledge 47 tonnes of Gold,to raise $400mn,under @narendramodi govt,our #ForexReserves are $590bn,3rd highest globally


My Thread👇
The Modi Govt ’s most important work has been in domain of women empowerment--From banning commercial surrogacy,to amending Medical Terminal of Pregnancy Act,to Menstrual protocol, strengthening POCSO&banning instant #TripleTalaq💪

#7yearsofModigovt #7YearsOfSeva Image
Farmer welfare is top priority for The Modi Govt;From sowing to selling& insurance,#FarmLaws give Farmers freedom to sell at price they wish to&at place of their choosing

Over Rs 1.35 lakh Cr credited directly to bank accounts of Farmers via #PMKisan

#7yearsofmodi #7YearsOfSeva Image
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Kargil after Lahore summit
Kaluchak after Agra summit
Pathankot after Lahore
Just how often do we want to be stabbed in the back & bitten by a venomous snake in the neighbourhood?
Pakistan is virtually bankrupt, they are importing wheat, Pashtuns & Balochs are up in arms...1/n
Pakistan's troubles will only increase as their economy collapses. China will extract its pound of flesh. Pakistan's aim is to establish a proxy in Afghanistan. This sham of peace gesture is only to concentrate on that border. Pak wants strategic depth again. #Balakot exposed Pak
Pakistan will peddle peace tamasha till it is sorted out on other fronts. If it can withstand US pressure on Afghanistan (despite US losing so many soldiers, Pakistan continues to support Haqqani Network, Taliban Quetta Shura) it won't sort out #HafizSaeed #MasoodAzhar #LeT #JeM.
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Pakistan's tried & tested template.Don't ask for prosecution of terrorists for past terror attacks.Let's start afresh (till the next terror attack)
India has repeatedly fallen for it
1. IC 814 hijack
2. Parliament Attack
3. J&K Assembly
4. 26/11 Mumbai
5. Ind emb Kabul
Long list
#Pakistan targeted India with impunity because Indian leadership was told they are a nuclear weapon state India cannot respond. A strong pro Pak lobby played the Pak game of dialogue despite terror for peace in the sub continent. Uninterrupted & uninterruptible dialogue tamasha.
So even after 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks India did not hit back, resulting in more terror attacks. ISI tested PM @narendramodi's resolve too. Terror attacks on our consulate in Afghanistan & strikes at Pathankot, Gurdaspur... Uri & Pulwama resulted in #Surgicalstrikes & #Balakot
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We, the 'many', need always appreciate 'the few, the brave':
Their sacrifice ensures that the flag shall always wave!
(Fm the poem 'The Few, The Brave' by Maurice Harris)

Thread on the @IAF_MCC 'Ironman' formation vs the PAF JF-17s during #OpSwiftRetort on #27Feb19
On #27Feb2019, while ‘Avenger’ was clashing with the PAF F-16s over Nowshera, 2 x M2000Is of No1 Sqn IAF C/S ‘Ironman’ were battling upto 12 x JF-17s of CCS/No14 Sqn PAF abeam Muzaffrabad in North J&K 1/n
Eqpd with the RDY3 and the Mica combination, the IAF Mirages were the most dangerous adversaries for the PAF that day, with the PAF F-16s over Nowshera vary of engaging the Mirages instead of the Sukhois. This job was given to PAF Thunders who were meant to take on the M2Ks 2/n
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@Gen_VKSingh Dear Honorable Minister @Gen_VKSingh Ji
Here is my thread in-line with your tweets🙏
as an #AndolanJeevi #IStandWithFarmers on #FarmersCallPMforDebate on suspended #farmlaws and #MSP Guarantee
@Gen_VKSingh Now, it is clear that the Govt is adamant on #suspended #farmlaws and is misusing even #parliament to tell Lies on #MSP
refusing MSP Guarantee act to prevent below MSP purchase by anyone in India.
We Step back and understand the true ramifications of this situation for #Annadata
@Gen_VKSingh When do #Sellibrities become active to tweet on agriculture subject? When they get hints or advice, being a celebrity is a sensitive expectation from the powers and they are close to the heart of every Indian. #AndolanJeevi #FarmersCallPMforDebate on suspended #farmlaws and #MSP
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This was soon after #Pulwama attack where we lost 40 Soldiers.
#ArnabGate 1/3
This was three days before #Balakot Airstrike. He knew about Military excercise days before it was carried out.
#ArnabGoswami #Arnabgate 2/3
This was after Balakot strike.
#ArnabGoswami #ArnabGate 3/3
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Looks like Gen Durrani has left world of current affairs and chosen to be more of philosopher than being proponent of realpolitik. Poor “assessment” as he would say. 👎🏿
At heart of this whole fiasco is IK/Bajwa in #Phase1 sitting in lap of megalomaniac MBS. Gleefully accepted all the economic benefits including MOU on key investments including $20bn oil refinery. In same period #Pulwama & #Balakot took place in which Saudi FM played crucial role
Then came real deal breaker #5August actions of Modi in J&K. Pakistan expected fierce response from OIC and kingdom but it was their own naivety. Kingdom understands geopolitical significance of India vis-à-vis IndoPacific and diversification of its own economy.
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The Face of #Pakistan State #Terror in #Kashmir. Pak terrorist Umar Farooq got RDX from Pak through Samba border. 2 IEDs of 160 & 40 kgs rigged into Maruti Eeco van. Feb 6 was planned date of #VBIED attack, postponed due to massive snowfall. #DeshKaGaurav 8 pm #IndiaFirst 1030 pm ImageImage
#Pulwama was planned by #Pakistan based #JeM. Terrorists trained in explosives by Al Qaeda & Haqqani Network in #Afghanistan. Mohd Umar Farooq visited Afghanistan in 2017. #MasoodAzhar #RoufAsgar & #AmmarAlvi gave constant guidance & support to Pakistani terrorists in #Kashmir.
#Pakistan based #JeM terrorists were planning another #VBIED attack on security forces after #Pulwama but the plan was shelved due to #Balakot air strikes by #IAF & the killing of the main conspirator Mohd Umar Farooq by security forces in an encounter. #DeshkaGaurav #IndiaFirst.
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#Lockdown forced me to unlock a treasure (for me) of #AeroIndia Photographs right from the inaugural event in 1996. When a camera was still a luxury from my perspective, all these were borrowed from a good 'friend'!! Lucky to get close to the metal birds!!
In front of a Su-30!! From the 1998 edition crowds were not allowed near the aircrafts.
#AeroIndia 1998 was a "tear-jerker" of sorts. Rain played spoilsport. Many air displays were cancelled. Photographs were shot on point and shoot camera. Objective was to click anything that looked like and flew like a plane! Just for our memories. Absolutely no photography skills
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#India #China
STATUS : 7 Points

1. Talks & Meetings at All Levels (Military, Diplomatic & Special Representatives) & Disengagements towards DeInduction & DeInduction...In Progress
2. Tensions and Preparation for Any Contingencies and Security Challenges...
3. Review, Reset & Changes at All Elements of Power : Diplomacy, Economy, Trade & Decisions/Resolutions/National Wills...RECAST...
4. Trust in #China & #PLA SHATTERED. Especially on their Agreements, Protocols and Practices after 15 Jun 2020 - #Galwan : New Rules Of Engagements (ROEs)
5. Complete Restoration of Status Quo, Complete Disengagement and also be Prepared for QPQ, incase.. : Current Glare
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It's very interesting how #India frames their defeats.

Indian Army sends unarmed soldiers - gets beaten to a pulp

@narendramodi travels close to #LAC & visits conference rooms with beds, pretending to be a hospital.

#China defines new LAC & India claims "victory" for itself.
This is much like the #Balakot misadventure, where the #IAF supposedly hit a group of 300 militants.

Only to find broken trees & dead birds in target space.

#IAF pilot got to enjoy the most expensive cup of tea in Indian history.
Or shall we discuss the "surgical strike" that wasn't surgical or a strike.

India's military at it best.
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Panic in Pakistan over chatter of #Balakot 2. Reports of total blackout in Karachi.

Best thing @PMOIndia has done is made #Pakistan & the #MayorOfIslamabad @ImranKhanPTI completely irrelevant. 'Handsome' keeps raving & ranting & not even Pakistan takes him seriously anymore. So irrelevant that even Fai ecosystem can't make him or Pak mantris news worthy anymore.
From the shame at Sharm el Sheikh & calling a non descript non entity 'man of peace' post 26/11 to now completely ignoring Pakistan after surgical strikes & #Balakot & continuing to punish Pak terror & enablers at LoC, India's anti terror (Pak)policy is finally on the right track
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Half truths & absolute lies of #Pakistan & 'ecosystem' being busted by putting #FactsFirst. Lt Gen @Tiny_Dhillon @ChinarcorpsIA with diplomats in #Srinagar recently. India put J&K facts in public domain to counter malicious propaganda, also peddled by 'Fai sponsored ecosystem.' ImageImageImageImage
India must take all steps necessary to ensure peace prevails in the valley. Internet broadband restoration (while blocking social media apps that can be misused to fuel unrest) & continued detention of pol leaders, esp 3 former chief ministers was raised. Under judicial scrutiny.
J&K is an integral & inalienable part of India (a part illegally occupied by #Pakistan & #China) India also exposes Pak's aggression in Oct 1947 & Pak use of terror incl Na-Pak strategy to radicalise a section of youth in the valley. Glad India putting facts out in public domain.
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#DalLake #Srinagar: Diplomats from 25 countries spend time in #Kashmir, interact with members of civil society groups & security forces 6 months after abrogation of #Article370. This is the second batch of diplomats. They were caught in Srinagar traffic too. Feedback interesting ImageImageImage
Abrogation of #Article370 & #Balakot bombing are absolute game changers. Neither Pakistan nor the ecosystem have been able to come back into the game. But the biggest challenge for @PMOIndia @AmitShah & @rajnathsingh will be the summer of 2020: Pak state terror threat in J&K huge
Pak & proxies will mount a multi pronged offensive. LoC skirmishes to terror in hinterland to proxies waging hybrid warfare through Fai sponsored ecosystem, social media misuse, agitations, legal tangles, unrest and overseas pressure. Self confident India must Bash On Regardless
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#OpSwiftRetort air strikes - plausible scenarios:

1. PAF intended to strike Indian targets with aim to cause damage but missed due to inherent system limitation, poor execution or timely counter by IAF

2. Action was only to signal capability (stated reason)

3. Both

Analysis is complicated due to:

1. High disinformation level by Pak military establishment. Not just in present scenario but historically as well.

2. No official comment by #IndianArmy or #IndianAirForce on the efficacy of the strikes.

3. No anecdotes from history

@joe_sameer goes with scenario #1 basis high variation in targeting error. But then 2 different types of weapons and platforms were employed and both are relatively unknown as far as efficacy is concerned. Neither is PAF known for air strikes.

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As #India continues attempts to ban foreign voices & analysis, wouldn’t you question the thinkers within that country as to how free & honest their own thinking is?

#StopSuspendingPakistanis because you can’t counter our voices, opinions or understanding! Image
The #Indians claim that they are better at #InfoWar than any other country, yet they are unable to counter true statements without their rhetoric or hysteria.

Go back & check old tweets, you’ll find the bulk of educated, civilized #Indians unable to speak without hate.
#InfoWars are won with facts & analysis. #India can’t win a war because they manufacture facts favorable to them, whether true on ground or not.

“300 #terrorists dead in #Balakot,” actually, 2 trees.
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We can expect a #falseflag attack inside #India or #Kashmir to give the grounds for a first-strike.

Much like #Pulwama, #Uri & the failed #Balakot.
But then there is this...
And this traditional sabre rattling...…
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It’s key to understand that these handles were not just picked out of the sky.

This was a planned, structured & orchestrated #InfoOp to take down & accuse without reproachment.

Notice how the #Indian media announced the reason for the suspensions today, as they come online.
The article in the @DeccanChronicle was a manufactured disinformation piece, designed to be used as a basis to cover up #India’s failure in #Balakot. Image
The #Indian media prepared their domestic audience for the online debate with this accusation, which questions the security of #India in #OSINT hands.

Another manufactured article to give a longer news cycle to India vs Pakistan.…
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1n Wednesday morning surprise: here’s a topographic time series of #Balakot. What does it show you? Massive construction activity & a huge dust cloud indicating construction after the date of the strikes (idea courtesy @beepdelete & @Obs_IL images @CopernicusEU @sentinel_hub )
2n Now match this with the image below of the 3 strike points. And see how each one of them develop in the time series. Especially contrast aim point 3 and the main madrasah building
3n now again watch a B&W image from a different source confirming the same pattern. You can draw one of two conclusions. Either the bomb blast effects lasted a whole week, OR that there was massive construction activity at the Madrasah post strike to cover up. #balakotairstrikes
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Huge win for #India's scientists and technologists at DRDO. Successful anti-satellite (ASAT) missile system test. A low earth orbit satellite is targeted and destroyed. After #US, #Russia and #China, India fourth country to acquire this space capability. #MissionShakti
A quantum leap forward into the 21st century. Space is the future and #India is there. #MissionShakti is no less tectonic than #OperationShakti -- proud to be Indian.
Those asking whether #MissionShakti merited address to the nation by PM @narendramodi : Elections come and go, national achievements are forever. This is a big day for #India , a very big day.
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