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#DeathbyPrescription - Doctors murder an estimated 150,000 Americans each year, simply by lacking the most basic understanding of drug interactions. It’s our 4th leading cause of death. And it’s about to get a whole lot worse.
These are not ODs caused by mistaken instructions, nor pharmacy errors, but people taking meds as intentionally prescribed. As a cause of death, #DeathbyPrescription ranks far above Alzheimer's, diabetes, the flu, intentional murders and suicide.
When MSM talks “Overdose Tragedy in the US”, I wait to hear to the main story. It’s not narcotics, legally prescribed or not, nor other illegal drugs. Because more than twice as many suffer #DeathbyPrescription. There are ‘burying the lead’, In fact, it’s never mentioned.
And when the MSM talks about Drug Cartels, are they speaking of those in Central America? Or about the World’s Biggest and most dangerous Drug Cartel: #BigPharma.
I happen to know b/c they almost killed me twice in the past 2 years. & I lost much of the use of one eye. Before I understood doctors, discovered their fatal flaws, did my own research, & refused to be poisoned anymore. #NeverAgain
(I have six autoimmune diseases. Plus, I take the usual statins, PPI’s, BP pills, and more.)
A cohort study (VACS) of 50K aging Veterans showed that people on many Rx’s (polypharmacy) had vastly more (than expected from their ailments) ER visits, hospitalizations (62%), early deaths (72%) & other intense reactions. (AIDS 2018 Mar 27; 32(6):739-749).
The article didn’t speculate as to the cause. But privately, the study’s lead author, at Yale’s Med School, agreed that the likely cause is drug interactions and their inevitably effect of vastly increasing and intensifying side effects.
VACS addresses mostly seniors, who are often on many prescriptions. But anyone on many drugs, senior or not, are at great risk, including those with serious illnesses, or many smaller ones.
There are numerous types of drugs interactions – combined effects, combined side effects, the effect on other drugs, etc. For example, numerous drugs, other than formal blood pressure meds, raise or lower BP.
But the biggest & most common unseen danger is that most drugs are metabolized (processed and eliminated) through liver enzymes. One such enzyme, called 3A4, processes 50-60% of drugs.
Many drugs block (inhibit) other drugs trying to use the same enzyme. Thus, they boast their strength and peak concentration (Cmax), and the time they remain in your body (called AUC). And they are themselves boasted while boasting others.
Most people on several drugs are on several inhibitors. Thus, a perfect storm, a perfect prescription (pun intended) for overdoses.
Is the problem fixable? Certainly. A program now projects interactions between any 2 drugs, & their likely intensity. But it’s rarely used. & such programs don’t list the cause of the interaction, or what to do about it (which other drug to substitute for one or the other).
Can such a program be written? Of course. Would doctors use it? Of course not.
Nor can it predict the multiple interactions among multiple drugs. (Just one-to-one interactions for any two.) In fact, no one in this country, or the world, understands the intensity of this multi-boasting effect.
Indeed, people on other drugs are specifically excluded from clinical trials for new drugs. So, yes, the FDA approves new drugs with zero knowledge about its effect on other drugs. Which. of course, should be of the top ten questions.
Instead of addressing this problem, it’s about to become far worse. Imagine this nightmare Mad Scientist scenario: a drug company develops a pill with zero medical benefit. It simply blocks up that liver enzyme, 3A4. Therefore, IF a mad doctor knows what she’s doing,
one can use less of the other drugs. A BIG IF. As virtually none do know. So, they accidently murder far more people. No, you say, no one in real life is that stupid. Doctors are pros. Drug companies are responsible. The story is just not believable.
You don’t have to wait for Netflix or MGM to produce this #HorrorStory. It’s now playing. #BigPharma choose to hit an expendable (to them) group, & develop such an artificial #FrankensteinDrug. It’s called Tybost, & it’s being inflicted on people with HIV (PLHIV).
Understand, Tybost (cobbistat) has zero medical benefits. It simply blocks up 3A4, boasting the strength and duration of ALL drugs that use that enzyme. Therefore, you can use less of other HIV drugs.
No one thinks about the effects on all one’s other medications. Yet virtually all medical journals, HIV doctors & medical orgs swear on this new Holy Grail. They utterly fail to understand that they are poisoning people, or causing other intense interactions.
Yet they insist they EVERYONE taking any of that class of drugs take this. And, get this unbelievable hoax, old drugs (i.e. generics) supposedly no longer work, unless you add this new miracle drug. It is like the Stepford Wives,
or the Handmaid’s Tale’s Republic of Gilead: “Blessed be the Pill”. (#Gilead, in no small irony, is name of the manufacturer.)
By a very rough estimate: about 500k American PLHIV are on HIV cocktails. So, using the figures from VACS, via incompetent overdoses, doctors were ALREADY hospitalizing unnecessarily 38,000 of them each year, & murdering 2,300. Tybost will make those numbers FAR HIGHER.
But if you don’t have HIV, not to worry. You’ll be included soon. #Gilead has shown it can utterly con and bribe a huge section of doctors, medical assns, and the FDA. Tybost, or another #Frankensteindrug, will be very soon be used on many other illnesses.
Three final comments: to doctors:
Primum non nocere (First, do no harm).
Ἰατρέ, θεράπευσον σεαυτόν. (Physician, heal thyself.) (Luke 4:23).
To the rest of us:
Nolite te bastardes carborundorum!
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