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A good friend watched my video with @Michael_LeeChin and reached out this morning for some advice based on a simple question that many have:

“I have realized that the older I get.... The fear aspect gets louder in my head.....what do u do to quiet the inner noise?”
I will share my answers that I have to my friend since they are universal and not personally identifying
1. I literally focus on the regrets that I’m going to have if I DON’T pursue something while ensuring that it’s in my framework.

Create a framework for decision-making and use it.
Fear increases because we haven’t achieved what we know we can and we now realize that time is shorter than we thought
We can’t help but look at the few friends that seem to have all their shit together and enjoying life then wonder what we’ve been doing wrong.

We want to feel “settled” but it’s not envy
2. You should ask others how they’ve done it - understand how they think and what they do then see if there is anything that you can apply
3. Find your why - your reason for being, what makes you excited and fulfills you - then decide how you must live your life to execute
4. You need to FOCUS on a few things starting with just ONE.

Get good at it. Get it generating cash. Be known for that ONE thing and become one of the best at it in your niche.
After that you can expand to more things.

Buffett is known for one thing. Lee-Chin was one. Bezos, Gates, Jobs, Branson, Chris Blackwell...all ONE thing at first.

Focus. Focus. Focus
5. Be more intentional about who you hang around and what you talk about - mindset and energy is a hell of a thing
Find meet-ups where you can connect with people that have an abundance mindset - glass half-full people.

Be able to discuss the books you’re reading that contribute to that growth mindset.
6. You need to network!

Offer to help people if you gain skills from it, they need help and they will appreciate it.

Volunteer with a non-profit or join a service club like @Rotary to give back
Doing some good in your spare time is VERY mentally rewarding
My friend said that it’s hard to figure out who their true friends are and I said that it was actually easy.

Here is what I shared:
Anyone that says you should get a 9-5 ain’t supporting your dreams if you’re an entrepreneur
Anyone that talks about things and people instead of ideas ain’t on your team if you’re an entrepreneur
Anyone that wants to go out and spend all the time instead of talk about investing in yourselves ain’t on your level and trying to achieve similar goals
People won’t like the change but people are always going to accuse you of being arrogant if they have a fixed mindset.

Just learn to internalise it.

You gotta do you because you know what you’re working on and why you’re working on it
7. Change your mindset and tell yourself that you are worthy of success, however you want to define that.

You have to believe that you are worthy.
8. Remember what @Michael_LeeChin said about role models:

Find a role model
Get the recipe
Don’t change the recipe

You can’t change the recipe until you’ve exceeded the role model
Recipes are great because you don’t have to follow them exactly.

The best cooks personalise a recipe.

2019 is 1999 or 1979.

Adjust for the times and opportunities but learn the decision-making framework and principles of your role model
9. Commit to it

No half-stepping or half-ass one foot in, one foot out.

You can’t learn to swim by only putting your feet in the water.

Jump in.

Start in the shallow end though!

And have a coach!
10. The Right Coach

The role model is a coach but you need a coach that you can call for feedback.

They have been there before, had major failures and setbacks, rebounded, have experience IN THE FIELD YOU ARE PURSUING...

You don’t learn to play basketball from a tennis coach!
11. Be open to learning

A full cup cannot accept anymore tea. A full mind (or a closed one) cannot accept new knowledge.

Unlearn things, de-clutter your mind and be open to knowledge.
12. Read. Read. Read.

Most people stop learning when they leave school because they no longer have exams and someone looking over their shoulders.

Most people are not happy and are average.

Don’t do what average people do if you don’t want to be average. Simple.
Don’t like reading? Learn to like it.

Audiobooks, podcasts, YouTube synopsis videos of books, figure out a way.

Knowledge really is power but it’s really just Potential Energy if you can’t deploy it smartly.

Turn that into Kinetic Energy. Do something with it.
13. Prepare for the Hero’s Journey (Google it)

Mental toughness is required to survive the dips, setbacks and failures.

It’s really survival of the fittest as Darwin said.
If you can’t handle rejection then don’t start.

If you get depressed easily, find a strong support system.

If you are afraid to fail, take a job in a company you love and pour your heart into it. Help it scale and enjoy that.

There is nothing wrong with that path.
But if you are going to choose the path least-traveled then you NEED to be prepared for the hard road ahead.

Busy Banton sanf that “it’s not an easy road” and I can vouch for it.

But if it was easy then everybody and their cousin would be doing it!
“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.” - Pelé

One final note:

You will learn over and over that people will gravitate towards you as you become more successful.

Some do not mean you well and just want to tear you down.

Others just want to be part of the hype while you are rising but vanish when you stumble.
Others still are only around when they feel that you agree with everything they believe.

Never forget who actually was there to pick you up when you fell; to cheer you on as you struggled; to give you water when you were thirsty.

Spend your energy on those people.
If you consider yourself a “good” person, a “nice” person, a “friend” then ALWAYS think about whether or not you are trying to tear down or uplift someone.

Are you happy for them or envious?
Are you helping them when they stumble or ridiculing them for trying?

Think on these.
Far too many people think that they are “good” people overall but they have tried to tear down people, been envious, ridiculed or quick to point out mistakes.

There is no need for that. It isn’t endearing or nice.

Be wary of those people and don’t be one of them.
Final Thought:

“Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.” - John Quincy Adams

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