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Trump is beginning his rally in Greenville, North Carolina. Quotes and fact checks in this thread.
Trump begins: "We have all night. We're going to have a lot of fun tonight. I have nothing to do. Nothing. Nothing." He then adds, "We have nothing to do but make our country great again."
Trump notes that the House has voted to defeat the impeachment resolution. He recites his accomplishments, and non-accomplishments "including Veterans Choice," and says, "And they want to try and impeach. It's a disgrace."
Trump touts the strong economy, says "the fake news" would've said this much job creation would've been impossible, and says North Carolina has had its best economic year in its history, which I shall fact-check. (He was wrong about Wisconsin with this identical claim last week.)
Trump is recounting election night 2016.
Trump on his election night: "Maybe, there are those that say, one of the most extraordinary and exciting evenings in the history of television. In the history of anything."
Trump starts to say, as usual, that he could've gotten more done if he didn't have the Russia "witch hunt," then says "I don't know that we would've done any better," then says, "Could you imagine what it could've been if we didn't have the witch hunt?"
Trump says he is doing "really well" with Hispanics because "they want a strong border" and "they want that wall." His approval with Hispanics is in the 20s.…
Trump calls polls "fake" and "suppression polls," as is his custom. There's no evidence for his frequent claim that pollsters are reducing his numbers to deflate his supporters' enthusiasm.
Trump says that every foreign leader he meets, such as kings and queens and "dictators, sometimes, I hate to say it, dictators," congratulates him on the economy.
Trump claims that 401(k)s are up "60, 70, 80, 90 percent." That is way higher than stock market growth during his tenure.
Trump is attacking "left-wing ideologues" who he says see the US as "a force of evil." The crowd boos when he mentions "the four congresswomen." He says he will read some of these Democrats' comments because it's live television and they "can't cut it."
Trump's attempt to begin his criticism of Rep. Ilhan Omar was interrupted by a protester. Trump says, as usual, "He goes home now to mommy and he gets reprimanded and that's the end."
Trump claims that "thousands and thousands of people" are outside, having been unable to get in. Anyone on scene to let me know?
Trump repeats his smear of Ilhan Omar, falsely saying she said Al Qaeda "makes you proud." This is a grossly inaccurate description of her comments. Full fact check:…
The rally crowd is chanting "send her back" about Ilhan Omar as Trump reads a list of her past remarks.
Trump was reading a long list of controversial Omar comments that was largely accurate -- though his interpretations were debatable -- when he inserted the false smear about Al Qaeda.
Trump is going down the list of the four Democratic congresswomen of color, reciting past comments they've made. Of Tlaib, he says, "That's not somebody that loves our country."
Trump calls Ocasio-Cortez "Cortez," and then says somebody said, "That's not her name, sir," and he says he responded, "No no: I don't have time to go with three different names. We'll call her Cortez. Too much time. Takes too much time." The room is quiet.
Trump says some of the migrants in detention are so happy to be there, and that they've said, "'We've never lived like this before.' They have water, they have air conditioning, they have things they've never seen."
Trump falsely says that he won every debate against Clinton according to the polls. "They won't admit that," he says. He lost every debate according to all scientific polls. He likes to cite junk polls where you can just go and click.
Trump is mocking various Democrats -- Biden as a bad debater who "choked" when confronted by Harris, Buttigieg as someone who runs a "failed city." He notes that (some) African-Americans in South Bend were angry at Buttigieg. He says Buttigieg couldn't deal with Xi, Kim or Putin.
Trump falsely claims that NATO spending was declining for "16 years" before it took office. The Trump-era increases have been faster, but it was increasing in 2015 and 2016, in part because of a 2014 re-pledge by NATO countries to meet the 2% guideline.
Trump, continuing his extended criticism of the four Democratic members he issued the racist tweets against, asks if Rep. Ayanna Pressley is related to Elvis. He says, "You never know."
Trump says Antifa attacks only single defenseless people, not Bikers for Trump or "Military for Trump" -- the "people we wish they attacked."
Trump calls the congresswomen "hate-filled extremists," and he says, "Let 'em leave...they're always telling us how to run it, how to do this, how to do that. You know what? If they don't love it, tell 'em to leave it." The crowd says "leave it" in unison with him, and cheers.
Trump referred earlier to Ilhan Omar's "some people" comments about 9/11. Here's the context:
Trump is now on immigration, warning as usual that Democrats' policies produce crime. He then turns to MS-13, saying its members commit "medieval style" murders, and adds, "You know what medieval style is? Little pieces, little pieces, little pieces. Medieval style."
Trump is praising ICE and Border Patrol at length, saying they have dangerous jobs and do not understand how much Americans love them.
Trump criticizes California for allocating money to provide health care to illegal immigrants while there are Americans on the sidewalks of San Francisco who need help.
Trump on human trafficking: "Nobody talks about it." He says it sounded to him "like an ancient crime" when he first heard about it as a politician, but now he knows it is a severe problem now.
Trump falsely says Democrats want to do nothing about human trafficking. He then falsely says most US trafficking comes through the southern border. He then falsely says human trafficking doesn't happen through legal ports of entry. He concludes, "Everybody knows it."
Trafficking experts emphasize that trafficking is a *major domestic problem* in many cases unrelated to the border in any way. They also emphasize that many victims who do come through the border are deceived into coming through legal ports.
Trump says Bernie Sanders is toast. Addressing him directly, he says, "You missed your time. It got taken from you four years ago, Bernie."
Trump is making a false claim about...fact-checks by me and others. He says that people fact-checked a joke he made about Dems giving illegal immigrants a free Rolls-Royce.

What happened: he told a joke at one rally, then *turned it into an assertion of fact* at the next rally.
Trump calls Brad Parscale "the world's tallest campaign manager in the history of the world."
Trump says he's never had an empty seat at any of his events. He has had empty seats at many events.
Trump with absolute nonsense: "Patients with pre-existing conditions are protected by Republicans much more so than protected by Democrats who will never be able to pull it off."

Democrats pulled it off, in Obamacare. Republicans are trying to weaken the protections.
Trump keeps referring to Warren as "Pocahontas." He expresses regret for starting to call her that too early, since she has now had time to improve in the polls. He says he will bring it up again if she's the nominee and it will be very successful.
Trump is reciting the details of Warren's ancestry test. He concludes, "The Indians got together and they said, 'We don't want her.'" (Cherokee leaders and others criticized her over the test. There was not a summit of "The Indians.")
Trump lists what he claims women want in policy (basically the Trump agenda), and says, "Why wouldn't they want Trump more than anybody else?"
Trump says he's been on so many TIME covers that "I don't even read this thing." He is recounting how his social media team made a mock TIME cover featuring him staying in office well beyond two terms, as a joke.
Trump mocks people who think he won't leave office, then adds, "Hey, maybe that is a good idea. Let's think about it. Watch, you wanna drive them crazy?" He says all he has to do to drive the media crazy is say that. He says: "I promise: 2024, I leave."
Trump tells a Sir story about a senator who came to his office, said, "Sir, I'm 6 for 7, I'm great, I'm 6 for 7, sir, I can give you great advice. I said, Senator, I'm 1 for 1, but it happened to be the president." He's previously had the senator saying he won 4 of 6 and 7 of 7.
Trump says "people back there" in the media, "somebody," said he's "actually kept more promises than he's made." *He* started saying that, then started attributing it to some unnamed person in the media.
Trump is now telling a story about an unnamed businessman he can't stand and who can't stand him, but who has no choice but support him because "you're a rich guy, and if you don't support me you're going to be so goddamn poor you're not gonna believe it."
Trump says the unnamed businessman who hates him but has "no choice" but support him calls him Mr. President. He adds, "Everyone calls me Mr. President. It's true. It's a funny thing."
Trump: "I have friends, really good friends...and you lose all your friends when you're president, because they're all afraid to talk to you."
Trump is rambling, man.
Trump says even his old friends, people who called him Don and such, have "choked" because they're so intimidated by his office.
Trump: "Last year, for the first time in over 50 years, drug prices went down." It was 46 years, by one particular measure. (See this WaPo breakdown:…) Trump rarely uses accurate good figures when he can use an inaccurate but marginally better figure.
Trump says a vote for any Democrat is a vote for, "frankly, the destruction of our country." He says the party has an "ideological sickness."
Trump is telling his multi-Sir story about military officer "Raisin Caine." ("Like, you mean, a little raisin?" "Yes SIR.") Some of the crowd is delighted. He adds that many of these generals were "Central Casting," except even better looking.
This Raisin Caine story might have the most Sirs Trump has ever put in a story. At least seven or eight Sirs.
Trump is now up to like 12 sirs in this story about his trip to visit soldiers in Iraq.
Sir sir sir sir sir sir sir
Trump refers to a "recent poll" that showed Germany likes Obama better than him, but he says it's obvious, because he makes them "pay their bills," by saying, "ANGELA, ANGELA, you gotta pay, ANGELA!"
I would say this is probably the second-most-rambling speech of Trump's presidency, behind the two-hour CPAC address. He is now saying, of a baby, "What a baby! What a baby! That is a beautiful baby! That's like from an advertisement! Perfect!"
Trump somehow manages to attack the media after complimenting the beauty of a baby: "The media will say that's a prop. They'll say, 'No baby is so beautiful, that had to be a setup.' I never saw that guy in my life. Which is true."
Trump: "We are so respected, you have no idea. How our nation has gone so far up in the eyes and the minds of the rest of the world."
Trump reads his building-to-the-conclusion line about how we will make America wealthy again, then stops and says, though he doesn't want to ruin "the rhetorical skill," it's getting a little "obsolete," since he already has made America wealthy.
Trump was building to his conclusion, like four scripted lines away, then talked about how people look beautiful in MAGA hats and how he will still use the slogan Keep America Great, and now he is done.
Per Trump-tracking website @FactbaseFeed, tonight’s rally speech was the second-longest speech of Trump’s presidency, behind only the CPAC epic.
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