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The far-right attacking the anti-fascists with a hammer, then switching the narratives claiming that the anti-fascists attacked them with a hammer. #Antifa means "anti-fascists." It is not an organization. If you are against fascists, YOU are antifa. #Portland
“Smear campaigns” against #antifa are used to create the image of internal enemy and “scapegoats.” Since Charlottesville, such campaigns against #Antifa became a compulsory exercise for #AltRight, #Kremlin #trolls and #Bots. #disinformation is an important tool in cyberwar.
In 2017, the online campaign used fake #antifa (an umbrella term for anti-fascist protestors) Twitter accounts to claim anti-fascists promoted violence against women supporting Trump or white supremacy. @bellingcat research showed the evidence of campaign orchestration on 4chan.
@bellingcat Below is the FAKE account (bot) of Antifa that retweeted my article because I used punchthenazi hashtag--that was their signal to each other. It was created specially for this campaign.
@bellingcat There are fascists (Trump, Proud Boys, Daily Stormer, etc, the coalition of the far-right and Trump's administration) and anti-fascists (all those who are not fascists.) Article on how switching narratives on antifascists movement is done, from 2017. medium.com/everyvote/to-p…
@bellingcat The Kremlin bots/trolls have been pushing anti-antifa campaigns since 2016 and supporting the alt-right and far-right. Many journalists and activists (including myself) reported on it during Berkeley far-right rallies.
@bellingcat More, including Russian bots pushing smear campaign on antifa (happening now as antifaterrorist is trending) and a fake antifa account with geolocation in Russia.
@bellingcat More, fake antifa accounts from Russia. Kremlin supports the far-right as it is a part of the "active measures", the old KGB tactic to fund and promote radical and extremists movement to sow discord and undermine democracies. Putin supports ultra-nationalism around the world...
@bellingcat There is a strategy behind the white supremacists taking over the US and EU. The white supremacists, far-right and neo-Nazis follow Dugin--the Kremlin ideologue and operative. Read here, medium.com/@ZarinaZabrisk…
@bellingcat A video of Proud Boys and other alt-right rallying in Portland, saying: "Hitler did nothing wrong" and "Nazis are our friends"--read on to learn more about their connections with Trump.
@bellingcat Tim Gionet (Baked Alaska), an organizer of Charlottesville, & Antonio Foreman (his bodyguard), at torch march, "Jews will not replace us!" Trump signing Gionet's arm at a rally. Foreman with a personal gift from Trump. Foreman says in the video above: Hitler did nothing wrong.
@bellingcat Gionet (Baked Alaska) retweeting 14 words mantra. More about all of the above (including Kremlin support) here: medium.com/@ZarinaZabrisk…
@bellingcat More about Trump/far-right/Kremlin ties here (related to Kavanaugh's appointment.)
@bellingcat If you want to read more in-depth reports/investigations on these connections: medium.com/voices/berkele…
@bellingcat Listen: This week is a turning point: fascism marches around the US. Trump's federal court nominee Steven Menashi authored an article arguing "that ethnonationalism remains a common and accepted feature of liberal democracy... #antifa #Portland #FascistTrump
@bellingcat ...that is consistent with current state practice and international law." Ethnonationalism is a euphemism for fascism. papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cf…
@bellingcat Listen: On the second anniversary of Charlottesville, where a neo-Nazi killed a woman and injured 35 by driving through counter-protesters, an ICE police guard ran a truck over a line of peaceful Jewish protestors, injuring at least two people, and did not get arrested.
@bellingcat Just take a short break here. An assault, a mass terrorist act. Not only he is not arrested: a few other ICE workers then proceed to pepper-spray the protestors. Police are standing by and refuse to take witnesses' reports. 5 hospitalized. time.com/5653413/truck-…
@bellingcat and after all this, on the morning of Portland white supremacist rally held by the nationalist Proud Boys (see the video), the white nationalist American Guard, the Three Percenters, a militia group, and the Daily Stormers, a neo-Nazi group), Trump tweets:
@bellingcat This is fascism, clear and loud. Are you okay with it?
@bellingcat The link does not seem to work so here is another link and a screenshot from Trump's apointee's article on ethnonationalism, which is, again, is a fancy word for fascism (one country=one ethnicity.) scholarship.law.upenn.edu/cgi/viewconten…
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