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I found some #Ecuador twitter #bots or troll accounts this morning, right after #Assange's arrest I just checked the API for "assange" and noticed some very uniform data.
Only a few hundred or so but they were kinda interesting.
The accounts are now suspended, but they were replying to this tweet from the president of Ecuador using the hashtag #EcuadorSoberano.
Here are the type of replies they were sending
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#IsraelElections2019 #GolanHeights
Israel #sovereignty must prevail over all the Israeli territory with no exception! It's the only way to protect innocent Israelis from being slaughtered +Israeli land from being stolen by #Hamas

#Israel creates

Hamas moans kills begs for money
Fascinating talk this morning with Rabbi Professor Jeffrey Woolf. What's going on with American Jewry vis a vis Israel?
#IsraelElections2019 #Israel #USA #Jewry…
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AI has met a fork in the road; which path will dominate?

While pure #AI, or open API, will soon allow #robots to become more human-like, pragmatic AI is alive well today and driving true business transformation…
Charlie Rose interviews…a robot?

What happens when Charlie Rose attempts to interview a #robot named "#Sophia" for his 60 Minutes report on #ArtificialIntelligence (#AI)…
#ArtificialIntelligence positioned to be a game-changer

It might not be long before machines begin thinking for themselves -- creatively, independently, and sometimes with better judgment than a human…
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@CSU @ManfredWeber 1/x Dann sorgt dafür, dass im @EUCouncil gegen diese unsägliche Reform gestimmt wird, die nur wenigen großen Verlegern und Verlagen hilft, aber Künstler, Freischaffende, selbst jeden EU Bürger zum Verlierer macht.
@CSU @ManfredWeber @EUCouncil 2/x Habt mal einen Arsch in der Hose, nicht dass euch da Lobbyisten reinkriechen, nein, um NEIN! zu sagen. NEIN WIR WOLLEN DAS NICHT!
Aber gut, träumen wird man ja mal dürfen.
@CSU @ManfredWeber @EUCouncil 3/x Denn wenn die #CDU,#CSU und @CDU_CSU_EP etwas gut kann, dann ist das jegliche Träume und Hoffnungen zu zerstören, eine ganze Generation zu diffamieren und zu verleugnen und wegen ihrer Bedenken zu #Artikel13/#Artikel17 als #bots zu bezeichnen.
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I ran across a cluster of twitter accounts targeting multiple different countries. They are newly minted accounts supported by multiple networks of #Bots #Trolls and inauthentic accounts. I haven't figured out of it's a #spam network or #disinformation
The most logical explanation is spam. BUT the amount of bots the trolls that retweet these accounts is extremely suspect.
these accounts were found while looking around at some data I pulled from this set of accounts in this thread.
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Conseil quand vous voyez un tweet de facho : copiez-coller son contenu dans la recherche Twitter.

Vous trouverez quasi-systématiquement des tweets 100% identiques, en nombre.

#AstroTurfing #Bots
Alors bien sûr de vrais et authentiques fachos y'en a pas mal hein, mais cet astro-turfing leur donne l'impression d'être vraiment nombreux, ce qui légitimise leur vision et propos. C'est à ce moment-là qu'ils prennent la parole à leur tour. Et c'est pas cantonné à Twitter.
J'observe ce phénomène depuis ~10 ans en ligne, quand les médias ont jugé bon de mettre une zone "commentaires" sous leurs articles. Tout se déroulait alors là. Modérateur, les flots de commentaires racistes ou politiques émanaient principalement des mêmes IP (plusieurs comptes)
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Ein Problem, dass ich bei der Urheberrechtsdebatte sehe ist, dass es von einigen Leuten als rein Schwarz/Weiß angesehen wird.

Abgesehen von Urheberrechtsregelungen AUSSERHALB Europas, gibt es auch "Urheberrechtsverletzungen ", die von den Inhabern gedulded, (1/24)
wenn nicht sogar akzeptiert oder sogar ermutigt werden.

Fanfiction, FanArt oder Cosplay Beispielsweise. Das ist Ausdruck der Fan-Kultur zu Büchern, Filmen, Serien, Comics und Spielen.

Diese Urheberrechtsverletzungen sind aber auch ein wenig Werbung für die Werke (2/24)
und verursachen keinen Verlust für die Firmen.

Manche Leute würden warscheinlich sagen "die sollen ihre "Kreativität" nehmen und was eigenes machen!". Aber darum geht es nicht. Ein paar Leute die so angefangen haben, haben dann eigene Werke kreirt, oder wurden sogar (3/24)
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1) New day #QDrop... #Qanon post No. 2745... @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @POTUS
#Q links to #FoxNews & says "Buckle up!". It's looking good for a D5 info drop on the others that met secretly to plot against #POTUS with the use of a 25th Amendment scam.…
2) Stepping back 4 an interesting footnote re: #QAnon post No. 2744...
When the verse numbers are totaled, they equal 55:17. If you've been watching #QDrops or any time you know the significance of 5 x5 & the number 17😉
3) #QAnon post No. 2746...
#LisaPage was removed from the #SC on 15th July 2017. July 21, 2017, The #Mooch was appointed #WHCommunicationsDirector. He began work on 25th July 2017 & was fired on the 31st. It's clear [5:5] that #Scaramucchi was a hired (& disposable) gun. Most all
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For 4 days, I captured more 700K tweets with the words "gilets jaunes" or the hashtags #GiletsJaunes.

In this thread, we will see how #bots, a #QAnon lover and a "French" #AntiSioniste try to amplify the movement of the Yellow Vests

As always, an explanation of the graph is needed:
- a node is a twitter profile.
- an edge is a retweet of a tweet with "Gilets Jaunes" or #GiletsJaunes in the text
- the size of the node has been calculated with the Pagerank algorithm
In this photo, I isolated the 8 most influential Twitter profiles of a community. This photo is particularly interesting because of the interactions between the nodes.
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Here are some more #Saudi #khashoggi related twitter bots.
I don't have time to analyze all of them, so there may be false positives, some might be commercial bots. I sat on the list for a while and twitter eventually found about half of them.
some of the accounts are shockingly old.
if twitter 😉 is going to suspend them they should.
Give researchers a couple of days to look at them.
Check what the bots are retweeting and kill the "full network" not just these accounts.
Check the F/F of the bots to get all of them.
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While looking at the #GiletsJaunes hashtag I ran across 1300 what look to be Pro-#Erdogan #Turkish 🇹🇷 #bots
They older accounts using "twitter for ipad" to retweet.

#Turkey #wel
The bots are set to retweet some anti-#Soros tweets, stuff about #MBS ? and politics that I have no clue about.
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[Thread] ⚠️ Small warning about Bots/automated strategies on TradingView - even if you're not a developer some of you may be thinking of subscribing to someone's paid-for bot after seeing their apparently impressive results, you should read this first..

#bots #tradingview #ats
I've done fairly extensive research here: T.V.s backtester is a bit buggy making its backtest results questionable. These bugs can manifest in many spurious 'false positives' here's what I've found:
#1 Heikin-Ashi; this is a well known problem. HA candles can be useful in a bot's algo. But their Open & Close price is not the same as the *real* O & C and it's the HA values which T.V. uses to calculate profit & loss. It can be wildly wrong and produce runaway false positives.
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After the threads from @conspirator0 and @propornot re: @propornotapp (now suspended), decided to look for any interesting breadcrumbs they may have left behind. Wound up learning about #Nationalist parties of Bulgaria and a few other tidbits. #osint #bots #disinformation
First thing that turned up was this article from the site newsbeezer(.)com (site title: Bulgaria Evening News). As you can see in the screenshot, @PropOrNotApp is quoted discussing conditions during fires in neighboring Greece. Sure, why not?
What else is on this site? Well, they appear to be big fans of the National Front for the Salvation of Bulgaria, normally abbreviated to NFSB, though oddly they seem to alternate the abbreviation between NFFS and NPSB. Neither appear affiliated with another political party.
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I've been working on two big projects for several months, one is finally finished tonight. #QAnon network visualizations:…
#QAnon trends appear to be connected to Twitter rooms, high-volume accounts and a conservative political marketing firm called AppSame.

This is a user-to-user @gephi graph of 51,437 #QAnon tweets  from May 3 to May 11… #dataviz
I constantly find high-volume accounts in certain hashtags and they are present in #QAnon networks. These high-volume accounts are hubs in Twitter networks. Here’s what some of the high-volume hubs look like in 8 days of #QAnon tweets from May 3 to May 11…
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@JustinTrudeau Watch:
Nearly 1/3 of all RT's on this tweet are #Bots.
Go ahead - Look.
Nearly 1/3 of all positive comments regarding PMJT are #Fake accounts.
Click on them - Look.
#SocialEngineering is happening right in front of you. You are being manipulated.
@JustinTrudeau Wattch. A simple screenshot and then click on the supporters. You'll see that most are fake. #SocialEngineering
You are being #Manipulated
Let me demonstrate: 1. ➡
@JustinTrudeau Wattch. A simple screenshot and then click on the supporters. You'll see that most are fake. #SocialEngineering
You are being #Manipulated
Let me demonstrate: 2. ➡
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Remember when conservatives got the # trending to release the memo? Liberals were convinced that it was #Bots!

WE ARE NOT BOTS‼️ But they like to call us bots. They write software programs that identify real life people - conservatives- as bots to justify their censorship!
Conservatives! Listen up! Those apps that supposedly identify bots - they specifically target Trump supporters!

Don’t go around blocking & reporting your fellow conservatives based on the results of these stupid apps‼️

If you think an acct might be a bot, ask to phone them!
🙏🏻 There are apps like Telegram that allow for making a phone call without sharing your phone number or your email address.

Please don’t let these Resistance Liberals use you as a pawn in their mission to divide & silence conservatives‼️
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Let’s talk about the new #russianbot/#russianshill/#russiantroll/#altright darling, #walkaway for a bit, shall we, since clearly they’re pushing this as their new marketing campaign.

Now, it’s…#walkaway

(Christ, that’s a lot! They’re super gullible, enh? Heh)
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With the american midterms fast approaching I think it's important to point out twitter still has a political #bot problem.

Checking the #Elecciones2018 hashtag alone you can find a lot of bot accounts.
i'm going to just highlight what a few of them look like, these are just the ones using @TweetDeck to run fully automated accounts.
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I thought I would give a go at a nice little tweet thread today, sharing my key takeaways from #DWX18.
Monday started off with workshops from some amazing teachers like Dion Hinchcliffe, Tony Byrne, Rita Zonius, and Edward Taylor and Kevin Olp of @DWG. #DWX18 #KeyTakeaways
.@RitaZonius coached her attendees not focus on adoption. Build value and adoption will follow. This got me thinking that maybe we should rethink how we use that label in our efforts. #DWX18 #KeyTakeaways
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Thread zum Thema #AfD Trollfabrik:

Ich habe 10 der mir bekanntesten #noAfD-Accounts und deren Supporter etwas genauer angeschaut. Da ich so ziemlich bei allen gesperrt bin, hat mir mein Nachbar @AndiLutz80 dabei etwas geholfen.
Mein Hauptaugenmerk lag darauf, welchen Accounts die zehn Kandidaten folgen. Eines fiel mir sofort auf: @MalteKaufmann #MalteKaufmann (MK) folgt dreimal so vielen Accounts, wie die anderen neun zusammen das tun. Muß erst mal nichts heißen?!
AfD Ofizielle/Supporter - Anzahl der Accounts denen sie folgen

@MalteKaufmann 9400
@Beatrix_vStorch 710
@JensMaierAfD 540
@Alice_Weidel 520
@Joerg_Meuthen 500
@SteinbachErika 320
@KrahMax 300
@BjoernHoecke 160
@Uwe_Junge_MdL 150
@Steinhoefel 145
@PoggenburgAndre 80
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let's go on a #bothunt
You can still find most of these #russian #bots yourself.
And they did retweet during the #UK general election for Labour leader #JeremyCorbyn…
some clues are the date ranges provided and the account types
1st thing we do is check @jeremycorbyn's timeline. He only has 9k tweets so we should be able to get the tweet IDs for that date range(may-june 2017)
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After 70 years of imperial/neoliberal indoctrination the web of lies is so obviously absurde (9/11, Skripal, WH = ISIS, etc.), that it is dissoluting. The empathetic humanity connects, closes ranks and sends their eternal psychopathic rulers and their lackeys into nowhere land.
The "evil empire" is a lifelong three year old child. I certainly loved my children at that age too, however only because they created not only a surreal mess, but also made steady progress.

A great documentary about psychopathy and society:
The elite invented "democracy" to protect them from the empathetic people. The media are their means for misleading the people sedated by "democracy". This is definitely a bad thing since the people have become educated and the elite almost totally insane.
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Why would the chinese government or the russians be running twitter bot networks that retweet Turkish President Erdogan?
#bots #Turkey #Erdogan #Elections2018 #TurkeyElections #TurkishElections2018
i noticed #Lavrov was a trending hashtag of at the on the dashboard, and figured it would be interesting to check out. I usually don't find many bots doing this, but this time I did
I ran across these 30+ accounts all created on the same day, all with the same status, friends, followers, and favorites totals.
When you are scrolling through twitter data on a spreadsheet this never happened unless you have found some bots.
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