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THREAD: I hope JC has a plan.

What if BJ purposefully lost his majority not to trigger a GE, but so that centrist parliment could take over proceedings entirely by holding a 2nd ref with Mays BRINO vs remain, bypassing a Labour gov holding it with their deal on the ballot?! 1/
BJ voted for May's iron maiden stitch up. He's made himself a sidelined, blameless figure by simply not being able to command a majority in the House. 17.4m frustrated voters just willing an end to groundhog day & the only man directly tasked with doin it cant get the numbers. 2/
The rabbit hole is deep. This is a coup. A remain coup by the capitalist establishment. & Johnson is in on it. & the Queen is. She knew he did not command a majority, the monarch is supposed to appoint someone who can. Not just appoint whoever is leader of the largest party. 3/
Johnson let the weird Kinnock amendment that brings back May's deal pass unopposed. Thru the back door, this 3 times defeated abomination, the antithesis of what leavers want has found a way to take centre stage again. Via a Labour 5th columnist.
Kinnock has been vocal in opposing PV, but me thinks the duplicitous lady doth protest too much. By leading a cross party effort to reach a consensus for a deal & then sneaking May's BRINO onto the table, he can feign opposition to PV but know that an amendment would be added. 5/
If we accept the Tory party is the public face of the oligarchies that run things, do we really believe their corporate overlords would allow a sudden 180 from supportin remain & concocting a remainier-than-remain trap of a deal to suddenly go balls to the wall WTO? No chance. 6/
Mays job was to sneak a fake leave thru, JC stopped her. BJs job is to absolve the Tory party of blame (somehow, after being in gov the entire time brexit hasn't happened). The 5th columns agitation for PV comes full circle, while removin Corbyns brexit plan from the equation. 7/
With the added bonus of blaming JC for it happening at all! The establishment has had 1 plan all along, to pin PV on Labour, & not even letting Labour's deal be on that ballot. Checkmate?
Vs that deal, Labour would have to campaign for remain! 8/
It all feels supremely orchestrated. As soon as parl closed, the narratives started to coalesce. Blair came out insistin a ref comes b4 a GE. Watson comes out of hiding to insist the same, & if its vs Mays 3-times defeated debacle, Lab would have no choice but to back remain. 9/
Recently Corbyn has been saying there should be 'a public vote or an election' instead of 'an election'. He told Johnson to put no-deal on a 2nd ballot. But BJs plan was much more contrived - allow his opponents to hold a 2nd ballot, but with the fakery of May's deal instead. 10/
JC would probably rather see no-deal put to a vote, even tho he'd be forced politically to campaign against it. But there is a goliath puppeteer that plotted from day 1 to block the will of the people. Orwellian control so brazen they wouldn't even countenance a soft leave. 11/
A 4D chess game to protect the status quo, w/ BJ the agent provocateur fake brexiteer in on it from the start? If this works, Corbyn has two options.. Take ownership of the poisoned chalice, back remain & be a willing participant in the disenfranchisement of 17.4m ppl... 12/
... or have this be his OK Corral. He'd have to oppose a cross party amendment for PV, after having called for one repeatedly & whipping for it 3 times. With BJ purposefully losing control of the Tory party, its very possible it could get a majority. 13/
That's about the worst possible outcome. Despite Corbyn having acted responsibly from his cornered position.. Opposing a blindfold brexit, proposing a managable soft exit, building towards a democratic conclusion that somewhat respected the ref. 14/
This explains why that Tory/Brexit Party pact will never happen. Because the danger is they could actually win, and then the Tories, face of the oligarchies, would really have nowhere left to run in their desperation to block brexit. 15/
& the really sick thing is, cancelling brexit this way gets Farage off the hook. He'll be held as a frustrated hero & never get to a position of governance to be given the opportunity to disappoint all those brexit ultras who saw this disaster capitalist as the answer. 16/
The Tories can't even allow a GE with a pact they're likely to win cos it would mean they'd have to actually follow thru on brexit. And every sinue has strained to make sure it doesn't happen. While blaming the opposition. 17/
What a horrible irony that Corbyn, life long EU critic, true socialist & man of integrity, may have been out maneuvered by the sheer force & depth of the capitalist establishment that manipulates our system with such omnipotence. 18/
If he never had a chance of dictating the outcome, due to simply being outnumbered on all sides, then his only remaining option is to own the fall out and pick up the pieces. The Tories truly have put party before country, by imploding both but managing the blast. 19/
Perhaps the only way left to avoid this utterly horrendous conclusion would be for the Queens speech to be voted down & hold a VoNC, so Labour could get to put its deal to the public instead. The last a QS was votes down was in 1923, so there is precedent. Fingers crossed. 20/
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