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2/ Why did the United States of America🇺🇸 fail so spectacularly?

The Death Toll Says It All
by me for @TheAtlantic last December:… Image
3/ The American healthcare system is designed for profit-making, not to care for patients & to help them stay & get healthy.

The point is to monetize every box, circle, arrow, & line in the flow chart: Image
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I have had ENOUGH. And i know you probably have too.

Yes, I am talking about the repeat trauma in Chicago yesterday, on a day that was supposed to celebrate the joy of living in this great nation. 1/N
Each death was a preventable casualty, if only WE had acted a little bit swifter. A little bit sooner.

Adninistration will only ever have data on deaths. Deaths and open wounds, the number treated for the wounds that bleed openly?
But what about the unseen wounds? The wounds in babes too small to express their grief in words? The wounded hearts of all the people left destroyed and heartbroken with the TRAGIC. UNNESCESSARY loss of their loved ones?
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American exceptionalism
The United States comprises 4% of the world's population
✓ 16% of the world's Covid confirmed deaths
✓ 40% of world's guns
✓ Only industrialized nation in the world with states making abortion illegal
Confirmed Covid deaths, as of today
US 1,004,121
World 6,284,446
"The United States has 46 percent of the world’s civilian-owned guns "…
That was as of 2018, and has increased since then
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A bullet went thru my living room. A 🧵 about gun violence
The intelligent and badass @MarieCWalters matched into a competitive EM residency in a big Midwest city. I’m still working from home doing ped surg research so I was excited to move with her to this new town. We like living close to work, for us that means
We usually live near academic hospitals. Multiple people warned us about this neighborhood but we’ve lived in similar areas without issue. Found a recently flipped house 5 min from her main hospital of work. Fast forward to last week. We pick up the girls from daycare and
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1/ There are no excuses for gun violence, an autobiographical essay (#GunControl)

I grew up with guns. By the time I was twelve I owned two rifles. Every time my father took me shooting he would ask, “are you excited?”

I would feign a “Yes!”
2/ We would drive out to nearby farms and hunt pheasant and guinea fowl. But the thought of taking a life — even a bird’s — was nauseating to me. I would miss, sometimes by mistake, sometimes on purpose.
3/ My father was an avid fisherman and hunter. Although he only shot birds, he was drafted into the army where he learned to shoot from white men. He took lives and watched lives being taken. Most of his memories from the war were erased by trauma.
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Good afternoon and good evening…thank you all for joining us for this portion of the 2020 @SOAPHQ virtual annual meeting

What's new in #OBAnes - A comprehensive review of the most relevant articles published in 2019

#MedThread #Tweetorial #Ostheimer #SOAPAM2020
#Halifax would have been amazing - @ruthi_landau and I worked incredibly hard with our amazing management team to bring you an innovative agenda and in many ways we reimagined the way @SOAPHQ delivers an annual meeting #MedThread #Tweetorial #OBAnes #Ostheimer
Most of us have never lived through something like #COVID19 - As we embrace the new normal, remind ourselves of strategies to address our own wellness as physician leaders on the frontline - let's continue to look out for one another! #MedThread #Tweetorial #OBAnes #Ostheimer
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1. I have a couple of thoughts about this. The classification of "culturally appropriateness" in terms of attire, holding alcohol, and #MedBikini shows a single world-view can skew results and demonstrates the importance of diversity.
2. My main issue is the classification of physicians commenting on political and social issues as unprofessional. I disagree. It is exactly because physicians have remained silent for so long on topics such as abortion and gun control, that we are in this political battle
3. Our silence has created the space for non-science to occupy and drive the conversation. Our silence is the reason why a legislator in Ohio could bring forth a bill where an #obgyn would be liable for not re-implanting an ectopic gestation and could be prosecuted for murder.
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#GeorgeFloyd died from trauma. He died from blunt trauma as a result of police brutality. He died from the lethal restraint practices of police which have no oversight.
We proclaimed #ThisisOurLane when it came to gun violence.

We implemented @StopTheBleedACS to save lives affected by gun violence.
What injury prevention strategies are we going to advocate for because #BlackLivesMatter?

@Me4Trauma @EAST_TRAUMA @ACSTrauma
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TY @meganranney for promoting a public health approach to the epidemic of #gunviolence.

Dr. Ranney's @TEDxProvidence talk is a must watch!

Please donate @ResearchAffirm

Thread for those who may be uncertain about this approach.
I am a Colombian physician who served in guerrilla territory in the early 90s at the peak of the drug wars in my country. I had to perform autopsies on countless human bodies destroyed by military-style riffles. I still have nightmares.

I learn to distinguish the sound made by each of the guns used by the Colombian army and the guerrilla fighters while I tried to sleep at night using my bed as a barricade, because the windows of my bedroom were dangerously low.

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We desperately need #GunReform laws in the U.S. #MassacreMitch has an A+ rating by the NRA, & has taken $ MILLIONS, ensuring no gun laws pass.

R’s are handmaidens to the gun lobby, ensuring thousands die yearly, so long as they get #NRABloodMoney.…
Now #MassacreMitch has stated he will only allow a Senate vote on #GunReform laws IF #VeryStableGenius is guaranteed to sign it. He wants to be absolved of any responsibility.



These deaths are on his hands though. He requests to be known as the Grim Reaper on passing legislation. He certainly lives up to the name.

The NRA is in Republicans’ pocketbooks as well as ears, telling them how to spread fear & lies about guns to the public.

We know better.
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#MedTwitter has been discussing “Take Two Aspirin + Call Me By My Pronouns,” an op-ed claiming social justice is taking time from sci ed + decreasing the quality of #MedEd.

So here’s my take:
“Take Two Aspirin + Read a Curriculum”

#MedTwitter #SoMeDocs #DoubleDocs
As always, I start threads with my POV: #LatinasInMedicine #DoubleDocs student in year 2 of #medschool. I have interests in both #MedEd + #HealthJustice. I am about to finish my term as diversity rep on our med student govt. I care a lot about advocacy.
Let’s take a moment to learn about the author: Stanley Goldfarb is a nephrologist, *former* assoc dean of curriculum at UPenn Med. He graduated from med school in 1969. Ffolks who studied at UPenn have brought up negative experiences with Dr. Goldfarb.
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@neiltyson 1. The medical errors number is wrong. It’s based on grossly extrapolated data with no autopsy confirmation and assumes that if someone died after surgery it was due to the surgery and not to the underlying disease the surgery was for. 2. Mass shootings are homicides.
@neiltyson 3. @neiltyson do you really want to use comparative data to effectively minimize the human reaction to the horror of a mass fatality incident? All of these deaths are preventable and we should be working on all of them. #NotOneMore
@neiltyson 4. We have public health measures & evidence based legislation in place to address flu deaths, medical errors, MVAs, even suicide. Why don’t we have it in place to address gun violence? @ResearchAffirm #ThisIsOurLane
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What is Palliative vs Hospice?

Pal Care & Hospice clinicians helps patients who have life limiting diagnosis - end stage heart, lung, kidney, liver failure, metastatic cancer or progressive Neuro dz like dementia, Parkinson’s, MS, ALS or severe strokes.
2/ the difference between Palliative & Hospice is that the patients still under Pal Care are in a disease modifying stage of their illness - meaning the train has left the building but we can still intervene to change the path their dz takes
3/ Hospice patients underlying life limiting disease EITHER has NO more disease modifying treatment available OR they elect NOT to pursue further treatment. That doesn’t mean we don’t still treat other correctable reversible issues - we still give abc, fluids, pain meds, oxygen.
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"He was just not who I would have typically thought about as homeless..." Important paper re: screening for housing status in VA by @manikchhabra in @JournalGIM. VA is leader in screening for housing in health settings--in study HCP split on role (who should do it & why) 1/X
But: 1) note how standard screening challenges their preconceived (& often inaccurate) view on who is homeless 2) changes clinical practice. Agree w all--and FWIW, fully believe (to borrow phrase) #thisisourlane. There is no medicine as powerful as housing. We have to ask! 2/X
Glad @SIREN_UCSF starting to do work on patient's view. I screen all patients & find many who no one else knows (bc "don't look homeless") & knowing changes how we understand & treat pt. I do shared decision-making w pt re: coding in #EHR bc of stigma re homelessness. 3/X
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So to be clear, the shock, grief, and anger arising from preventable gun death and injury should absolutely inspire public office holders to want to act. But the medical and social science evidence supporting common sense gun laws is overwhelming and irrefutable. #cdnpoli (1)
For example, the following is a list of 19 references for @najmadoc's presentation to the @SenateCA Standing Committee on National Security and Defence re: Bill C-71 on February 18. (2)
- Bauchner H, Rivara R, Bonow R, Death by Gun Violence – A Public Health Crisis, JAMA 2019
- Naghavi M and the Global Burden of Disease 2016 Injury Collaboration, Global Mortality from Firearms JAMA Surgery 2018
- StatsCan, 2018 -… (3)
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Gun violence in the US remains a public health crisis yet relatively small, and broadly popular, legislative changes could make a real difference.

Why #ThisIsOurLane.

Today’s @Health_Affairs blog from @KBFischer and colleagues.…
And here’s my @lancet letter from last year on the same issue making some similar points. #ThisIsOurLane…
And finally, there was a much more emotive accompanying @lancet US blog which seems to no longer exist, @BekRx? Has Lancet United States of Health Blog series been removed?
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I'm a Pediatric ICU doctor. I take care of kids & adolescents who attempt suicide.

The biggest predictor of whether my patients live or die lies in the method used and firearms are by far the deadliest means of suicide – greater than all other means combined.
Should we try to prevent suicide though? Aren’t they just going to find a way no matter what?
Actually, no – they don’t find another way,
90% of people who survive a suicide attempt don’t go on to die by suicide. They go on to live their lives.
Means matter.
But aren’t those who use a firearm in a suicide attempt really intent on dying?
Actually, no.
Young people who use firearms do so impulsively.
They are less depressed, less likely to have a mental health hx, less likely to have planned the attempt than those who use other means
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Please read the @ACPinternists paper on firearms & health that led to the @NRA’s demands that we stay in our lane. Nothing radical in it, just reasonable proposals to stem gun violence…. As the paper’s co-author, let me summarize. #ThisIsOurLane
1. All of our recommendations are supported by a comprehensive review of research on the causes of gun violence, & policies that could reduce it. Where the evidence is limited, we said so.
2. All of our recommendations are consistent with 2A rights, including the Supreme Court decision in Heller. 3. All of our recommendations were reviewed and approved by ACP physician-members who serve on our health policy committee, several of whom are gun owners.
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