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I completed medical school 4 years ago. So I would like to discuss how learning cultural competency and advocating for social justice are VERY relevant to my career. And I'm a dermatologist and aspiring physician scientist. THREAD #medtwitter #MedEd
First, this article erroneously assumes we no longer get basic science training. I assure you, we received plenty of basic science classes. I did have to memorize the Krebs cycle, after all. Learning cultural competency and advocacy did not replace basic science. #meded
1) Climate change is very relevant to healthcare. In #dermatology, endemic illnesses have expanded their geographic areas as the climate has changed. See @MishaRosenbach et al:
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@neiltyson 1. The medical errors number is wrong. It’s based on grossly extrapolated data with no autopsy confirmation and assumes that if someone died after surgery it was due to the surgery and not to the underlying disease the surgery was for. 2. Mass shootings are homicides.
@neiltyson 3. @neiltyson do you really want to use comparative data to effectively minimize the human reaction to the horror of a mass fatality incident? All of these deaths are preventable and we should be working on all of them. #NotOneMore
@neiltyson 4. We have public health measures & evidence based legislation in place to address flu deaths, medical errors, MVAs, even suicide. Why don’t we have it in place to address gun violence? @ResearchAffirm #ThisIsOurLane
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I've been hearing a lot of resignation in people's voices and tweets, in the face of the latest tragedy at #PowaySynagogueShooting. People are giving up hope that we can ever bend the curve on our #gunviolence epidemic.

--This thread is dedicated to destroying that despair.—
6 years ago, we watched those babies walk out of #SandyHook - & were torn apart, as a nation, by the memory of those who didn't make it.

Many of us had been told that we "couldn't" talk about guns.

But after Sandy Hook, many of us said "no more; we will not be silent."
A few bravely started talking and writing about why #gunviolence was a #publichealth issue. Those few, turned into a wave. The groundwork was slowly laid.
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What is Palliative vs Hospice?

Pal Care & Hospice clinicians helps patients who have life limiting diagnosis - end stage heart, lung, kidney, liver failure, metastatic cancer or progressive Neuro dz like dementia, Parkinson’s, MS, ALS or severe strokes.
2/ the difference between Palliative & Hospice is that the patients still under Pal Care are in a disease modifying stage of their illness - meaning the train has left the building but we can still intervene to change the path their dz takes
3/ Hospice patients underlying life limiting disease EITHER has NO more disease modifying treatment available OR they elect NOT to pursue further treatment. That doesn’t mean we don’t still treat other correctable reversible issues - we still give abc, fluids, pain meds, oxygen.
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So to be clear, the shock, grief, and anger arising from preventable gun death and injury should absolutely inspire public office holders to want to act. But the medical and social science evidence supporting common sense gun laws is overwhelming and irrefutable. #cdnpoli (1)
For example, the following is a list of 19 references for @najmadoc's presentation to the @SenateCA Standing Committee on National Security and Defence re: Bill C-71 on February 18. (2)
- Bauchner H, Rivara R, Bonow R, Death by Gun Violence – A Public Health Crisis, JAMA 2019
- Naghavi M and the Global Burden of Disease 2016 Injury Collaboration, Global Mortality from Firearms JAMA Surgery 2018
- StatsCan, 2018 -… (3)
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I'm a Pediatric ICU doctor. I take care of kids & adolescents who attempt suicide.

The biggest predictor of whether my patients live or die lies in the method used and firearms are by far the deadliest means of suicide – greater than all other means combined.
Should we try to prevent suicide though? Aren’t they just going to find a way no matter what?
Actually, no – they don’t find another way,
90% of people who survive a suicide attempt don’t go on to die by suicide. They go on to live their lives.
Means matter.
But aren’t those who use a firearm in a suicide attempt really intent on dying?
Actually, no.
Young people who use firearms do so impulsively.
They are less depressed, less likely to have a mental health hx, less likely to have planned the attempt than those who use other means
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One week ago, #thisisourlane exploded on Twitter. At the request of may, here's a tweetatorial to address some of the most common questions and answers about the epidemic of #gunviolence - why it matters to docs - and what we can do about it:
***Q1: What are the patterns of #gunviolence injury and death in the US? ***

A: 100 people die and 200 are injured each day across the US. Most deaths (~2/3) are suicide; these are mostly white middle-aged men from rural areas.
Approximately 30% are homicides: mostly young minority men from inner cities. The rest are accidental and mass shootings.

#DomesticViolence deaths from firearm injury are estimated at ~50/month.

And firearm injury is the 2nd leading cause of death for American youth.
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Please read the @ACPinternists paper on firearms & health that led to the @NRA’s demands that we stay in our lane. Nothing radical in it, just reasonable proposals to stem gun violence…. As the paper’s co-author, let me summarize. #ThisIsOurLane
1. All of our recommendations are supported by a comprehensive review of research on the causes of gun violence, & policies that could reduce it. Where the evidence is limited, we said so.
2. All of our recommendations are consistent with 2A rights, including the Supreme Court decision in Heller. 3. All of our recommendations were reviewed and approved by ACP physician-members who serve on our health policy committee, several of whom are gun owners.
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