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Missed the live debate tonight. Watching the CPAC replay now.
Initial thought: is it's kind of ironic that Trudeau has to defend JWR's flawed medical assisted dying bill.
Why is it so hard for Scheer to just state clearly his position on abortion and women's rights? This constant prevaricating is not helping his cause at all.
Maybe they need to ask Scheer in a different way,

"Mr Scheer. Given your extensive time as a credited and licensed insurance broker, how do you feel about women's rights and marriage between all peoples?"
Bill 21 in Quebec should be fought. If the courts uphold it I hope that our federal gov't would act.

It's clearly against the charter. I dislike how apparently popular it is in Quebec.
I would like to see Trudeau be a bit stronger here on the issue personally.

However Trudeau's position is still stronger than Singh or Scheer's.
This back and forth between Scheer and Singh on their mutual love of the French language is very boring.
Last night on CBC Scheer claimed to be a champion of freedom to which Rosemary Barton proclaimed "You say you are a champion of freedom but you refuse to act."

Tonight Scheer says the same exact thing. Champion of freedom but we won't intervene.
Good point by Trudeau. Separatists always want to fight and divide people. They want to pick a fight with Ottawa. It's not productive and it's not what we need, for Quebec or Canada.
Oh this stupid single tax return promise by CPC. 🙄
What a shock. Scheer doesn't believe in scientific tests for cannabis consumption.
As usual Scheer makes up some nonsense about Trudeau legalizing all drugs. Then Scheer goes on a tirade to stop legalized injection sites. Apparently he doesn't know there's a drug crisis.
Quebec separatist guy wants more transfers from Ottawa. He does not burst into flames of irony.
Did I hear that right? Singh says Quebec was leading the way with free pharmacare and dental care but it was too expensive but somehow the NDP plan will be cheaper?
Scheer once again relies on that Frasier Institute "study" to claim Trudeau has increased taxes on everyone. Le sigh.
To interject my own factoid here: Scheer does have a $16B gap between what he has promised and his balanced budget promise. He will have to cut something to meet that target.
Scheer claims Quebec aluminum exports will reverse climate change if enough of it is able displace world aluminum.

I'd make a tin foil hat reference here but I digress.
Scheer once again claims carbon taxes don't work. This was debunked today by pretty much every major news outlet.

He's hoping his base just thinks the news is all lying to them or simply doesn't care.
LOL. "Scheer believes the holy spirit will intervene and stop climate change"
Quebec is still using oil. Canada is still using oil. We simply can't give up oil use in a month or two. Anyone who claims we don't need a transition period is being disingenuous. Even the GPC has a significant transition period in their platform.
Don't get me going about the GPC platform again though....
Singh talks about his party's Quebec veto position again. Nothing can be imposed on the Quebec nation.

That seems to include standing up for the Charter rights based on Singh's stance on bill 21.
Scheer says carbon tax is imposed on workers but not on industry. Conveniently ignores the carbon rebate only goes to workers and not industry.
Scheer, on a question of the environment and climate change, declares the F150 to be the most popular vehicle and he's already made his choice that he prefers oil and gas.

The man has nothing to add to any climate discussion at all.
Trudeau talks about the need to cooperate with international organizations to properly tax and regulate multinational corps.

(True... tricky but true)
So far the actual concrete details from anyone has come from Trudeau and Blanchet. Others are all talking in generalities.
Everyone seems to agree on the need for some sort of digital charter.

(Sadly people don't seem to be afraid of losing privacy. So long as Google offers them a voice assistant they don't really care)
Oh here we go... Scheer is attacking StatsCan for invading people's privacy. Maybe they'll try to scrap the long form census again.
Okay that's what Trudeau just said. Great minds think alike.
Singh argues that we should be protecting corporations like Bombardier (as opposed to Siemens).

(Where was this conviction when trying to protect SNC?)
Also didn't the NDP make a huge outcry about that Bombadier support package?
Scheer is asked what he's going to cut to meet balance. He says he's going to cut foreign aid to rich countries (debunked) and handouts to corps (debunked).
Trudeau tries to explain debt-to-GDP. He speaks of investments to stimulate the economy, create jobs, help people out of poverty, and by doing so increase the revenues.
Scheer relies on that Frasier Institute nonsense again about increased taxes... *sigh*
Election challenge:
Pick a claim by Scheer. Any claim will do. Research it yourself. If you find it to be true feel free to vote for CPC. If you find it false don't vote for CPC.
Blanchet talks about not subsidizing oil as opposed to cutting services. Singh agrees.

BTW Andrew Leach has calculated those subsidies to be around $350M and they come from AB and BC, not the feds.
No we are NOT opening the constitution. Please. Just stop with this nonsense.

Quebec is treated very well and we are very happy to have them in Canada.
Blanchet is arguing Quebec should be exempted from Canada wide concepts, like the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. 🙄
Singh promises to open the constitution to reintegrate a Quebec into the constitution.

So let me get this right. Singh won't fight the secularism law but he's willing to open the constitution?
Apparently Scheer is very concerned Quebec is overtaxed and they need more money in their pockets. Hope Alberta doesn't hear about this... they won't be happy with Mr. Scheer.
It's apparently very frustrating to fill in two tax returns. Singh would really like to reduce this frustration but he's worried about job losses if he makes the system more efficient.

I'm just looking for the fast forward button.
Singh claims that if SNC goes under the jobs will still remain in Canada and Quebec. That's a highly suspect claim. Many of their tasks are highly specialized and international. It is more likely many of the jobs will shift to foreign corporations.
Singh doubles down on re-negotiation of NAFTA.
Blanchet suggests Trudeau failed on getting SNC a DPA on purpose.
Scheer claims that SNC never spoke about job loses. This is false. It has been verified by SNC themselves and numerous news articles.
Singh says Trudeau tries to please Mr. Trump. Scheer agrees.

This is the Trump that called Trudeau a liar and weak, right? That's the guy that's supposed to be pleased with Trudeau?
Scheer seems to be hoping that everyone forgets he wanted to capitulate to Trump on NAFTA. "Do anything to keep the deal. It's so important." Harper went to the US with the same message.
Also many unions were extremely happy, especially auto, with the changes in the new NAFTA.
Conclusions are up...
Singh claims 4 years of broken promises. Apparently he hasn't read Mr. Aaron Wherry's book.
Scheer promises lots of tax cuts. He seems to refrain from lying for a minute. It's quite the accomplishment for him.
I can't really bring myself to care about Blanchet. Sorry. I just don't like separatist parties.
Trudeau talks about climate change. Seniors. Culture. Choice between party who wants to move forward or one that doesn't share our values.
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