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Was #Jesus #based on #Zarathustra (aka #Zoroaster) the #Prophet?
Um, #NO, and here is why:
Zarathustra (Known in the west as Zoroaster) was a Persian prophet who lived around 1000 BC. The exact date of his life is unknown, with some believing that he lived anywhere from 1500-600 BC. He went on to found Zoroastrianism, one of the first monotheistic faiths (challenging
Pharaoh Akhenaten for the status of the first founder of monotheism (though Zoroaster’s teaching actually entail dualism, belief in two gods. He only worshipped one of them, Ahura Mazda). The Avesta, the Zoroastrian Bible, was compiled in the 4rth century AD. This book contains
several ancient texts, one of which, the Gathas, was probably written by Zoroaster himself. However, the oldest existent copies of the Avesta date to the 13th century AD, and there is evidence that Zoroastrians were borrowing from other religions in order to keep their fellow
faithful from following other religions.
Such as Christianity.
And once again…how old are the oldest copies of the Avesta we have?
13 century.
o if we find anything that’s strikingly similar to Christianity, we may have to conclude the opposite; that Zoroastrianism borrowed from Christianity!
But was there any borrowing at all?
Was there any similarities?
Let’s have a look, shall we?
Virgin birth?
There are varying accounts of how Zoroaster’s birth came about.
One entails that a ray of light entered the bosom of Zoroaster’s mother, while his father ate a plant that had an angel within it. These events happened at the same time. After they got married, the
ray of light and the angel JOINED (repeat: JOINED) and…Zoroaster was conceived.
Remember, this was AFTER Zoroaster’s parents were married.
What happens after two people get married?
And what happens on a wedding night?
Hubby and wifey join.
Sounds less like a virgin birth and more like magic sex.
These elements are later found in the Dinkard, another Zoroastrian text. In it, Zoroaster’s mother is indeed a virgin, who drinks a sacred homa drink and thus conceives (though a ray of light is also
noted in this tale). Sounds like a bonafide virgin birth in this version, and indeed it is…but the Denkard (this time spelled right) was written in the 9th century AD!
Not BC.
As in, the Dark Ages?
And remember what I said about later borrowing from other faiths?
Indeed, in the Gathas themselves, Zoroaster describes himself as the son of Pourusaspa (a noble) and his wife Dughdova. True, the Gathas are norotiously difficult to understand (written in ancient times in an
unknown dialect), but we know enough to find such tidbits of info about Zoroaster himself, among other things.
Indeed, contrary to the virgin birth tales, he actually had two older siblings.
I wonder how they were conceived…
So this undercuts the idea that his virgin birth tale was the basis for that of Christ’s, especially considering that the borrowing (If any. Remember mean old Mr. Coincidence…) was vice versa.
Baptized in a river?
No, Zoroaster had a revelation at a river.
Tempted by a devil in
the wilderness?
He was tempted by a demon named Buiti (not the evil god who ruled over them all, Angra Mainyu), but the temptation has many, many differences from that of the Biblical tale, and there is no evidence that it occurred in the wilderness.
Started his ministry at age 30? Oh, this is true…in Zoroastrian texts that date to the...Dark Ages.
Once again...
Crucified, died, resurrected and ascended into heaven?
No, he wasn’t crucified. Indeed, Zoroaster would have lived before crucifixion would have been invented. According to tradition, he was murdered while at prayer, not officially executed by a government. Some sources state he
simply passed away. In one source, it says that after a long life he went up into heaven, but it states that this happened “after a long life”, i.e. meaning that after that life was over, he went up into heaven. Even if it meant that he was still alive when he ascended into
Heaven, this would be more of a parallel to Elijah’s ascent into Heaven (2 Kings 2:11) rather than Christ’s.
I could go on, but…why should I?
After all, all evidence of Christianity’s supposed borrowing from Zoroastrianism comes from Zoroastrian texts that post-date Christ.
Scholars of Zoroastrianism have noted that the faith incorporated certain motifs, possibly as a way to keep Zoroastrians from converting to other faiths. Indeed, historians note that legendary accounts, such as those surrounding Zoroaster’s conception and birth, were later
additions to his tale.
Given this…can we seriously conclude that Jesus was a mythic figure, based on Zarathustra/Zoroaster?
They are both historical figures. They both existed (what a parallel, sigh), but we have FAR more evidence for the existence of Christ than Zoroaster.
Zoroaster is a dead prophet of another faith.
Jesus is the Living Savior of the True Faith.
“The Case for the Real Jesus” by Lee Strobel, page 182
“The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Mythology” by Arthur Cotterell and Rachel Storm, pages 334-335
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