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"We a hyper-dynamic, interdependent and incomprehensible web of agents. [R]elevance is not just provided by the immediate surrounding. It is shaped by all the potential environments you can imagine and everyone else can imagine." -- Idea Monkey…
Vertical thinking broke the bottleneck in powering high-performance computers…
#VerticalThinking, #ComputingPower, #ProcessingEfficiency
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@thegrugq Your video promotes two #UrbanLegends at the 18:09 mark. I'll begin with the latter: that Ukrainian artillerymen are KIA over an infected phone app.

@CrowdStrike created this #myth in a hysterical report they were compelled to "update" in March 2017:…
@thegrugq @CrowdStrike Ukraine's ministry of defense refuted CrowdStrike's "deadly" claims. An alleged source claims CrowdStrike made errors.

Regardless how plausible you think it is, there exists NO evidence of soldiers dying over the use of malware-laden phone apps.…
@thegrugq @CrowdStrike You've fallen for one of many #UrbanLegends where no evidence exists.

Now comes the hard part.

Will you face up to getting duped?

Or will you rationalize it, perhaps by saying it will convince soldiers not to use potentially malware-laden phone apps on the battlefield?
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#MythologyMonday - Hermes🧚‍♂️📨💪

(1/8) One of the twelve Olympians and the herald of the gods, Hermes also played the role of protector of human heralds, travellers, thieves and merchants.

#Classics #ClassicsTwitter #Hermes #Greek #Myth #Gods
(2/8) In Greek mythology, Hermes was the son of Zeus and Maia. In reality, he appears to have emerged in Mycenaean Greece in the Late Bronze Age. His name first appears in Linear B syllabic script as "hermāhās", and he may have been adopted from Mesopotamia.
(3/8) Beyond his role as messenger, Hermes was also able to freely move between the realms of mortals and the divine. As such, he also played the role of psychopomp, or "soul guide", directing the souls of the dead into Hades.
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Ancient Deity of the Week - Hermes 🧚📨💪

(1/8) One of the twelve Olympians and the herald of the gods, Hermes also played the role of protector of human heralds, travellers, thieves and merchants.

#Classics #Hermes #Greek #Myth #Gods #Religion
(2/8) In Greek mythology, Hermes was the son of Zeus and Maia. In reality, he appears to have emerged in Mycenaean Greece in the Late Bronze Age. His name first appears in Linear B syllabic script as "hermāhās", and he may have been adopted from Mesopotamia.
(3/8) Beyond his role as messenger, Hermes was also able to freely move between the realms of mortals and the divine. As such, he also played the role of psychopomp, or "soul guide", directing the souls of the dead into Hades.
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Ancient Site of the Week - The Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion 🏛️🔱

(1/5) Located at Cape Sounion on the Attic peninsula, the ancient Greek Temple of Poseidon presides over a commanding view of the Aegean sea.

#Classics #AncientGreece #Archaeology #Athens Image
(2/5) Originally, an Archaic-period temple sat on the site. Made of tufa, it was destroyed c. 480 BCE during the #Persian invasion of Greece. Despite being destroyed, the Athenians placed a captured Persian trireme on its ruins following the allied Greek victory in 479 BCE. ImageImage
(3/5) Today, the surviving temple was constructed between 444 - 440 BCE, and serves as one of the major monuments of the Athenian golden age. Later described by Strabo as a "noteworthy settlement", it remained a significant cult centre into the #Roman imperial period. ImageImage
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A thread on #myth and #trumpism.

In this video, once-significant actor and now-apologist for fascism Jon Voight claims that "the Left" is burning down and destroying American cities. 1/19
Trumpists make this charge regularly, i.e., that “the Left” (or some variant thereof) is “burning down” American cities. I live in one of the cities often targeted by these claims, Philadelphia. It isn’t burning down. 2/19
In fact, in my neighborhood, when the race was called for Biden, my wife and I joined others in a hippie-dippy (socially-distanced) celebration in the street where people played Elton John's "Philadelphia Freedom". Behold, the horrors of the "radical left". 3/19
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Remember when CNN used to report?
They are quite organized. Watch some stream footage. There are about 100+ plus days material out there by multiple streamers.
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Debunking #Myths Associated with Rabindranath #Tagore
with @rebelhealth1
1/n #Myth 1: Rabindranath wrote the Indian national anthem in praise of King George V.
Firstly, the national anthems of both India and Bangladesh were selected after his death.Secondly anyone who has Image
2/n bothered to read the original poem "Bharata Bhagyo Bidhata"(2 out of the 5 stanzas were adopted as India's national anthem), would know he has clearly referred to Bharat or India as mother.Surely a king can't be a "mother".It is ridiculous that this myth is still perpetuated
3/n @soutikBBC debunked this myth properly….
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The #deficit #myth #deficitmyth by @StephanieKelton #MMT modern monetary theory
Myth N. 1: The #state should budget like a #household
#RealityCheck : unlike a household, a #SovereignNation, which owns its national #centralbank, issues the #currency it spends
Myth N. 2: #deficit is evidence of #overspending
#RealityCheck: look to #inflation for evidence of over spending
The purpose of #taxes is not to pay for #government expenditures but to help rebalancing the #wealth distribution #MMT
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Would you like some #greentea #extract #Herbal #supplements drink for #weightloss?
Good, you can enjoy your #weightlosstransformation 6-ft-under. Here is what #greentea extract does👉liver biopsy #marked regions = what is left of liver
#livertwitter #pathology #LiverPath ImageImage
1. Check/declare your supplements.
2. Be wary of #nutrition and #weight management #quacks
3. Want #loseweightfast? - sweat it out, dont sweat your liver out.
4. #STAY away - multilevel marketing #FRAUDS
More 👉
#MedTwitter #MedStudents #media #healthy
Never forget the #sexist, #outrageous, #PANIC inducing #advertisement that #pseudoscience #Ayurveda and #Homeopathy uses as #fishing #bait on unassuming persons
NO '#faster way to lose weight' - its a #myth
#health #education #MedEd #publichealth #shortstories #girls ImageImage
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Nothing in life is 0-1, its always a matter of degree. But 1 question remains unanswered (@VivekKatju ): Why is it that till recently (Dolam?), 90% of the world's elite (broadly defined) believed/supported Pakistan & China's version of their realations/interactions with us?
2/ #Myth of global credibility(on JK)is exposed by #Kargil reality; We were so scared of using aircraft to bomb Kargil heights (on our side of LOC) bcs bombs may fall on other side of LOC or a plane may cross it for a few secs, that we sacrificed 500 lives to scale Ladakh heights
3/risk Contrast this with Bangladesh, where we took risks to achieve Strategic victory. Tying your own hands behind back & sacrificing soldiers, is not national risk taking, killing other side's aggressing Jehadis & soldiers is risk taking(it requires frgn support,funds & planing
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These are the #stories of #math that we celebrate, amplify and make central to the idea of #maths as a #objective #neutral #culture-free subject. #Math can do no #harm, and the #logical “pure math” thinking of #Mathematicians is worthy of emulation. But... 1/x
2/x ... "What about pure mathematics and mathematicians who merely prove theorems? Is there any #ethical component comparable to what you find in other fields of #science?" - R. Hersh in Experiencing #Mathematics
3/x One point of view: "there's no need for #mathematicians to have a code of #ethics, because what we do matters so little that we can do whatever we like."
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#Myth: India only had an oral system.Writing came much later.

#Reality: India used both oral and written forms of communication, from very early days, i.e. Puranic days, depending on need.

A language comprises of two distinct facets – the spoken sound and the written script.

The spoken sounds of a language can be written using different scripts.

The language spoken during Mahabharata times was similar to the present Samskrt language.
It was then referred to as Vak, “that which is spoken”. Much later it came to be called Bhasha, “the language” and it is only around 700 CE that it came to be commonly referred to as Samskrt, “the refined one”.
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#Myth: Only Brahmins studied in Gurukula

#Reality: In the traditional education system of India, caste played no role.
All are led to believe, that the Gurukula system of education that existed in India through the centuries was only meant for the Brahmins and that there was no other education system in the land.
The contrasting reality is that the Gurukula and all other centres of education of India were open to all, Indian as well as foreign. It is this fact that has been well brought out by the extensive survey conducted by a British officer, Major General Thomas Munro.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 6/27/2020-2…

New Geometric Perspective Cracks Old Problem About Rectangles…

#geometry #perspective
Detecting Regions At Risk for Spreading COVID-19 Using Existing Cellular Wireless Network Functionalities - IEEE Journals & Magazine…

#detection #network #coronavirus #regions #wireless #cellular
The Dudes Who Won't Wear Masks - The Atlantic…

#coronavirus #masks
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In response to questions, a brief #THREAD on the Mahabharata and whether it is myth or history.

#Mahabharata #history #myth #itihasa
Basics -- The #Mahabharata is an epic narrative that centers around two sets of cousins who both want a specific throne in northern India and fight over it in a cataclysmic war, with lots of side stories thrown it.

It was first written down in Sanskrit ~2,000 years ago.
When asking questions about historicity, whether something is true, some basics-

Onus is on proving it is true, not that it is false.

The answer doesn't have to be either-or; it can be fuzzy.

Historians care about beliefs & myth because they tell us what people think and value
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This thread is documentation of #viral, #PseudoScience & #irrational information circulating around in the midst of #CoronavirusOutbreakindia.
Starting from @AltNews report debunking uniform latitudes of places where #Corona came.…

Coronavirus: Is drinking cow urine any help?
By Reality Check team @BBCNEWSIndia1…
China culled around 18,000 chickens in Shaoyang city in the southern province of Hunan as a result of a flu outbreak. Rumours in India started circulating, that broiler chicken has been infected with Coronavirus and people should avoid consuming it.…
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The Rothschilds, the banks and antisemitism - the truth and the myths 1)
#Antisemitism #TheRothschilds #thebanks #truth #Myth…
@enoughwining wrote,
"It's very difficult to get rid of FAKENEWS
Perhaps the most pernicious & offensive of the Rothschild conspiracy theories, however, is that the family somehow engineered the 2d world war....2)
& the Holocaust in order to generate the sympathy necessary to establish the state of Israel. But, as Dunning notes, the “only seed of truth” to the claim that the Rothschilds “funded the Holocaust” is that the Nazis seized the Austrian Rothschilds’ assets, ....3)
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Is #Jesus one of the #DyingAndRising #gods, and thus pure #Myth?
Um, #NO, and #gorillas will show you why…
Many Jesus Mythicists have tried to state that Jesus was one of several ancient deities in the “Dying and Rising” gods category. This idea became more prominent among both academics and laymen when Sr James G. Fraser, a cultural anthropologist, wrote the book “The Golden Bough”
in 1890. In it, he claimed that Jesus was among several other dying and rising gods, which he claimed were associated with the agricultural cycle. This “dying and Rising God” category finds its way in our mythology books, and Jesus Mythicists use the category in their arguments.
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Do (Supposed) #parallels between the #Gospels and #Pagan #myth prove that #Jesus was based on pagan #gods?
Um, #NO, and both the #Titanic and #EdgarAllanPoe will show you why:
Jesus Mythicists try to find any parallel between Christ and pagan gods in order to prove that Jesus was based on pagan myth, thus never existed. This is an idea that has been around for 300 years, yet it has never become the academic consensus. Indeed, Jesus Christ is recognized
as a historical figure by historical consensus.
Jesus Mythcists’ appeal to Parallelomania is faulty on logical grounds. For one, most of these so-called parallels are not really parallels at all (as Numerous people, including myself, have noted elsewhere). Two, just because a
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I am #resident of #JammuAndKashmir .
I myself, my family, my ancestors & other citizens of #JammuAndKashmir had to #Tolerate the #Article370 & #Article35A !

Since constitutional bench of Supreme Court will take up #Article370 tomorrow , here is #VideoThread on
#HorrorsOf370 !
Video 2
How could we TOLERATE strange provision like #Article370 for about 70 long years ?
How #bizarre was the decision to introduce provision like #Article370 in the Indian Constitution that compromised the SUPREMACY of #IndianParliament & #IndianConstitution !
Video 3
I explained to @dograjournalist how #Article370 and #Article35A DISCRIMINATED against #FEMALE PERMANENT RESIDENTS of #JammuAndKashmir for 70 long years that was done away on August 5, 2019 by their abrogation.
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1/4 WHY WE CAN'T MAKE PROGRESS ON #ELECTIONSECURITY @CNBC!! Because of constant misrepresentation of facts by media outlets like YOU… "it's actually quite difficult for outsiders to directly manipulate votes/voting machines aren't connected to the internet"
2/4 Here, @SEGreenhalgh, an #ElectionSecurity expert debunks that myth. in an interview I did with her at #defcon2018.
3/4 See also this excellent article by @KimZetter The Myth of the Hacker-4Proof Voting Machine. The key word in that headline is #Myth.…
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Thread 1/7 WHY WE NEED #AUDITS. Professor Andrew Appel breaks down the #myth that someone can't #hack a #VotingMachine if it's not connected to the #Internet.… #PaperBallots #AuditTheVote
Thread 2/7 "The ES&S model #DS200 #optical-scan voting machine has a #cellphone modem that it uses to upload #election-night results from the #voting machine to the “county central” canvassing #computer." #PaperBallots #AuditTheVote
Thread 3/7 "The voting machine calls the county-central computer using its cell-phone modem... this connects ... to a cell tower ... near the canvassing computer." #PaperBallots #AuditTheVote
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