"You repeat a lie 1000 times & it starts appearing like an eternal truth".

But this trick does not come to the rescue of pathological liars who are exposed in the eyes of public.

A day spent in the company of anti-India left lobby in London.

A #thread to expose their agenda!
Event on “Resisting Fascism, Building Solidarities, India, Kashmir and Beyond” by South Asia Solidarity Group (SASG)👺

Their solidarity means ‘false propaganda, cynicism & hatred’ or in simple terms ‘a pack of lies’ 👎

They invited renowned liars to create anti-India narrative.
Disturbed by the abrogation of Art 370 & 35A in J&K - these propagandists gathered in London on 5-Oct-19 with the sole purpose of abusing,

🇮🇳Indian Govt
🇮🇳Indian Army

In this #thread, I'll expose them & their lies against worlds largest democracy.
Liars’ gang:
🤮Kavita Krishnan (CPI-ML)
🤮Dr Nitasha Kaul
🤮Satpal Muman (CasteWatch, UK)
🤮Rajratna Ambedkar
🤮Sajjad Hassan
🤮Dibyesh Anand
🤮Musheir Al Farra
🤮Mariyeh Mushtag (Kashmir Solidarity Movement)
🤮Amrit Wilson (SASG)

Note: Symbols 👹 & 👿 are used to state a lie.
Kick off note addressed by a lady named Kalpana.

Her falsehood,
👹Modi govt is openly fascist (people of India who gave decisive mandate to him is a fascist society)
👹RSS is modelled on philosophy of Mussolini
👹Golwarkar wanted Hitler’s Germany to be emulated in India
👹In Kashmir people do not have access to medicines & food since > 2 months
👹Modi directly managed genocide of Muslims in Gujrat
👹Rise of fascism, rise of Hindutva, rise of Caste supremacy
👹Trump, Netanyahu, Modi all are leaders of fascist regime

She handed it over to 'Dibyesh Anand' who chaired 1st panel.

As per him, calling Indian army as ‘Azadi ke Prahari’ is nonsense. All he cares is Azadi from 'bhukmari' & patriarchy which India is not able to provide.

He is a well-known face at anti-India activities in the UK 👿
Now it was time for the champ in the camp - Kavita Krishnan

Her lies starts with saying,
👹People including women & children are locked inside their homes in Kashmir since abrogation of 370
👹Intensified militarisation of the state by Indian govt

👹Abrogation of Article 370 is nothing but showcasing Kashmir as a rebellious Muslim province that has now been conquered by a Hindu ruler in Delhi
👹Govt believes Muslims have Pakistan in their heart & they need to be taught a lesson

She thinks that previous regime were regressive (Congressies - you're also blamed for oppression 😩) but have worked silently.

👹In contrast, Modi govt openly boast about it as if they have successfully settled score with Muslim population.

She doesn't care if Articles 370 & 35A were,

Her dangerous agenda is to project it as Hindu-Muslim issue where state & the army have crushed M sentiments.

She is not just a liar but a threat to law & order situation & national security☠️
Next came Sajjad Hassan– as soon as this blabber/ahh master opens his mouth, the foul smell of his vicious agenda fills the atmosphere.

His lies,
👹This whole exercise of NRC is flawed. It requires people to submit documents (probably he entered UK without submitting any doc).
👹Exclusion happening on the language lines (Bengali)
👹Govt is targeting Muslims
👹Lynching has been used by BJP to polarise society & consolidate Hindu base
👹NRC is used by BJP to further break apart society down upto sub-district & talukas levels for political dividends
👹BJP disregards constitution & rule of law
👹Press is compromised in India

So this bad agent of ‘Together4Good’ blames Hindus as lynching supporter & wants Modi govt to allow illegal immigrants without doing any paper check. These bigots are the problem which brainwash Muslims.
Next came Rajratna Ambedkar of ‘Together4Good’ – kept audience guessing whether he is there for a speech or a book reading competition.

His lies,
👹India is rapidly slipping in to neo-fascism
👹Dreadful changes have taken place in the society since Modi govt came to power
👹RSS wants to eradicate diversity – their prayer says it all
👹Quoting baba sahib he says, SC/ST have no access to education, power & property

@mariawirth1 👹Mob lynching is norm in India
👹Hindus are aggressively trying to teach Muslims lesson for their involvement in love jihad cases

👹Those who do not say ‘Jai Shree Ram’ are threatened in India
👹New fascist India wants to,
👿throw away illegal immigrants
👿bringing changes in the state agencies & institutions by means of communism, nationalism, homophobia, police violence & extreme militarisation
👹Animosity exists against Dalits & Muslims
👹Ultra-nationalists have infiltrated army, security agencies, judiciary, universities, media, etc.
👹Modi-fied version of RSS master plan – no election after 2019 & BJP will rule for next 50 years

Then came 'Gandhi' hater Satpal Muman from Caste Watch, UK.

His lies,
👹India is an ugly casteist society
👹Hindus & Sikhs have formed a nexus to stop a proposal to prohibit caste discrimination in UK
👹@BobBlackman is a trouble maker Hindu lobbyist
👹Tory is R-wing fascist govt
👹There exists world-wide-nexus (wwn) & world is under threat

Remaining time he utilized in mocking Gandhi. As per him he is,
👉used as a soft power to win international sympathy
👉the most violent person you could ever meet
👉a racist & casteist

He is no ‘mahatma’.
Then came the last speaker of panel #1, Dr Natasha Kaul (University of Westminster). She can give tough competition to Kavita Krishnan - same level of falsehood, poison & hatred against Hindus & India.

Her lies,
👹In India army & police are heavily involved in atrocities
👹Indian army has created atmosphere of fear
👹Grave human right violations are happening
👹Uninterrupted suffocation & silencing of people since Aug’19
👹Entire political spectrum of Kashmiri leaders is made irrelevant

@rajnathsingh 👹Kashmir is a global project - Modi & Trump are projecting it as bilateral issue which is not true
👹People in TV studios are clamouring for more muscular, war like stance
👹India = Modi = National Pride
👹Modi, Trump are working on ‘how do I make the world worse place’?
During Q&A session, this panel paddled more lies –

👹Social media platforms have been infiltrated by RSS/ BJP
👹For Bhima Koregaon agitation, academics are in jail since 2018
👹In India, democracy has vanished

👹In Pakistan, a district judge can sentence its ex-PM but there is very little hope from Indian judiciary
👹India of current times is more colonised state than the British time
👹Indian media is suffering from slippage of common sense
Discussion ended with following solution approach for current crisis -
👿International solidarity.
👿Call to be active on the street
👿Fight the battle in UK too
👿Universities have a crucial role to play
👿Let us keep fighting
In panel #2, one of the speakers was a Kashmiri activist Meriyeh Mushtaq (Kashmir Solidarity Movement). She openly showcased her intense hatred for Hindus, Modi & India.

Her lies,
👹Modi is a tyrant
👹Indian army commits atrocities
👹Rape fantasies are integral part of Hindutva Nationalism
👹Kashmir is not a bilateral issue
👹Hindus use derogatory term for Kashmiri women
👹RSS wants to make India a Hindu Rashtra by 2024
👹Dalits are pushed to margin in India
👹There is a widespread hatred against minorities
👹Syed Akbaruddin’s response at UN was so unbelievably wrong (played a clipping to show her frustration)
👹Universities are under attack
👹Unimaginable level of lies everywhere
👹No fair debate can happen in India
👹India is world’s most militarised zone
Another speaker was Musheir Al-Farra (Palestinian Activist).

His lies,
👹Kashmir struggle is same as Palestine
👹Israel army is training India army
👹Made in UK drones are used by Israel to kill Palestine
👹Israel bombs hospitals & destroys 1000s of acres of agricultural land
👹Gaza strip is under unceasing curfew from last 6 years – 6 to 6, i.e. 3 years of life
👹Big powers say nothing for the atrocities of Israel
👹Big powers appease India as it is a big economy - consumer of cheap Arab oil
👹We’re fighting the same battle
In the end it was turn of Amrit Wilson (SASG). As expected her lies were distinctively more poisonous. Summary below 👇

👹Indian army kills innocents not only in border areas but all over India
👹Indian army has used air force to attack central belt of India

Panel 2 discussion ended with following conclusion -

👿We are living in the country where a war criminal's statue is standing at every corner
👿UN is nothing but a puppet of USA
👿All organisations are ruled by the World Bank
@RajivMessage has talked about Breaking India forces in his well-researched epic. They were on a brazen display in this event.

👿left cabal
👿terrorist supporters
👿dalit activists
👿soul vultures

Collaborating with each other to conspire against India!
Indian army @adgpi is its national pride!

Army that,
🇮🇳protects borders
🇮🇳fights with enemies
🇮🇳helps citizens in natural calamities
🇮🇳scarifies lives for the nation
🇮🇳treats war prisoners lawfully
🇮🇳works under a democratic govt

Demonising it shall not go unpunished👊
@RSSorg - world's largest voluntary org that works for the welfare of entire mankind!

It is,
👉organising the Indian society
👉developing value sys & ethos of 'selfless service'
👉taking Bharat at the pinnacle of glory

These conspirators have no right to talk about RSS.
@narendramodi is a leader of masses - India loves him for what he is doing for the country🙏

He has,
👉given hopes & aspirations to the people
👉worked for the poorest section of society
👉done surgical strikes on enemies & corrupts

Targeting him = targeting people of India!
🇮🇳 India has done so much for its religious minorities & underprivileged people.

Inspite of reeling under oppressive rules for ~1000 years, the world largest democracy is now marching towards its well-deserved glory on the World map.

Breaking India forces are at unease now!
Breaking India forces hate,
👉Indian army
👉Indian state
... but their biggest foe is 'Hindus'.

The very thought of 'Sanatan Sanskriti', that prays for world peace & harmony & work for the betterment of the whole universe, brings them shock waves.

UK being a democratic society has always uphold 'right to free speech'.

But sadly its soil now being used for,
👿running anti-establishment agenda
👿weakening democracies
👿giving voices to extremist forces

Why London has to bear this brunt?
@DVATW @KTHopkins
The biggest sufferer of left wing agenda is, we "the ordinary people".

They are,
👿agents of disruption
👿breaking our cultures, societies & value system
👿security threats

Hence, the onus of saving our civilisations is on us🙏
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