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In this thread I'll be listing the churches of #Yerevan, #Armenia. I'll break them down by district and go attempt to chronicle the history of each structure.

#Christianity #Architecture #History
Kentron District is the historic core of Yerevan. Its where the former Fortress of Yerevan was located and is home to 125,453 people (as of the 2011 Census).
The Cathedral of Saint Sargis (Surb Sargis Mayr Yekełetsi) is located in the historic Dzoragyugh neighborhood of Kentron District. The site has been home to a monastic complex since the 4th century.
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As #Pakistan Military expands its integration of drones, #Turkey's @Baykar_Savunma became an obvious point of interest, especially after the #NagornoKarabakh war.

There are considerations.
Here is an old graphic of #Turkey's Bayraktar TB2 whose stellar operational history includes participation in conflicts in #Kurdistan, #Libya, #Syria as well as famously by #Azerbaijan in the #NagornoKarabakh conflict with #Armenia. Notice many critical parts are not domestic.
In Oct 2020, #Canada suspended arms exports to #Turkey amid allegations Canadian technology was being used by Baku in #NagornoKarabakh. In Jan 2021, #UnitedKingdom aerospace company Andair Ltd said it will discontinue the supply parts to @Baykar_Savunma for the same reason.
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Some “responses” by #Armenia to #Azerbaijan’s goodwill gestures since Nov. 10, 2020:

✅ Deploying saboteurs to #Karabakh, who killed & wounded Azerbaijani civilians & soldiers

✅Secretly sending Armenian servicemen to Karabakh via “#Lachin Corridor” disguised as civilians... 1/
✅Refusal to share maps of 100s of thousands of #landmines planted in #Azerbaijan during nearly 30 years of occupation

✅Continuation of belligerent, revanchist rhetoric and introduction of anti-Azerbaijani resolutions in Western parliaments via Armenian lobby... 2/
✅Looting and burning #Azerbaijani villages & towns before the scheduled withdrawal

✅Stealing artifacts from churches, museums, etc., including, among others, the #Khudavang Monastery and #Shusha Carpet Museum... 3/
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Some of goodwill steps by #Azerbaijan since Nov. 10, 2020:

✅Return of all #Armenian POWs (up to 70), who were captured during the war

✅Return of bodies of up to 1300 Armenian mil. servicemen

✅Permission to search for missing Armenian servicemen in the liberated lands... 1/3
✅Humanitarian extension of #Armenia’s pullout deadline from #Kalbajar

✅Permission to Armenians to visit the #Khudavang Monastery in Kalbajar

✅Facilitating humanitarian aid to Armenian community of #Karabakh... 2/3
✅Permission to use 21 km of Goris-Kafan road passing via #Azerbaijan

✅Transportation of #Russian natural gas to #Armenia via Azerbaijan...3/3
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1) You claimed the “Karabakh issue” was solved.
2) Your political party is the only one performing (a circus)
3) Democracy... you rank “not free” according for @freedomhouse
4) Economic freedom? Your government owns SOCAR (81% of your economy is oil based).
5) Strengthen what?
“There can be no disagreement on national matters.”

That’s called a dictatorship @azpresident 🤡
He really said “performance of political parties” and “democratic development” 💀
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@NikolPashinyan has been PM of #Armenia for 3 years.
Gov. Of 🇦🇲 is in charge of military procurement.
Pashinyan also largely replaced the military leadership over his term.
Pashinyan cancelled previously established procurement deals & replaced them with useless (SU30) purchases.
Here are my questions.
If we had obsolete weapons that made us lose the war, why would Pashinyan cancel the established contracts to modernize them?
If it was the generals' poor command that lost the war, and it was Pashinyan who named them, doesn't that make him responsible?
If our army was in such poor shape, why did Pashinyan boast of its strength and readiness after the July clashes? If AZ was able to load up on military equipment between July and Sept, and our situation was so desperate, wouldn't it be smart to do the same?
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To all those who keep repeating that #Armenia’s army was equipped with obsolete weapons, here's a profile of a country’s armed forces equipment by date of entry into service. Keep reading the thread to see which army it is. These are the in-service equipment most used today.
Service weapon: 1964 (variant introduced in 1991)
crew-served weapon: 1977
troop transport vehicle (ground): 1983
combat service vehicle (ground): 1982
battle tank: 1980
infantry fighting vehicle: 1981
armoured personnel carrier: 1960
artillery: 1963
MRLS: 1983
tactical transport helicopter: 1979
attack helicopter: 1975

Air Force:
Five multirole fighters: 1973, 1978, 1977, 1996, 2006
Two bombers: 1955, 1986
utility helicopter: 1970
combat helicopter: 1982
airlift and transport plane: 1995
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1/4 On #Armenia: the post-Soviet space has seen everything from wars, revolutions and palace coups to dictatorships, hybrid regimes and the hereditary handover of power. Everything—except a classic military coup.
2/4If the army ousts Armenian Prime Minister Nikol #Pashinyan and appoints a new government—provisional or otherwise—to maintain order until new elections, it will be the first genuine military coup in the post-Soviet space.
3/4 #Armenia would join the ranks of an exclusive club of countries in the Middle East and Asia in which the army performs the role of a political moderator and overseer.
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Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said on Thursday that an announcement by the armed forces calling for him to resign amounted to an attempted military coup --and he called on his supporters to gather in the centre of the capital Yerevan. (Reuters) #Armenia


Armenian Armed Forces General Staff demands resignation of Pashinyan Administration.

more details:…
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The Human Rights Council opens its 46th regular session with:
🔹 statements from governments and inter-governmental organizations
🔹a discussion on racism and #COVID19

🕘09:00 CET

President of the Human Rights Council Nazhat Shameem Khan opens the 46th regular session - the first to take place almost entirely virtually - running until 23 March.

President of the United Nations General Assembly @volkan_bozkir addresses the Human Rights Council.

"Sustainable development and human rights are symbiotic," he says.

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#Meditation for #Peace in #NagornoKarabakh daily at 18:15 UTC/ 19:15 CEST (#Paris) (update)

@Welovemassmedis organizes a new peace #meditation every day to provide energetic support for #peace and #healing to Nagorno-Karabakh

For instructions and timezones, see: ImageImageImageImage
In the past days, the DarkForces tried to use the #Armenian Genocide memorial complex #Tsitsernakaberd to stimulate trauma via implants on surface population, on these certain #Leylines w/ their war program as well as GreatDepression programs of civil wars… ImageImageImageImage
One of the main reasons for the occult war in #Armenia is because of the many #survivors of #Atlantis, who built #sacred structures in the area to preserve the heritage and culture of the #Atlantean era
During WWI many survivors and their families tried to flee to other countries ImageImageImageImage
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The Lost Places of #Artsakh:

Map of the occupied #Armenia|n villages and towns that were ethnically cleansed by #Azerbaijan.

#Hadrut #Shushi
Design by me, text by @kooyrig and me.

Complementary to the lost villages, I want to add this map by @LCarabinier about the Armenian monasteries of the region. Monasteries in the occupied areas are in danger of demolition:
Additional info: Another village on the border of Armenia and Azerbaijan - off the limits of the map - partially affected by ethnical cleansing is Shurnukh (Location:…)
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Пробуждение весны в Мьянме!
Революция сознания во всём мире на старте......
Власти против протестующих используют резиновые пули, слезоточивый газ, водометы.
1/2 Журналистки из Беларуси Катерина Андреева и Дарья Чульцова уже три месяца находятся под арестом и под судом. 🤍❤️🤍🖐️
2/2 Журналистки из Беларуси Катерина Андреева и Дарья Чульцова уже три месяца находятся под арестом и под судом. 🤍❤️🤍🖐️
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Just read the @sfchronicle article by @RepAdamSchiff & @RepSpeier. First, during decades in Congress, these esteemed politicians have never said a single word about illegal occupation of 20% of #Azerbaijan’s lands by #Armenia & 1 million forcibly displaced #Azerbaijanis. 1/13
Invasion, total ethnic cleansing & nearly 30-year-long occupation of #Azerbaijan’s sovereign territory by #Armenia was well-documented, incl. by @UN Security Council resolutions and successive US administrations, starting with #Clinton Administration. 2/13
Brutal massacres against #Azerbaijani civilian population by Armenian troops, incl. the #Khojaly Genocide of 1992, which @HRW called the #largest massacre in the conflict#, are also well documented. 3/13
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1) Let’s talk about #Nakhichevan - a lost homeland. ImageImageImageImage
2) The the name "Nakhichevan" in #Armenian literally means "the place of first descent", a Biblical reference to the descent of Noah's Ark on the adjacent Mount #Ararat. Armenian tradition says that Nakhichevan was founded by Noah. Image
3) The region was at the center of the ancient Kingdom of #Armenia (858 BC-428 CE). During the invasion by Sassanid #Persian Shah Shapur II (r. 309-379) he removed 2,000 Armenian and 16,000 #Jewish families from #Nakhichevan (360-370 CE). ImageImage
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#EU #Brussels #Coronavirus #vaccine

A number of EU countries have asked Brussels to help the neighboring countries to the east with vaccination. The foreign ministers of 13 eastern and northern member states wrote to the EU Commission to this effect.
"We think that our borders will not be safe if we do not extend our support to our direct neighbors," declared the government representatives of #Bulgaria, #Croatia, the #CzechRepublic, #Denmark, #Estonia, #Finland, #Hungary, #Latvia, #Lithuania,
#Poland, #Romania, #Slovakia and #Sweden. Access to vaccines must be made easier for the eastern partners. The EU is already supporting non-member states in the Balkans as part of its vaccination strategy. 70 million euros from the EU budget are available for this.
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#Azerbaijan #Armenia #NagornoKarabakh #KarabakhWar #Karabakh

A good two months after the end of the fighting in the conflict region Nagorno-Karabakh in the South Caucasus, the search for killed soldiers and civilians continues.
The Nagorno-Karabakh authorities alone have so far recovered 1,184 bodies. According to their own statements, specialists from Azerbaijan have so far recovered the bodies of 334 killed Azerbaijani soldiers and 988 Armenian armed forces.
In total, more than 2,000 bodies have been discovered. The work has not yet been completed, said the head of the responsible state commission, according to Azerbaijani media. Forensic doctors in Armenia said they had examined about 3,360 killed soldiers.
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Long Thread on #Turkey|’s 🇹🇷 role in #NagornoKarabakh and what India 🇮🇳 has to learn from this new dimension of asymmetric warfare!
Turkey 🇹🇷 supported #Azerbaijan 🇦🇿 not just diplomatically (supported by diplomats) & logistically (sending mercenary forces as reported by Reuters) but also by selling #BayraktarTb2 drones tilting balance against #Armenia 🇦🇲
The drone in question is #BayraktarTB2, (Tactic Block) a Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV) manufactured by Turkish company called #BaykarMakina
PC: Dailysabah Image
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#Azerbaijan #Armenia #Baku #NagornoKarabakh #War

According to the Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense, a soldier was killed in a skirmish between Azerbaijani armed forces and pro-Armenian fighters. A member of the army was also injured.
The ministry also said that pro-Armenian fighters had opened fire on the Azerbaijani soldiers. Six attackers were killed. The incident occurred near the village of Agdam in an area bordering Nagorno-Karabakh.
The ministry threatened "decisive action" should there be further attacks.
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Why the UAE government represented by MBZ is called "the devil"

Thread: 0/100+

(Retweet) (د.عبدالعزيز) (مترجم)
1- UAE have planed & financed the military coup on the Government of #Egypt, resulted in the killing of 6000 innocent Muslims in #Rabaa genocide
2- UAE have Financed #Assad government and the #Russians to destroy #Syria
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Azerbaijani dictator President Ilham Aliyev today has declared at the «victory parade» in Baku: "#Yerevan, #Zangezur, #Sevan are our historical lands".
Well this is the not first time.
On February 9, 2018, during a speech at the VI Congress of the ruling party "New #Azerbaijan", Ilham #Aliyev said: "#Yerevan is our historical territory, and we, the #Azerbaijanis, must return to this historical land. This is our political and strategic goal to reach".
Do the liberal authorities in #Armenia still dream of peace? Has the #UN or the #EU or #Russia or even the international community condemned this genocidal announcement? Of course not, these days ethnic cleansing has been very normal in this world.
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Global Militarisation Index 2020 #GMI \ Worldwide trends in militarisation and what they may mean for trends in health security. Image
#GMI 2020 focuses on the link between militarisation and health security. “It cannot be excluded that the high level of resources invested in the military in countries with a particularly high level of militarisation is at the expense of health provision”, the authors explain. Image
#Israel, #Armenia, #Oman, #Bahrain, #Singapore, #SaudiArabia, #Brunei, #Russia, #Kuwait and #Jordan are the Top 10 in militarisation. All countries in the Middle East are highly militarised by global comparison—six countries are from this region. Image
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1. Form a Governing Council, including representatives from the opposition (none that represent corruption) and other non-political public members, as a form of a unity government until the next elections.
2. Establish Special Council Advisors from Armenian academia, diaspora and expert non-Armenians, to help develop policy and convey clear messages, so there are no more unscripted nuanced political speeches that cause confusion and division.
3. IF the Prime Minister intends to resign, then resignation should be conducted in an orderly transition that doesn’t allow #democracy’s enemies (such as former corrupt officials) to take advantage.
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