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By all means, rubbish socialism. But, it might help if you examine our reeking trash pile first.
It is not only the thing that didn't help middling "thinkers" accumulate Sydney property.
It is not the mild social democracy of the Labour Manifesto. At all.
To be clear, today's critics of so-called socialism are, in fact, standard middlebrow opponents of Roosevelt's New Deal. They're fans of the neoclassical "balance" regime that shat itself in 2008 & should apply in writing to the Mont Pelerin Society for the role of arse licker
I know that it's a bother to learn the difference between a Bolshevik and FA Hayek, let alone the subtleties that separate a Blairite from an actual human person.
But. You know. The Labour Manifesto was not socialist. It was not Thatcherite. It was postwar social democracy.
Just save yourselves the bother of pretending to know to what you're opposed and of what you're apprised and use this handy guide: if you despise Corbyn for his "socialism", your favourite book is deffo The Road to Serfdom.
As for the Australian revival from the Santamaria vault of "Trotskyist" as a slur.
Trotsky was Frida Kahlo's houseguest and the guy who opposed the brutal command capitalism of Stalin. What's your prob?
You don't have to read history or critical account to know where you stand, of course. The point of the world is not to interpret but to change it, as we socialists like to say.
Just don't be a fucking wanker and pretend that you know a fucking thing about socialism. Cunts.
I don't expect every sad fuck to endure the pain of Capital. I don't think class consciousness is derived from a reading of Marx.
Actually, reading Marx got me sacked from journalism and I don't recommend it. But don't bullshit that you have knowledge you don't. Thatcherite.
Von Mises. Hayek. Friedman. Thatcher. Opposing these postwar architects of the neoclassical balance fic is not in itself socialist. Adam Smith would be appalled by them, for fuck's sake.
Know what side you're fucking on. Don't give me that basic FDR welfare is socialist.
It just really gets up my fucking revolutionary clacker to be derided as "naive" by an investor class mob of indolent fucks who couldn't spot the difference between Ricardo and their arsehole.
Don't come the Renaissance Man with me until you've looked up "socialism" on Wikipedia
That these critiques of "socialism" are made precisely by crashing bores so rich in ignorance and property that they find themselves with the time to tell off millennials for intellectual laziness bears mention.
You can't be a Guardian of Reason with your head up your date.
Fuck off to your TED talk, you Monbiot git.
Next cunt to tell me some munted fuckery about the sensible centre can shit right off to Davos.
Also. Finland is full of fascists and it didn't address homelessness with a market based solution no matter what your stupid billionaire mate Bill Gates suggests.
They all froze to death.
Still. Sensible centre.
Oh. You libfem fuck benders who evade the need to know what the fuck you're talking about at all by saying *all we need is compassion" are as foul as your ruling class boyfriends. They don't read and pretend they do. You don't read and pretend you fucking care.
Imperial cunts.
Free Julian Assange.
You fucking colonial project pack of colossally mindless Thatcherite gobshites.
And you can fucking shove your ethical renewables investment up your corporate diversity project. Crypto racist scum.
The ruling ideas are in every age the ideas of the ruling class. They're yours.
Good evening.
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