@sinanaral on false news

#tweetiatrician peeps, @AmerAcadPeds, @AmerMedicalAssn and @PublicHealth @DrTomFrieden @DrPaulOffit @SaadOmer3 @ASlavitt this is a must watch and Prof Aral’s work is so critical.

People>bots are source of misinformation spread

Must watch @TEDTalks by @sinanaral of @MIT & @MITSloan

Fake news spreads as it invokes surprise & disgust. It is also tied to novelty.

Being negative & relying on creating anger & disgust “wins” over positivity. *sigh*

@AmerAcadPeds #tweetiatrician

I’ve long had a concern over the doctors & #Scicomm who “review” “fake news” out there. Yes content may generate anger & disgust among pro-science followers but how often do you boost the stats of the original fake content?

Have also seen sharing of false info about #STEM peers
I still fall in this trap - happened this year - but recall a person who would @ me to draw me into convo and leverage my following to amplify himself and to use my credibility to raise his own if I were willing to “debate” him in public. He’d call in a gang to create a circus.
I see this same dynamic play out with #tweetiatrician peeps who are in #VaccinesWork conversations with antivaxx. There, I often don’t engage because I have yet to find that productive. Plus, some get vicious

These two @DrToddWo & @NicoleB_MD are SO effective - instead of simply engaging in the “you are wrong” or worse “you are stupid” (the latter is screenshotted, turned into an anti-scientist meme that triggers anger & disgust at “elitism”) - they engage via fun novelty @sinanaral
Then @DrJCoftheDC is phenomenal w/ his engaging content. I would love @sinanaral to looks at #VaccinesWork & #WearAMask content like above. There is also such vast & repeated discrimination & bias vs women & minorities in medicine (not recognized as legit) #BlackMenInMedicine
What has frustrated me to no end is the censure #STEM and #MedTwitter colleagues have heaped on all of the above despair their actually representing best practices for viral spread as @sinanaral has studied and gotten published in science.sciencemag.org/content/359/63… @ScienceMagazine
On top of that those w/ positions in “professionalism” who lack any understanding of community or minority health will mislabel above effective social media use as “unprofessional”, which itself is a form of “fake news”
& harm especially given #BlackintheIvory, racism, misogyny
#STEM professionals shaming peers or trainees, especially shaming of BIPOC & women is a common theme

not unlike the Salem witch trials, can be led by women enforcing traditional/outdated rules on women

although #Medbikini was all male freepressjournal.in/world/what-is-…
While male faculty may often be senior authors to define “professionalism”, it is not uncommon to hire women to the operational/enforcement #compliance roles. It is where women seem to find success in careers as compared to in #innovation

As an #innovation minded woman

I find that the, albeit, pragmatic choice many women in compliance make

to enforce walls, boundaries
from the past

thus they act as agents of preventing growth, change, advancement

is still sad and frustrating

adds to

This is the issue with “lean in”:
get ahead by any means
no ethical framework is offered
only metric is own success

this is the rub:

success BY aligning w/
the system
w/ all its flaws
& -isms (sexism, racism, ableism)

so perpetuating past for own career advancement
within ImageImageImage
So when you talk of one option for preventing spread of misinformation as labeling @sinanaral

have deep concerns who labels? have seen examples of wrongly trusted “professionalism” ppl mislabeling, especially mislabeling #blackexcellence, women, LGBTQ, Muslim, disabled peers Image
The nature of gossip matches fake news & the damage done when a wrong label about a peer is put out first in social media without verification or vetting facts. This is an example I post often but this is how easily #blackexcellence is criminalized cnn.com/2020/04/15/us/…
I spent too many years in compliance myself and the level of hubris, the anger/disgust-driven savior mindset, the kind of “pile on” without careful evaluation of facts among many in compliance is scary. As much as I love standards, even those are flawed and rely on past.
This happens far too often: those at the front lines, specifically, WOC, those willing to take on personal risk & low pay to work in marginalized communities who have knowledge excluded

major conferences like @PASMeeting, on things like #VaccinesWork: zero diversity on panel
I get super concerned when I hear about labeling as an option to identify true vs false news. We are visual creatures & the outcome of that panel above is: "authority" looks a certain way - and it is not those who have actual lived experience of direct care & service

Who labels?
I see on @LinkedIn all the time "you don't need a title to lead" yet WOC, in particular #Blackexcellence experiences: nytimes.com/2018/11/02/us/… yet I have heard if different demographic say "I am a doctor" & be Phd type: can treat patients in the air @askdrfatima
Who labels?
Back to the original topic, I have repeatedly seen on #Medtwitter a wrong label applied by "professionalism" faculty as "call out" that then spreads within #STEM to shame a peer or trainee for a best practice in #communityhealth & #engagement in literature
Sources of labels are often institutions and institutional leadership and/or those trained by institutions and therefore shaped by the past, essentially. Example of labeling of diversity as not patriotic and "propaganda"
Two things I find dangerous

1-is the way "#empathy" is used as an opportunistic shortcut to justify not having the right people at the table

with the hubris of "I am here, I have empathy thus I represent you therefore (when I define labels & rules about you, enforced on you)."
2- is whole "anti-leader leader" at @MIT @MITSloan - in theory I like many parts of - in reality, how often are men called "professor" but women not? If not using titles + do not have "look" of authority (see above) then does implicit bias factor in more? insidehighered.com/news/2018/01/1…
On anti-leader leadership which, in theory, I love. In reality, I am skeptical it can play out given what we know about biases & the way images and messages from society constantly tell us who is a leader and/or is given a pass for error versus not


• • •

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20 Oct
I'm always amused by sales or marketing or communication professionals attempt to sell to me how I need their help, how I need their protection, etc or it could be "mutual benefit" to connect. Oh, then what is your rank for what you are paid to do and attempting to charge me for? ImageImage
Why am I able to outpace, by far, sales, marketing, and communication professionals? What is it they are teaching you wrong in school and/or you are unable to apply for success in real life?

Likely, the answer is: authenticity
Lived experience
Open communication
Yes, metrics matter
Yes, reputation needs to be protected
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Much of this is familiar: "This made me that Black, gay resident once again. The same attending ..called me by the wrong name.. confusing me for the only other Black resident in our program,,When I approached him about it privately, he 'didn’t want to speak about this.'"
I have never been in a setting where my name was correctly used without my being interchangeable with another BIPOC. Every single workplace, I am not me. My name is not mine. My identity is not mine. It is whatever others need from me that moment for their work/metrics.
What #Blackexcellence experiences on top of what all BIPOC experience, of being an object, token, dehumanized, is the long history of legal dehumanization through slavery that remains embedded today in institutions and cultures. That's why #BLM has to be said specifically.
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19 Oct
So true. The #pandemic has revealed whose inability to cope with disruption & loss of (false sense of) control results in their need to assert online control of others

I see so much uptick of low value & harmful policing behaviors. It is waste

We could solve problems at scale
I fully believe that those who harm others through control are suffering themselves. Most forms of abuse, including overcontrol and overpolicing are from own anxiety, fear, inability to feel safe -> control over others

But instead of spreading fear, could focus on solutions
It requires a tolerance of risk and growth mindset to thrive and stay creative in chaos, disruption

..amid constant failure of what should be trusted systems and authorities

Those who experienced the least harm from (even then harmful) systems are the most unable to cope now
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19 Oct
Stuff like this makes my day.. week
Teach girls & women to try & fail
Be brave, not perfect

(Women have joined the team then had to step away. I support their having tried)

I hate saying no

So if I could not support her to participate, created an alternate opportunity ImageImageImageImage
This is the @TEDTalks by @reshmasaujani
ted.com/talks/reshma_s… - as a South Asian woman I especially love this as both heritage & "model minority' teaches perfection (which is a fear-based goal, fear of failure with metrics that are external rather than internal mission/goals)
It is my personal mission to teach girls & for model for
women not to allow anyone to box them in or define the boundaries of their talent, achievement, humanity
Be messy
Try & fail
Start something & leave it unfinished
Write code that does not run
Be "too"..
..much Image
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18 Oct
My gratitudes for this week.
-Just got back and had 3 messages waiting for me from people who got things done on #Hackathon work. Also more money was raised. I can build a team, activate folks, & they will get things done... with joy.
-OMG the flowers were SO pretty today!!!...
..-My rent in Boston came down $400
-my classmates are waiting for me to arrive to do stuff together
-part of why I have so much stuff is each card and show program is a cherished memory but I can let go of the "stuff" and keep the memories
-I get to work with amazing faculty...
-I know I already said this but I came back to find work already done (albeit as assigned). Like OMG. It's beautiful. Like leave with anxiety, come back calmer, find work done. Minus the anxiety, could everyday end like this?
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