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I ended up spending Sunday afternoon speaking with about twenty 9-16yr olds about how they feel about climate change. Here’s what I learned... #talkingclimate
1)A fair few said they didn’t really know how they felt. This was maybe partly from not really personally engaging with the issue (lecturing them can also distance them from it) but also because there was quite a mix of emotions.
2) They felt lectured at by adults about it. This made them feel a range of other emotions – angry, frustrated, defiant. Angry @ hypocrisy & burden placing; Frustrated @ the mismatch between the scale of the problem & solutions they were presented; Defiant - prove adults wrong.
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Thanks for being brave and helping us learn @AryaCampaigns! Here's my redesign!

Your focus is ACCESS. Currently that is buried and obscured. Suggest a #stackedbarchart #infographic to show your avg access, then break down by low and high health literate.
cont... Redesign of graphic showing...
honestly, in this case, your graphics are fighting your message, and I'd just get down to clearly showing your data. I'd also rather have labels than icons here, because I'm struggling to understand exactly what some of the icons are.
Possible to bring some images back in what I've labled demographics, but you may want to ask yourself what those are doing to help your message. Some of the side info could be cut.
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I've been thinking a lot about #illustration and #graphics in #scicomm and the place they play in design.

Like text, images hold info. I like to think of my images in terms of question-centered design as well. Here's a system of levels I've made to help me organize images:
1. Observational, descriptive. What something is, its inherent form, materials and characteristics. (what, who) Pen and ink drawing of a li...
2. Contextual, locative. Puts the subject in a setting, either placing it in geographic or temporal space. Gives us the position relative to time or location. (where, when) lithic drawing, with leader...
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Ah! More #storyboarding tips for #scicomm!

Ditch the academic writing structure, it is passive voice, and so actions are usually backwards. You need to describe actions linearly, and then you can get more creative once you have that structure.
Step 1: Translate your content into an action outline, then add drama.

Step 2: Identify your character, and characteristics and environment. (The RBC was a tireless worker, carrying oxygen to and fro.)

Step 3: Add the problem or the call to adventure.
(But one day...
there was little oxygen to be found at the alveoli depot! What was going on? How would the little RBC do her job?)

Step 4: You've hooked me, tell me more! (Well, there was an obstruction. The RBC held on to more CO2 with all her might, and pushed on...)

Step 5: Zoom out...
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#Design for #Sciviz tip #7:

Don't forget your labels. Often I think people treat labels as an afterthought, but they're very important.
Try and consider these early in your design of a figure or slide.
What does your audience already know? What is obvious and can be cut?
Can I confess something? Nothing bothers me more than a figure with A-K or something labeled in the caption. You're going to make me look down there 11 freakin' times?
Hardly any instances where this is okay. If you can fit a letter, you can fit a label.
#sciviz #scicomm
Maybe science caption craziness is a vestige of old print techniques with type and image setting or something or something, when changing a label in your graphic was HARD! Now it is so so so EASY. So put those labels on the stuff where they belong.
#sciviz #scicomm #design
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Have you seen something like this on social media recently?

"Delta's so bad! A friend of a friend got COVID even though he got the vaccine."

It turns out this tells us more about social networks than it does about vaccines.

How? It's a small world after all! #scicomm 🧵(1/n)
Lots to unpack here, so let’s start from the beginning.

This is a social network. It helps us keep track of how people are connected.

In this picture, circles represent people, and the lines between them indicate who knows who. (2/n)
This social network has 5 people: 2 groups of 3 friends, with 1 friend in common.

Real social networks look a lot like this (but are much bigger, obviously). There's just enough overlap that lots of people are "friends of friends," just 2 hops away! (3/n)
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I'm a #sciviz freelancer...

Institutions & individuals contract me for help communicating science. I collaborate with researchers, designers, journalists, or comms to execute the right visuals for the audience.
This #sciart for @TheScientistLLC Recent cellular illustratio...
On any given week I may be juggling:
Multiple Figs and visual abstracts
Journal cover submission
Patient ed animation
Biotech campagin storyboarding
Zoo sign species ID #illustrations
Helping craft a @NatGeo #infographic
Kids puzzles!
#Textbook graphics
Science #editorial
... Image
I'm a generalist, with a #science and #medical background, and #editorial experience. So I communicate a wide range of #scicomm topics. My superpower is turning #data into #dataviz.

Many in my field are much more specialized! I'll tweet share colleagues work in a bit!
brb! Image
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Today here at @iamscicomm I'm focusing a bit on my world - the world of science adjacent #sciart and #sciviz folks who support researchers with graphic #scicomm.

I mentioned yesterday I stared down a STEM career path, but found what I really loved was communicating that science!
So where does a person go from there? For the record, everyone thought this was a poor career choice. I
1. Dropped my minor
2. Dropped the weed-out pre-med courses
3. Started drawing every day
4. Started teaching myself software
5. Started contacting #sciviz folks for advice Starting down the road of s...
Asking advice is important when considering a #STEM career. I had access to a lot of people in research and medicine to talk to and help me.

Unfortunately, this is not as easy for everyone. How do you make yourself accessible for students or potential entrants to your field? ❓ The road from student to pr...
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Since I'm a visual communicator, I'll be doing a bit of #sketchbook #scicomm this week, and I encourage you to join me.

Even if you don't think you can draw, a stick figure can often covey something very beautifully. Just look at @xkcd (Randall Munroe)'s beautiful work. Image
Extra kudos and retweets to those who chat with me in visuals this week!
Get uncomfortable, get messy, get simple!

You hear that #sciencetwitter? I believe all scientists should be sketching. Even if only you see it. You can't really draw something if you don't understand it. Image
... and sometimes the act of drawing something highlights areas that we don't understand, and need to figure out! Or communicate.
This rough sketch shows a #virus entering a cell better than many of my more polished art. Remember, our goal is communication, know your audience! virus entering a cell quick...
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Science matters.

What a treat to have @CaulfieldTim to speak to us #EPeeps about why science matters, battling misinformation & the importance of accurate #SciComm!

#HRS2021 @HRSonline #ScienceMatters Image
Social media is a huge superspreader of misinformation #SciComm #HRS2021 #EPeeps Image
(As an avid user of kimchi myself, I also say, 👏🏼NO👏🏼kimchi 👏🏼does👏🏼*not* 👏🏼help 👏🏼w 👏🏼COVID)

#SciComm #HRS2021 Image
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It was first formulated by German physicist Dieter Zeh in 1970. He noticed that in the real world you cannot separate the cat from the environment. The cat is in constant contact with the molecules of air, the box, and even cosmic rays that pass through the experiment. #scicomm Image
These interactions, no matter how small, radically affect the wave function: if the wave function is disturbed to the slightest degree, then the wave function suddenly splits into two distinct wave functions of the dead cat or the live cat, which no longer interact.
Zeh showed that a collision with a single air molecule was enough to collapse it, forcing the permanent separation of the dead cat and live cat wave functions, which can no longer communicate with each other.
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On this day, 52 years ago, #Apollo11 landed on the moon and Neil Armstrong became the first person to step on to the moon. But did you know that readers of the #Kannada weekly magazine Sudha had already made this lunar round-trip few months earlier? Thanks to...
...this board game called ಚಂದ್ರಗ್ರಹಕ್ಕೆ ಹೋಗಿ ಬನ್ನಿ (Travel to the Moon and back). The game had two parts: Taking off & landing on the moon, and then making your way back safely to Earth. Played with a dice & coins, instructions on the board dictated how fast you went & how safely
For e.g. being bombarded with cosmic rays or losing contact with command module would set you back (depending on which square you were in) or you could go faster for instance if your lander faced Earth in the right direction. And guess who made this board game? None other than...
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1/ Facebook recently published "Moving Past the Finger Pointing”

This review aims to correct misleading or false claims. #disinformation #misinformation #BigTech #censorship #Biden #Zuckerberg #Facebook #CrowdTangle #vaccine #covid #scicomm
2/ Facebook:
“At a time when COVID-19 cases are rising in America, the Biden administration has chosen to blame a handful of American social media companies.”

The administration did not choose to “blame.” This is a misleading mischaracterization.
3/ Researchers have been studying the growth of the anti-vaccine movement for years. Here is the movement by the numbers as reported in Jan 2021 (Rosalie, 2021):
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Hoje é o #ArcticSeaIceDay e o vídeo abaixo mostra o derretimento do gelo marinho do Ártico no período de 1984 a 2019 - um verdadeiro filme de terror!

Segue o fio pra saber mais sobre a situação do Ártico! ❄️🌎🧶
O aquecimento global está causando o derretimento e, atualmente, temos a segunda menor extensão de gelo marinho no Ártico já registrado. Mas quanto? Cerca de 2,820,000 km² a menos em relação à média da década de 1980.
Durante o verão no HN, parte do gelo derrete, mas se recupera no inverno - é uma variabilidade natural. Porém, com o aquecimento global e as consequentes mudanças climáticas, há maior derretimento e o sistema não está conseguindo repor tudo o que perde durante a estação quente
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(Thread) Hey #AcademicTwitter 👋 As an academic-turned-public servant I have some tips to help your research inform policy. #scicomm #policy
Today's a typical day in government: I have 2 hours to finalize an important funding proposal in between 6 meetings. I need the most impactful, up-to-date and forward-thinking research findings at my fingertips and distilled into mere sentences.
Usually public servants who have a role in decision making have very limited time. We can rarely read academic papers.
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The Cherokee Nation is one of many tribes in OK who have been at the forefront of vaccination efforts statewide, but people remain hesitant, writes @jackhealyNYT.…
People remain reluctant to get the COVID-19 vaccine due to "questions about the vaccines’ efficacy, side effects and the speed they made it to market."
More on vaccine hesitancy from @jackhealyNYT's article: "Others just seemed to want a nudge. At a Walmart providing shots, unvaccinated shoppers said they were not so much opposed as just waiting. For more information. For a doctor’s recommendation. For more people to take it."
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Did you catch our latest episode? It features Dr. James Zimring of @UVA_Pathology, who shares his incredible personal and professional story and how it has shaped his approach to science, medicine, and mentorship. Check it out! #sciencebehindthescenes Behind the microscope logo on a gray background. Photo of Ji
Dr. Zimring completed his undergraduate studies at @EmoryUniversity in @emorycollege, where he first fell in love with science via @EmoryChem. He continued on to @EmoryMedicine, before eventually joining up with the @EmoryMSTP.
@EmoryUniversity @emorycollege @EmoryChem @EmoryMedicine @EmoryMSTP Upon graduation, Dr. Zimring completed his graduate medical education in clinical pathology with @EmoryPathology, and later joined the faculty @EmoryUniversity & @LaneyEDGE, where he started his lab and eventually served as the immunology PhD program director.
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1/13 The Alzheimer's narrative seems to partially be its own theory but its success may, in part, be due to how it fits in with the villainization of Dr Anthony Fauci. These narratives are participatory.
2/13 While claims of deaths from the vaccines were dispelled much more easily, conspiracy beliefs and rumors that purport serious side effects that would take years to appear would take at least that long to disprove.…
3/13 It’s an unfortunate reality because one need not supply evidence to make such a claim. The bar for science remains high while the bar for casting doubt does not exist.…
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Using Twitter during the #COVID19 pandemic?

With @cc_martell and @DanielRhysThom1, I wrote a perspective piece on social media for (field) epidemiologists #SoMe4epi


@THLorg @rki_de @PublicHealthW @ECDC_EU #EPIET #WorldFieldEpidemiologyDay
We reflect on social media/@Twitter for epidemiologists working on the #COVID19 response

We introduce the field of social media to those not currently using social media in their public health practice:

So please share outside of the Twitterverse as well!

#SoMe4epi #OpenAccess
Why this piece?

🌍 #COVID19 is the 1st pandemic in the social media age

🕵️‍♂️ Field epi now also includes an online field

👨‍💻 Social media can be a powerful tool for epidemiologists #SoMe4epi

🤝 Key usages of Twitter include #SciComm and professional development #EpiTwitter
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And now at #ParasitesOnline21 Day 2, we have our 2nd session on Gender and Racial Equality in Science, with @rejoicePhD telling us about "Centering Diverse Voices and Grappling with Racial Inequities in #Parasitology." Image
Not only has #COVID19 disproportionately effected minority communities in the US, but #parasites have too. Here is just one article describing the problem of #hookworm in the US South:… #ParasitesOnline21
I think everyone needs to hear @rejoicePhD's talk on creating a scientific community where racial equity exists. So many amazing quotes and ideas. We can learn from the microbes we culture- a culture will not grow and thrive without the correct environment in which to do so. Image
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My first tweetorial! On our new #InnateImmunity and viral interference study @JExpMed. It started with puzzling observations that pointed to the importance of kinetics. We saw a robust interferon response in the upper airway in all COVID patients studied, mild and severe:
..But these samples were from different times in the disease course. To get at timing, we studied serial swabs from patients picked up early in infection, when the viral load was still going up. We measured virus and CXCL10, a biomarker of the interferon response…
…both went up, then down, almost perfectly in synch… except for lag in the antiviral response in the first few days of infection. Replication in the first few days was exponential and fast! (avg. doubling time 6 hr)....
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1/ The following observations involved two data sets and should be considered in the context of existing research. Quality meta-analyses supersede any observation here. This is an effort to think out loud on a subject in need of attention. #openscience #misinformation Image
2/ Hesitancy in Evangelicals, Catholics, and Atheists. The sample size for Hindu, Muslim, and Jewish people was too small to assess, unfortunately. Data/Sources:… Image
3/ How Republicanism affected religious individuals was variable. Where Evangelicals were heavily influenced by Republicanism, Catholic Democrats and Republicans had relatively low vaccine hesitancy rates. Has anyone explored why? My guess was attitudes about authority. Image
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Meet the animal that sweats snot and has explosive sex! Open to read more ⬇️
(if you'd like support experimental #scicomm like this, check out my patreon page:
#DailyJelly ImageImageImageImage
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The vaccine rollout is spreading - and so is the delta variant. Lots of folks are concerned about the risk of myocarditis in young people who receive mRNA. My advice: make sure your sources include true experts - in this case, doctors who look after heart disease in kids. 1/n
My experience with #VITT left me shaken, as misinformation about blood #clots was amplified (often by other MDs). Science & medicine are a big tent. BUT within those tents are people with specialized training and experience - and their words should carry weight! 2/n
Definitely look at studies, watch the CDC's ACIP live streams, consider the words of doctors, nurses, PH, epidemiologists, scientists of all stripes. But pay close attention to the words of FPs, pediatricians & pediatric cardiologists. I'm happy to speak *around* this issue. 3/n
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