1/ Serious End-of-Life 🧵

…He told her, “Never give up on me because I’ll keep fighting to live.” What does it mean when a person valiantly asks this of a spouse & then illness leads to #transplant, #infection, and eventually #life support that doesn’t help?
2/ First I just listened to her heartache and saw their immense love. “I made a #promise, Doctor.” My personal commitment became to help this couple uphold that promise, yet medical options had long since run out & failed him. I asked her to come into the hall.
3/ Always go out outside a pt’s room to discuss anything you don’t want the patient to hear, even when he is in a dense coma. Assume dying pts hear everything said & respect their dignity as your number one goal in all interactions. Here is what I said…
4/ “You made a promise and you have kept it. You as a couple are an inspiration to me. You told me your marriage was a sacrament and what I see is two people living that out in the most beautiful of ways. What you & I need to do now is face the truth of where he is in his life.”
5/ I listened and asked her more questions about her thinking. I let her unspool as she wished…
6/ Then I replied: “He asked you never to give up, and you didn’t. He did NOT ask you to deny the truth and to use technology even if it had failed to help him. That is what has become very clear in the past several days.”
7/ I listened some more. Then…
8/ “We all hope to get clear messages in life about our most important decisions. It’s so helpful how clear this message has become. A blood pH below 7 that drops further, despite all our best efforts, makes it easy to understand that we must not deny what is happening.”
9/ “What I want to do is help you finish keeping your promise: Never to give up on him. Today that means staying faithfully at his side as he is dying. You can make courageous and benevolent decisions. You will not leave him, and we will not leave you or him. We are together.”
And so it goes. “Never give up” does NOT mean to keep machines going. It means to see life through to its natural end, which in this case was peaceful and right. We must help each other face the truth of where each person is…upholding service, love, and covenant.

• • •

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3/ This drug stops lung & blood vessel membranes from going haywire. It did not have safety problems & decreased DEATHS by ~50%, TIME on VENT by 5 days, length of ICU stay a WEEK, #delirium by 5%. These are huge improvements that I would want if I had #COVID. ( Fig 2, Tab 2/3)
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1/ 🎥🧵 How do we test someone for #delirium in #COVID19 or any ICU? When someone won’t engage it can be a huge red-flag for “quiet” delirium, which predicts 3X ⬆️ #DEATH by 6 mo & acquired #dementia. Watch this movie of me testing pt #1 for delirium.

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2/ What does this mean? He starts out OK but then can’t follow my command to squeeze only on the letter A. Instead, he squeezes when I say the word “squeeze” & doesn’t relax his grip or vary it on different letters. This is inattention & a cardinal feature of #Delirium.
3/ 🎥 Contrast Pt 1 with this Pt 2 video of me doing the same test. This person had delirium on earlier days & is now improving. He gets 8/10 correct responses, which means he’s attentive and not delirious any more. This day he walked & talked for the 1st time!

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