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'Abysmal' kids' vaccination rates put B.C. health care at risk… via @BurnabyNOW_News
“The numbers are abysmal for pediatric vaccination,” Filiatrault lays blame for the low vaccination rates on the messaging from provincial health officials throughout the pandemic. “They so much minimized COVID in children that parents have not vaccinated their kids”
“What it looks like we’ve been dealing with in children up till now was enterovirus and rhinovirus. What it’s showing in B.C. is that the curves are just trending up right now for RSV and influenza,” she said.
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Today at 11am PST we'll be looking at #LongCovid which studies show has potentially affected upwards of 23 million Americans. What are the symptoms? What can vaccines do? Watch the livestream 👉… @CaliforniaDep11 @MichelleCHC_UCR
Welcome to today's briefing, "Long-Term COVID: The Next Pandemic?" co-hosted by EMS and @CaliforniaDep11's Vaccinate All 58 Campaign.
Today's speakers include Dr. Nisha Viswanathan, Director, UCLA Long COVID Program; Dr. Jose Luis Perez, Chief Medical Officer, South Central Family Health Center; & Michelle Burroughs, Director of Community Engagement and Outreach, @CHC_UCR
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The lies 2020:

Don’t Panic, we go for #herdimmunity, #children can’t spread it and won’t be harmed

What was really
And use #schools as a tap for controlled spread. No transparency, no testing no mask

Lets spread the lie that mask simply don’t work

Here #polarisation starts driven by misinformation and intransparancy by your government. Everybody could see that the measures were nog in line with urgency.

What were they hiding? Why no #zerorisk #zerocovid with borders closed. It could be done

2020: wait we know this will
Lead to many many deaths but the #vaccin is almost here, working hard, we know the #SPIKE is a big thing, hold on #Hopium being built.

Meanwhile lets keep up the lie of children not important to monitor😢 we know from SARS they build less #antibodies lets presume they just not
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I have the blood of kings running through my veins!!!! TAKE ME TO YOUR LIBRARIANS!!!!

“Have you ever had a negative reaction to a vaccine”

Let me tell you something
I looked at myself in the mirror and told my embarrassingly feeble immune system…
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FDA has extended emergency auth of Novavax #vaccine to age 12-17y. Given as 2 doses 3w apart, it was 78% effective in preventing confirmed symptomatic #COVID19 7d after dose 2. It is a protein-based vaccine like many familiar vaccines in use for decades, e.g. tetanus. #MedTwitter
Those under 18 are much less likely to be fully #vaccinated against #COVID19 than adults in the US, even though we now have vaccines authorized & recommended for kids as young as 6 mos. We'll see fewer kids missing school this fall/winter the more we #GetVaccinated now.
When I am trying to decide about something outside of #MedTwitter, I ask what professionals in that field do themselves. In case that approach is helpful to you, here's a poll.

Doctors: did you get your eligible kids #vaccinated against #COVID19?
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About the fate of those who refuse to participate in the world debt reset program, healthpass or the #vaccination schedule: "Indefinitely" in isolation until one complies and having "all their assets seized"
- a 🧵 Image
You can see how they are tracking the progress of their agenda on the lower left corner of the document. Image
The fake pretense for isolation and asset seizure: the "Shielding Approach" Image
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A thread of excerpts from a 2011 presentation by Ray Obomsawin, Ph.D. on #vaccines , their alleged elimination of infectious diseases, and #vaccine #safety
Natural immunity is the only true immunity. Everything else is an artificial attempt to cheat nature, and nature is never cheated.
Dr. Archie Kalokerinos, who worked among aboriginal peoples in Australia, authored Every Second Child as he observed the death rate among aboriginal children was nearly 50%. He discovered it was due to #vaccination
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Excerpts from The Forbidden Debate (Del Bigtree host). Guests incl. Jessica Rose, Robert Malone, Geert Vanden Bossche, Bret Weinstein
-elimination of childhood diseases
-safety of childhood #vaccine schedule
-eliminating control group
-what can #COVID vaccinees do?
Elimination of childhood diseases
"it was more concurrent with implementation of modern public health & water sanitation practices than it was with implementation of #vaccines
"industry has taught me & many of us that it was a causal relationship when in fact it was correlation"
RFK, Jr. has asked for #vaccine #safety & efficacy data

Malone agrees: "We need to revisit & if the data aren't there, I think we have to be conservative in the sense of don't subject our children to products that the safety & effectiveness has not been adequately demonstrated."
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For the first time in nearly a decade, we have a case of #polio in an unvaccinated adult. Per CDC, ~1 in 14 US 2y olds are currently NOT fully vaxxed & thus at risk. The US polio vaccine is safe & effective. Please verify you & your kids are up to date.…
#Polio most commonly spreads via the "fecal-oral" route which usually means not washing hands after using toilet then eating (or biting nails or, for kids, thumbsucking) but may also spread via airborne route. #WashYourHands #GetVaccinated #MedTwitter…
There are no meds to treat polio, it's all prevention. Here's info from CDC about #polio, but a better use of your time would just be to ensure you/kids are fully vaxxed. The IPV vaccine is highly effective & safe, & then you can go back to not thinking about it. #VaccinesWork
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😱😱😱War Room and Daily Clout teamed up to report on the Pfizer docs and the data is horrifying 1/🧵⬇️ Image
Pfizer and FDA KNEW BY DEC 2020 the shots waned, there was “vax failure” & “covid” was an effect.

In May 2021 Pfizer knew about the heart damage in kids & FDA rolled out the EUA anyway. Parents weren’t made aware til August.
2/🧵⬇️ Image
Pfizer & FDA KNEW MRNA, spike & nanoparticles didn’t stay at the injection site, instead traveling to the bloodstream & to liver, spleen, adrenals, lymph nodes & ovaries.
3/🧵⬇️ Image
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So I wasn’t that worried a few hrs ago. This dials it up a little.

For anyone who has ever played the collaborative board game #Pandemic, you may know how it goes when there’s uncontrolled spread of one pathogen throughout 🌎 & then outbreak of a new one in mult countries. 😖
The current #monkeypox outbreak now includes cases in #UK, #Spain, #Portugal, #Canada, #US…from what I’m reading, this sounds like person-to-person transmission, which historically was thought to be rare, & evidence of community spread. Wow. #MedTwitter…
Smallpox vaccination provides at least partial protection against #monkeypox, but routine smallpox vaccination in the 🇺🇸 stopped in 1972. Most Americans under age 50, including myself, are not #vaccinated.
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There's another 🌊 of #COVID19, y'all. I have gotten more texts since Mon asking questions about monoclonal antibodies, about Paxlovid, about rapid tests, & on & on than I have in the whole month preceding. Be aware. All these folks tested at home & are uncounted in tallies.
This is anecdotal, but a pattern recently: people staying pos longer on rapid test. Here's an older pt, 4 doses Moderna #COVID19 #vaccine, mono Ab on d1, feels 100% now, & still quickly/strongly pos (ie very contagious) on d10. Had he not retested, he might be infecting others.
@CDCgov shortened isolation to 5d in Jan b/c they were concerned society may fail to function w/ huge #s of essential workers out for 10d in #Omicron surge. This has to be changed. People are leaving at d5 w/o masking or testing. They need to rapid test to exit or isolate longer.
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Well, it was fun while it lasted. And remember that official case counts are just the tip of the iceberg. Most people are being diagnosed via rapid testing at home & never appear in these totals at all. If you aren’t #Boosted, now’s the time. #MaskUp #COVID19
Let me add that my major reason for concern at this point is less about deaths in the short-term. Though we continue to lose a couple thousand Americans per wk to #COVID19, & it wasn’t mild for any of them, deaths are much lower than they’ve been in a long time. /2
I’m worried about the people we are now seeing with persistent cognitive impairment (like early dementia kind of symptoms), given that we now know #COVID19 can shrink the brain even in otherwise “mild” cases.…
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#DataPoint | Last week, the #WHO informed that they are monitoring two new sub-lineages of the #Omicron variant - BA.4 and BA. 5. This announcement comes at a time when the number of deaths due to #COVID is at its lowest since the pandemic started. (1/5)
#DataPoint | BA.4 and BA.5 are two new sub-lineages of the #Omicron variant that the #WHO is actively tracking. The table shows the no.of such sequences detected globally and the countries they were spotted in. (2/5)
#DataPoint | This graph shows the number of cases and deaths globally. World over, deaths are at its lowest point since the pandemic started, and the cases are rapidly declining. (3/5)
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*updated super thread*

#VAIDS (Vaccine Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome)

Feb 2020:
#Indian Scientists Discover #Coronavirus Engineered With #HIV Like Insertions…
Feb 2020:
#Coronavirus far more likely than #SARS to bond to human cells due to #HIV-like "mutation"…
Mar 2020:
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Study looking at the impact of vaccine misinformation found:

-66% of U.S. adults say they would be likely to recommend vaccinating a hypothetical 5-11 yr olds in their household who is eligible for the #Covid19 #vaccine.
-39% of the vaccinated-but-not-boosted hold high levels of misinformation about the effects and safety of #vaccines
-the more that unvaccinated adults worry about getting #long #Covid, the more likely they are to say they will get vaccinated
-40% of the #unvaccinated – or 9% of the total survey sample – are potentially persuadable to be #vaccinated…
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*8.5% of vaccinated people in Pfizers #Covid study released today developed Autoimmune diseases.
Thread 🧵(1 of 5) Image
*4.7% of people developed blood Lymphatic Disorders
*2.6% of people suffered tachycardia 🫀
*4.6% of #vaccinated people developed #covid Image
1.07% of vaccinated people in the #pfizer study developed Bells Palsy or Facial Paralysis... Image
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🧵As a scientist & physician, when our #pandemic predictions are off, I think it's important to circle back & analyze why. In late Dec 2021, I tweeted a🧵predicting widespread disruption of everything from health care & pharmacies to grocery stores & schools in Jan/Feb '22. 1/x
The reason for my prediction was the pattern of a huge spike in #COVID19 cases the prior winter (driven in part by holiday travel) & the fact that #omicron was considerably more contagious than prior #COVIDvariants & more able to evade immunity from vaccines or prior infxn. 2/x
The pace in growth of cases in Dec '21 in countries w/ early #Omicron outbreaks was stunning. The graphs were vertical. In the US, we appeared on target to have >500K cases/d in the US. We had no idea yet how long the surge would last. 3/x
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Join our webinar on #COVID19 #Vaccination & Adolescents, today


Senior Advisor to Govt. of Maharashtra and @UNICEF on Child Health, Dr. Mrudula Phadke


Prof. Praveen Kumar
Lady Hardinge Medical College, Delhi,

Live From ⏰ 11 AM

📡Live Now📡

Webinar on #COVID19 #Vaccination & Adolescents


Senior Advisor to Govt. of Maharashtra and @UNICEF on Child Health, Dr. Mrudula Phadke


Prof. Praveen Kumar
Lady Hardinge Medical College, Delhi,

Join live 🎥
Govt. is doing its best to provide right information about #COVID19 #Pandemic to public

The purpose of this webinar on 'COVID-19 Vaccination & Adolescents' is to address the concerns of parents regarding ongoing #Vaccination for adolescents:

- ADG @PIBMumbai
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🧵 Whilst countries around the world lift #COVID restrictions, we must not forget the disastrous effect the virus is still having in states without effective healthcare systems, especially those countries dealing with a multitude of other challenges... Image
#Afghanistan’s first COVID case was detected in February 2020, and since then, Afghanistan has felt devastating changes, including soaring rates of poverty, malnutrition, economic collapse, the suspension of aid and a measles outbreak…
These simultaneous crises mean Afghanistan is not equipped to deal with new variants, rising cases or seriously ill patients. The withdrawal of aid has severely weakened the healthcare system, and now only 5 hospitals in the country offer treatment for #COVID19.
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The appearance of a child suffering from wild #polio in #Malawi is a bitter discovery.…
African nations years ago celebrated eradication of the virus, continent-wide. A key failure of the global eradication prog has been environmental surveillance...
2/ wastewater. We have the tools, they're easy & cheap, & everywhere in the world polio testing should be routine. Why? Because the virus is passed in human feces, even by some #vaccinated people. Routine monitoring is a must, but $ isn't there.…
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