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What happens when the #covid numbers no longer support the narrative for #VaccineMandates in #Australia?

The government simply stops reporting them. They're complicit in #Genocide, we're past the point of plausible deniability.
Stop getting played. Who defines #vaccinated and #unvaccinated? Well. . .

"VSD, . . . CDC’s Immunization Safety Office. . . collects electronic health data"

You're unvaccinated for 14 days AFTER EACH SHOT to dump #vaxxed deaths into unvaccinated counts.…
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7 Amazing Benefits of Melon Seeds :
1. Relieves Cough
2. Adds Vitality to Hair
3. Refreshes Skin
4. Protects Lung Health
5. Keeps Kidneys Working Regularly 6. Relieves Anemia
7. Balances Stomach Acids #healthy #Food #COVID19 #CoronaVaccine #Corona #vaccination #vaccinated
The oil is cholesterol free. It contains vitamins a, b1, b2, c and alpha-tocopherol, a component of vitamin e. It also contains palmitic, stearic, linoleic and oleic acids and very small amount of carbohydrate and calcium
Melon seeds are one of the miracles that will be perfect for cough. You can prepare for winter by drying the melon seeds consumed during summer days and storing them at home. #amazondeals #Vegan #vegetarian #healthy #Corona #COVID19 #Covid #vaccination
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1/🧵The problem with that data @TheTNHoller - Someone gets the shot and then gets sick within 14 days, given their body is producing a synthetic pathogen - they're counted as #unvaccinated.

Same for the 2nd, 3rd. . . Why?
2/🧵How does it make sense to go from #vaccinated to #unvaccinated the moment you get the 2nd shot?

Is someone who waits an extra 2 weeks for the 2nd shot still vaccinated? (yes) This is not science, it's #doctrine.

They're covering up the AEs by counting them as unvaccinated.
3/🧵 They're not counting the #vaccineinjured in that data. They're written off to other conditions while refusing to acknowledge a #vaccine link.

#Immunity wanes and the #vaccinated become more likely to catch #Covid_19 as shown in red. Then there's your immune system. . .
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452 of the 542 #COVID19 deaths in Scotland🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 last month were vaccinated …..

436 double #vaccinated 💉💉 (79.6%)
16 single #vaccinated 💉 (2.9%)
96 #unvaccinated (17.5%)

70% of the Scottish population are reported as being fully vaccinated 🤔 Image
77.2% of #COVID19 hospitalisations are amongst the #vaccinated
73.9% of hospitalisations are FULLY vaccinated

436 💉💉 double vaccinated
17 💉 single vaccinated
119 #unvaccinated

Source: Public Health Scotland Image
62% of the most recent #Positive #COVID19 cases were amongst the #vaccinated

10,707 cases #vaccinated
6,569 #unvaccinated Image
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1/5 The latest #COVIDmeasures analysis report compares #COVID19 incidence, hospitalizations, and vaccinations across age groups in 🇨🇱 🇩🇪 🇪🇸 🇬🇧 🇺🇸 (weeks 15-35, 2021).


Overview of results in thread 👇

@rki_de @BMG_Bund @CBcheraoui
2/5 Across all countries (🇨🇱 🇩🇪 🇪🇸 🇬🇧 🇺🇸) #COVID19 incidence was highest 📈 in the youngest age groups and lowest 📉 in the oldest.

At the same time, the oldest age groups had the highest #VaccinationCoverage - especially in 🇨🇱🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇩🇪 🇪🇸 at 80% or above 🛡️
3/5 A key finding reinforced by this report is #VaccinesWork: as full #vaccination coverage in the oldest age groups increased in 🇩🇪 and 🇪🇸, hospital occupancy and admissions steadied or decreased.
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Note: "partial or complete vaccination categories only include those identified as cases over 14 days past their first OR SECOND immunization date."

These numbers are a joke. The real number of #vaccinated sick/hospitalized/dead after injection is far far higher. #COVID19
So you get Jab #1, and you're #unvaccinated for 14 days.

Then you become #vaccinated, until you get Jab #2, when you suddenly go from #vaccinated to #unvaccinated for 14 days, back to #vaccinated.

What happened 14 days post #injection?
Well, 48,000 ≥65 died. (Source: CMS)
They know this, the @FDA, @CDC, @LegalServicesUS, @DrWoodcockFDA and @CDCDirector are getting weekly updates from the #FDA's RCA analysis of @CMSGov's data. They do this to cover their crimes.

We've got the data. These people are complicit in #genocide.…
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The #Deathwave has begun as the #vaccinated's Immunity Runs Out…
As discussed, Here's more data on the excess deaths by age group compared to the average. This is an excellent thread breaking it down:
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#KingdomOfAtlantia is adopting the #COVIDsafePlan start Oct 18, 2021.
Effective until March 12, 2022-earlier if all groups in Kingdom reach 80% #vaccinated

#MySCA @AtlantiaSCA #WeCanDoThis #StaySafe

What this means: cont: (1/?)

Full Details in link:…
#MySCA #COVIDsafePlan

To participate at in-person events & activities:

Mandated requirements: if there are differences between Kingdom requirements & local/site requirements, the stricter requirement is followed

Cont. (2/?)
#MySCA #COVIDsafePlan

Proof of #Vaccination OR negative #COVIDtest for adults and children ages 12+. Children 3-11 must #WearAMask

Anyone challenging these requirements will be denied entry/immediately removed from the event.

Cont. (3/?)
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Not-for-profit ≠ Non-profit. Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.
“Nonprofits are granted 501(c)(3) status by the IRS. [Not-for-profits] are also governed by IRS tax code section 501(c), but depending on their purpose they could fall under a different section, like section 501(c)(7).”

Jan 2020: “nearly half of the CEOs of America’s leading nonprofit health systems last year had salaries that exceeded $2.5 million. The highest paid, the top executive at Banner Health, in Phoenix, received $21.6 million.”…
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So I hired a guy (let’s call him Gus) to paint my house—but Gus is unvaccinated. House is empty—so I hired him & chatted with him daily (w/🪟open) hoping he might consider. Day 3—Gus got #vaccinated this morning—he chose Moderna for lowest breakthroughs. Convince your neighbors!
2) I tried lots of lines of reasonings with him — hospitals are full — help keep hospitals empty for others. They seemed to work. It seems he lives a solitary life and mostly watches TV. So there wasn’t many real people for him to talk to. So some casual conversation eased him in
3) I pulled out my phone and showed him lots of CDC graphs and charts. He at first wanted J&J, which I said was good. But he just wanted to not goto the hospital, which I pointed out Moderna had lowest breakthroughs & higher efficacy than 1-shot J&J against hospitalization: see👇
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@CAPublicHealth Image description: orange background with white text that reads:
What is in the vaccines?
The Johnson and Johnson vaccine: uses adenovirus type 26 encoding for the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein.
The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines:
Use messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) to encode (1/?)
@CAPublicHealth the spike protein.
None of the vaccines contain:
Eggs, gelatin, latex, preservatives, metals, rare earth alloys, or any manufactured products such as microelectronics, electrodes, carbon nanotubes, or nanowire semiconductors.
None of the vaccines contain the COVID-19 virus (2/3)
@CAPublicHealth so they can’t give you COVID-19.
Also includes logo for California Department of Health and little images of people asking questions, stars, and shots in red.
#Covid_19 #VaccinePassports #vaccinated #VaccinesWork
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🧵/ A thread that highlights the data in support of California’s decision to require COVID-19 vaccination for in-person instruction, and the case for other states to follow suit
2/ Let’s start w/ the big picture: ~1 in 5 persons living in California is less than 18 years old (22% of the total population*)

This means that there’s no way for California to achieve sustainable immunity w/o kids getting vaxed

*Source: U.S. Census Bureau via @aecfkidscount
3/ In terms of raw numbers, the plurality of children living in California reside in Los Angeles County (22%)— most of them live in 5 counties: L.A., Orange, San Diego, San Bernardino, and Riverside

Source: California Dept. of Finance via @Kidsdata
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ASYMPTOMATIC BREAKTHROUGH TRANSMISSION? Hospital #COVID19 outbreak in Israel 🇮🇱—38 of 42 were 2-dose Pfizer #vaccinated. On the day of diagnosis, only 24 symptomatic. All infected staff were asymptomatic or mild. This is why we need boosters & still mask.…
2) The calculated attack rate among all exposed patients and staff was 10.6% (16/151) for staff and 23.7% (23/97) for patients, in a population with 96.2% vaccination rate (238 vaccinated/248 exposed individuals).
3) “The median time from second vaccine dose to breakthrough infection was 177 days (range 111–194).” ➡️ 177 days is ~5.9 months. That means HALF of the breakthroughs were under 5.9 months.
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🧵/ Pediatric #COVID19 hospital admissions and overnight stays are ⬇️ in some parts of the U.S. but ⬆️ in others. A #dataviz thread

Data Source for all data is the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services (HHS):…
2/ Pediatric #COVID19 hospital admissions and overnight stays are ⬇️ across HHS Region 1, which consists of CT, ME, MA, NH, RI, and VT
3/ Pediatric #COVID19 hospital admissions and overnight stays are trending ⬆️ across New Jersey and New York (both are in HHS Region 2)
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Breaking: #Vaccines now the #1 cause of coincidence.
#Australian #nurse claims 20 people per hour turning up at hospital with chest pains after #vaccination.

Dee Dee doesn't seem to comprehend what she's been told and stumbles with telling people not to go to the hospital? #GetVaccinated
So 'Karen' the liberal Notre Dame professor dies 12 days after the 3rd booster shot while bitching about the #unvaccinated. Notice the cause of death - Cancer complications. Now watch the next clip.🧵 ImageImage
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Update 9/28: Feeling bewildered-I cannot understand why we are still dealing with #COVID. We know what will stop the spread and preventable deaths. Please do your part.

Get Vaccinated
Wear a mask
Stay home when sick
Improve ventilation

Consider COVID an open-book quiz.
Current hospitalizations (top, orange), ICU (red, middle) and new admissions (blue, bottom). Might be seeing the first signs of the hospitalizations coming down. Still so very high - please be kind to a healthcare worker today (or all the days). @utahhospitals
A very slow decline in positivity rate (one way to monitor community transmission). If these numbers stay steady, we should expect the number of cases (reported or not), hospitalizations, and deaths to also remain steady. #covidtest
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LEADERSHIP—A major N. Carolina hospital system, overwhelmed by unvaccinated sick, fires 175 unvaccinated employees. 99.5% of @NovantHealth’s ~35,000 staff have #vaccinated. If only @UNC_System mandated too—a dead 20-yr old UNC student’s blood on its hands.…
2) if Novant can mandate vaccinations, so can @UNC_System, unless UNC leadership is complete cowering cowards. @UNC_Basketball @UNCFootball @GoHeels games should have vaccine mandates too.
3) “We stand by our decision to make the vaccine mandatory as we have a responsibility to protect our patients, visitors and team members, regardless of where they are in our health system,” Novant Health said in a statement.
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Throughout the pandemic, we've gotten used to the idea that most #COVID cases are "mild." The CDC says mild cases account for 80% of symptomatic infections.

Some people hear this and think it's not worth worrying about. Are they right?

A thread on what "mild" really means. (1) Image
In common language, the word mild usually describes something of minor importance. For example: health and medical websites often describe the cold as a "mild viral illness."

The implication is that while you may feel crummy, it really isn't a big deal 🍪 (2)
In the case of #COVID, this isn't quite right. Here the common definition of mild and the medical definition differ significantly.

Their confusion is a failure of communication. People are quick to underestimate the disease. They've taken "mild" as a synonym for unimportant. (3)
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@CMOH_Alberta People dying being fully #vaccinated is more common than you let on. Quit scarring citizens with this rhetoric, you know as well as I do that #COVID19 is a man made #Flu and the vaccines/ #SpikeProtein is the real issue!
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La gente buena no suele pasar a la historia.

Joachim Michelberger era un hombre bueno y por eso quiero contar su historia.

Joachim ha cambiado mi vida, ha cambiado la tuya y la de millones de personas.. y sin embargo no lo conoces.

Hoy, en #berlinespobreperosexi: El vecino.
Hoy nos vamos a salir un poquito de Berlín, aunque al final volveremos a él (como siempre).

La historia de Joachim comienza en Colonia. Pero no en la Colonia monumental junto a la catedral, sino en un pequeño bario a las afueras.
Podría desgranar aquí biografía de Joachim: segundo hijo de familia alemana, estudios de contable, matrimonio con Ulrike... pero tiene poco sentido, porque en su biografía no encontraréis nada extraordinario.
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OMG—this vaccine info Family Guy clip is amazing! Get #vaccinated before we get more variants!

HT @FamilyGuyonFOX @SethMacFarlane #COVID19
2) That cartoon above is the best lay simplified explainer of the vaccine, but the best lay technical explainer of the vaccine is by @ScientistSwanda 👇
3) Another way to explain the vaccine to lay audience is this one by @hotvickkrishna
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There is no US state that exceeds Canada 🇨🇦 in percent fully #vaccinated . Only Vermont is tied at 69%, most states are under 60%. As result, US per capita #COVID19 deaths is 6x the rate of Canada. And low vaccination highly skewed to Trump-voting areas. 🧵
2) Just how skewed are the deaths rates from #COVID19 by % Trump-voting counties? 5-9x. These are also low vaccination counties.
3) 6x the current #COVID19 mortality rate— the data is pretty stark — US is on a bad trajectory.
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