1/ @michaelpollan's highly-expected @netflix series #HowToChangeYourMind just premiered! 📺🍄 Despite near-universal praise, #HTCYM is rife with errors & borders on historical revisionism 🤥

A critique 🤔🧵 #LSD #MDMA #Peyote #Mescaline #Psilocybin #Mushrooms #Psychedelic @MAPS
2/ Before I get started, I'll give everyone a little bit of background information. @michaelpollan released a non-fiction work entitled "How to Change Your Mind" in May of 2018. Before the end of that year, his book about #psychedelic drugs became a @nytimes bestseller. Image
3/ @michaelpollan achieved massive coverage for this self-described "mental travelogue" of his #psychedelic experiences. Soon enough, Mr. Pollan became a prominent figure w/in the so-called "Psychedelic Renaissance". In the process, he gained a rather interesting reputation. Image
4/ From 2018 onwards, @michaelpollan embarked on a publicity tour for (what many consider to be) his magnum opus. Undoubtedly, Mr. Pollan helped shine the media's spotlight on the burgeoning #psychedelic revival. @colbertlateshow

Full vid:
5/ What makes ppl rather interested in @michaelpollan's books are his candid stories about personal encounters with #psychedelic substances. Bordering on the same sort of #gonzo #journalism that Hunter Thompson utilized, Mr. Pollan's descriptive narrations captivate his audience. Image
6/ Fast forward to the Summer of 2022 (four years after @michaelpollan's book #HowToChangeYourMind is released), @netflix collaborates with Mr. Pollan to produce a new #docuseries sharing the same title as the bestselling book. It was released just yesterday. Image
7/ All the while, several colleagues within the broader #psychedelic community (incl. myself) publicly requested that @michaelpollan raise awareness about the #epidemic of #SexualAssault within psychedelic #psychiatry and the #underground community. To my knowledge, no response. ImageImage
8/ Why the concern? Four months ago, disturbing video footage of @MeaghanBuisson's clinical #MDMA sessions was released to the public after @MAPS (unfortunately) failed to review the footage in a timely manner.

Content Warning: Sexual Assault

9/ The aforementioned video footage was published by @psymposia, a #nonprofit organization. Within their podcast series produced by @NYTmag (#CoverStory #PowerTrip), they addressed the decades-long #epidemic of #SexualAssault within the #psychedelia. psymposia.com Image
10/ So... Now that I've established some background on @michaelpollan's newly-released @netflix series #HowToChangeYourMind, I'm now going to start my #critique with a glass-half-full approach. I'm going to share what I enjoyed most from the series.

Sound fair? Let's go! 😉
11/ Because of @michaelpollan's #HTCYM, I learned that Dr. Bill Richards administered the last dose of #LSD in the spring of 1977 (w/in an RCT). He was also the 1st therapist to administer #psilocybin within a clinical trial at Hopkins (@JHPsychedelics). Rather inspiring!
12/ I also learned that the combined circulation of Robert Wasson and Dr. Valentina Wasson's two articles about #psilocybin #mushrooms was "in the tens of millions" 🍄🍄🍄That's major! Remember that these articles came out just months before Sputnik was launched into orbit 🛰️
13/ What else did I learn? It was about 1997 when Dr. Roland Griffiths of @JHPsychedelics and other colleagues began working on establishing clinical protocols for the administration of #psilocybin within RCTs. The protocols were approved in April of 2000.
14/ What else? I'd like to applaud @michaelpollan for dedicating time to discussing the life of Doña María Sabina, a Mazatec curandera from Huautla de Jiménez. No tale about #psilocybin #mushrooms is complete without her story! Image
15/ It was also heart-warming to see (the one and only) Ann Shulgin in an on-screen interview. For those who don't know, she passed away only four days ago. She was an absolute legend within the psychedelic community.

Rest In Peace, Ann 🙏
16/ What else? @michaelpollan (and numerous guests) did a terrific job of sharing their #psychedelic experiences in thought-provoking ways, often utilizing brilliant metaphors.

Check out this presentation by @NeseLSD about #language & #psychedelics!
17/ What else did I like? It was nice to see Dr. Bill Richards fully support "medicare coverage" of #psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy and (apparently) full #legalization.

However, his use of the phrase "one step at a time" makes me concerned he's possibly against #decrim ATM.
18/ What else did I like? It was a good choice to include clinical footage of #MDMA and #psilocybin patients. It gives everyday people a glimpse into what #psychedelic psychotherapy is like. For the record, there were also depictions of #BadTrips (AKA "challenging experiences").
19/ What did I like most? @michaelpollan made it clear that non-Native people should use #mescaline instead of #Peyote so as to respect #Native traditions that use the cactus as a #sacrament.

Peyote Article 1: microdose.buzz/news/the-ancie…

Peyote Article 2: microdose.buzz/news/a-brief-h…
20/ Why am I glad @michaelpollan spoke about #Peyote? He's advising non-Native people to respect #Indigenous ways of life. Bravo!!!! 👏👏👏

If you support Sandor Iron Rope (@Wikan_Maza) and the #IPCI, make sure to visit IPCI.Life and offer a heart-felt donation! 🙏
21/ At this point, I'd like to get to the heart of my critique of #HowToChangeYourMind 👍 I'll now share my thoughts about Episode #1 (#LSD), #2 (#Psilocybin), #3 (#MDMA), and then #4 (#Mescaline/ #Peyote).

After that, I'll offer my final thoughts.

BRB, gotta make dinner 🍲
22/ Within the first minute of the first episode of #HowToChangeYourMind, @michaelpollan defines the term #psychonaut. It should be noted that the term was coined by...

CONTENT WARNING: Fascism, Genocide
23/ Ernst Jünger, who was (according to @psymposia):

"a German army captain who never accepted Nazi Party membership (or a seat at the Reichstag), but by his own admission supported Hitler’s goals until 1938."

IMHO, it'd be worthwhile for Mr. Pollan to note this given that... ImageImage
24/ Mr. Pollan fully discussed the history of the term "psychedelic" minutes later. Yes, it's worthwhile to note the term's history, but why not #psychonaut?

Let's not forget that #mescaline was used at #Dachau. There's a dark history to #psychedelics.
25/ Here, @michaelpollan gives imprecise figures regarding #tobacco:

"Four [to] five hundred thousand people a year in the [US] alone die because of tobacco."

To be clear, CDC approximates that ~480,000 Americans die per year from tobacco use.
26/ Later on, @michaelpollan falsely claims that Bill Wilson (co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous) was "administered a psychedelic and that's how he got sober".

Bill Wilson was (actually) given #belladonna which is a #deliriant, not a #psychedelic.

27/ In this clip from the 1st episode, @michaelpollan covers the risks associated with the use of #psychedelic drugs. Does my audience consider this to be an accurate appraisal of the overall risks associated with taking #psychedelics? I personally don't.
28/ In this clip from the first episode of #HowToChangeYourMind, @michaelpollan draws a link between Kary Mullis' use of #LSD and his invention of PCR testing. It would be important to note that...
29/ Kary Mullis was a longtime AIDS denialist, among other things. If we're taking time to consider how #LSD impacted his ways of thinking, we should (IMHO) broaden the lens to take in more information.

"That's just the way I think"- Kary Mullis

Source: washingtonpost.com/archive/lifest… Image
30/ Here, @michaelpollan discusses #MKUltra in (perhaps) the blandest manner possible. Not sure why @netflix decided to whitewash a decades-long CIA project which led to numerous deaths & innumerable psychological wounds of innocent civilians. Not good.
31/ Speaking of whitewashing, what's up w/ this portrayal of Timothy Leary & Richard Alpert (Ram Dass)? It's a shockingly complimentary appraisal of two people who (IMHO) deserved to be fired by Harvard.

What @michaelpollan doesn't tell you is that...
32/ Dr. Richard Alpert was fired for giving #LSD to an undergraduate who was (repeatedly) described by Dr. Alpert as an "attractive kid".

He later claimed that Harvard "was right to fire me" given that he violated well-defined ethical boundaries. 🙄

33/ To be clear, Timothy Leary was fired from Harvard because (according to a resolution passed on May 6th of 1963) he "failed to keep his classroom appointments", not because Leary's "experiments got sloppier" (as @michaelpollan suggests).
34/ Speaking of Richard Alpert, it would be worthwhile to note that he (indeed) jumped out of a window while on #LSD and broke his leg.

Mr. Pollan appears to insinuate that jumping out a window is a "supposed danger" of #LSD.

False. It's a real danger.
35/ Here, @michaelpollan discusses the "moral panic and the supposed dangers" surrounding #LSD.

I'm well aware that there are many false allegations regarding the dangers of LSD, but certain risks **DO** exist. Why not talk about them in-depth, @michaelpollan?
36/ Near the end of the 1st episode, James Fadiman (@Jfadiman) claims that "about 80%" of microdosers report "lifts their depression differently than an anti-depressant".

@Jfadiman, where's the data you're referencing?

37/ While I'm truly glad that Ayelet Waldman (@ayeletw) found healing from self-administering small amounts of #LSD, some facts bear repeating:

1) Anecdotal data ≠ double-blind placebo-controlled studies.

2) Microdosing's therapeutic efficacy has yet to be established.
38/ Given this episode's factual errors, misrepresentations, and omissions of relevant evidence, it's rather strange to see @michaelpollan tell his audience that:

"We have to think about these substances in a very clear-eyed way [&] throw out the inherited thinking about it."
39/ Alright, my commentary for Episode #1 is complete! Now onto Episode #2...
40/ In Episode 2 of #HowToChangeYourMind, @michaelpollan asserts that Albert Hoffman's #psilocybin tablets (then known as Indocybin) had, according to María Sabina contained "the same spirit" as the mushrooms. However, others have speculated that María likely said so to be polite
41/ According to @michaelpollan, numerous rockstars (including @bobdylan, @MickJagger, and Geroge Harrison) visited Huautla de Jiménez in the 60's. However, there currently exists NO EVIDENCE that would support this...

...unless @MickJagger or @BobDlan wanna corroborate this? 😅
42/ Later in epsiode 2, @michaelpollan mentions the Mystical Experience Questionnaire (MEQ30) but fails to mention its limitations (and thus) its ability to accurately...
43/ appraise the level of (shall we say) "mysticality" involved in any subjective experience.

For example, the MEQ asks participants to rate (on a scale of one to five) whether or not they "Sense that the [subjective] experience cannot be described adequately in words." 😂😂😂 Image
44/ Final thoughts for this episode:

@michaelpollan clearly didn't listen closely to @NYTmag's #CoverStory #PowerTrip podcast given that #HTCYM clearly depicted the infamous Salvador Roquet.

This disgraceful human being was a bona fide torturer. Also taught Richard Yensen. Image
45/ Keep Roquet's name in mind moving forward. Also, please try to appreciate my perspective that Mr. Pollan has already whitewashed the histories of MKUltra, Leary, Alpert, Mullis, and the term "psychonaut". Also clearly downplayed the risks associated w/ psychedelics. Not good.
46/ Okay... time for Episode 3 of #HTCYM!
47/ The 3rd episode of #HowToChangeYourMind begins with an #MDMA clinical trial participant saying this: "I can't stop thinking about love."

This sets the tone for a #docuseries that's willing to ignore the risks of #SexualAssault in #MDMA / #psychedelic therapy. #EndTheSilence
48/ Why am I bringing up the #epidemic of #SexualAssault in the broader #psychedelic community? Because it's being (largely) swept under the rug by more people than I care to count.

That would include @michaelpollan.
49/ Despite the fact that @michaelpollan is most certainly aware of the (dozens of) headlines, he's willing to overlook them for #HTCYM.

Not a good look, IMO.

Here's a compilation of headlines surrounding the subject of #SexualAbuse within the #psychedelic community. Image
50/ Earlier in this thread, I mentioned that @MeaghanBuisson was sexually assaulted by a therapist from a @MAPS-funded Phase 2 #MDMA study. By all accounts, the publication of her clinical footage rocked the broader #psychedelic community to its core.
51/ Indeed, @MAPS founder @RickDoblin recently lamented that his organization failed to review the clinical footage in a timely manner.

"So that you could say is a mistake that we should have reviewed the videos at the time of the complaint"- @RickDoblin

52/ So, just to recap, @MAPS dropped the ball after a #MDMA clinical trial participant was sexually assaulted.

In response, Health Canada (@GovCanHealth) is "now reviewing all trials involving MDMA to ensure patient safety & compliance w/ regulations."
53/ Pretty major stuff, right? Well, you'd think this would make its way into @michaelpollan's new @netflix series #HowToChangeYourMind, right?

Unfortunately, you'd be wrong.
54/ This is especially concerning given the fact that @MAPS has repeatedly given different answers as to WHO saw @MeaghanBuisson's clinical footage and WHEN.

Take a look at the post below for a glaring example of these inconsistent statements.
55/ Even worse, @MeaghanBuisson's #SexaulAssault was completely left out of the medical literature, but @RickDoblin continues to insist that there was "no cover-up".

You be the judge for yourself. Check out the attached threads.

56/ So, here we are years after MAPS began struggling with a PR nightmare: a clinical trial participant with PTSD (stemming from sexual abuse) who was summarily sexually assaulted by a therapist 😔

Is the epidemic of #SexualAssualt over in the #psychedelic community? Far from it
57/ So getting back to episode 3 of #HowToChangeYourMind, we are introduced to an #MDMA patient who has a history of sexual assault. Dr. Michael Mithoefer even claims MDMA can help treat trauma from sexual abuse..... but no mention of @MeaghanBuisson. Strange, no?
58/ Especially strange because Dr. Mithoefer was featured in @NYTmag's podcast series #CoverStory #PowerTrip and (allegedly) OUTRIGHT ADMITTED to seeing @MeaghanBuisson's clinical footage "long ago [...] and wasn’t concerned". 🚩🚩🚩 Image
59/ Later on in episode 3 of #HTCYM, @michaelpollan plays audio footage from Leo Zeff (20th-century psychotherapist) who claimed that early MDMA parties led to "love puddles" where "nobody [was] worried about what might happen" 🚩🚩🚩

Talk about ignoring risks, right? 🚩🚩🚩
60/ Compare Leo Zeff's comments to @BenSessa's comments about 1988: "It was a really special time [...] Lots of kids, black and white. There was no ego. No male aggression. No patriarchy." 🚩🚩🚩

No patriarchy? 😂😂😂

Rose-tinted (sun)glasses, much? 🚩🚩🚩
61/ Another instance where sexual assault was mentioned, but (again) no mention whatsoever of @MeaghanBuisson 😑

@michaelpollan, yes or no, is it your belief that millions of @netflix viewers don’t need to know about what @MeaghanBuisson went thru w/ @MAPS? Simple question.
62/ Moving forward, we now have @BenSessa telling us he's a "fairly conservative, sober, evidence-based kind of scientist".

Evidence-based kind of scientist, huh?

"It looks good on Twitter"- @BenSessa 😂😂😂
63/ At about 15 minutes into the third episode of #HTCYM, @michaelpollan brings on Dr. Paul Daley (former assistant to Sasha Shulgin) who inaccurately claims that psychedelics "TURN ON" the serotonin 2a receptor. Incorrect.

The 5HT2aR is **agonized**, not turned on. Srsly?
64/ What would it mean for a signaling protein to be "turned on"? 😂😂😂 Would any of my #psychopharmacologist colleagues like to contribute to this discussion? @MGirnNeuro @ManojDoss

I understand that Dr. Daley used a reductionistic metaphor, but it's not serving anyone.
65/ Ann Shulgin: "The magic of MDMA is that it allows you to see who you are without self-rejection."

While I have personally experienced this with #MDMA, is this statement objectively true? I'm reluctant to say so, especially because...
66/ Later on in the same episode, there's an #MDMA patient who appears to be (potentially) experiencing self-rejection.

"I'm in charge, I'm in charge, I'm in charge, not you, amygdala! I'm in charge. You've done your bit now sod off. Get out! Sod off."
67/ Just as well, there have been times when I have taken #MDMA and (unfortunately) found myself in the grips of a spiral of shame & guilt.

Sad to say, but it isn't always a walk in the rose garden with #MDMA.
68/ Here's one therapist who boldly claims that "MDMA therapy is specifically this PERFECT SCENARIO to deal with trauma."

If #MDMA's therapeutic efficacy is still being determined within clinical trials, how can we say that it's "perfect" with such confidence?
69/ Did anyone ask to see a topless photograph of @RickDoblin? I didn't 🤢

See the thread (below) where @MeaghanBuisson clearly alleged that @RickDoblin sent her "half-naked pics while [she] was a clinical trial subject."

@RickDoblin, any comment?
70/ For the record, I personally do not consider Doblin to be a "hero" of mine.

Why? He won't apologize for comparing #Native Americans to "living cavemen" who were "trained as predators" because (as he put it) "that was their sport in a way". 🚩🚩🚩
71/ Other reasons include Doblin's proposals to utilize #Ukrainian #refugees as participants in #experimental #research. Find out more in the thread below.
72/ At this point in #HowToChangeYourMind, @RickDoblin boldly asserts that he learned about MDMA's therapeutic efficacy by personally ingesting MDMA "you know, and seeing what came from it".

Cue Rick Doblin "playing therapist" w/o medical licensure.
73/ Indeed, @RickDoblin boldly asserted he learned about MDMA's therapeutic efficacy simply by "taking MDMA, you know, and seeing what came from it".

Cue Doblin asserting he *KNEW* it worked decades before double-blind, placebo-controlled #MDMA studies were initiated.

Srsly? Image
74/ Moments later in #HowToChangeYourMind, @RickDoblin asserts that taking #psychedelics will make it "harder to commit genocide".

Srsly? 🙄

Check out @psymposia's "Lucy In The Sky With Nazis" for more perspective on the matter.
75/ At this point in #HowToChangeYourMind, @BenSessa boldly claims that MDMA "allows you to think about and go to those dark, difficult, forbidden, avoidant memories [and] the fear & pain that would be associated with those memories IS SWITCHED OFF."

Srsly? 😑
76/ I have proof that @BenSessa's claim is patently false.

At the 3:38 mark in the video below, watch how Meaghan Buisson responds to being told to "open your legs".

Don't forget that Mrs. Buisson was already a victim of sexual assault before the RCT.
77/ At this point in #HowToChangeYourMind, @BenSessa tells a sobbing clinical trial participant that they are "in the good prognosis group", likely meaning that Dr. Sessa believed the patient would recover.

But wouldn't that unnecessarily alter the patient's reported measures?
78/ By directing the patient's thoughts in such a way, Dr. Sessa likely affected the data of that study, and (thus) it calls into question the validity of his findings.

Furthermore, why in the flying fudge is @BenSessa telling a patient to hug him? blog.petrieflom.law.harvard.edu/2022/03/09/pre…
79/ This would have been a GREAT opportunity for @michaelpollan to discuss the use of #touch within #psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, but (unfortunately) the opportunity was squandered for more false claims 🙄

"What MDMA does is [that it] turns off that amygdala" - @BenSessa
80/ That's incorrect, @BenSessa. Why not share the evidence we have that #MDMA (and other #psychedelics (as @RCarhartHarris & others put it) "reduces the cerebral blood flow to the right amygdala".

What does it mean to "turn off" the amygdala? 😂😂😂 pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/24495461/#:~:t…
81/ Perhaps the most absurd claim about #MDMA I've heard thus far:

"The medicine sort of knows where to go"- @BenSessa

Honest Question: What in the flying fudge is this supposed to mean on a #pharmacological level?

Your reductionistic metaphors aren't working, Ben.
82/ Mind you, I'm not some stranger just randomly tweeting at Doctor @BenSessa. I asked him to sign my copy of his book back in November of 2021 before he decided to block me on Twitter. Why? That's a story for another time. Image
83/ Alright, now here's a clip about a police officer who has joined @MAPS as (perhaps) their "only MDMA assisted psychotherapy track trainee who is a working police officer." Wait for it, wait for it...
84/ While undergoing a therapy session w/ Dr. Mithoefer, this police officer claims that civilians are "afraid of" his fellow policemen 🙄 From my perspective as a victim of police brutality, the fact that this epiphany is framed as some miraculous event is beyond tone-deaf 🤷
85/ The same cop boldly claims that #psychedelic therapy can perhaps allow cops to treat civilians "in a less aggressive and intense manner".

FWIW, American police institutions are built on a foundation of racism & violence. #Psychedelics aren't the solution. #DefundThePolice
86/ It'd be worthwhile to note that @psymposia has written extensively about @MAPS allegedly supporting the police, military, & white supremacists. Yes, you read that right. FWIW, @MAPS denies these claims. IMHO, the evidence speaks for itself. @D__Nickles psymposia.com/magazine/acab/
87/ Speaking of fascists, racists, & white supremacists, let's discuss @joerogan. While Mr. Rogan may disavow such ideologies, that hasn't stopped him from bringing on guests who openly promote such views.

Apparently, @michaelpollan thinks Rogan is OK. thegrio.com/2022/01/21/the…
88/ Speaking of fascists and white supremacists, the Mercer family (owns & funds Breitbart) has given more than $1M to @MAPS, yet @RickDoblin claims that such evidenced accusations amount to only "guilt by association, which is not fair”.
89/ However, there's more to the story than meets the eye. @MAPS feels perfectly comfortable with using its website & Twitter to promote the work of @BreitbartNews journalists. Yes, you read that right. MAPS is retweeting and reposting Breitbart articles.
maps.org/news/media/bre… Image
90/ How could I forget? Here's @RickDoblin next to confirmed insurrectionist @rickperry at a #veteran fundraiser. To be clear, @MAPS has not issued statements on former Governor Perry's involvement in the attempted coup.

Why? Good question 🤷 You got me Image
91/ Regarding @MAPS' other "philanthropists" that @michaelpollan mentioned, does everyone know that the founder of @atai_life (@C_Angermayer) serves on the Presidential Advisory Council for a literal dictator who's guilty of war crimes and genocide? Yeah.
92/ Anyway, before I start rambling (trust me, I could keep going for hours), let's discuss @MAPS' clinical data.

As discussed in @NYTmag's podcast series #CoverStory #PowerTrip, there are SEVERE limitations with the CAPS test @MAPS utilized.
93/ Unfortunately, @michaelpollan didn't take a SINGLE second to double guess @MAPS' clinical data within his @netflix series #HowToChangeYourMind. Just accepts the claims of efficacy at face value. Mind you, he even said the treatment effect was "kinda off the charts". So...
94/ if @MAPS' clinical data is "off the charts" as @michaelpollan describes, then why did he not give pause to question the numerous academic skeptics that @MAPS has amassed over the years?

Honestly, I have no idea why @michaelpollan didn't include a single dissenting voice.
95/ Episode 3 of #HowToChangeYourMind ends with (what might as well be) an advertisement for Awakn Life Sciences (@awakn_ls).

Indeed, after giving @BenSessa more than enough leeway to make ludicrous statements, Pollan allows Sessa to promote his (for-profit) business 🙄
96/ Now that we're at the end of episode 3, I'd like to share my perspective that for-profit clinics that aim to "heal the masses" thru #psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy WILL (in the long run) cut corners on the quality of patient care just to make more $$$.

It's inevitable.
97/ Moving onto episode 4...
98/ Getting back to @MeaghanBuisson's story, it'd be worthwhile to note that @michaelpollan was COMPLETELY OK with discussing #genocide, but wasn't willing to discuss a #SexualAssault stemming from a @MAPS clinical trial. Think about that.

"Hard thing to even talk about". 👍
99/ Here, @michaelpollan claims Al Smith "worked for [Oregon's] Employment Division."

That's outrageously false. He sued the ED b/c they refused to give him unemployment compensation. Al worked for the Douglas County Council on Alcohol & Drug Abuse Prevention & Treatment (ADAPT)
100/ If you thought that was outrageous, wait till you see this. In this clip from #HowToChangeYourMind, @michaelpollan conflates the American Indian Religious Freedom Act Amendments w/ the Religious Freedom Restoration Act 🙄

Two totally separate laws passed in diff't years.
101/ While I'm happy that (@MelissaMNDC) found healing thru #psilocybin, some facts bear repeating:
1) Anecdotal data ≠ double-blind placebo-controlled studies.
2) #Microdosing's therapeutic efficacy hasn't been established.
3) It's unethical to promote unproven cures as cures
102/ At this point in #HowToChangeYourMind, @MelissaMNDC claims that "buying [Psilocybe] spores is completely legal", but @michaelpollan fails to mention that the possession & sale of Psilocybe spores is prohibited in Idaho, Georgia, and California 🙄
103/ Guess what? We're done with the thread!

Can you believe you made it all the way through?

Just to wrap it all up, here's a clip of @RCarhartHarris telling people to drop their old ways of thinking.

I hope my 🧵 taught you all about #HowToChangeYourMind 😉 Get it?
104/ That's all, folks!

• • •

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Jul 16
On July 21st, I’ll go LIVE on the #μltradelic podcast (@UltradelicHQ) to discuss @michaelpollan’s new @netflix series #HowToChangeYourMind. Why? #HTCYM clearly failed to address the growing #epidemic of #SexualAssault within the #psychedelic community. #MeToo

A Thread 🧵 ImageImageImage
2/ Back in May of last year, @michaelpollan publicly discussed his belief that there is “value” in “inoculating the public against inevitable negative stories” about #psychedelics including “sexual abuse in the treatment room” 🚩 🚩 🚩

Inoculate = make immune to, right? 🚩 🚩 🚩 Image
3/ In 1963, Bob Dylan poetically asked listeners across the globe

“How many times can a man turn his head and pretend that he just doesn't see? [...] How many ears must one man have before he can hear people cry? [...] The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind.”
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Live-Tweeting today’s meeting with @JonDenn77001906 and @GreenLightLaw_ re: religious freedom and Oregon’s Measure 109

A Thread 🧵
1/ now that introductions are over, Evan Segura (President @pdxpsychedelic) is speaking about their work re: providing support for the psychedelic community. Mentions free meetings, integration circles, education.

“PPS will be here to support ppl after their experiences” Image
2/ Evan is now sharing their concerns with Oregon’s Measure 109.

I missed most of these comments because a mailman came to the door. Look forward seeing verbatim quotes.

Moderator just asked “what goes into being a good psychedelic facilitator?”
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