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Prof Jo Neill (@b_neuro) is about to give evidence to the @CommonsHomeAffs Select Committee, on the health, economic, and research cases for rescheduling #psilocybin for #mentalhealth treatment.

Watch the session here 👇…
@b_neuro @CommonsHomeAffs On whether the UK's current drug regulations are fit for purpose, Prof Neill says "clearly not", as they're not based on evidence, and inhibits research & innovation by throwing up barriers to research.
@b_neuro @CommonsHomeAffs Schedule 1 is reserved for drugs with "no medicinal value and causes a great deal of harm", but the evidence is clear psilocybin *has* medicinal value, and does not cause significant harm, especially when used in clinical settings.
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Thread 🧵

BREAKING: Health Canada has just notified TheraPsil and dozens of health care professionals seeking psilocybin access and training that their section 56 exemptions are to be denied. (1/ )
This will affect 1000+ health care professionals on our training waiting list and thousands of patients who are seeking help in applying for section 56 and SAP access to #psilocybin. (2/ )
This decision from @GovCanHealth lacks compassion and foresight. This is an issue of patient access and safety. By denying access, Health Canada is forcing patients and practitioners underground. (3/ )

CC: @jyduclos & @Carolyn_Bennett
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Minister @jyduclos,

Registered counsellors, like Carmen, are urgently asking you to approve their section 56 exemptions so they may finish training and be best prepared to facilitate safe and effective #psilocybintherapy for patients.

Please respond.

Minister @jyduclos - HCP's have now waited over 300 days for their exemptions. Why are these healthcare professionals not equal to their peers whose exemptions were approved back in December 2020? Why are you blocking access to the tools these HCPs need for training?
Minister @jyduclos - When you approve exemptions for HCP's you allow patients to access professionals fully trained in this unique modality. When you deny exemptions for training, patients are the one's who are impacted. Do the right thing. Grant HCP exemptions today.
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🧵"Psychoplastogens" = drugs that rapidly induce physical changes in the brain (neuroplasticity).

Examples: ketamine, psilocybin, LSD, DMT, MDMA.

Neuroscientists can literally watch new connections sprout overnight, as in the example below.


There are other plasticity-promoting psychoactive drugs, such as SSRIs, that are not psychoplastogens because they induce plasticity on a slower time scale (weeks).

Psychoplastogens can stimulate plasticity when exposed to neurons for <1 hour.…

I first learned about this term from the work of @DEOlsonLab.

I discussed his research with him in a recent podcast conversation, including his work on #psychedelics like ibogaine.

Listen here:

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Today is the second day of psychedelics @NIH 🇺🇲 with a critical issue to be tackled:

What is a #controlled study with psychedelics?

How to do it?

Why is it important?
Starting now with Michael Bogenschutz from @nyuniversity discussing what was left in the background yesterday: subjective effects
Mixed correlation results between MEQ subjective ratings and therapeutic outcomes for alcohol abuse 🤔
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For my first thread in 2022, I’m going to talk about another #psilocybin therapy company
Ticker: $PHRM
Price: ~C$0.37
Market cap: ~C$32 M
Investment style: Speculative
cc @psychstockwatch, @shroombom1000, @MicrodoseHQ
1/17 $PHRM is a clinical stage psychedelic company with focus on psychedelics use as prescription drugs.
2/17 @Pharmather_Inc is focusing on ketamine delivery via different formulations and a microneedle transdermal patch for intradermal delivery.
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From Psychiatry to Neurology: #Psychedelics as Prospective Therapeutics for Neurodegenerative Disorders 1/5…
The studies of #psychedelics, especially psychedelic tryptamines like #psilocybin, are rapidly gaining interest in neuroscience research. Much of this interest stems from recent clinical studies demonstrating that they have a unique ability t... 2/5
o improve the debilitating symptoms of major depressive disorder (MDD) long-term after only a single treatment. Indeed, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently designated two Phase III clinical trials studying the ability of psi... 3/5
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It’s official. I just receive a U01 grant from NIDA to study #psilocybin for tobacco addiction. To my knowledge it's the 1st grant from the US government in over a half century to directly study therapeutics of a classic #psychedelic. New era in legitimacy of psychedelic science.
This will be a multi-site trial with Hopkins as the lead site. The other sites will be NYU (site lead Michael Bogenschutz) and UAB (site lead Peter Hendricks).
I feel like a curse on this science is starting to lift. Best expressed as the musical movement that starts at 8:03 in this masterpiece
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We’ve got big news! Today we’re announcing 6 company acquisitions. Each of these companies has something unique to offer and we’re thrilled to help build their futures. $RNWF @alkabadshah
@alkabadshah We've acquired @SacredBioscienc, who is pioneering the future of psychedelic research, #psilocybin farming, and alternative therapeutics. Learn more about their mission below! $RNWF @alkabadshah Image
@alkabadshah @SacredBioscienc We acquired @sunshine_hemp. They are committed to helping Florida Farmers with the Best Hemp genetics for #CBD, #CBG, and other #hemp-derived products. $RNWF @alkabadshah Image
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A Yale study of 10 patients found 1 dose of #psilocybin can cut #migraine frequency in half for 2 weeks. Each patient did 1 session with placebo, 1 with the drug. People who felt most high got the least migraine relief. /thread…
The Yale researchers who conducted the small, but 1st of its kind study suggest #migraine patients might benefit from microdoses or sub-hallucinogenic doses of #psilocybin. Understanding how psilocybin prevents migraine might open new pathways for drug development, as well.
I did 2 #migraine clinical trials. I'm glad someone else took this one for the team. I hated Methysergide (Sansert), now discontinued, which was synthesized from lysergic #acid. A 1965 study said Sansert users experienced a "confused feeling of unreality." Tell me about it.
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Why we donated $150,000 to legalize & regulate #psilocybin (mushroom) therapy in Oregon.…
#Psychedelic medicines, when used responsibly in therapeutic settings, are effective tools for awakening compassion, healing trauma & catalyzing progressive social change.
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