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Toxicologists are often consulted about 🍄foraging misadventures (wild mushroom ingestion).

Usually you don't get a clear mushroom image like this video (at best a blurry photo of some OTHER mushroom), or more often no image.

So what to do?

A 🍄🧵
#FOAMed #FoamCC #MedEd
If you do have a good sample or photo you can work with a mycologist (your posion center knows one) to identify the shroom. But this is not frequent.
Since we almost never have that we usually rely on history and symptoms
Key to differentiating mushroom toxicity types: time to onset of GI issues. Most mushrooms upset the tummy. The 5hr “rule” helps identify bad ones.
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What happens when #mushrooms 🍄 are substituted for lean ground #beef 🥩 in a single meal for 4⃣ consecutive days❓

⬇️ daily energy intake 💫

⦾ Meals were rated comparable in terms of palatability, appetite, satiation & satiety 👍 Image
The same researchers conducted a year long trial... & found that 🍄🍄 (rather than red meat) resulted in ⬇️ total energy intake.

💬 1 problem with this study (it seems to me) is that it's not clear what kind of red meat (?🍔🍟) the participants were eating.

Interesting tho..
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Time for another #sciencetwitter journal club! Today's paper: #Microdosing with #psilocybin #mushrooms: a double-blind placebo-controlled study by Cavanna et al 2022! Hot off the presses!…
This study has:

34 participants, about half of which had previous experience with psychedelics

Randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled, within-subjects design

0.5. g psilocybin mushroom in capsule and edible, non-psychedelic mushroom as placebo
typical "microdose" is 0.1 - 0.5 g of dried mushrooms, which still can produce some type of altered consciousness, hallucination effect depending on the person.

most common regimen is 1 day on 2 days off, based on Fadiman's work.
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1/ @michaelpollan's highly-expected @netflix series #HowToChangeYourMind just premiered! 📺🍄 Despite near-universal praise, #HTCYM is rife with errors & borders on historical revisionism 🤥

A critique 🤔🧵 #LSD #MDMA #Peyote #Mescaline #Psilocybin #Mushrooms #Psychedelic @MAPS
2/ Before I get started, I'll give everyone a little bit of background information. @michaelpollan released a non-fiction work entitled "How to Change Your Mind" in May of 2018. Before the end of that year, his book about #psychedelic drugs became a @nytimes bestseller. Image
3/ @michaelpollan achieved massive coverage for this self-described "mental travelogue" of his #psychedelic experiences. Soon enough, Mr. Pollan became a prominent figure w/in the so-called "Psychedelic Renaissance". In the process, he gained a rather interesting reputation. Image
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Indian wild #Truffles being sold in street-market. These #Rugra #Putu #Katarua #Phutphut grow around #Sal_trees & erupt in rains.Closely related to other truffles of d world& expensive #delicacy.

#Wildlife #Nature
Also called "Black #Diamond" cost Rs 1000/ kg in early &late season. This flavourful #Natures_bounty is worth savouring.Some #delicious_dishes- Masala-Rugra, Rugra-Chicken, Rugra-Mutton, Rugra-Biryani. 4 types of wild #truffles r eaten in Central india.
#wildlife #Nature #forest
Ever wondered why #Truffles grow near #Sal_trees? #Truffles grow from spores that live underground in a #symbioticRelationship with Sal #Trees..#Fungus helps d #tree extract nutrients frm ground& d tree gives #truffleFungus carbohydrates, to grow.
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Oyster mushrooms will grow on almost any carbon-rich material. Chances are, you've got all you need to get started tucked away in your recycling bin. ♻️🦪

How to build a cardboard digester a thread:
📦Find/build a crate with some room between the slats for your mushrooms to emerge from. About 1" spaces are good. Milk crates work too!
📜Source enough undyed/brown cardboard and paper to fill the crate. You can also add some freshly used coffee grounds or even a little compost.
🚿 Hydrate your materials by giving them a hose down or soak in a tub for a few minutes. Let any excess water drain off.
🥪 Inoculate! Sandwich your crumbled oyster sawdust spawn between layers of cardboard and paper.
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#DailyWIT Day 15/365: Sara Al-Jack is a prize-winning Sudanese writer. While none of her full-length works have been translated into English, this fiction was recently published in December in @wwborders:…
#SudaneseLit #WIT #WomenInTranslation #AfricanLit
#DailyWIT Day 16/365: Malka Lee was a Yiddish immigrant poet who wrote about the pain of watching the Holocaust from the USA.

Just a portion of her memories from childhood were published in Found Treasures: Stories by Yiddish Women Writers (1994). #YiddishLit #WIT #HolocaustLit Image
#DailyWIT Day 17/365: Ishrat Afreen is an Urdu writer from Pakistan, with select poems available in English translation in the anthology, We Sinful Women: Contemporary Urdu feminist poetry.
#Poetry #PakistaniLit #UrduLit Image
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Thread/What do you think of when we talk about #biodiversity?

There's so much more to our planet's ecology than just plants, trees & animals... Our #soils are home to a quarter of the world's species - many of which include #fungi 🍄
2/ From the ingredients we cook with, to the medicines that heal us and the #woodwideweb that runs beneath our feet, #fungi are vital to our existence, and all life on earth, yet they are the oft-neglected kingdom...
3/This month's #BookClub features @MerlinSheldrake's 'Entangled Life' - an exploration of the amazing world of fungi, and the role they play in shaping all aspects of our world - "eating rock, making soil, digesting pollutants and nourishing and killing plants"
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