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The lies 2020:

Don’t Panic, we go for #herdimmunity, #children can’t spread it and won’t be harmed

What was really
And use #schools as a tap for controlled spread. No transparency, no testing no mask

Lets spread the lie that mask simply don’t work

Here #polarisation starts driven by misinformation and intransparancy by your government. Everybody could see that the measures were nog in line with urgency.

What were they hiding? Why no #zerorisk #zerocovid with borders closed. It could be done

2020: wait we know this will
Lead to many many deaths but the #vaccin is almost here, working hard, we know the #SPIKE is a big thing, hold on #Hopium being built.

Meanwhile lets keep up the lie of children not important to monitor😢 we know from SARS they build less #antibodies lets presume they just not
Affected that much. People scared by kids get sick? We force parents to send them to unsafe schools. We need more lies as damn the social pressure too high for #lockdown really.How we keep business and succer happy now? Cant force #maskmandates as we lied already
Mask dont work😷 too many elderly dying is putting pressure from #healthcare complaining they want to be protected is excellent for breeding the vaccin lie that after a jab you are not likely to pass the virus on and you will protect others beside yourself narrative born without
Proof and proper testing we start telling in early stage #vaccin only strategy will be THE way out if crisis, no precautions whatsoever but maximum risk.

Now.. is that a reason for hesitation? I think it sure is! O well you first bought the lies that covid was over again 2nd
Summer started to travel as all European borders open while we really KNEW it couldn’t be safe really. That is privileged first, we started to introduce testing for entree while we knew not safe from 2020 cruiseships came back infected massively.

Do not gather in groups indoor
Or outdoor we KNEW as virus transmits via the AIR s h a r e d between people, we KNEW but were lied to to not be scared while we should: new pathogen Biohazard3 no longterm consequences known and experimental high risk approach #massdeath and sickness we KNEW upfront, we chose
To live the lie. Now the vaccin was introduced, f i n a l l y some hope to end the crisis, and we should not forget our Tcell memories warning we already know a new variant comes in so do not worry.

But our kids... ssssst, reinfection will be less severe. Another lie we
KNEW already virus lingers in organs in 2020 and the Chinese comparing to HIV, but hey social emotional is more important for kids and you do not want them yo get behind🤔😩

although we KNOW mass infections and first #longcovid show serious chronic symptoms lets push this some
More towards maximum risk. After all we cant keep aircraft on the ground, close business while we might have chose remote hybrid learning and use creativity of businesses and keep spread of shopping, new take aways concepts etc. But we all believed the lie as we accepted pressure
Of lobby to close to late and open up too early so we chose a path of long term deterioration for short term money only, paying a very high price with our kids, their health and future, with #healthcare and #economies to drop. We chose to believe the lie of fully protected by
#vaccibatikn and WHILE we did NIT KNOW we openend all doors for the virus to mutate wildly even when vaccination program still had to begin. Part began, travel began, no #masks but just the false narrative that you are really bad if not running for that jab. We KNEW no immunity
To SARS virusses will last long if any and will never lead to #herdimmunity so we called this virus just Covid-19 leaving out the SARS. Even #healthcare buying the lie as we want #protection so bad. We KNEW no lasting no full protection but started to force the #vaccin more and
More. Then #israel Minister of Health, highly vaxxed country warns that the #vaccin shows very early waning and protection against transmission decreasing to 50% max and elderly not much protected by the vaccin at all. And that curve could only be flattened by #booster #Delta
#delta being a real pain.. so what did that tell us?

1. The huge tsunami in Israel was to be expected everywhere in autumn /winter 2021 and being driven by #vaccinated.

2. We needed all nonpharma tools soonest to prevent high tsunami here but what did we do?

We KNEW but
We chose to neglect and keep up the LIE 80-90% #vaccination rate will keep us out of trouble snd infection on top of #vaccination is even better protection against the disease you you got anyway. People actually buying this lie #hopium. And the #polarisation becoming bigger and
Bigger and now we start blaming #antivaxx while we KNOW is not fair we should have protested to governments especially #healthcore #doctors and all #Phd here waling around unprotected.

We start using the lie to force unvaccinated to get the jab and wile we KNOW it is a lie tell
The #vaccinated it is safe to fly around the world on a #greenpass only, no precautions and hey why nog lie you are protected for a year while we KNOW it is a lie, but people want hopium so bad the will keep business going so flying to bankruptcy actually we prefer not to look at
So there we go another 25 months of #vaxxedrelaxed while we KNEW it was a lie. And even now with millions dead snd die even more and faster, #suddendeath we KNOW multiple organs injured right after infection. We accept the lies, no help to #longcovid, no #Precaucions whatsoever
Taken by governments but pushing lies even further upon and blaming #antivaxx but actually feeding danger to the max: a highly divided and sick society waits to be eaten. The West bei g very very stupid people as more than 90% buying the lies, brainwashed pretending covid over
While KNOWING everybody infected is just amazingly scary. Even mire as they are just fighting antivax the whole day being 5% believing the lack of prompt action and force of vaccin by our Governments must be a total LIE now thinking Covid itself is a lie.

Now think again :
In times we bLame the far right how did you act this #pandemic? Thinking the jab will fix it all, dancing in summer and dying in winter, pretending over and normal in summer while you KNEW it was not as on top of transmission we let go #maskmandates and #healthcare keeps dancing
U n b e l i e v a b l e you keep calling non vaccinated dum and stupid here all day, while you keep buying the lies, now trying to otoof #hybridimmunity while you KNOW it is bullshit and hanging on the protection of severity and death in acute stage will soon change to hopium
That #longcovid wont hit you as hard as the unvaccinated 🤡 well well well here is the bad news: we will all end up #autoimmune, our kids VERY sick and we KNEW but didnt want to #isolate and #quarantine full 25 days necessary, didnt mask them did not protest for safe #schools 😩
And there we go #learningtolivewithLies as there is no living with covid possible

WE KNEW that

Now you accepted the risk you accept liability

That was driving the lies

Now soon you need to pay for your hopium while you cant afford to stay warm.

HappyherdAutoImmunity all
I am sorry for the amount of typos due to my own illness, hope the message came across. Stand up NOW, demand nonpharma measures to #zerotransmission, protect yourself and others, #wearadamnmask do not gather in groups inside #safe #schools protect the #children and eldery, as
E v e r y b o d y is vulnerable after infection and even more after #reinfection 😷 #stayhome #staysafe #uv #cleanair #mildsymptomsisorgandamage #suddendeath #covidkillingnomild
*isolate full 15 days

• • •

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