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...but let's be clear about one thing:

Entering a race w/o having done the work is like showing up at the U.S. Open w/o a tennis racket.18/
No experienced politician would honestly expect to skip every practice, never take a lesson and then still beat Serena on Center Court. 19/
I'm not going anywhere near what Sanders' motivations were or weren't - or what his motivations are now. I'm just pointing out a fact. 20/
Bernie Sanders didn't do any of the things that it takes to be a viable candidate. Any of them. At all. 21/
I just find it amazing that we have never seen as much as a single article pointing any of this out. Not one. 22/
Instead, I've seen an endless string of articles where Sanders critiques Clinton's campaigns - as if the one he ran was better. 23/
As a strict matter of political candidacy, the way Sanders approached his candidacy and prepared for it was downright malpractice. 24/
Make of that what you will. To me, it just makes the press coverage of his critiques rather... umm... interesting. 25/
Imagine if Bernie Sanders had shown up and 2012-2014 and done the work...

Imagine if he merely acknowledged that he didn't. 26/
The first of those is water under the bridge. The second is not. Thus far, I haven't seen anything even remotely close to it though. 27/
I just find it amazing to see endless criticisms offered by a candidate who showed up in Flushing Meadows and lost in the semis. 28/
Of course Sanders lost. When Hillary was hitting a million ground strokes, Sanders was watching the Open on TV from his house in VT. 29/
Why is the media spending so much time indulging his critique of her performance in the finals when he skipped every practice? <end>
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