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1/ On March 28 I made a thread on the top 10 reasons why we are in a bear market using stablecoin charts.

The only divergent signals (opposing this view) were from #UST & #USDT.

What happened since?

#UST went to 0 & #USDT lost $9 bil in mcap.

Next 👇

2/ All reputable stablecoin mcaps were falling (#USDC, #DAI, #LUSD), except UST and USDT.

USDT has now corrected this divergence and is falling in the trend (pic).

UST was not so fortunate and crashed to 0 with more algo stables following the same trend: #USDN, #DEI.

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3/ UST did not have the backing to account for its mcap, hence it went to 0.

Why so bad? Because of a death spiral:

Buy 1 UST, burn it for Luna, sell Luna for $1. With $18 bil UST to burn for Luna, this crashed Luna's price to 0 and UST followed soon after.

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❗️❗️❗️You may consider the following USA universities if you're seeking a Test of English Language Requirement waiver.

(Majorly if you're from Nigeria or a recognized English speaking country in Africa)

University of South Florida

Florida State University

Florida A & M University

University of Toledo

University of Alabama
Bowling Green State University

University of Central Florida

New York University


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#raportzportfela #sezon2 #dywidenda
Najnowszy raport z portfela dedykuję wszystkim nowym inwestorom, którzy dopiero zamierzają rozpocząć przygodę z rynkiem finansowym. Świadome decyzje, w oparciu o analizę rynku, zwiększają szanse na dobre efekty.🧵
Nie znajdziecie tu gotowych rozwiązań. Jeśli jednak zamierzacie zainwestować swoje środki z myślą o uzyskaniu tzw.wolności finansowej to obecna sytuacja powinna każdego mobilizować do gromadzenia:
▶️ środków
▶️ wiedzy
aby być gotowym do podjęcia deczyji.
Dodam też, że osobiście preferuję inwestycje długoterminowe, które powinny zyskiwać na jakości wraz z nabywanym przez nas doświadczeniem.
Przy okazji zachęcam abyście dali znać w komentarzach, jakiej wiedzy potrzebujecie na starcie.
#ike #inwestycje
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1/ Time to dispel the myths around #Terra / #Luna / #UST once & for all!

Is it decentralized? Is UST a stablecoin? Is it #SAFU?

What are the alternatives???

Are you with me?

Here's the thread you've been waiting for. 👇
2/ Before I debunk the most important myths about Terra, I suggest you check my earlier thread on this to understand the context better.

Ready? Let's start with myth number 1. 👇

3/ Myth number 1:

🚨 "Terra / Luna / UST is decentralized."

Verdict: FALSE ❌

I can explain, lets's look at the Terra / Luna network first and then UST. 👇
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இயற்கையை காக்க தோட்டம் வெய்து நான் மரம் வளர்கிறேன்.

நீங்கள் ? #மரடுவிட்டர் #TreeChallenge

மரம் வளர்ப்போம் மனிதம் காப்போம்.

Post your Trees . #Retweet spread the challange 🙏👍 ImageImageImageImage
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#raportzportfela #sezon2 #dywidenda
Dużo łatwiej jest pisać raport z portfela, gdy jest on na plusie, ale przecież my tu myślimy długoterminowo, wszakże jest to portfel dywidendowy :).
Tak więc niezależnie od nastrojów na #fintwit zaczynamy :)
Dla przypomnienia:
💫 saldo początkowe▶️19 472,33 pln
💫 suma dopłat w 2022 r.▶️ 17 766 pln
💫 rentowność w obecnym sezonie▶️-4,49%
💰 na rachunek wpłynęła pierwsza dywidenda od #rokita . Gotówka dostępna▶️272,75 pln.
#ike #ikze #dywidenda #akcje
Tabela z dywidendami. Od ostatniego tygodnia nic się nie zmieniło. Czekamy na informacje z kolejnych spółek. Zobaczymy, czy ktoś zdezerteruje czy jednak każda z wymienionych spółek podzieli się zyskiem.
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+++ Tweet No. 1 +++
Als Einleitung haben wir uns überlegt erst mal den Begriff #Missstand genauer unter die #Lupe zu nehmen! ;) #bildunghilft

Unser Freund heißt @Dudenverlag , also befragen wir erst mal den #Duden ;…
Wie wir jetzt schon gelesen haben, kann man #Missstaende aufdecken. Und genau darum soll es bei uns gehen. Wir werden Missstände aufzeigen um sie besser abstellen zu können. Anprangern, nun ja, könnte man sie auch, aber das geht uns schon wieder zu sehr in die 'Gegeneinander'-
Richtung, wofür aber nicht einstehen. Wir möchten lieber #miteinander #Missstaende aufdecken und abstellen als gegeneinander!♥

Daher würden wir uns sehr freuen, wenn ihr uns durch einen Follow, ein ♥ oder auch ab und an durch ein #Retweet unterstützen könntet! :)
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My swing cash strategy ☢️
(In simple language)

1⃣ #stock selection process - always choose that stock which are consolidating near all time high

(Because whenever stock will give all time high breakout then it will easily give 20/30% return in 1/2 months
2⃣Volume analysis - In that consolidating period volume should be high of up move days then down move days. And last 3/4 month volume of accumulation is must higher then previous days.
3️⃣ fund diversification - always deploy your capital in 3/4 stocks, not more then that or not less then 3.

And, your 3/4 stocks must be from different strong sectors.
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[Draadje] Kennissen zijn naar #Spanje geëmigreerd en zijn opgelicht.
Alles waar ze voor zijn gegaan bleek een scam. #help #opgelicht #support #spain #dutch #PowerOfTwitter☯️
Het contract voor het opzetten van een luxe b&b is, nadat ze er bloed, zweet en tranen in hadden gestoken is opgezegd.
Kan dit #draadje zuid #spanje bereiken? Wellicht is er iemand die iets voor ze kan betekenen?
(Het hele verhaal in het kort in beeld hieronder)
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1/ Let's do $EGLD analysis & news! 📰 Big things are brewing!🔥☕ @ElrondNetwork
No surprised price has been unable to push lower after that huge wick shot price from $177 to $240! 🏋️ Candles like that are so significant and are indicative of underlying support and demand. 😎🧵
2/ Just before that candle, price developed a steady uptrend of higher highs and higher lows. The final statement of that ascending triangle was explosive. The following price action brought price all the way back down to retest support. The floor is rising. #EGLD
3/ Looking at longer timeframes here, 2-week candles, it really seems that price is following a similar pattern that we played through in Feb-Sept 2021, but this time the bears had the ability to push harder than ever.
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1/ You no longer have to trust anon FUD on Twitter about #UST

You can now trust the well respected Wall Street Journal @WSJ

Here are the key points in their article that should raise your eyebrows. 👀

UST is on a thin line as its founder fights the SEC in court.

A thread 👇
2/ Exhibit 1:

"A new breed of cryptocurrencies is seeking to replicate the stability of the dollar. But critics say they are a disaster waiting to happen."

They mean #UST and DAI+BUSD/Paxos fudding UST.

Next 👇
3/ Exhibit 2:

"...algorithmic stablecoins aren’t necessarily backed by any assets at all. Instead they rely on financial engineering to maintain their link to the dollar. Some have failed, saddling investors with losses."

Is UST backed? Nope.

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1/ Time to look at the main stablecoins, including people's favorite #UST which looks rather weak.

There is one undisputed winner, despite any criticism.

The reason? Adoption, liquidity, and volume.

The rest are kings in their niche. A thread 👇

2/ Ranking by market cap is easy (see pic), but that barely says anything.

What is more important is volume and where this volume comes from!

Let's do a ranking by 7-day volume divided by mcap.

See next tweet for the results. 👇 Image
3/ WoW look at that #UST adoption... barely any. Even DAI looks better.

1. #USDT = 4.78 (392 bil volume / 82 bil mcap)
2. #BUSD = 1.59 (27 / 17)
3. #USDC = 0.58 (29 / 50)
4. #DAI = 0.28 (2.5 / 9)
5. #UST = 0.20 (3.4 / 17)

Clearly, USDT and BUSD are in their own class.

Why? 👇
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Ich habe hier mal interessante Links zum Thema #u5Impfung #u5Schutz #offlabelU5 #Kinderimpfung gesammelt und möchte die gerne mit euch teilen. Gerne #Retweet für #Reichweite, denke das ist für viele Eltern sehr hilfreich.
Los geht es mit sehr guten #Threads von @DerDrPappa (vielen Dank dafür 🙏): Zunächst seine Einordnung:
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1/ #EGLD - LET'S KICK ASS 💪⚡🤼 @ElrondNetwork | $EGLD
Alright y'all, with #btc showing weakness 💁 it's time to tighten up and prepare for battle! 🧠 That potential reversal (ascending triangle) broke down so now the expectation is back to the trenches to retest support...
2/ I was able to buy/hodl since 2017 because I set expectations for the worst. That's my advice for you! When we have high expectations it's so easy for our emotions to kick in and give us overconfidence. Want to be successful? Confront and correct those expectations.
3/ A similar phrase is "under-promise and over-deliver". Don't over-promise gains or success in this market - crypto has a reputation of volatility wrecking portfolios, remember? Overconfidence leads to biting more than one can chew which leads to getting in over your head.
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🚨 1/ Have Terra #UST & #Luna topped?

The UST market cap is giving me top signals (see pic).

Since UST & Luna are basically the same things with different labels, you need to be careful!

Particularly when #BTC is flashing a major bear signal!

Here's my update, a thread. 👇 Image
2/ Let's start with UST & why you want UST growth to continue at all costs

A falling UST mcap = more Luna minted = Luna sold = Luna crash

Basically the pump cycle, but now in reverse. This is a big NO-NO for Terra.

Let's look at Luna next 👇

3/ With the price now firmly under $100, Luna's uptrend is over.

What makes this worse is that #BTC is not giving much hopium right now.

If BTC falls under $40k, altcoins will be in HUGE trouble.

See next for a #BTC overview. 👇

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1/🚨 Market Update 🚨

#Bitcoin just confirmed a major bearish signal, not seen since July 2018. 😱

BTC crashed 63% after that in 2018! Can history repeat?

At least PAY ATTENTION. You cannot ignore this.

A thread. 👇 Image
2/ On the weekly timeframe, the 50-week moving average (in yellow) was just confirmed as RESISTANCE by the price action.

The detailed chart for 2022 is below.

Let's look at 2018 as well next. 👇 Image
3/ Similar to now, in 2018, the 50-week moving average acted as RESISTANCE after the price broke below it.

What followed was a 63% crash in the price of #Bitcoin.

This deserves your full attention.

How low can #BTC go this time if this pattern is confirmed? 👇 Image
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🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania (día 42) – Comenzamos el #hilo diario sobre la #GuerraEnUcrania esperando que #Twitter no nos bloquee esta vez la cuenta.

🟥 Lo hacemos con lo que parece un Su-34 a baja altura supuestamente en el #Donbass. Vídeo de #Vorposte.

🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania (día 42) – Las tropas rusas de #rosgvardia habrían encontrado este arsenal ucraniano en #Snigurovka, en la óblast de #Nikolayev, al NE de Jersón y en la ribera del río Inhulets.
🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania (día 42) – El canal ruso #RT (a ver si no nos bloquean esta vez) ha publicado este vídeo en el que se muestra de cerca el funcionamiento de los MLRSL "Grad", en este caso sobre la localidad de Heorhiivka, 20 km al OSO de #Donetsk.
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1/ 🚨 I started to de-risk and exit @anchor_protocol / #UST.

Just pulled out 15k UST (see pic). Will exit in full slowly.

Risk profile is too high & increasing.

#USDN crashing today is a bad omen.

20% / year is not worth the risk.

Protect capital at all costs! My reasons👇 Image
2/ Why #UST "stablecoin" and Anchor yield have a high risk profile.

This is NOT the place for your life savings!

Next 👇

3/ #USDN - algorithmic stablecoin crashing over 30% today... $1 billion in fake money vanishing.

You think #UST market cap is real? lol

Next 👇

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1/ Just watched this documentary on Netflix about the Canadian crypto exchange #QuadrigaCX that collapsed in 2018.

The CEO basically ran a ponzi & gambled away $150 mil in user funds when he was making 2% in fees on transactions - out of over $1 bil in volume!

What an idiot. 👇
2/ Guy was addicted to gambling and his plan from the start was to create a crypto exchange and scam users.

Yet, his exchange became the most successful in Canada and he would have been rich on a legitimate business. My god!

Greed kills people and this guy literally died.
3/ Gerald (the CEO) basically moved all user funds to other exchanges and gambled them away while he credited users with "fake" crypto / CAD.

Once the 2018 crash happened, he could not process withdrawals as people exited crypto and the exchange collapsed.

Users money lost.
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1/ The battle between decentralized stablecoins just got serious!

Terra announced the 4pool on Curve made of #UST, #FRAX, #USDC, and #USDT.

This pool is a direct competitor of 3pool: USDT, USDC & DAI (a decentralized stable).

Why was #DAI singled out? Revenge.

A thread 👇
2/ Before explaining what Curve Finance is and the 3 & 4pools, here is why Terra's CEO hates DAI.

@MakerDAO Founder (DAI) called MIM & UST "solid ponzis" in Jan 2022 (pictured).

Terra did not take long to respond and their plan is aimed at crushing DAI.

How? 👇
3/ @CurveFinance is the largest AMM for stables with almost no slippage & very low fees.

It is the to-go place to swap stables for whales = juicy fees + extra profits for those controlling CRV rewards allocations.

Who controls CRV rewards, has a huge leverage on DeFI.

Next 👇
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1/ I see a lot hopium on my feed, but its time for a cold shower.

Are we out of the bear market? Probably not.

Here are 10+ reasons why you don't want to drop the soap. 😂

🚨 Bearish divergence warning on multiple charts.

Lets dive deeper, a thread. 👇 Image
2/ Lets start with stable coins first, then move to more "exotic" assets in crypto (e.g. NFTs/DeFI).

First, #USDC - best centralized stablecoin (aka, they can freeze your money).

See that beautiful top? USDC market cap falling since 1 Mar 2022 + double top = bearish.

Next 👇 Image
3/ Second, #DAI - best decentralized stablecoin (aka, they can't freeze your money).

"LOL you forgot about #UST." No I didn't, keep reading.

Again on DAI, double top + falling mcap = bearish.

Next 👇 Image
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#raportzportfela #sezon2 #portfeldywidendowy
Zapraszam Was do zapoznania się z najnowszym raportem z portfela :
💫 saldo początkowe ▶️19 472,33 pln
💫 suma dopłat w 2022 r. ▶️ 17 766 pln
💫 rentowność w 2022 r. ▶️ +0,92%
💫 gotówka ▶️ 58,15 pln
📄 Poniżej wyciąg z portfela.
Do portfela wrócił pakiet akcji #voxel. Cena zakupu 39,90 pln.Decyzję o zakupie podjąłem 23 marca. Wtedy to pojawiły się większe obroty. Technicznie walor jest mocno schłodzony. Do tego #voxel posiada politykę dywidendową.
Kurs konsoliduje się pomiędzy 38,5 pln-40 pln. Na wykresie tygodniowym RSI jest już wyjątkowo nisko. Jeśli #analizatechniczna ma jakieś atuty, to najbliższe dwa tygodnie są okresem, w którym #AT ma szansę to udowodnić.
#ike #ikze
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1/ Terra CEO is buying billions in #Bitcoin with free money. How?

Is the end game to create a Terra “ecosystem” or to accumulate BTC, the best asset in the world?

This is happening right under your nose as I post this. Possibly at your expense! Best to prepare.

A thread. 👇 Image
2/ Terra’s CEO is buying #BTC with UST & Luna


Why not buy and hold Luna instead?

Because he knows Luna is a poor long term investment.

He’s so smart he is buying billions in BTC with free money! Got to give him credit for that.

Here is how 👇 Image
3/ How do they create free money to buy BTC?

By using smart tokenomics!

They burn Luna to mint UST.

Instead of the dollar value transferring from Luna’s market cap (mc) to UST mc, the dollar value is retained in both market caps!

WOW I just doubled my money! Better yet 👇 Image
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