The major part of Tipu Sultan's rule was spent in conducting military operations for subjugating Malabar #TyrantTipu
#TyrantTipu Wars of territorial conquest waged in Malabar by Hyder Ali Khan, with the Ali Raja of Arackal & his Mappila followers of Kannur
Hyder Ali Khan had expressed his satisfaction for these cruel achievements #TyrantTipu
Before his efforts to conquer the entire Malabar region could succeed, Hyder Ali Khan died in December, 1782 #TyrantTipu
Tipu Sultan who succeeded his father, considered it his primary duty to continue this unfinished jîhâd started by Hyder Ali Khan #TyrantTipu
Islamic fanaticism of Tipu Sultan was worse than that of his father. His war-cry of jîhâd was death or forcible conversion #TyrantTipu
#TyrantTipu During the cruel days of Islamic operations from 1783 to 1791, thousands of Nairs besides about 30,000 Brahmins had fled Malabar
#TyrantTipu enough evidence that a few members of Zamorin family & many Nairs were forcibly circumcised and converted into Muhammadan faith
#TyrantTipu The communal Mappila outrage of 1921 in Malabar could be easily traced to the forcible mass conversion atrocities of Tipu Sultan
Many Millions of Hindus were forcibly converted into Muhammadan faith #TyrantTipu
In 1789, Tipu Sultan marched to Kozhikode with an army of 60,000, destroyed the fort, and razed the town to the ground #TyrantTipu
#TyrantTipu Gunddart says n his Kerala Pazhama that it is just not possible to describe the cruel atrocities perpetrated by him in Kozhikode
William Logan gives in his Malabar Manual a long list of temples destroyed by Tipu Sultan and his army #TyrantTipu
#TyrantTipu There were around 7000 Namboodiri houses of which more than 2000 houses were destroyed by Tipu Sultan in Kozhikode alone
#TyrantTipu During the military regime of Tipu Sultan, Hindus were forcibly circumcised and converted to Muhammadan faith
Tipu Sultan had, ruled his kingdom only for sixteen-and-a-half years, from December 7, 1782 to May 4, 1799 #TyrantTipu
The territory of Malabar was under his effective control only for a short period of eight years #TyrantTipu
He had convinced himself that he could easily become the Emperor of South India if he could somehow vanquish the British #TyrantTipu
Tipu Sultan solicited the assistance of Muslim countries like Persia, Afghanistan and Turkey #TyrantTipu
#TyrantTipu It is only for the satisfaction of the Brahmin astrologers who used to study his horoscope that Tipu Sultan spared two temples
#TyrantTipu The entire wealth of every Hindu temple was confiscated before 1790 itself mainly to make up for the revenue loss
#TyrantTipu Tipu Sultan discontinued the practice of appointing Hindus in different administrative and military jobs like Hyder Ali
He had deep hatred towards all non-Muslims. #TyrantTipu
#TyrantTipu During the entire period of sixteen years of his regime, Purnaiyya was the only Hindu who had adorned the post of Dewan
In 1797 (2 yrs b4 his death) among the 65 senior Government posts, not even a single Hindu was retained #TyrantTipu
Among the 26 civil and military officers captured by the British in 1792 there were only 6 non-Muslims #TyrantTipu
Muslims, even those who were illiterate and inefficient, were also appointed to important Government posts #TyrantTipu
for getting promotions, one still had to be a Muslim under Tipu Sultan's regime #TyrantTipu
all the records relating to tax revenue, were ordered to be written in Persian rather than in Marathi and Kannada #TyrantTipu
#TyrantTipu In TN Muslims and Communists asked for a memorial for Tipu Sultan and Hyder Ali.
#TyrantTipu They say Tipu revolted against imperial British Raj and fought against enslavement.
#TyrantTipu Malabar invasion of Tipu was unleashing of a carnage. Fra Bartolomaco, Voyage of East India- cited by K.P. Padmanabha menon
#TyrantTipu First mothers were hanged with children tied to the necks of their mothers.
#TyrantTipu Tipu Sultan tied Christians and Hindus to the legs of elephants and made the elephants move till the bodies were tom to pieces
#TyrantTipu Temples and Churches were ordered to be burnt, desecrated and destroyed.
#TyrantTipu Christian and Hindu women were forced to marry Muhammadans and similarly their men were forced to marry Muhammadan women
#TyrantTipu Those who refused to convert to Islam were killed by hanging then and there.
#TyrantTipu Accompanied by an army of 60,000, Tipu Sultan came to Kozhikode in 1788 and razed it to the ground.
#TyrantTipu It is not possible even to describe the brutalities committed by that Islamic barbarian from Mysore.
#TyrantTipu Worst type of brutalities on Brahmins were committed by Tipu Sultan in 1783 during his siege of Palghat Fort
#TyrantTipu Tipu's soldiers daily exposed the heads of many innocent Brahmins within sight from the fort for Zamorin/Hindu followers to see.
#TyrantTipu It is asserted that the Zamorin rather than witness such enormities and to avoid further killing of innocent Brahmins
#TyrantTipu Hundreds of Nair women and children were abducted to Sreerangapatanam or sold as slaves to the Dutch.
#TyrantTipu Hundreds of Nair women and children were abducted to Sreerangapatanam or sold as slaves to the Dutch.
#TyrantTipu Nairs were hunted down and killed and also deprived of all traditional and social privileges.
#TyrantTipu Thousands of Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Nairs and other respected classes of Hindus were forcibly converted to Islam
#TyrantTipu His army descended on a Deepavali day and massacred 800 citizens, mostly of a sect known as Mandyam Iyengars
#TyrantTipu In Aug, 1786 Tipu's Army destroyed idols at Perumanam Temple and desecrated all the temples between Trichur and Karuvannur river
#TyrantTipu Irinjalakuda and Thiruvanchikulam temples were also defiled and damaged by Tipu's Army
#TyrantTipu Even if the entire world is offered to me, I will not desist from destroying Hindu temples.
#TyrantTipu For a distance of four leagues, nothing was found but only scattered limbs and mutilated bodies of Hindus
#TyrantTipu 200 Brahmins had been "seized, confined, made Muslims and forced to eat beef and do other things contrary to their customs
#TyrantTipu I have achieved a great victory in Malabar, over four lakh Hindus were converted to Islam
#TyrantTipu I am overjoyed at the prospect of converting him and his subjects to Islam.
#TyrantTipu I am determined to convert them also very soon. I consider this as Jehad to achieve that object.
#TyrantTipu Muslims were exempted from all taxes. Even those who were converted were allowed same concessions
#TyrantTipu Tipu sent emissaries to Afghan and Turkey promising to establish an Islamic empire in Hindustan.
#TyrantTipu Hindu temples were ordered to pay special taxes for performing their daily rituals and existence.
#TyrantTipu 1769 AD on Ganesh Chaturthi a Moslem threw a stone upon a Brahmin injuring him grievously at Kumbakonam
#TyrantTipu Tipu had converted 70,000 Christians and Hindus to Islam forcibly.
#TyrantTipu Nov 2012, Min of Minorities decided to establish 5 Universities at K’taka, Bihar, WB, MP, J & K on the lines of AMU
#TyrantTipu the University at Srirangapatnam at Karnataka would be christened after Tipu Sultan.
#TyrantTipu If the authorities are particular in naming the University after a Moslem, let it be named after Abdul Kalam
Tipu and his Padayottam were a nightmare, especially for the Hindus of Malabar #TyrantTipu
Tipu did not consider the Hindu rulers of Maharashtra, Coorg and Travancore or the Muslim ruler Nizam as impediments #TyrantTipu
He had convinced himself that he could easily become the Emperor of South India if he could somehow vanquish the British #TyrantTipu
To achieve his selfish goal & to face the British forces, Tipu Sultan sought the assistance of another foreign power, the French #TyrantTipu
Tipu Sultan solicited the assistance of Muslim countries like Persia, Afghanistan and Turkey #TyrantTipu
Tipu and Nizam were the only Muslim rulers in the Deccan at that time and hence he wanted to avoid any dispute with the Nizam #TyrantTipu
Cruelties which Tipu Sultan committed in Coorg, has no parallel in history #TyrantTipu
He forcibly converted over ten thousand Hindus to Muhammadanism. #TyrantTipu
He captured and converted to Islam more than one thousand Hindu Coorgis before imprisoning them in the Sreerangapatanam fortress #TyrantTipu
Ayaz Khanwas Kammaran Nambiar from Chirackal Kingdom before his forcible conversion to Islam by Hyder Ali Khan #TyrantTipu
When Ayaz Khan learnt that Tipu Sultan was scheming to kill him secretly, he escaped to Bombay with plenty of gold #TyrantTipu
Tipu Sultan came to Bednur,forcibly converted its entire population to Islam. people accepted Islam for the sake of their lives. #TyrantTipu
thousands of Christians were also forcibly sent to Sreerangapatanam where all of them were circumcised and converted to Islam. #TyrantTipu
In Malabar, the main target of Tipu Sultan's atrocities were Hindus and Hindu temples #TyrantTipu
The Malabar Manual mention that the Maniyoor mosque was once a Hindu temple. it was converted to a mosque by #TyrantTipu
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