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(1) Our opponents are trying (and failing) to deploy this February 2016 collection of Hillary TIME covers as some kind of rebuttal to Trump's tweet about the magazine today. Like everything they do, it backfired on them. Here's why.…
(2) They think saying Hillary had dozens of TIME covers somehow makes her look "better" than Trump. It just shows TIME's liberal bias & how it has worsened since 1992. Further, many covers are quite negative about Hillary, as you'd expect. And they show TIME campaigned for her.
(3) The point of Trump's tweet was to remind all that TIME is *still* fatally biased against him & us, untrustworthy, anti-journalism & nothing more than a flimsy, increasingly irrelevant lib mouthpiece. He also took over the news cycle for next 24hrs or so, like 100 times before
(4) The first in TIME's list of Hillary covers is this one from September 1992, in the midst of Bill's first national campaign. TIME was slightly more balanced back then and was already questioning whether she was a help or hindrance to him. Splendidly ironic.
(5) And since the Left loves to attack women like @PressSec & @KellyannePolls on their looks, I'd like to point out the level of (probably alcohol induced) premature aging on the face of this 45yo, and that media didn't airbrush it out in 1992.
(6) May 1993, after only 5 months of Bill being in office, TIME was already talking up Hillary's "power" & implying it's ethical to give a FLOTUS a major policy role (the future Obamacare, which she failed to achieve). I note they whine about the Kushners while denying all this.
(7) Fun fact: Marc Mezvinsky's parents were both D Congressmen. His Dad was jailed for fraud. His Mom lost her re-election bid bc she voted for HillaryCare (it failed in the Senate). Were the invites for her son to socialize with the young Chelsea part of the payoff? #Swamp
(8) Ken Starr was the special counsel appointed to investigate Bill Clinton. This February 1998 TIME cover shows how the MSM tried to undermine him. It also makes an excellent inclusion in the list of covers the Left thought would be fun to use today. #Backfired
(9) 1994 "Whitewater Is Clouding Her Image: But How Much Is She To Blame?"

Ah, the days when even TIME was sometimes willing to be evenhanded in covering American politics.
(10) March 1996, before the end of Bill Clinton's re-election campaign. Can you imagine TIME or most of the MSM being this negative about Democrats these days?
(11) August 1998. TIME did it's part in the long process of trying to rehabilitate Hillary's image for the sake of a future Presidential run. The narrative was "poor Hillary," the dutiful, forgiving wife who had nothing whatsoever to do with dozens of sexual assault cover-ups."
(12) September 1998. TIME toys with the idea of Bill Clinton's impeachment, knowing it will never happen so they may as well sell some magazines with it.
(13) In February 1999, after Bill Clinton perjured himself by lying about sexually harassing a then 22yo Monica Lewinsky. "How The Scandal Was Good For America" is one of the Hillary TIME magazine covers that her apologists thought would be a good idea to bring up today.😂
(14) 1999. If you see liberals crowing about how many TIME magazine covers included Hillary, note they're including tiny mentions of sub-stories as a "Hillary cover." The usual dishonesty.
(15) March 1999. TIME reveals the next stage of Hillary's plan to achieve world domination.

DOD: July 16, 1999.
(16) June 2003, just as the 2004 campaigns were gearing up. "Hillary In Her Own Words: The Former First Lady Talks Candidly About Bill, Her Public Life, and Her Private Pain." The only pain that liar experienced was being called out for her scandals/crimes. Creepy fake smile, too
(17) Another claimed "Hillary Cover" in which she barely features. February 2007.
(18) August 2006 "The Presidential Ambitions of Hillary Clinton." Hmm.
(19) 2008 was a bumper year for Hillary TIME magazine covers. Why, it's almost like they were part of her campaign...
(20) Uh-oh, trouble in paradise: "Why Hillary Fell Behind," from February 2008.
(21) "The Struggle For The Soul Of The Democrats," February 18, 2008.

>Irony meter explodes.
(22) March 17, 2008. Hillary had already lost the primary for all intents and purposes, but the TIME magazine part of her PR wing was still pumping out the positive cover stories for her.
(23) A spooky May 5, 2008 TIME magazine cover. We know how the story ended though: Hillary got 4 years of enrichment via Pay To Play at State in exchange for buying the DNC's debt and it being Her Turn in 2016.

#Oops 😂🦁
(24) TIME magazine's May 2008 inclusion of Hillary in it's Top 100 list. The first of many #MoralVictories (iso real victories) for her.😂
(25) February 2007. Allegedly "What Hillary Believes And Why She Thinks She'll Win." It should be clear by now that Hillary doesn't believe in anything except what best serves her own interests on the day.
(26) Please wait until I finish writing this thread before asking ttthreads to "unroll" it for easier reading. Also, the link to the unrolled thread will be added at the end, so check there first before asking, thanks.
(27) TIME magazine included their client Hillary in their Top 100 list again in May 2009. Like everything they do, this "honor" is for sale.
(28) November 16, 2009. TIME magazine calls Hillary a "global celebrity" and asks if she can "make a more peaceful world."

>Replacement irony meter also explodes
(29) I remember this November 2011 TIME magazine cover. Such a fake image of statesmanship and competence, given what she was doing behind closed doors.
(30) April 2012, Hillary makes the Top 100 list again. Probably part of trying to keep her relevant during an election year, in the eyes of her Party Unity My Ass (PUMA) middle aged female base within the DNC.
(31) "Can Anyone Stop Hillary?" from January 2014.

>Gives up replacing irony meters.
(32) March 2015, when Hillary was still doing paid speeches, while already paying a few campaign staffers' salaries two months before announcing her run, which is illegal.
(33) Yet another installment in the Poor Hillary series, which TIME started in 1998. This cover is from February 15, 2016: when Bernie Sanders was gaining on her in the primary.
(34) I haven't looked for the Hillary covers after February 2016 but I can imagine they were in the same vein as the others. I'll add on to the end of this thread any that look interesting, plus a link to the "unrolled" version of the thread. Thanks for reading!

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