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CIA, Mossad and “the Epstein Network” Exploiting Mass Shootings to Create an Orwellian Nightmare
Epstein, known for blackmail through the sexual abuse of the underaged girls, also had “damaging information” on prominent figures in Silicon Valley.…
Operation Parachute reminder: Harvey #Weinstein & Black Cube 'a select group of veterans of elite units in the #Israeli intelligence community, combined with financial and legal experts' based in London, Tel-Aviv and Paris.… Image
It took 30 years of rape before this guy was arrested!
Epstein-linked French modeling agent with office in Tel Aviv charged with rape of minors… #KGB #Mossad #Chutzpah #Brunel #Epstein
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Sheldon and Miriam receive a blessing from the Lubavitcher Rebbe in 1991
#Zionism #IsraelFirst
Tanks against assimilation - The story behind Chabads Mitzvah tanks…
(Note: assimilation means “to be absorbed into the cultural tradition of another population or group”)
The secret of #Chabad, #Mossad & #KGB
Clandestine and secret networks in the Soviet Union and how the helped #Judaism to flourish after the Iron Curtain came down 🤓

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Here's an extract from my book #Collusion on the KGB's operation to cultivate Donald #Trump, including during #Trump's 1987 trip to Soviet #Moscow via @politicomag
The former #KGB officer Yuri Shvets today corroborates my Collusion account, saying the spy agency cultivated #Trump as an asset for 40 years. Per my sources he was classified as 'doveritelnaya svyaz' - a confidential contact…
Archive material in Prague reveals that the Czechoslovak secret police first began spying on #Trump in 1977, after he married a woman from behind the Iron Curtain, Ivana Zelníčková. The StB intelligence service shared its product with the #KGB…
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☝क्या आप जानते है की जब #काँग्रेसियों_की_मालकिन😠 #एंटोनियो_माइनो💀उर्फ"सोनिया गाँधी"का जन्म हुआ था,
☝तब इसके पिता पिछले #4साल से जेल में बंद थे?
☝हालांकि ये #मेडिकल_साइंस का चमत्कार ही था😂
☝वैसे है न आश्चर्य वाली बात???

(By:- #SubramaniamSwamy)
👇👇👇 ImageImageImageImage
☝आज आपको "सोनिया गांधी" के जीवन से जुड़े कई #रहस्यों को उजागर कर देते हैं...
☝सही मायने में कैसे इन्होंने हवा बनाकर हमारे भोले-भाले देशवाशियो को ठगने का #कार्य किया है

☝आखिर ये हम सभी का सिरदर्द"सोनिया गाँधी"कौन है???

#सरकारी या #अधिकारिक रूप से कोई भी"सोनिया गाँधी"नहीं है
☝इन मोहतरमा का वास्तविक नाम #अन्तोनिया_अल्बीना_माइनो(#AntoniaAlbinaMaino )है...जैसा की हमें सभी को पता चल चुका है कि #सोनिया_इटालियन है और इसका #पासपोर्ट भी #इटालियन है,
☝जबकि इसकी शादी "#भगौड़ा_राजीव_गाँधी "😠 के साथ हुई थी...
☝लेकिन फिर भी इसने कभी भी #अधिकारिक_रूप से आजतक
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Powerful #Serbian-#American Drug Traffickers May Have Ties to Intelligence Agencies
#CIA #KGB ? #opioidcrisis…
#GroupAmerica - #Peru - Tunnel into max security prison to #Serbian Kingpin
#opioidcrisis #ZoranJaksic
(Note: a 200 metres long, 10 metres deep tunnel into prison 🤔)

(video by Mob Reporter 13-12-2020)
French lawmaker Thierry Mariani said that the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP), is explicit in receiving Soros’ Open Society Foundations (OSF) and USAID funding ....
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A #Stasi is always a Stasi! Olaf Neitsch (aka "Timmi Allen" from @bellingcat) is still hunting civilians, breaking privacy rules and offering his pro-nazi friends a bounty for the private address of someone he considers "the enemy of Bellingcrap"!
And then he cannot find a better argument than "guilt by association" - with #KGB and... you never guess! #Putin 🤣🤣🤣

Something is definitely lose in that head of him, don't you think? 😉
Let's see what Olaf said about his working experience in the interview to @RFERL - the whole interview is here:…
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Drugs, a mural of Stalin, and Boris #Johnson - our exclusive investigation into Evgeny Lebedev's "hedonistic" parties in London and Italy and his decade-long relationship with the British prime minister. By me and @dansabbagh…
Johnson made Lebedev a peer in July. He's due to take up his seat shortly in the House of Lords. Security sources tell us he is *still* deemed to be a potential security risk, albeit a low tier one, because of his #Moscow-based father Alexander who was in the #KGB
In March the House of Lords Appointments Commission wrote to Johnson calling for Lebedev's peerage to be withdrawn, as reported by @BylineTimes. This followed a #security briefing. No 10 resubmitted Lebedev's name in July, when the Commission reluctantly approved his appointment
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The fear of the lover from the East

The #Stasi/#KGB used so-called Romeos on female secretaries in West Germany with great success. Women were particularly targeted in ministries and the security apparatus 1/5
Especially in the 1970s there were a number of East lovers in West German beds who had been busted. In 1979, six "spies for love" were discovered within a few weeks. All of them were either married or permanently involved with full-time Stasi or KGB staffers 2/5
In the same year, the Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz launched a poster campaign. "There is a code word for opening safes: love"" warned the intelligence service 3/5
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Seven Decades of Nazi Collaboration: America’s Dirty Little Ukraine Secret
An interview with Russ Bellant, author of “Old Nazis, the New Right, and the Republican Party.”

#Ukraine #USA #Nazi's #Jews #WorldWarII #CIA #Europe #RepublicanParty… Image
Task Force 157 - The Secret Team
The British agent Ayatollah #Khomeini was installed by #MuslimBrotherhood, #Tavistock, the #AspenInstitute and the #ClubOfRome.

#KGB #CIA #Iran #USA #KnightsOfMalta #uk… ImageImage
Operation Bloodstone - America's recruitment of Nazis
"They were the cream of the Nazis and collaborators, the leaders, the intelligence specialists, and the scholars who had put their skills to work for the Nazi cause."
#Fascism #USA #Nazi #CIA…
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Protest for #Navalny in #Siberia. Attempted poisoning of #Navalny augments anger over the jailing of a popular local governor on trumped up charges. Will the Siberia Navalny protests spread to #Moscow, or is fear of death already the object lesson? #KGB #Putin #NATO #Belarus
1) Coverage of the protests by #Belarus's largest TV station. As U can see, #Lukashenko has lost control of at least part of the media & no one seems to be stopping them. Earlier in the week it was reported that some #Belarus military units were also in the protest. #Putin #NATO
2) Meanwhile, #Lukashenko announced that #NATO is marshalling forces for an attack & has ordered most of his forces to his western border. This conveniently gets his troops out of harm's way if #Putin invades from east to stop #Lukashenko's collapse. NATO denies intent to invade.
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Here’s how the Russian mob used cash from a multi-billion dollar gas scam to get their hooks into #Trump
“For roughly a decade, thousands of #Russian #Jews like him had been pouring into Brighton Beach, Brooklyn.…
Mafia/Mob Boss-Michael Franzese
Michael Franzese, a Mafia boss who left the Columbo crime family (New York), who shares his story, his experiences and how and why he left the Mob.

(minute 17 (((Russian))) mob 😉)
John Stockwell, of the C.I.A. 'In search of Enemies' America and Russia are not enemies but loyal allies pursuing the same objective: A One-World Socialist-Communist Dictatorship.…

#mobsters 🕎 😊
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Su @Wikipedia c'è scritto che Giorgio #Napolitano nel 1978 fu il primo del #PCI a ricevere un visto per recarsi negli #USA. FALSO..come dimostra #Wikileaks ci furono altri comunisti italiani prima di lui e anche Segr Gen PC di #Spagna #SantiagoCarrillo… Image
Inoltre Giorgio #Napolitano #PCI si reca negli #USA 2 settimane dopo il rapimento del Pres Consiglio Aldo #Moro...
D'altronde, già nel 1974, autorevoli membri del #PCI incontrarono il #deepstate #USA alla #Trilateral1974 a Roma..

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#Belarus: with presidential elections less than two months away president #Lukashenko is cracking down on political opponents, jailing several opposition figures…
#Belarus: president #Lukashenko has ruled the country since independence and will be seeking a 6th term in office this August, but for the first time it seems that an easy victory is not guaranteed…
#Belarus: one-by-one #Lukashenko's rivals are being picked off the streets and jailed or brought in for questioning.

Presidential hopeful Viktar Babaryka was arrested together with his son.…
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The Manzarieh camp in N/Tehran was #Iran’s 1st major #terrorist camp in 1981. They brought in foreign trainers such as #Palestinians, #Syrians, N/ Koreans & even 300 Farsi speaking #KGB agents in Iranian uniforms to export the Islamic Revolution to create chaos in the Arab world. Image
Might that chaos include assassinating Lebanon’s Maronite leader Bachir Gemayel in 1982 ? A #Syrian was arrrested. #Syria has been allied to #Iran. Iran’s #Shia Revolution was definitely a big moment in Lebanon. The Soviets, #Iran and #Syria all had interests in #Lebanon.
Massive chaos followed the assassination of young #Gemayel who demanded the ouster of Syrian forces and the #PLO. He had rebuked an offer by the #KGB to assist the Maronites in return for #Soviet bases.
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#MoroFiles Testim dell Ag Polizia Renato #DiLeva arrivato subito dopo l'agguato #Fani

Mentre il suo collega F. #Zizzi agonizzava e si lamentava all'interno dell'auto, è stato avvicinato da 2 in borghese che gli hanno detto di seguirli subito in Questura #SEGRETO Decl 2016 ImageImage
#MoroFiles Appunto #Digos 1999 dice che non ha trovato nessun rif riguardante sul maestro di musica #IgorMarkevitch nobile russo definito dalla stampa come il "grande vecchio" che ha ospitato in villa le #BR

Coincidenza però che sua moglie si chiamava Topazia #Caetani... Image
#MoroFiles..tuttavia su #IgorMarkevitch esistono 2 faldoni con 109 allegati all'informativa #ROS del 1 giugno 1999 + id #Anfitrione Image
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Battles for Syria | March 3rd, 2020 | Russian Military Police enters Saraqib
Weird situation in Syria! Turkish observation posts in Syria while Turks bombarding SAA, Russia 'helping' SAA while Israel keeps bombarding Syria🤔
For the last time, Putin is not stopping Israel's plans in Syria. The goal was never regime change, it was always to destabilize Syria. Putin did not try to stop that. Why the hell would he, considering weapon sales are a major part of Russia's economy.
Rabbi Explains Shocking History of #Putin, #KGB, #Chabad, & #Mossad
The rabbi talks as if #Judaism was not a religion but a crime organization, hmm🤔
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Comrade Ayatollah - Introduction
(In the end the whole world seems to be a stage😉)
Did you know that #ahmadinejad was a #Jew and Ayatollah #Khomeini a deep #SAVAK agent working for the #CIA, #MI6, #KGB, or a combination thereof?…
You never know for sure 😉
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Letzte Woche war #36C3, und hier sind meine Empfehlungen für Talks, die es zum Glück auch alle als Video gibt. Schaut sie an, sie sind sehr gut! #Bestof36C3

Es folgen ganz viele Video-Links, thematisch sortiert:

Zuerst über Hacker, den #CCC und sonst zu Chaos aller Art:
„The #KGB Hack: 30 Years Later - Looking back at the perhaps most dramatic instance of hacking of the 1980s and the role it had in shaping the public image of the CCC“, von Anja Drephal…
„Hack_Curio - Decoding The Cultures of Hacking One Video at a Time“ über @HackCurio, von @BiellaColeman
Und @PBialski…

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Sale #hilo de la columna de hoy de @trentinafm con la genia de @peponila
@trentinafm @peponila En una nota en mi blog hablo de las coincidencias de las visitas de #CFK a #Cuba con otros eventos q se sucedieron en países miembros del Foro de sao Paulo, ahora rebautizado #GrupodePuebla en clara antípodas del #GrupodeLima.
@trentinafm @peponila En esa nota relacionaba las fechas:
Viajes a #Cuba de #CFK
Desde el 20 al 30 de abril
Desde 2 al 10 de julio
Desde el 22 al 30 de agosto
Desde el 11 al 19 de septiembre
Desde el 28 de septiembre al 7 de octubre ( luego pidió 5 días más)
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1. Tech. Internet.

The tech is clearly not [theirs].

[they] used the old #KGB Method of overloading Users with all kinds of disinformation.
Prefrbl #Lies to trigger Hate.

Only to force us to #Awaken.
Once we were awakened, sifting thrue lies and Truth became Easy.
2. When they started the internet they had no idea that 60 years later it would lead to a #Monsterarmy of millions of #Anons.

From the moment the People realized that with internet you can keep each other #Awake over long distances, they've started to #Network.
3. For decennia we educated and kept waking each other up.

Then came the algos and shadowbans but [they] still didn't realise what happened.

Now they're Erasing as fast as they can without shutting down a to big of a cluster because that would jeopardise [their] own supply.
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Victor Grayevsky, the man who began the end of the Soviet Empire!
He leaked Nikita Khrushchev's speech in the closed session of the Communist Party's 20th Congress, gave the document to #Mossad, which then passed the contents to the #CIA.
The speech had exposed Stalin's real face as a mass-murderer.
Grauevsky was the #Mossad man in #KGB.
It all started with a love affair. Lucia Baranovski, Poland's then Deputy Prime Minister fell head over heels in love with the Jewish Journalist in Poland (Grayevsky).
One Day Grayevsky found a stamped brochure in red cover with an inscription "TOP SECRET" on it.
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U.S. can pursue secret national security probe of Mar-a-Lago intruder

Jeffrey Epstein Borrowed ‘Tainted Money’ From Deutsche Bank, Says Former Mentor

Bear Sterns/Ace Greenberg👉🏼 Epstein
Greenberg👉🏼Roy Cohn👉🏼
Trump, Stone & Manafort👉🏼Stone & Manafort👉🏼Barrack

Epstein’s Financial Trust also was also a major investor in Bear Stearns’s HGSCSEL Fund, whose collapse helped ignite the global financial crisis.

Fact: Trump was awarded the last loan from BS prior to crash to finance his TOC Panama

Bear Sterns 👉🏼JPMorgan

U.S. Investigating Deutsche Bank’s Dealings With Malaysian Fund 1MDB, re whether DB violated foreign laws #GoldmanSachs

Epstein appears to have been doing business & trading currencies through Deutsche Bank until just a few months ago. #FBME
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My latest BOOM! ====>

What was a deep cover East Bloc mole doing close to our president almost 40 years ago?

How far back do Trump's secret Kremlin links go?

A Cold War spy mystery comes in from the cold to haunt the White House in 2018.

#StB #KGB…
Heads up, Prague, the KGB and Cold War ghosts are calling Cheeto Jesus ...

@TheRickWilson @_JakubJanda @MollyMcKew @ericgarland @BradThor @SlawomirDebski @IlvesToomas @RadioFreeTom
Per usual we'll be discussing this over at @thespybrief, where the trolls and bots aren't.
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In the late 80's and early 90's most #Trump headlines looked like this.
By the late 90's and early 2000's it was reported that he had become a billionaire, no longer in debt. Not before filing 2 bankruptcies and announcing many projects that were never built.
1987 #Trump met Soviet leader
Yuri Andropov, He was even the boss of a promising young #KGB officer named Vladimir #Putin.
Yuri arranged a trip for Trump to visit Moscow. His hotel room, a corner suite accross the street fom the #Kremlin.

In 1986, #Trump met with one of the few Americans who knew Mikhail Gorbachev, seeking information about the USSR's new leader and telling plans to ask Reagan to post him to Moscow.
Shortly after he showed interest in #Russia and they got word of it the plan was born.
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