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(THREAD) The Trump investigation no one is discussing is the one that could prove—via direct evidence—that Trump stole the presidency. Inspector General Horowitz needs to talk to Joseph DiGenova, a Trump supporter who may well be the man whose actions threw the election to Trump.
1. When Comey declined to indict Clinton over her private email server in July 2016, the two biggest critics of the decision—both Trump supporters, both vociferous—were Trump advisor Rudy Giuliani and current attorney for Trump-Russia figures Joe DiGenova.…
2. Giuliani is well known for having creepily predicted an "October surprise" for Clinton just 72 hours before Comey re-opened the Clinton investigation. And Giuliani's role went well beyond being a Nostradamus; he was likely involved in Comey feeling forced to re-open the case.
3/ But DiGenova's role in Comey's decision—which polling analyses by one of the nation's top pollsters, Nate Silver, suggest swung the election to Trump—hasn't been analyzed, though it was more public and more controversial than Giuliani's. Yet no one talks about DiGenova at all.
4/ On October 13, 2016, DiGenova, whose firm—him and his wife Victoria Toensing—now represent ex-Trump National Co-Chair Sam Clovis, made an astounding public offer: he'd represent any FBI agent who wanted to testify against Comey before the GOP Congress.…
5/ The offer was bizarre for too many reasons to count. Was this attorney really try to gin up explosive "whistle-blower" testimony about Comey's decision not to indict Clinton under four weeks before a presidential election? Was he trying to influence the election? Yes, he was.
6/ But for all that, the offer was "within bounds" because any such FBI agent's testimony would be in closed session, so—unless the GOP leaked it—it would presumably not influence the election, though DiGenova's support for Trump and hatred of Clinton was public and white-hot.
7/ Then—in the next 4 days—something changed. Either DiGenova already knew agents wanted to attack Comey pre-election or they heard his October 13 call—on Laura Ingraham's website; remember, she was almost Trump's Communications Director—and contacted him.…
8/ In any case by October 17, 2016, agents weren't talking to Congress—which would be legal—they were violating the Hatch Act by leaking to the media on a closed (unindicted) FBI case, and in a way that clearly could affect a presidential election. They spoke to The Daily Caller.
9/ A quote from The Daily Caller article: "FBI agents say the Bureau is alarmed over Director James Comey deciding not to suggest that the Justice Department prosecute Hillary Clinton over her mishandling of classified information." How did the Daily Caller get this information?
10/ "According to an interview transcript given to The Daily Caller—provided by an intermediary who spoke to two federal agents with the bureau last Friday—agents are frustrated by Comey’s leadership." Odd—Friday's the day after DiGenova offered to rep FBI agents who hated Comey!
11/ Was DiGenova the intermediary? "According to attorney Joe DiGenova, more FBI agents will be talking about the problems at the FBI and specifically the handling of the Clinton case by Comey when Congress comes back in session and decides to force them to testify by subpoena."
12/ How did DiGenova know "more FBI agents will be talking" unless he'd been in contact with active agents about a closed case in the 4 days after he made a public offer to represent any agents who wanted to go to Congress about Comey? How did he know the GOP would subpoena them?
13/ How about this—he used to *work* for the GOP. "DiGenova has experience on Capitol Hill. He was chief counsel and staff director of the Senate Rules Committee and counsel to the Senate Judiciary, Governmental Affairs and Select Intelligence committees."…
14/ OK, but DiGenova's still playing by the rules—yes, he seems to know too much about a GOP plot to get agents to testify against Comey pre-election by subpoena and then (likely) leak the testimony, but he's not suborning Hatch Act violations. (Unless he was the "intermediary"?)
15/ But wait! 10 days later—on October 28, 2016—DiGenova gives a WMAL interview. He says: "The agents came to Comey yesterday, they told him about the new evidence, he said 'Oh shit'...and he knew the agents who were running the Weiner case would leak it."…
16/ Here's what interesting. First, DiGenova claims it was "new evidence" (which it wasn't, but that was a critical claim in the subsequent True Pundit Hoax). Second, how did DiGenova know what FBI agents did privately the day before? Third, how did he know a leak was threatened?
17/ The news that Comey was afraid of a leak was reported as an *exclusive* by The New York Times on October 29, 2016—the day *after* DiGenova already had that intel. So it seems DiGenova *was* in contact with the agents who threatened Comey with a leak.…
18/ But there's more. On October 24, pro-Trump site True Pundit published a story alleging Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe was corrupt—and claimed it had FBI sources and documents for the story. Sure, you say, easy for them to claim that—likely untrue.…
19/ Well, it wasn't untrue—because Judicial Watch used a FOIA to get McCabe's emails, and the day after the True Pundit story McCabe emailed Comey the story with the words, "FYI. Heavyweight source." Comey agreed the True Pundit source was an active agent.…
20/ And who should bring up the True Pundit story on Fox News within 24 hours of it coming out on a relatively obscure website? Rudy Giuliani. And just like that, a story improbably claiming FBI sources on a known fake-news website made it to Fox News—through a top Trump advisor.
21/ So as Trump supporter/ex-GOP lawyer DiGenova is using his new clients to threaten Comey with leaked Congressional testimony—and possibly leaks to media—Trump advisor Giuliani is actively threatening the man who's working with Comey to decide what to do on the Clinton case.
22/ But it gets better: within 48 hours of—DiGenova's?—clients meeting Comey, Rolling Stone reports an anonymous post goes up on a site for *active NYPD cops*. And what does the post say? What will become the "True Pundit Hoax." Read on for an explanation.…
23/ The NYPD post says "the feds were forced to reopen the hillary email case [because] apparently the NYPD sex crimes unit was involved in the weiner case. On his laptop they saw emails. they notified the FBI. Feds were afraid that NYPD would go public so they had to reopen...
24/ ...or be accused of a coverup." So Giuliani brags on TV about talking to active-duty FBI agents—just as DiGenova was—and is tight with scores of folks at NYPD from when he was mayor, and here's an NYPD cop saying NYPD was planning to leak info to the press to pressure Comey?
25/ On October 25, Giuliani says Trump's October surprise would come "in a few days." On October 29, his pals at NYPD put into the jetstream that NYPD was going to leak on Comey, which (on the very same day) the NYT reports as the reason Comey had to send his letter to Congress.
26/ Meanwhile, either agents represented by DiGenova—or with whom DiGenova is in contact—or co-conspirators of theirs, are leaking to The Daily Caller (October 17) days after DiGenova offers to help them, and True Pundit (October 24) a day before Giuliani spreads to story to FNC.
27/ Giuliani and DiGenova *appear*, therefore, to have successfully threatened McCabe and threatened Comey just before Comey sends his letter to Congress because (per the NYT) he was "sure" news of the Weiner emails would leak (presumably via FBI agents or Giuliani pals at NYPD).
28/ By November 2, an amalgam of the NYPD post and an October 29—i.e., the same day—Facebook post by "Carmen Katz" (likely Cynthia Campbell of Joplin, Missouri, per Rolling Stone) becomes the "True Pundit Hoax." But the Hoax had already shown up elsewhere.…
29/ It'd showed up on a site run by Russia-connected Macedonian hackers, Conservative Daily Post (…) and on YourNewsWire, a pro-Trump fake news site. And then, on November 4, the unthinkable happened: it made it to Breitbart via a Trump advisor, Erik Prince.
30/ Breitbart, controlled (by his admission) by Trump Campaign CEO Bannon, brings on Trump advisor Prince to spread the hoax claim that the "new" Weiner emails confirm Hillary consorts with pedophiles—essentially the "Pizzagate" scam Roger Stone had…
31/ Who retweets the hoax? Trump advisor Mike Flynn. Trump's son Don—who later deletes it to cover his tracks. And incredibly, Trump himself will later retweet one of the accounts that spreads the hoax. So this looks to be a Trump operation start to…
32/ And all the sites that spread this apparently Giuliani/DiGenova-linked hoax—remember, True Pundit claims the same FBI sources for the Hoax as the True Pundit story Giuliani pushed days earlier—are top sites for Russian bots to amplify (one is *run* by Russia-linked hackers).
33/ And remember, too, the recent bizarre news that it was *Eric* Trump who was effectively running Trump's campaign toward the end. Well, his wife, Lara, was, with Rudy Giuliani, one of the two Trump advisors creepily pumping an "October surprise" on FNC.
34/ So we know what won Trump the election—the Comey Letter. And it seems clear, now, that the GOP and the Trump campaign had its hands all over the threats (actually blackmail) involving true *and* false FBI/NYPD leaks that led Comey and McCabe to feel the letter had to be sent.
35/ And you know which former federal prosecutor is the chief public proponent—even today—of the theory that Obama tapped Trump Tower? You guessed it: Joe DiGenova. Sort of makes you think Horowitz should ask DiGenova about his contacts with Trump, right?…
CONCLUSION/ The evidence confirming Trump's people were all over forcing Comey to re-open the Clinton case—a decision that gave the election to Trump, and provably so—is *stronger* than the Trump-Russia coordination evidence, which is itself quite strong.
NOTE/ Per Rolling Stone, this post is the source of much of the Hoax, along with "Carmen Katz" and the NYPD board. It's a mashup of Pizzagate and FBI anger over the Weiner/Clinton cases. Was this an FBI concoction, or from an outside source? We don't know.…
NOTE2/ Whether or not the "Godlike" source actually (as implied) had FBI sources or didn't, note how perfectly the hoax proposed by "WartHog76" dovetails with (per Rolling Stone) a July 2016 "FBIAnon" Ask Me Anything event hosted by 4chan and these known Trump/bot accounts/feeds.
NOTE3/ I recognize all this is confusing as hell—maybe my most difficult thread ever. But as Rolling Stone found, tracing a fake news hoax that was intended to swing a presidential election is a deliberately hard task: it has been made hard by people trying to cover their tracks.
NOTE4/ A few things are clear: FBI agents were breaking the law to swing an election; Giuliani/DiGenova were in contact with the agents; the agents contributed to a) leak threats that forced Comey to send his letter, b) fake news that smeared Clinton; other Trump aides assisted.
NOTE5/ Crazy but true: DiGenova/Toensing have been working with "intermediaries" to aid federal law enforcement officers who want to break the law by illegally leaking to the media for partisan purposes (and specifically to hurt the Clintons) for 20 years.…
NOTE6/ Comey testified under oath before Congress, in response to a question by Sen. Pat Leahy, that he was aggressively investigating to determine which FBI agents leaked to Giuliani and others. It was Comey's Congressional testimony Trump says made him to decide to fire Comey.
NOTE7/ Per Rolling Stone, a number of Twitter feeds that spread the Hoax in late October/early November were accounts followed by Trump aides. Sebastian Gorka and Michael Flynn are specifically mentioned.

The number of Trump aides who intersect with this story is over a dozen.
UPDATE/ Guess who retweeted a late October 2016 article with illegal FBI leaks as its sources, just hours after it was published (an article whose *other* source was Trump pal Joe DiGenova, who'd offered to help rogue FBI agents leak on Comey)? That's right—Donald Trump.
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