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(1) @twitter is one of the few vehicles that have made the world a lot smaller than ever before. Its mission statement is as follows: "To give everyone the power to create and share ideas and information instantly, without barriers"

(2)Fundamentally @twitter ‘s new endeavors operate under a false premise in that the consequences of open dialogue has a “negative real world impact’ That is a manipulative construct which you later address in measuring “health” #MAGA
(3) In @twitter ‘s most recent effort to “improve” ur platform you have taken a side, you have aligned yourself on the left,in which fairness & holistic practices include silencing those who directly oppose a culture of fascism although the label is mistakenly used against RIGHT
(4)) @twitters has created or is now participating in a culture of labeling, and that has most severe consequence because those labels are often times intentionally misused, and as history dictates that is a practice evident in almost every early stage of persecution.
(5) It’s a misuse of power and is directly in opposition to @twitter ’s mission statement because not only does it create barriers, those barriers are politically driven and artificial.
(6) The next thing @ twitter have done is begun to patronize your (not even sure what to call them, members, customers, users ect)

I am going to reference @twitter as a Community,
(7) You have chosen to Patronize that community with the tactical use of the buzz word “optimization” being one of the most commonly used words where the connotation and denotation are in direct opposition.
This corporate tactic widely used, not only @twitter
(8 ) In this case, of course, optimization has a positive denotation. Better greater ect, but it rarely improves and is just used a justification for the change.

The common connotation is that you choosing to focus on your needs rather than those of your community.
( 9) This is the concept that you are failing to grasp, and where @twitter stands opposed to a large segment, if not the majority of that active community. It is an American concept of FREEDOM,
(10) As it relates to @twitter these freedoms that available
-U can follow someone who you would like to engage with
-U can block those who you want to have no interaction with
-U can engage with someone you disagree with
- U can seek out others with common interests.
(11) What @twitter cannot do is be responsible for every action of every member, but you can “arm” each with the tools of freedom, to engage, or ignore, or rate. (rating to follow)
(11) One of the things, that most customers ARE FORCED TO blindly accept: are terms and conditions of use, and you could spend the rest of your lives updating those terms to “optimize” your experience, or you could provide the blanket frame-work. #MAGA
(12) And the approach @twitter needs now IS NOT building a systemic framework to help encourage more healthy debate, conversations, and critical thinking.

THE APPROACH you need NOW is to make people aware of the freedoms they have, and possibly improve that system!
(13) One suggestion is to make people responsible for the content they CHOOSE to see on @Twitter

For example, if you are easily offended well you might want to choose to censor the content made available to you.

Very similar to a movie rating system you would rate the content you wish to expose yourself to.,

Has worked for the movie world for ages, without having to live in a world of distortion where realities’ do not exist.
(15) @twitter terms could instruct the user to know thyself, and pick content suitable to either their age, temperament, emotion intellect, real intellect, and EVEN SELF ESTEEM
(16) One of the most unhealthy practices on twitter, is when two users with greatly differing intellect engage in opposition.

That frame-work could include RULES OF ENGAGEMENT, i.e okay I dont want to continue this engagement, but dont we have a block button for that.
(17) This world had crime, pain, hurt injustices, but ignorance does not make them disappear. And likewise it has everything good can compliment the former but we never choose to ignore those ?
(18) But the world is not responsible for every individual spectrum of reactions to those realities, how could @Twitter be responsible for them either.

(19) (1) the reason #FAXrage has become so popular is because they will collectively bully (YES IT A BULLYING, SILENCING is the TACTIC), and even has gone to warrant punishment because every LEFT organization has its own variation of GESTAPO
(20) @twitter ‘s (or similar social media providers) role in this is very consequential because of a societal move to a place where there almost 2 worlds to live.

(21) I don’t know understand the reservation about allowing people to have freedom, and the only conclusion I came come to, is it that when others have freedom, those who seek POWER face limitation.
(22) And is this case is a matter of @twitter wanting to test that power over the virtual world, like politicians today, want to test thEIRS over the real world.
THE FACT THAT THIS IS EVEN A DISCUSSION IN MANY WAYS VALIDATES THAT VIRTUAL WORLD, LIKE @TWITTER , is seeing what REAL WORLD implications interaction in the virtual world may have.

But it becomes seeming less, about "holistic practices" rather IT IS shaping practices!
(24) Now regarding health this a premature Endeavour, purely speculation, without historical context. Any Attempt to try to define health by @twitter would “not be a measure” it would be the construction based on the preconceived notions of the individuals.U LACK A CONTROL GROUP
(25) And experimental operations to improve health on a live body, would not be the first step chosen by any ethical scientist, and yes to avoid hypocrisy we are using my definition of ethical!
(26) IN ending if you were to return to your mission, you could positively impact this newly created VIRTUAL world with REAL WORLD Consequences. but like #wethepeople you are free to choose,

However, your choice can be BETWEEN freedom, or control and LIES!
Twitter rules (1) We believe in freedom of expression and open dialogue, but that means little as an underlying philosophy if voices are silenced because people are afraid to speak up.
(2) In order to ensure that people feel safe expressing diverse opinions and beliefs, we prohibit behavior that crosses the line into abuse, including behavior that harasses, intimidates, or uses fear to silence another user’s voice.
When you cross the line into violating YOUR OWN RULES is like a virtual dictatorship?

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