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(1)Once upon a crime, in the land of Democrapia on the continent of Liberalia lived a HOE named Stormy.

Democrapia, which was once called the United States, had fallen on hard times since the DemaGODS, as they now called themselves, had taken over. #disneyprincess
(2) All around Democrapia buildings were crumbling where great ones once stood, and all the apartments had been sub divided into even smaller and smaller apartments, the only exception to this was capital hill, where the great mansions of the DemoGods stood! #disneyprincess
(3) Stormy has been raised in one of those small apartments called a 3x3 grand safespace of happiness. The 3X3 was believed 2 have come from the subdivision of a 3 bedroom apt into 3 smaller 3 bedroom apts, but that was not an accepted “fact” by the Demagods, #disneyprincess
(4) Everyone was hopeful of the DemaGODS promise of MANSIONS 4EVERYONE & believed their plan was soon to take effect, after all it was the platform on which they self elected themselves in Last the election that had “forgotten” to include all names on the ballots. #disneyprincess
(5)However the year had gone just like the previous, & the $$ for the building repairs had disappeared, although it was claimed 2 all be spent, &the employees responsible4 doing the repair were still sitting in their office lounges, always working on paper work. .#disneyprincess
(6) At 5 years old Stormy accidentally entered the gov maintenance building in which she lived, & stumbled upon all the employees arguing over whose job it was2 punch everyone in, & wondered if this was the reason the repairs had never been made to the buildings.#disneyprincess
(7) So stormy asked her mother if this was the reason, & she said "well Stephanie Cliff, the reason the $ keeps disappearing is cause of Russian hackers keep stealing the $, but don’t worry the investigation was drawing to it close in its 25th year.” #disneyprincess
(8) Stormy hated that her mother called her Stephanie, and insisted although she was white, that was her slave name, and preferred everyone just called her STORMY. She also hated having a last name because it reminded her that she had never met her father. #disneyprincess
9) It was that same year in which Stormy had become convinced that she was a princess, & had been mistakenly placed in the wrong part of the city. Of this she was sure! #disneyprincess
10) Knowing in her own mind her royal status, she blamed rampant racism prevented her claim to her throne. She repeatedly made her case to school counselors, who agreed she could make that choice, but often questioned if she was sure she wasn’t a prince? #disneyprincess
(11) As stormy grew older, her unclaimed thrown weighed on her, &at the age of 13 she decided 2 make it official by getting the word PRINCESS tattooed on her backside. She swore off appropriate clothing no matter the weather so all could see her true title that now adorned
(12) Stormy then began the process of making the world aware of her royal status by opening up a social media account, & settling on the name @princess115994 finding the previous 115993 princesses taken. Everyday she posted pictures of herself w/ various crowns. #disneyprincess
(13) It was later that year that nearing the age of 14 that she had wandered next 2 the huge wall that surrounded capitol hill. She remembered her mother telling her of the time when ppl though a wall would protect the country from foreigners. #Disneyprincess
(14) Stormy thought maybe if the foreigners were checked, it might have prevented the new project of the subdividing the apartments that had already been subdivided. But she stopped herself, remembering that school had taught her that walls were racist #Disneyprincess
(15) she also saw the sign along the wall was advertising the subdivision as the 3X3X3 of extreme happiness and love, and noted that facts had shown they actually made people 27 times more happy. #disneyprincess
(16) As she thought about her own situation of reclaiming her deserved throne, a man came through the gates of the wall, She recognized him as one of the more popular DemaGODS, & could not help staring at his face, he was surrounded by ppl on both sides with countering requests.
(17)What struck Stormy the most about his face was that although he faced w/ two opposing arguments, he was able to split his face in two and seemingly smile and agree with both groups of people. She wondered if she too with practice could split her countenance? #disneyprincess
(18) Then the man stopped mid-sentence, & turned towards her. As he got closer he began speaking, she could not make much sense of his comments it seemed to be about daily occurrences but at the same time seemed sexual in nature although not provable. #disneyprincess
(19) Next he asked her name, and when she told him stormy,

he said “I was almost sure you were a princess. “

And Stormy said how “did you know”,

He looked at her backside, then back at her and said “sometimes you just know these things” #disneyprincess
(20) He then asked if she would like to accompany him to his private dining location because it was much more fitting for a princess, and stormy immediately agreed! For the first time she was happy that someone else knew the fact she was a princess. #disneyprincess
(21) 3 days had passed and over the course of those many many many days, Stormy had become sure she was in love with this DemaGOD.

Likewise he too had promised that he loved her, and that would leave his wife as soon as she was old enough. #disneyprincess
(22) They also began seeing each other every afternoon. The DemaGOD made sure to tell Stormy that for her own protection it must remain a secret between them! Again he repeated it was for her own protection, the public would harm her if the public knew. #disneyprincess
(23)Stormy believed him, after several months of their afternoon meetings, Stormy realized something was different, she took some tests at @PPFA & it was discovered she was pregnant. Thankfully they removed the need 4 parental consent & she could keep her secret. #disneyprincess
(24) She ran to tell her DemaGOD as fast as she could as she was very excited with the news.

Upon hearing the news the DEmaGOD repeated over and over it wasn’t his baby, she must have slept with somebody else. #disneyprincess
(25) Although STORMY had some form of encounter w/ every boy in her school, she had not done so in several months & was sure it was his child. She was heartbroken,& the DemaGOD instructed her that they would have a secret abortion through his friends at the @PPFA #disneyprincess
(26) At that moment he called his lawyers and had him draft up a contract. In exchange 4 secrecy, He promised to provide her with an EDUCATION, & a contract to pay her yearly in exchange for testimony against his political opponents and their misuse of her. #disneyprincess
27) And Stormy agreed to the contract, and thought her excessive income for things she was probably going to do anyway, would really help her achieve that status of PRINCESS. #disneyprincess
(28) So Stormy ran to the @PPFA, & had her baby killed/ removed, she attended school where she learned the ability of the split countenance, & she worked 4 the DemaGOD doing whatever was requested 4 $ . SHE LIVED UNHAPPILY EVER AFTER hidden behind a plastic smile #disneyprincess
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