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(1) My support for President Trump hasn't wavered for one moment since I came on board in summer 2016.

I've learned some things from watching the fairweather friends each time they feel like ditching him. So here goes.
(2) Facts don't care about your feelings.

When you freak out and whine about actions you don't like, it makes you look like an SJW snowflake looking around for a safe space. You have abandoned critical thinking.
(3) I actually used to be an SJW. It was Donald J Trump who rescued me from the mental quicksand of the Left.

And it was also Thomas Sowell, Kurt Schlichter, Saul Montes-Bradley, Omni Ceren, Larry Schweikart and John Bolton.
(4) I'm never going back to SJW-style feeling. I won't call it thinking, because it's not. I have learned:
>to question everything
>how to assess credibility of claims and sources
>how the American system of government works in 2018.
(5) Wrote this for my peers who still support POTUS after the necessary evil of signing the bill he called "ridiculous" today. Some of you aren't as battle-hardened as me when it comes to the haters. So I will share my approach. When I say "you," I'm usually referring to them.
(6) The first time I could see who they really are was when the US military bombed the Syrian airfield where the tyrannical Assad regime had launched its chemical attacks on the children of Ghouta in February 2017.
(7) After the justified & successful Syrian airfield bombing I was surprised, disappointed and a little hurt by the betrayal of certain "Trump supporting" public figures. I unfollowed them on Twitter and stopped sharing their tweets without caveats.
(8) The next time they revealed themselves was when the US military dropped a MOAB on about 500 jihadists in Pakistan in April 2017. IMHO the only way to protect innocents from the most hardened terrorists is to kill them. (Explained below):
(9) Life imprisonment carries the risk that a future administration will release these hardened terrorists, to kill again. They can never be rehabilitated. Candidate Trump was very clear he agrees with these views.
(10) In response to the renewed wailing, I unfollowed some more, & got a little bolder in speaking out against their betrayal.

Then POTUS made some genius tactical moves on DACA & other border stuff in Sept. Boy, did the fairweather friends come out in force when he did that.
(11) By now I had learned to stop and think before reacting, and to do my own research, with help from trusted commentators. Dealing with the naysayers was becoming easy, and even fun.
(12) I knew Trump wouldn't just give DACA recipients and their extended families amnesty, and certainly not without establishing such extensive measures and timeframes to make it all but impossible for people to obtain citizenship this way.
(13) I still trust him to do the best thing for Americans first on this matter. So seeing "No DACA" and "No Amnesty" was a dead giveaway as to whether someone was on my wavelength or not.
(14) When POTUS was leading the Tax Bill process in November and December 2017, there were confused worriers then, too. Occasionally I would give information to the nice ones; and troll the unpleasant ones, as if I was a cat repeatedly tossing a half dead mouse in the air.
(15) I will never forget the remarks made and photos taken after that bill was signed. I realized Hatch, McConnell and even Ryan patently weren't as determined to abuse GOP voters as the fairweather friends had convinced me they were in 2016.
(16) Even Bob Corker smiled when someone thanked Trump for his part in the tax bill. I have the screenshot. All 50 GOP Senators in DC voted for it. Only McCain didn't, since he was in Arizona.

But still the naysayers deny that some of them can ever do anything right.
(17) On December 12, Roy Moore lost the ALSen race. The usual suspects had been on his side, even in the primary when Trump had clearly preferred Luther Strange.
(18) Not enough AL GOP voters listened to Trump and trusted his judgment. End of story. I blocked an enormous number of people because of their irrational screeching about Roy Moore. Oh well.
(19) Other events occurred that reinforced my views about these self-proclaimed sometime Trump "supporters." In short, they are either mistaken about the facts or, more likely, were never Trump supporters. (Continued)
(20) They come in various flavors, foreign and domestic. Some are literally Russian (you can tell by the broken English), or Russian-funded, or Russian-sympathetic.
(21) Russia wants to stoke division in the USA. If you don't get that, then you clearly haven't been paying attention lately, or learned the history Europe in the last 102 years. I'm not your research assistant so at this point you'll need to find the information yourself.
(22) It's actually easy to spot these fake Twitter accounts using a number of variables you can see on their profiles. A low follower count is the most obvious one, but occasionally you see them with >1,000.
(23) The American public figures who whine, such as Laura Ingraham (who has even dined at Mar-a-Lago during Trump's Presidency), are motivated by self interest. Playing the part of a contrarian garners TV ratings, online clicks, and book sales for them.
(24) I'm no public figure, but I can write. As I could never sell out my beliefs or be controlled by a boss or funder, I prefer to work for free. This is the best hobby ever.
(25) This week I've written about the budget bill several times, in the courteous, reasonable way I do for good-faith readers. Suffice to say, I understand and support Trump signing the bill. He has weighed the pros and cons, with what he knows (which is more than we do).
(26) His oath of office places protecting Americans and America as his highest priority. Military defense is not negotiable. Also, the bill only lasts for 6 months! And he can choose not to use all of the allowed budget in many of the line items, too.
(27) Every problem the naysayers have with this bill was caused by people other than Trump. You elected them or allowed them to beat candidates you wanted (or you were too young to vote). The solutions to the problems are also now in your hands, not Trump's. Midterms coming up.
(28) What America now needs is your work to return the largest possible majorities in Nov.

To those laying on the floor having a tantrum: Every hour you waste helps the Dems, NeverTrumps, Russia, & all the other countries threatening us & stealing from us, with/without RU help.
(29) So think about that.

And if you try to waste my time complaining to me, don't expect much of a response. I've heard it all before.

My attention is a privilege not a right and must be earned.

(30) @threadreaderapp unroll please if you would be so kind, thank you.😘
(32) These documents are very helpful for studying what's in the spending Act, and what POTUS said about it:


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