1) For the millions of us who support @realDonaldTrump, the choice is always intensely personal. Yes, it has grand themes - these are tenets of the MAGA philosophy. The two most important books I always site are Bastiat's The Law and Paine's Common Sense. Read them!
2) Yet, look at my personal case. Before 2016, I rejected politics as a personal endeavor. I felt the vote was a come on, false, and a trick foisted on us to make us believe we had a voice when it made no difference whatsoever who we elected. I was a vote cynic.
3) @realDonaldTrump converted me. In fact, although I attempted to register in time in 2016, I failed. I supported Trump with all I had, but was NOT able to execute my vote for him, as, when I arrived at the polls, my registration was rejected. I'm still pissed off about that.
4) What awakened me from my stupor? I had, before I heard @realDonaldTrump's message, no idea how brokenhearted I was over my nation. I really didn't even know that I was a patriot. Seriously. More deeply still, I had no idea how much the idea of the Presidency meant to me.
5) Not wanting to admit it, I want a leader. I want the man or woman in the Oval office to love America, be the best person we've got to lead America, and deserve the title "Leader of the Free World." Which brings me to Hillary Clinton.
6) Between the two parties, I fit most naturally into the Democrats. I'm socially liberal. My very first political affiliation - loose and weak as it was - was feminism. The idea of a female President thrills me. And I'm for the little guy.
7) And that brings me to Obama, before I return to Clinton. In 2008, I was as proud of America as I've ever been when we elected our first Black President. I had no idea what a criminal he would turn out to be. And no, I did NOT support his agenda. But, I was THRILLED anyway.
8) In the years since, I've come to understand the Obama and Clinton are both hardened criminals. They game the system and have perverted the very nature of the Democrat Party. Drats, that takes me back further...
9) Vote skeptic that I was, I did not vote for Bill Clinton. But, I surely would have if I'd believed in the vote back then. "Read my lips?" I was no fan of Bush the father. I supported the first Golf War, but was devastated when Saddam was left in power.
10) It was the Lewinsky affair, what is the meaning of the word "is"?, that brought me to the end of my Democrat days. I was never a fan of Ken Star. I thought he was a wimp, and on a witch hunt. But, his weakness did NOT, for me, excuse Bill Clinton.
11) I was shocked. Oral sex in the Oval Office, with a naive intern. I had no idea that the rage I felt, the repulsion, would stay with me for the rest of my life. Do you see what I'm saying about the deeply personal nature of all this?
12) So supporting Trump, what with the Stern Tapes and all, and his published braggadocio over his sexual prowess was extremely difficult for me. I have granddaughters whom I had to face when they questioned me. It wasn't easy.
13) But what I found was, as so many others, I wasn't hiring a hero. I was hiring a President of the United States of America. When considering the behaviors of all who came before him, I could NOT consider his sexual activities as a parameter of judgment. Rather...
14) America First. That was it for me. He had me at America First. I'll share the rest of the story elsewhere, another time. Why? Because once we blunder into America First, no matter how personal it all is to that point, it STOPS be personal.
15) America First pulls us all out of ourselves and makes us, it forces us to look at our nation's destiny. Not just our children and grandchildren, but generations forward. It's far bigger than we are. It is the definition of NOT personal. Is there an American Dream?
16) And if there's an American Dream, is it NOT larger than the home I own or the wealth I accumulate before I die? So here's my confession. I didn't know it, but I thought the American Dream was dead. It was @realDonaldTrump who made me believe it wasn't dead. And, it isn't.
17) And that brings us up to right now. Since our founding, the American Dream has inspired work. That work has created wealth. The wealth of our nation has been sapped by those who simply wish to steal. They are thieves. But, they found the path to power by lying to us.
18) Wait! There's another critical author. Ayn Rand. Fountainhead. Rand explained this process those decades ago. The thieves are taking over our nation. You need to read her work.
19) Which brings me back to @realDonaldTrump, today. Let's say thank you. He recently tweeted out that America isn't saying thank you for the defeat of ISIS and I agree with him. He's under the most vicious and hellacious attack of any President in our history.
20) Finis. Whatever our personal reasons for supporting him, let's be certain to respond with our thanks. He surely gave me back my hope. Let's all of us give him back ours, so that he knows we've got his back.

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