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The segment I cried through, because #BreonnaTaylor's name is not trending *everywhere.*

<TW: Police Violence>

Breonna Taylor was shot 8 times. She was killed by @LMPD executing a warrant at the WRONG house. This was 61 days ago, and they have done NOTHING.
There is a rage in my heart that burns hotter than ever before and I'm using it as fuel to tell you that OUR WOMEN DIE, TOO, AND YOU WILL #SAYHERNAME.

America, only a viral consumption of Black death inspires even your momentary compassion, before you go back to your regularly scheduled programming.

I guess because there is no video of #BreonnaTaylor's death its ok @LMPD has been silent for 61 days.

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Yugge Farrell was a successful Vincentian Fashion model that was poisoned. The rumors are she had sex with the minister or he asked her to have a threesome. She cussed his wife out and they threw her in a mental institution for 2 weeks. She came out never the same.
This was the model years ago getting thrown back into the RH asylum not once not twice but THREE times. She pleaded not to go back but she had to undergo “psychiatric evaluation” for cussing at the ministers wife. She was forcibly injected with drugs that have altered her.
This is the minister Camillo Gonsalves rumors also say that he has done this before with many other women on the island but it’s not getting any widespread recognition... the power dynamic of all these stories are disgusting.
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Today would have been #RecyTaylor's 100th birthday. She was born on New Year’s Eve in 1919. It was a year of violence & resistance. White terrorists rampaged through black towns and folks like WEB DuBois said “We return from fighting. We return fighting.” She was born to fight.
Recy Taylor grew up in Abbeville, in SE Ala during Jim Crow. She was the eldest in a large & loving family that farmed & sharecropped. Her mother died when she was very young. She promised her she would raise her siblings. Her baby brother Robert came to see Recy as his mother
Abbeville was also home base for #RosaParks’s father’s family. She lived there for a time as a young girl and came back to help defend Recy Taylor in the fall of 1944, after a group of white teenagers kidnapped Taylor at gunpoint.
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Thinking of families forced to endure the worst in their greatest time of need

Thinking of the vile betrayal & hostility for human rights & refugees by our own govt

Thinking of children I met last Dec & all forced to #remaininMX, vulnerable to abduction & torture
I constantly think about horrific Credible Fear cases I heard.

I think of this administration’s calculated negligence, abuse & their outright disregard for international law.

I think about the nativist, eugenic, disposable way our people are talked about & violence it’s wrought
Darlyn Cristabel Cordova-Valle was 10 when detained by US Border Patrol Mar 1 ‘18. She alerted of chest pains & 3 days later was transferred to HHS where she was kept for ~7 months

Her death in govt custody took 8 months to explicitly disclose #sayhername…
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Going to say this and be done with it.

For all the Black men #onhere that find themselves badgering Black women like Oprah for allegedly not targeting white men enough for sexual abuse via #MeToo...have you ever asked yourselves why aren't you doing the same for your own group?
Like it is so damn easy to keep trying to tell Black women what to do when it comes to an issue that is impacting them by both Black and white men...but for some reason, there are men in our community who are trying so hard to act like sexual abuse is a racial dispute. It's not.
Rather than waste your energy on cherry-picking Black women who you feel should be only talking about white men who sexually abuse...why aren't you slapping yourself upside the head on how dumb you sound that you have chosen to make this issue a false sense of racial justice.
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In today's @nytopinion, I wrote about the police killing of a Black woman in Texas named #AtatianaJefferson. If you have time, you should read it. And if it activates you, you should visit our #SayHerName webpage: 1/13
Almost 5 years ago, over 25,000 protesters surged through the streets for Millions March NYC, an anti-police brutality demonstration fueled in part by grand jury decisions not to indict police officers for the deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown. 2/13
What’s less known is that #SayHerName, a campaign to elevate the names of Black women, girls and femmes killed by police, also emerged from that moment. These names remain obscure--like India Beaty, Shelly Frey, Jessica Williams--even today. 3/13
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Reasons Black people have been murdered in 21st century America:

Praying, biking, driving, running, lying down, holding skittles, breathing, being home.

And while we're contemplating the injustice of #AtatianaJefferson's killing, think of #OscarGrant, shot in the back as he lay face down.

#PhilandoCastile, shot to death inside his car for NO reason.

Or #TamirRice, gunned down for holding a toy, which I describe in my book...
Think of #SandraBland, #EricGarner, #BothamJean.

Think of being Black and living in a nation where you're safe NOWHERE. Not at home. Not in church. Not on the street.

And where law enforcement can gun you down without consequences.

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Botham Jean was eating ice cream in his apartment

Atatiana Jefferson was playing with her nephew in her house.

But all police saw was their blackness and that was threatening enough.

Police has never and will never mean safety for black people.
Somewhere in America, there is a Trump voter who will claim he’s being unjustly targeted by the justice system

but they won’t extend that same courtesy to #AtatianaJefferson who was assassinated in her home by police. #SayHerName
Democratic candidates should be thoughtful/smart enough during tomorrow’s debate to address the murder of #AtatianaJefferson

If campaign agendas 4 black ppl don’t address the systematic ways this country is killing & oppressing us, you’re not the candidate 4 me. #Election2020
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Killing unarmed black women screaming "I'm pregnant," isn't enough. Now they just show up at your window.

A white Texas police officer shot & killed Atatiana Jefferson in her home while she was playing video games with her nephew. #SurvivingAmericasPolice
The cop was responding to a call for an “open structure” in Forth Worth at about 2:30 a.m. when he saw someone inside the home, standing near a window.

The officer, who was looking stupid in the backyard, then pulled out his gun, despite the fact that there was no threat.
“Put your hands up. Show me your hands!” the officer can be heard yelling in bodycam footage before firing through the window.

The resident, later identified as #AtatianaJefferson, 28 — was killed in the 3-second gunfire and pronounced dead at the scene. #SurvivingAmericasPolice
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I wrote about the death of #SandraBland when it happened. There were myriad questions. We heard the cop say he would light her up--it was on the initial video. Now we know more.

What Killed Sandra Bland?…
Over and over and over again we see that in the extrajudicial killings of black people, the police narrative is not what happened. The list is so long. #SandraBland is one more who did not have to die.
#SandraBland's death stayed with me. We saw her alive in that original video. We heard her and the police officer. And then she was dead--for want of cash bail, btw. Which is part of her story as well--she could be alive now, despite her (false) arrest.…
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Most of you don’t know who she is but she’s important. Her name is Latasha Harlins. In 1991, at the ripe age of 15, Latasha went to her local Korean owned food mart and never made it out. The store owner’s wife, Soon Ja Du, mistook her for trying to steal a bottle of orange juice
and a minor struggle ensued. Du grabbed Latasha and ended up getting pushed to the ground. Du then went and got her gun and pointed it at Latasha. Latasha bends down, picks up the orange juice, and places it on the counter. As Latasha had walked away to leave the store, Du shot
Latasha in the back of the head at a 3 foot distance, killing her immediately. Du tried to claim self defense, but there were 2 eyewitnesses and the store’s security camera showed otherwise. The jury convicted Du and advised the judge to go with the maximum sentence of 16 years.
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I don't know if people truly understand the weight and importance of the words: women don't belong to you.
It isn't just phrased that way for impact. It is a call to action and those actions require a lot of work and the dismantling of social structures and behaviors.
Dr. Tamara O’Neal was killed by her ex because men still think that women belong to them and that rejecting them, should end with death.
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White women kneeling during the anthem to protest “rape culture” is highjacking a movement you took no risks for. You didn’t kneel in solidarity to protest the murder of Black people, don’t co opt & make it about your victimization. That’s white supremacy in the name of feminism.
I can’t help but ask where liberal white women were when we were seeking justice for...


...and so many other Black women. You don’t even know their names.

One more thing, when are y’all going to deal with your Barbecue Becky’s & Permit Patty’s randomly calling cops on Black people for no reason?

White women participate in our oppression, yet try to appropriate the language & movements associated with it.…
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Esra Ateş was stabbed by a client outside her apartment in Beyoğlu, Istanbul (Turkey) on 25 Aug 2018.

Her killer stole her purse and mobile phone. He was detained after the police reviewed CCTV footage of her murder. #SayHerName #TransLivesMatter #TDoR… Esra Ateş was stabbed by a client outside her apartment in Beyoğlu, Istanbul (Turkey) on 25 Aug 2018. #SayHerName #TransLivesMatter #TDoR
"Pierce said her son told her, 'I know you buy me boy stuff because I'm a boy, but I'd rather dress like a girl.'"

Jamel was just 9. We can't know whether they'd eventually identify as #trans, but that quote suggests they might have. #SayTheirName #TDoR

Jamel Pierce died by suicide on 23 Aug 2018 just 4 days after coming out at school. in Denver, Colorado (USA).

They were just 9, and it seems that they may well have been #trans. We have no way of knowing. #SayTheirName #TransLivesMatter #TDoR…
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NOW: #JusticeForNia Rally at MacArthur BART #niawilson
h/t @APTPaction @CRCPOCC
“We gotta talk about Black girls, and Black women, and Black babies.” - @CatsCommentary
Cat speaks on violence towards Black girls in #Oakland
“Black women are matriarchs of society. Id we are not taking care of black women, we are not taking caring for society.” - @CatsCommentary #justicefornia
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In 2015, Sandra Bland died in police custody at the Waller County, TX jail following her arrest during a traffic stop. Our thoughts are with her family. #OTD
Bland was on a "road trip to start a new job" when she was stopped by a police officer for not using a turn signal. She was found dead in her jail cell 3 days later. Officials alleged she committed suicide, but her family asserts she wasn't depressed.…
The former officer involved in her arrest was charged with perjury for making a false statement about the arrest. The charges were dropped after he agreed to surrender his law enforcement license and never work as an officer again.…
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Ok, so here we are.

The body cam footage clears #OfficerHubbard of all wrong doing in this case. Based on what we see in the video #SheritaColeDixon was not telling the truth about her arrest.

Her attorney has issued a statement.
But we have to talk...
Before you all ask here is the footage:

I want to say a few things before the onslaught of “SEE THEY ALL LIE!!” starts pouring in. Yes, this is awful and the officer deserves and apology. I am definitely sorry for harm it’s caused him and his family.
But also, we’re not just proactive based on nothing.
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A. G. Silva owned a beauty salon. She was stabbed on 13 Mar 2018 at her home in Barra do Garças, Brazil. She was 44.

Her ex-boyfriend and two other people have been arrested. #SayHerName #TransLivesMatter #TDoR…
J. Oliveira da Silva was shot in the head by an assailant on a motorcycle in the Santa Clara neighbourhood of Vila Velha (Brazil) on 16 Mar 2018. She was 28. #SayHerName #TransLivesMatter #TDoR……
There's a photo of her on Facebook at…. Rest in power, J.
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