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A few tips on how to #strike:


• Keep a list of ALL of your coworkers, with contact (phone, etc.).

• Rank your coworkers from 1-5 on whether they would organize against a strike (1), would be passively against or neutral (2-3), or passive/active support (4-5).
• Also, on this list, take notes on the relationships between coworkers. Try to identify: a) people who will help you organize, and b) "shop leaders"—people who you think other people will listen to.
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In response to the #COVID19 pandemic, the labor movement is mobilizing to protect front line workers who are combating the disease every day and millions more workers who may be exposed to the virus. #1u
We urge the Senate to pass the #FamiliesFirst Coronavirus Response Act #HR6201 as soon as possible. While this package is not a complete response to the crisis, it is an urgent measure that will get necessary assistance to working people facing serious health and financial risks.
#HR6201 will encourage working people to seek testing for infection by making the tests free for most people covered by employment-based insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid.
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The U.S.-China Trade Deal Fails to Address Workers’ Rights and Cheating.

There is precious little in this deal that addresses China’s long-standing denial of basic labor rights.
The deal also fails to address the worst aspects of China’s cheating—massive subsidies to its domestic companies and the predatory practices of its state-owned enterprises, which have cost millions of U.S. jobs and gutted our manufacturing base.
And it lacks a mechanism for the US to address the persistent currency misalignment between the dollar and the renminbi.
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2019 was a productive writing year for me, with 14 pieces. Some on my Medium blog, others for @OrganizingWork, @LaborNotes and @DemSocialists, thanks to those folks for posting! #1u #UnionYes Here's the list:
@OrganizingWork @labornotes @DemSocialists A review of the great book “Edge of Anarchy” about #EugeneVDebs and the famous Pullman strike of 1894,…
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Today marks 150th anniversary of the founding of the Knights of Labor, the first national workers’ organization in the U.S. that sought to unite all workers around a vision of replacing monopoly capitalism with a society based on values of social solidarity. #1u 1/16
At their peak in 1886-87, the Knights of Labor claimed close to a million members (at a time when the U.S. population was between 50 and 60 million), organized in close to six thousand local assemblies. 2/16
The Knights pursued diverse tactics to achieve the “cooperative commonwealth” and improve the lives of working people: they called strikes to demand higher pay from employers, formed local labor parties to push for worker-friendly legislation, and organized cooperatives. 3/16
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McKinsey & Company consultants criticized revenue-raising ideas supported by USPS union workers, like expanded post office financial services.

@PeteButtigieg was on that team.

#UnionStrong #1u…
Buttigieg uses his work at McKinsey as both a sword and a shield.

In his Mayoral campaign, he “leaned into his time in the private sector, saying that dealing with multibillion-dollar budgets in part qualified him to be mayor.”

Other times, Buttigieg’s just a junior employee.
USPS implemented some of McKinsey’s 2010 recommendations—decisions “now widely regarded as failures.”

USPS closed 141 processing plants in 2012/2013, after adopting its proposal to increase delivery times. A 2018 audit found it saved only 5% of private consultants’ projections.
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A Statement of the AFL-CIO Retirement Security Working Group on the Grassley-Alexander Multiemployer Pension Plan Proposal: (1/12) #1u text graphic: the Grassley-Alexander Multiemployer Pension Plan Proposal falls short
After a lifetime of hard work, working people deserve to retire with dignity. The labor movement is proud of our negotiated multiemployer pension plans, which have provided retirement income security for millions of working people for decades. (2/12)
Now, as a result of reckless Wall Street behavior, industry deregulation and employers’ creative use of corporate bankruptcy, important parts of that multiemployer pension system are at risk. (3/12)
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How @BernieSanders' political director's life was transformed when her mom got a union job.

@Analilia_Mejia would go on to help lift millions from poverty in NJ's #FightFor15 victory..

(and have a son that looks like a baby @Trevornoah 🤣)

Amazing the impact of one mother's job had on millions others. Imagine a unionized workforce as @BernieSanders envisions across the country and the transformative echo that would have for generations. #1U
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WELCOME to our Twitter chat on #RaceInTheMidwest, based on this report by @ColinGordon6. Stay tuned and please offer your own questions and comments!…
@ColinGordon6 Question 1. Why is the Midwest so segregated compared to other regions?
@ColinGordon6 Question 2. How did the manufacturing decline affect the racial disparities in economic opportunity and outcomes? #RaceInTheMidwest
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I simply cannot ignore what is happening right now. The recent mass slaughter of innocent life in El Paso and Dayton is weighing heavy on my heart. #smart2019
It was less than two years ago that a madman stood from a perch just down the street at Mandalay Bay and committed the worst mass shooting in American history.
Since then, there’s been massacres at schools and stores and synagogues. And our political system—with its division and distraction and outright incompetence—has failed to deliver a coherent solution to this national crisis.
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You may have heard that the Pledge to America's Workers has been a huge success.
However, it hasn't been, working people know that to be far from the truth. #1u

Here's why it's failed:
The Trump Administration has opposed Any Increase in the Federal Minimum Wage, denying a desperately needed raise to nearly 40 million workers. #FailedPledge
The administration has derailed the Department of Labor’s Overtime Rule, blocking millions of workers from receiving a full paycheck. #FailedPledge
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In 2018, CEOs of S&P 500 companies received, on average, $14.5 million in total compensation. #PayWatch #1u
$7,858 - The amount the average U.S. rank-and-file worker’s pay has increased over the past 10 years, a pay increase of less than $800 per year annually. Read the report: #Paywatch
$5.2M - The amount the average S&P 500 CEO’s pay has increased over the past 10 years, a CEO pay increase of more than half a million dollars annually. Read the report: #Paywatch
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"Raising the #minimumwage is always a pro-women, pro-mothers policy because women and mothers are disproportionately represented among low-wage workers."… #1u
"As state minimum wage increases have taken effect over the past 5 years, low-wage workers—especially low-wage women—in those states have had much stronger wage growth than their counterparts in states with no change in the minimum wage."
"The #RaisetheWage Act of 2019—which was introduced this past February, but still has not received a vote—would gradually raise the federal minimum wage from $7.25, where it currently sits, to $15 per hour by 2024.
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Gallup recently put the popularity of unions at 62 percent—a 15-year high. #1u #proact #hr2474
The @WSJ reported that 2018 was the biggest year for collective action in three decades. Teachers from West Virginia to Arizona. Google employees. Workers in every sector and every region are embracing the transformational power that comes from joining together in common cause.
@MIT found that half of non-union workers would vote to join a union today if given the chance. That’s more than 60 million Americans.
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We asked @Gimletmedia for voluntary recognition two weeks ago. Last week, Gimlet effectively declined voluntary recognition. Instead, Gimlet’s lawyer came back with a surprisingly aggressive counter-proposal.
The company is trying to unilaterally cut 30 people from our proposed unit. Additionally, @Gimletmedia’s leadership is demanding a revote, but the 30 people who were cut would not be able to vote.
We think this is unfair. If @Gimletmedia's leadership isn’t going to recognize us voluntarily, and insist on a revote, EVERYONE should get to vote.
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[THREAD] Statement from AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka on the Department of Labor’s overtime rule that lowers the salary threshold from the $47,476 level proposed by the Obama administration to $35,308 #1u
Leaving behind more than 2.8 million workers who deserve a fair return on their hard work is disgraceful. Overtime is earned and should not be politicized. Lowering the threshold ignores the economic hardships faced by millions of working families. #1u
This disappointing announcement is part of a growing list of policies from the Trump administration aimed at undermining the economic stability of America’s working people. #1u
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Review thread of the 10 things I published this year, most on my labor blog, but also a book review and some pieces on organizing. #1u #UnionYes 1) Decline and Fall: Union Election Trends and the Failing NLRB Strategy…
2) What’s the Likely Effect of the Janus Case? Let’s Look at the Numbers. #1u #UnionYes…
3) Book review for @labornotes: Wobblies of the World: A History of Globetrotting Troublemakers. #1u #UnionYes…
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The Plain Dealer informed the Guild today it would move forward with a plan to outsource the jobs of 29 Guild and management employees who copy edit, curate and design our newspaper. #KeepPDLocal #keepjournalismlocal #localjournalismmatters #1u @news_guild @CWAUnion
The Plain Dealer unit of the Northeast Ohio Newspaper Guild for months has fought to keep this work in Cleveland because the Guild knows that having local journalists, with knowledge of the community, would produce the best newspaper. #KeepPDLocal @news_guild @CWAUnion
The company had a proposal from the Guild that offered significant savings and would preserve quality. The company could not assure the Guild, other than with platitudes, that the other “bidders” would treat Guild work with the same care. #KeepPDLocal @news_guild @CWAUnion
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Frank Hammer: There was nothing ever "given" to us--our #union fought for everything we got on the job. #1u
@UAW @Detroitunionist @freespeechtv #RickShow
Frank Hammer: When GM went global, it was time for the union movement to become international and grow. #1u
@UAW @Detroitunionist @freespeechtv #RickShow
Frank Hammer: We now have a multiple tier wage and benefit structure--four echelons of workers but they're all getting different things for doing the same job. The workers are fractured, divided from each other.
@UAW @Detroitunionist #1u @freespeechtv #RickShow
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We’re proud to support Renee Van Nett in the Duluth City Council race
Here’s a #thread on why she’s the candidate for working people! #mnpol
The Duluth unemployment rate is 4.8% - that’s 7,000 ppl in the community. Renee Van Nett is the bridge to good jobs for many. #1u #mnpol
Renee Van Nett serves as an employment navigator & will fight job outsourcing. That’s why over 1,500 @AFSCMEMN5 workers support her #mnpol
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