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Hoy es un día triste para los que tuvimos la fortuna de disfrutar la música de los gloriosos 80s

#RIP #TonyLewis #TheOutfield

La generación que marcó un antes y un después y que vio nacer grandes leyendas musicales, algunas de ellas aún vigentes.
Los icónicos #80s, con atuendos tan coloridos y extraños combinados con peinados locos que nos hacían ver raros, deformes y ahora que lo vemos, hasta algo ridículos y que nos convirtieron en el hazme reír de nuestros padres y abuelos.
Ahora recordamos con cariño y mucha nostalgia esa época en la que nos preocupaban cosas tan triviales como estar al pendiente de nuestra canción favorita para grabarla y hacer un casete con “playlists” únicos, muchas veces con dedicatoria especial.
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The heroine of this anime "Kimagure Orange☆Road", AYUKAWA Madoka, is based on NAKAMORI Akina, a teenage idol singer who was most popular for her mysterious atmosphere at the early 1980.
There will never be another teenage Japanese singer like her in the #CryptoKoreans Supremacy Japan.

NAKAMORI Akina / Dramatic Airport - North Wing Part II, 1985 #80S
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The #BeethovenOdyssey #Symphony2 #Top20 Chart

1/ The deeply classical countdown of my 20 favourite recordings. Which version will be my #Beethoven2020 #1 choice for #Beethoven Symphony No. 2? Image
2/ I'll give 5 special awards along the way:

* A mono-era #HistoricChoice
* A #ClassicChoice from the age of stereo LP
* An #80s/#90s #CDChoice
* A shiny new #21stCenturyChoice
* An original-instrument #PeriodChoice

All leading to my #TopChoice.
3/ It's quite a challenge to satisfy all the symphony's demands. Let's remind ourselves of its special qualities. What makes a great performance?
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@WhoWouldWin13 Oh heck yes!!!!!!!!!!
@WhoWouldWin13 Before I get into this, I have to say that I LOVE both characters. I grew up watching both cartoons. This one of the best battle ideas yet!
@WhoWouldWin13 Goliath does have a flight advantage, which is going to, on first look, pose a serious problem for Lion-O, who is used to fighting opponents on the ground. Goliath could potentially grab huge objects or bladed weapons, fly up and then drop them on Lion-O.

However, Lion-O
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A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Or drawing. Inktober Day 1: Ring #inktober2019 #LOTR #lineasketch
Inktober Day 2: Mindless #InkTober #LineaSketch
Just thought up an idea for today’s Inktober ‘Bait’. Heeee.
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I was looking with my boy through an stack of late-80s/early-90s comic books from my childhood. The advertisements are easily my favorite part. I’ll add some to this thread over the next few days. First up: what kid didn’t long for a Game Genie?

#80s #90s #80skid #90skid #comics Image
Any kid with one of these was the talk of the playground. I had Mega Man 2, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Little Mermaid portables. #1990s #ninjaturtles Image
Krunch! Oomph! Wham! Fleer football cards: Howie Long, Warren Moon, and Dan Marino. #tradingcards #football Image
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Melanie - Lay Down (Candles in the Rain (1970)

3 Mins

#QAnon #70s #80s #Groove #Rock #Funk #Music #Spiritual #Prophecy
We hold the candles up high.. we smile up to the doom and gloomer birds.

I've always loved this song since I was a child, and heard it recently. it gives me chills

notice how we are so close in unity that we bleed into each others' wounds. ...
We also all caught the same disease which is we were brainwashed by the mainstream media, but at the time this song is talking about we break free!

Some pray and some sing THE song of Peace.

it is all good
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