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👇Do you Remember this picture*? The name of the picture was *The vulture & the little girl*.
In the picture, a vulture is waiting for the death of a hungry little girl. *Kevin Carter, a South African photojournalist, captured the March1993 famine in Sudan.
*He was awarded the "Pulitzer Prize" for the film*
*But Cater committed suicide at the age of 33, despite receiving so much respect*
But what was the reason for suicide?
In fact, when he was busy celebrating such a great honor at the time, the news of his receiving the award was
being shown on various TV channels, at that time someone asked in a phone interview what happened to the girl in the end?
Carter replied that he could not say because he was in a hurry to catch his flight.
"How many vultures were there?" He asked again
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A woman with great hair is fleeing a gothic house. This is a signal to the reader that this is one of ‘those’ books – not a historical romance, horror or ghost story, but a modern gothic.

For #WorldGothDay this is the secret story of the gothic romance novel... #FridayThoughts
New readers start here: what is a gothic romance? Well it's a passionate romance story with strong supernatural themes, all tied to an atmospheric and foreboding building which our heroine is compelled to flee.

Actually it's a lot more complex than that.
Firstly it has a long pedigree. Horace Walpole's The Castle of Otranto (1764) is usually acknowledged as the first gothic romance; set during the Crusades it follows Lord Manfred's fateful decision to divorce his wife and pursue his dead son's bride-to-be Isabella.
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As folks in Bengal fight this #Amphan & claim media neglect, I could relate a bit to those feelings. I remember all those winds we faced here in Odisha, with @Naveen_Odisha govt fighting it

This is a trivial thread on them
Praying for safety of all

#fridaymorning #FridayFeels
1. Bangladesh has decided to name one of the forthcoming cyclone in the region post April 2020 as Arnab. Well, no reasons stated, but no prizes for guessing why. Someone always rages a storm.

#GodMorningFriday #fridaymorning
2. Damages of $12 bil, cyclone 'Nargis' (meaning daffodil in Urdu) was suggested by Pakistan. Like how ironical can you be? It happened in 2008 & has been the worst ever natural disaster in Myanmar's history. Nothing to do with the legendary actress.

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Incredible reporting.

The tale of Hobby Lobby and the Museum of the Bible just gets more and more sordid, and the sheer scale of the corruption, and the couple of decades it’s taken to unravel, are astounding.

Don’t trust any evangelical institution as far as you can throw it
Evangelicals are seriously the tackiest people ever. And Scott Carroll is the Gilderoy Lockhart or evangelicals.

“His cellphone’s ringtone was the theme from Indiana Jones” smh 😂🤦‍♀️

#FridayThoughts #EmptyThePews
This is exactly how abuse flourishes in evangelical churches. Unfortunately, there are parallels in academia—and in this case overlap. Dirk Obbink sounds like an absolute sociopath if you ask me
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How Anjana Hareesh,a young #Hindu girl from Kasaragod,#Kerala became late Chinnu Zulfikar
Anjana Hareesh,a young college student & ‘activist’ in Kerala goes missing right after her college farewell Her activist friends get furious & throw stones at her grandmother’s
house accusing them of hiding her. Her parents file a missing person’s case in the local police station
The police find her at her Friend ‘Gargi’’s house
Gargi is daughter of naxalite & murderess Ajitha & her #Jihadi husband so I seriously doubt If
her real name is Gargi
However this is the name in the court records.
Anjana tells court that she does not wish to go home and wishes to go with Gargi. Since she is already 22, the court allows her to do so
After that Anjana goes off to enjoy
#jihadis #FridayThoughts
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📌 I challenge you to turn off your T.V. America for 24 hours. To see how much time it wastes, it is a mind control box to tell you how to view reality. Except it turns your kids against you, tells your to fat, wrinkled, the list goes on. It is to keep you stupid! #COVID19
🇺🇸"Imagine if you will a country with knowledge at their fingertips but refuse to research instead believe a box lying to them with hatred. We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming! #FridayThoughts #media #LiesLiesLies
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Me and my entire family was hit with #COVID19 including the children. It’s not a joke. Take it seriously. Continue #SocialDistancing despite the ease on the #lockdown. Be responsible. #lockdownextension #FridayThoughts
Thanks to everyone’s love, prayers and support we are all better now.
After 12 days of continuous fevers, body aches, no taste, no smell, nausea, difficulty breathg, hospital visits, I felt that I was going to die. It was at this time that I said to God that if it is time for me then I am ready, but please protect my kids.
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It’s an example of conservative jeremiad, an always politically pernicious genre with roots in modern European Christianity going at least as far back as Romanticism.

It’s amusing that the exponents of this variety of kookery always seem to think they’re being highly original
And in case you haven’t read it, this is the piece I’m talking about:…

The most surprising thing about it is that it wasn’t written by Ross Douthat
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I had to fly this week due to a family need. Here is what I learned on my international and domestic flights returning to the US from the UK (thread):
#fridaymorning #FridayThoughts #friday #COVID19 #COVIDー19
1/ To be honest, I wasn't excited about re-entry to travel. It felt too soon. I travel A LOT, mostly international, and am more comfortable on a plane than in a car most often. Lets start w/ #Uber to Heathrow. Really nice driver, no PPE whatsoever. Then...
2/ My driver took my suitcase by the handle, placed it in trunk. Normally SO appreciated, but I cringed seeing his bare hands touch the handles without gloves. Yikes - the #NewNormal has me make a mental note to wipe down handles upon arrival at Heathrow.
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So McConnell & McCarthy have issued a statement making it CLEAR that they will NOT agree to any further Relief for America that doesn't include protections for employers from Covid liability for reopening too soon etc.. ⤵️ #FridayFeeling
And here it is:
"As the nation continues fighting this pandemic and parts of our economy begin to emerge from shutdown, Senate and House Republicans are united in our demand that healthcare workers, small businesses, and other Americans on the front lines of this fight must
2-"receive strong protections from frivolous lawsuits. We cannot let a second pandemic of opportunistic litigation enrich trial lawyers at the expense of Main Street and medical professionals.
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If you use news websites then you will already be familiar with the 12 step process for reading a news article online. If not, I've summarised them below.

Please follow all steps carefully and don't skip any...
Step 1: accept cookies
Step 2: close the window thanking you for accepting cookies.
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Hello everyone,

I wanted to share a breakdown of the component of the upgrade 5G and how is going to attack us.

The WiFi 60 GHz millimeter beam forming to aim at our faces to deplete oxygen. When people get sick or die from the 5G weaponry, then this totalitarian system...
...will blame it on Coronavirus to justify force vaccination. Why do you think local businesses, schools are closed and extended these lockdown? That's because they need more time to install these weaponry 5G systems.  Every man, woman and child is a Target.
Keep in mind not all cell towers are 5G weaponry.  Please listen to Joe imbriano and research his material.  It is imperative we educate ourselves quickly.  Again, please watch this clip.
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Tomatoes splitting open is one of the most common problems when growing tomatoes. But don’t worry as frustrating as it seems there are easy ways to stop them from cracking open!
#NewsGang #FridayMotivation #FridayThoughts #KOTWave #ramadankareem
You need us to visit your farm? Manage your farm? Offer some consultancy services. Its very easy to link up with us
Follow this link to message us on WhatsApp:
It can be so frustrating when you head out to your garden to pick a vine ripe tomato only to find that it has split open.

Splitting and cracking in tomatoes is one of the most common problems when growing tomatoes in your garden.
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From Ronald Armstrong:

"I think we've beaten the dead horse long enough. We all know that the state has created another ridiculous psy op / hoax. We need to take a look at why they did it.

They don't have any choice. The jig is up and their stinking asses are out in the.....
....breeze. You can't hide pedophilia and psychopathy forever. And their pyramid scheme monetary system is poised to crash.

While we've been unlawfully put under house arrest. The US military has been carefully positioning personnel and equipment around us.
They did the same thing in Iraq. In an unarmed society, forcing people to stay in their houses is easy. In a heavily armed society, you need psychological manipulation to keep people in their houses. Like an imaginary contagion.
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What's so ironic about all of this is that EVERYONE knows it doesn't have to be this way.
We have a 50-yearlong storied and iconic franchise that has inspired nearly all of our extant technology and "progress"....what's sad to me is that we've spent BILLIONS of dollars
investing in something that most fans think can never actually be achieved in our lifetime.
That's sad.
If you're a Star Trek fan and you think we can't make Star Trek a reality in our lifetime, you're missing the whole point.
We don't need WWIII or #FirstContact w/aliens
in order to make the world work more similarly to the way it does in @StarTrek.
Why not? Well, #1 problem in our world is hunger. We have 3D printers we can make guns with, but not food? I'm sure we're well on our way with lab-grown meat eh?
What's next?
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When USAG Barr was asked when we could expect to see Durham’s report, he replied that he’s not sure there will be a report.

So what will Durham produce? Indictments, apparently.
If Durham is focusing on criminal violations and “bring[ing] to justice” those who committed them, that hints that Durham thinks he’s got enough to go all the way to trial — assuming we see any indictments.
It’s tough to imagine Barr selling this on national television at this late stage of the probe, though, without knowing what Durham plans. #FridayThoughts
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Wise up/Rise up.


Wise up/Rise up.

All you Nazi lovers out there using the totalitarian system to impede on someone's natural rights. You are the enemy of the people! Do us all a favor and go f*cking bury yourself 6 Feet under.

Wise up/Rise up.

The puppet state governors/mayors are walking a thin line. As the weather gets warmer I honestly don't see how most people will put up with the stay home policy and not go out with friends & family. Now they limit what we can buy at the stores.
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Get your copy and help get the voices of former conservative Christians a hearing in the public sphere! We have a lot to say about Trumpist America.

Order anywhere you buy books, but here's the Amazon link for convenience:…

#FridayThoughts #EmptyThePews
And, of course, #FF @Frank_Schaeffer, who kindly contributed the foreword to #EmptyThePews
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The Coronavirus crisis is getting worse by the day and many of us are driven by fear. I tweeted yesterday a clip that provides evidence the Coronavirus test equipment gives false positive results.
Click below to watch.

Don't get the CV swab TEST!  Most likely contains the CRSPR Virus itself

What we're going through is a physiological warfare to isolate us, to affect us mentally, financially and physically. If we continue to ALLOW the usurpers to violate our original state constitutions & the U.S. Constitution, they will take our basic freedoms away.
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Good morning & welcome to #TheDiscuss

This morning we revisit the global pandemic #COVID19 & @NigeriaGov effort in it's fight against the spread of the disease

This comes as the WHO warns that Africa's window to contain the virus is narrowing

The number of cases have also risen as more tests are being carried out

It has also been learnt that flights are still landing in Nigeria despite the supposed ban on flights while the land & sea border are still porous

Joining me for a look at all this & more is @Tk_Alamina

Good morning sir & welcome to #TheDiscuss

Remember you can also join the dialogue & tell us what you think about Nigeria's fight against #COVID19 so far. Remember to use the hashtag
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So one of two things when it comes to those of use whom are not npc, brain dead followers of liberal narrative pushers:

1. If you post or reply enough in a liberal journalist(s) tweet, you may have been black listed and get deboosted immediately.
2. Maybe twitter auto deboosts all replies for a short time for all notable dems, their media, and those that like to frequent Trumps tweets (always getting top positions regardless of amnt of likes). Which, is underhanded.
Mind you, this has been happening to me all morning, only with democrat twitter users.

My stats @ 1:34pm, I'm all good
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You know what folks, it's time for us to talk tripe on Twitter! #FridayFeeling

Warming, delicious tripe...
"The poor man's oyster", "The food of kings"; tripe was once held in high regard as a staple of a wholesome diet by rich and poor alike. But what is it?
Well tripe is the polite name for the cleaned muscle wall of a cow's stomach. There are three types of tripe (blanket, honeycomb and leaf) depending on which one of the cow's stomachs is used.
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There r politicians
There r statesmen
Wen people say Modiji is Statesman I differ,he is not statesman!
He crossed that threshold long ago
After statesman,comes the'prophet' territory-"DemiGod"
Politicians hav voters
Statesmen hav followers
Prophets,on the other hand,hav devotees
There is a reason for that
Politicians give u promises
Statesmen give u governance
Prophets,they give u care
They care about u
They care about ur health
ur children's exams
They care abt ur safety
they care abt ur beti enough to bachao her
They care
about ur maa not inhaling smoke while she cooks, they care that the 'jan' gets 'dhan', they care that the 'shrami' (labourer) gets insured.

The business of Prophets is caring
It isn't votes,
it isn't governance
it isn't economy
It is care♥️♥️
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💥BREAKING NEWS🔥Bolsanaro tests POSITIVE for #cororonavirus after spending time at Mar A Lago with @realDonaldTrump @VP @IvankaTrump @kimguilfoyle @donaldjtrumpjr and hundreds of people who have perpetrated the propaganda about #COVIDー19 and have not protected America🦠
🦠Brazil's authoritarian president, Jair Bolsonaro, who now has #coronavirus had joined @realDonaldTrump in calling the outbreak a "fantasy of the media” and a “hoax”🦠#COVIDー19 #FridayThoughts
🦠@realDonaldTrump and @VP will test positive for #coronavirus and stocks will plummet. No one will stay at his hotels because he rejects science and has made the pandemic 1,000x worse‼️#POTUSpandemic #AbuseOfPower
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