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Since it's that time of year, here's a selection of some of my favorite articles I wrote in 2022.
My main focus is #HIV. Here, for @pozmagazine, a look at advances in antiretroviral treatment & prospects for a functional cure. 1/…
For @aidsmap, a report from #AIDS2022 about a 5th person cured of #HIV after a stem cell transplant. (The 4th such case was reported earlier in the year at #CROI2022/#CROI22). 2/…
I did a couple articles on #HIV vaccines, which remain elusive. But mRNA technology is advancing that effort & also showing promise for cancer vaccines. 3/…
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If you read just one #monkeypox article, make it this one, illustrating both the folly of not listening to people on the ground in the most affected communities & the perils of shaming & stigmatizing sex so much that people won't talk about it. 1/ @NPR
This Nigerian doctor, Dimie Ogoina (@Dimostic) just addressed a special #monkeypox session at #AIDS2022. 2/
Historically, based on experienced in African countries where #MPX has been known for decades, the virus was often contracted from contact with rodents & was considered difficult to transmit from person-to-person. 3/
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#Monkeypox vaccine messaging is difficult & conflicting because there's not enough research. Data so far is based on immunogenicity (essentially, antibody production) not real-world effectiveness. Starting with 1 dose is a good strategy to get more people some protection ASAP. 1/
But saying a single dose provides adequate protection is premature. In particular, people with #HIV have a lower response rate & it seems like they should be prioritized for 2nd doses. @dr_demetre says @US_FDA stands by its recommended 2-dose regimen. #AIDS2022 2/
I went into #AIDS2022 #monkeypox media briefing with many questions, but most don't yet have answers, including importance of various transmission routes in the real world, asymptomatic transmission, does HIV influence susceptibility, TPOXX efficacy, can isolation be shorter. 3/
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(1/4)VIH en el 2022: La visión de Anthony Fauci

Espectacular resumen de todos los avances alcanzados desde el inicio de la pandemia del VIH

-1989 fue el año del 1er AIDS realizado en Montreal
-75 Millones de diagnósticos desde 1989 y 40 Millones de muertes

(2/4)COVID ha amenazado la respuesta global contra el VIH y TBC (redujo acceso y diagnósticos), solo en USA reducción del 17% en nuevos diagnósticos
PEPFAR ha salvado 21Millones de vidas y ha permitido el acceso a TAR a 19Millones
- USA se ha propuesto reducción del 90% en nuevos diag. a 10 años (durante últimos 5 años, se ha reducido en un 75%)
- Esto sin duda demuestra la importancia de liderazgo continuo y que este que no dependa del gobierno de turno (Fauci ha estado a cargo del NIAID desde 1984)
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(1/3)Paciente Barcelona : Cura Funcional
- Mujer de 59 años
- Fue incluída en protocolo de infección aguda VIH con Inmunomoduladores (ciclosporina)
- Mantuvo indetectabilidad por 15 años, sin TAR, incluso sin presentar blips

#AIDS2022 #CureHIV
- No se documentaron los clásicos factores genéticos involucrados en una potente respuesta inmune

- Documentaron una reducción progresiva de los reservorios a través del tiempo (reducción del 98% en DNA viral, y 94% en DNA proviral)
- Se midió actividad NK y T-CD8+ en la inhibición de la replicación (62% CD8, 75% NK)

- Actividad atípica de NK (2veces mas alto de lo normal)
- NK expresan CD57 que promueven una potente respuesta citotoxica

- Alta actividad de T-CD8 (6 veces mas de lo normal)
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And now at #AIDS2022: ad hoc #monkeypox media briefing with @mdoherty_hiv, Marina Klein, @ProfSharonLewin, @dr_demetre, @klts0 & @profchloeorkin.
.@dr_demetre: There's not one magic bullet. Learned lessons from #HIV that absolutes tend not to work, so focus on harm reduction. #Monkeypox vaccine supply & demand mismatch will probably go through the summer & fall. #AIDS2022
Marina Klein: Montreal was able to graft #monkeypox vaccine effort onto existing COVID vaccine infrastructure, with low threshold, evening hours, broad eligibility for gay/bi/MSM. #AIDS2022
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Cura del VIH y vacuna
- La Relación entre los CD4 y la magnitud de la respuesta inmune es clave
- Papel critico desempeñan los Ac neutralizantes en la adquisición del VIH
- Los coctel de Ac podrían ser una herramienta en el control viral y cura funcional
- 3 estudios de eficacia de vacuna VIH no neutralizante indican que títulos altos de Ac del bucle V1V2 pueden desempeñar un papel e n la reducción de la adquizición del VIH
- Respuesta TCD8+ después de vacuna es clave en la respuesta innúmera para evitar adquirir VIH (HVTN505)
- Ac. Monoclonares: datos han demostrado una buena supresión virológica, siendo capaces de proveer una nueva ruta para el diseño de vacunas.

- Tecnología RNAm: INVITRO han demostrado hasta un 79% de reducción del riesgo (mas de 20 estudios anticipados para los próximos 2 años!!)
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And now, the Future of #HIV Media Coverage -- plus COVID & I won't be surprised if they mention #monkeypox. With @picardonhealth, @sciencecohen, @sarahboseley, @boosulyn, @SipokaziF, @apoorva_nyc, @rkhamsi & @ProfSharonLewin #AIDS2022
.@sciencecohen: There used to be AIDS journalists, that's rare now. With COVID, every reporter became a health reporter. Public more informed about science than ever before. But, adds @picardonhealth, they're more misinformed as well. #AIDS2022
How to balance COVID -- & now monkeypox -- with ongoing issues like #HIV/#AIDS?
@apoorva_nyc: When people stop seeing a disease as a threat to themselves, they don’t pay attention anymore. How do we get people to care about something that affects a specific population? #AIDS2022
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#AIDS2022 Plenary Session on HIV in Indigenous Cultures in Canada
Stigma amongst Indigenous peoples with HIV still prominent, especially in rural areas still play a role, secondary to imposed ideology of Church and colonization
This is a major barrier to reaching 95-95-95 goals
A call for Indigenous People to be included as a Priority Population in the global HIV response, with global commitment to these peoples all around the world, wherever Indigenous People happen to be. #AIDS2022
Converging syndemic of HIV and the opioid epidemic, with COVID-19 exposing the cracks in the system, along with the increasing need to focus on and prioritize mental health during the lockdown has greatly affected Indigenous Peoples #AIDS2022
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Good morning from Day 2 from #AIDS2022, first talk, the possibility of HIV mRNA Vaccine
Difficulties - HIV integrates into DNA, highly mutable, and complex response to HIV envelope glycoprotein
An mRNA vaccine was able to create broadly neutralizing antibodies however much different landscape on surface of HIV compared to SARS-COV-2
mRNA sticks around, is cheap to produce, easily modified, and creates endogenous protein
Of course vaccine equity is v important #AIDS2022
Possibility to Prime, then boost multiple times to create broadly neutralizing Abs, would require multiple clinical trials
IAVI G001 - 2 immunizations of vaccine, low dose and high dose arms, well tolerated, 94-97% response, increased mutation levels on second vaccine #AIDS2022
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Did you know?

4⃣0⃣0⃣ million people have no access to essential health services
2⃣1⃣4⃣ million women of reproductive age in developing countries cannot access modern contraceptive methods
2⃣2⃣ million unsafe #abortions occur each year globally Woman with earrings and pin...
🔸Every day 🗓️ more than 1⃣ million sexually transmitted infections are acquired

🔸Around the 🌎🌍🌏: the number of new #HIV infections among young people is still unacceptably high

#AIDS2022 Two people standing next to...
Every person, irrespective of #HIV status, should be able to realize their sexual and reproductive health and rights.


#AIDS2022 A couple is hugging while w...
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A Southern California man appears to be cured of #HIV after undergoing a stem cell transplant to treat leukemia, Dr. Jana Dikter of @cityofhope reported this week at #AIDS2022. @eBARnews…
This risky procedure isn't suitable for most people with HIV, it offers clues for more feasible approaches. "These cures are no longer anecdotal - we now have a real case series," said Dr. Steven Deeks of @UCSF . #AIDS2022
.@iasociety put journalists in a bind by holding press conferences so early. Dikter gave a summary at Wed press briefing & @cityofhope issued a press release, but her actual presentation isn't until Monday. Of course, mainstream media reported it right away after the presser.
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Newly released WHO Consolidated Guidelines on HIV, Hepatitis, and STI prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and care for key populations…

Essential health interventions recommended below! Image
And newly released UNAIDS Report, highlighting HIV acquisition amongst priority populations Image
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Annie Luetkemeyer (@annieluet) reports doxycycline PEP reduces risk of STIs for gay/bi men & trans women on #PrEP (incidence 32% vs 11%) & #HIV+ (31% vs 12%) — even more so for those who used it consistently. @UCSF #AIDS2022
DoxyPEP led to reductions in #gonorrhea, #chlamydia & #syphilis. Analysis of antibiotic resistance & gut microbiome is underway. #AIDS2022
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City of Hope Patient is older than the few other people previously cured after stem cell transplants & he's been living with #HIV longer, suggesting this approach may be feasible for more people with both HIV & cancer. #AIDS2022 @cityofhope #AIDS 1/
This follows the cures of @TimothyRayBrown, @londonpatient, the New York Patient -- & some count the Dusseldorf Patient -- making this the 4th or 5th such case. @pozmagazine 2/
Stem cell transplants are too risky to be an option for most people living with #HIV, but these findings provide clues that could help researchers develop more widely applicable approaches for long-term HIV remission. 3/
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.@ProfSharonLewin #AIDS2022 media briefing: As we face the COVID pandemic & ongoing humanitarian crises, we need to refocus attention on the global #HIV/#AIDS response. 1/
Annie Luetkemeyer (@annielue, @UCSF): doxycycline post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) is safe & highly effective strategy for reducing sexually transmitted infections (gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis) among men who have sex with men (MSM) & transgender women (TGW). 2/
66% reduction in STIs among MSM & TGW taking #HIV #PrEP, 62% reduction among HIV+ MSM & TGW. Analysis of doxycycline resistance & effect on gut microbiome is ongoing. #AIDS2022 3/
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📢 Published today in @NEJM to aid #monkeypox diagnosis:

A global collaborative case series led by @ShareEastLondon @QMUL describing 528 confirmed infections from 43 centres in 16 countries + an image library.

@rcgp @RCPhysicians @JohnPThornhill🧵
2/Before April 2022, MPXV in humans was seldom reported outside African regions where it is endemic. Currently, cases are occurring globally. Transmission, risk factors, clinical presentation & outcomes of infection are poorly defined. MPXV research has been grossly underfunded
3/We formed an international collaborative group of clinicians who contributed to the global case series to describe the presentation, clinical course, and outcomes of PCR–confirmed monkeypox virus infections. @IAS @HIVpxresearch
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For everyone coming to #AIDS2022, the Canadian gov't has reintroduced mandatory random arrivals testing.

The process will likely be convoluted for people staying in hotels as kits will need to be shipped to you or maybe can get one at airport and then returned somehow.

Most people attending #AIDS2022 will be flying into YUL/Montreal Airport.

I contacted Biron (the federal testing contractor in Quebec) and there are 3 options for testing.

1) At airport
2) Locations in Montreal where nurse will take swab
3) Shipping self-collection swab.

The Biron representative said that testing at YUL should continue for the next two weeks which would include folks arriving for the conference.

So if chosen, could just do test there and will get results in 24h.

If no longer there or wait too long (or tired), options 2/3.

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