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Maandag start #WorldImmunizationWeek, speciale aandacht voor vaccinatiebereidheid en de 7 aspecten ervan wat kan helpen met begrijpen waarom mensen wel/niet vaccineren en wat daar ten grondslag ligt. Dit geldt voor algemene bevolking
💉🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♂️ Image
Zeer graag een vaccin willen vanwege de kans op ziekte en sterfte tijdens een uitbraak. Het kan omslaan tot ‘wanhoop’ wanneer er tekorten zijn. Het laatste zagen we bij aanvang van COVID-19 💉en bij de tekorten tijdens de #MPX uitbraak in zomer ’22. Image
Bereid zijn om te 💉-en om risico op sterfte, (ernstige) ziekte te voorkomen, bewust zijn van de voordelen en effecten van de interventie. Grote bereidheid zie je bij hep-b, hep-a, gele koorts, polio, tetanus, en vele kindervaccinaties Image
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Two #smallpox #vaccines may be used for #monkeypox: efficacy unknown. In the U.S. now the Norwegian JYNNEOS 2-dose vax is used for #MPX but it's assumed prior ACAM2000 Sanofi smallpox vax protects.
Here, the case of an ACAM2000-vaxed man who got MPX.
"We report a patient in Washington who contracted #monkeypox despite being successfully immunized against #smallpox with the ACAM2000 #vaccine 8 years earlier.
The patient was a previously healthy 34-year-old man who had sex with men...came to a clinic because of..."
3/ "...a 4-day history of malaise, fatigue & headache & 4 painless penile lesions.
"...this case highlights that #vaccination alone does not guarantee immunity from #monkeypox. Public health leaders should taper expectations that vaccination alone will end the outbreak."
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The @WhiteHouse #monkeypox #MPX briefing was mostly very good news. New cases reports are way down across most of the US, and globally. But in the last week the demographics shifted, from a predominately white male outbreak to:
- 38% black men
- 25% Hispanic
- 26% white
About 540,000 doses of #Jynneos #vaccine have been admin'ed in USA, and some men are now getting their 2nd doses -- which are essential for effective protection.
But there is a mismatch.
While 38% of new cases are black men, only 12% of vax uptake is in that group.
The @CDCgov is shifting from from education/#vaccination campaigns at large gay pride events, to smaller, targeted efforts aimed at less-served groups.
Meanwhile, CDC says MPX "travels with" other STDs & #HIV -- 61% of diagnosed #monkeypox cases are co-infected.
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Our paper on relabelling the internal clades of the #monkeypox to be non-geographical, & proposing a new lineage naming system within Clade IIb, is now out in @PLOSBiology 🙌🏻
This has been an international effort I'm humbled to be part of.…

Because it seems like there's a lot of misunderstanding around this paper/proposal - our paper does *not* touch on renaming the #monkeypox virus itself.
We focus on switching to more structured, non-stigmatizing & standardized naming within the virus phylogeny.

Contrary to what many people believe, there are long-standing efforts to name new viruses, & re-label old virus-related terms (like clades/lineages/strains), to avoid potentially stigmatizing & often inaccurate names. But previously, you didn't hear of it in the media! 😁

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Get to work plebs, fuck your health, you must keep working regardless
NHS Federation states: #HumanitarianCrisis #HumanCatastrophe to describe the coming winter through the #ToryCostOfLivingCrisis #NationalHealthCrisis #EnoughIsEnough #EnoughIsEnough

this is a damning indictment if ever there was one!
the NHS Federation has written to govt to highlight an "impending humanitarian crisis" over winter in health of UK citizens #EnoughlsEnough #SocialistSunday
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For obvious reasons (#MPX in fall/winter), I moved a most of my med check-ups to last week.

Stuns & saddens me how woefully uninformed and ill-prepared our medical facilities and most HCWs are in dealing w airborne pathogens like Covid, MPX & others.
With few exceptions, all wore useless surgical masks (some front desk staff now, no mask), and several told me they were infected at work.

One was infected at work twice, hospitalized, young, with a newborn.

My dermatologist ofc had air purifiers in all rooms & wore KN95.
That was encouraging (though I told her I would upgrade to an N95). Her nurse, though, wore a surgical mask.


She didn’t know they don’t work for covid prevention. I clarified and she was genuinely appreciative.
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1/🧵 Is MonkeyPox airborne?

I’m not an ID specialist, but evidence from this often cited 2001 @Nature study does NOT speak to usual #MPX exposure.

The Methods describe high dose, highly lethal variant. This is more like being sprayed w viral fluid.
2/ Is MPX airborne?

This 🧵 is to alert readers that methods of studies are critical to analyze. These authors set up an experiment that was designed to be as HIGHLY infectious as possible w a dose & delivery highly unlike what we see in society. They even got rectal lesions.
3/ There’s no doubt that respiratory secretions from prolonged close physical contact (kissing) are a way to transmit monkeypox. That is NOT the type of droplet transfer across multiple feet of physical separation we have to worry about.
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1. A #MPX 🧵
The latest technical brief from @UKHSA suggests that the trajectory of the #monkeypox outbreak in the UK is slowing. HSA says there are signs the outbreak has plateaued.
2. But the plateauing that @UKHSA is reporting is not happening in all locations with #monkeypox outbreaks.
3. Fascinating (to me): @UKHSA says that while the majority of the #MPX viruses they've sequenced are from the outbreak strain, 2 are not. They cluster with the cases @CDCgov reported back in early June. Indian scientists have also detected these viruses.…
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Demonizing consensual sex as promiscuous IS highly stigmatizing and actively works against sexual liberation and overall sexual health. 🧵 1/n
Queer people may have more open conversations around sex, but it is often because we have had to for most of our lives. It does not mean we have more sex than our non-queer counterparts. Most queer people understand this basic reasoning. 2/n
Stating that the current #MPX outbreak is spreading among sexual networks of MSM is not stigmatizing, it’s factual.

Place some sort of moral framework on this fact is what’s stigmatizing. 3/n
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Eine Affenpockeninfektion wird bestätigt. Was wissen wir aus den Erfahrungen in Nigeria über die Krankheit und deren Behandlung?

Eine Übersicht des nigerianischen Gesundheitsministeriums klärt auf.


Wie sieht eine Infektion aus? Neben einzelnen Pocken können durchaus auch mehrere Pocken entstehen und andere Körperteile wie z.B. die Augen betroffen sein:
Wie werden die verschiedenen Symptome behandelt?
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Wie sollte das öffentliche Gesundheitswesen auf einen Ausbruch der Affenpocken reagieren?
In Nigeria hat man Erfahrung mit der Krankheit. Hier die Guidelines des Gesundheitsministeriums:…
Wie sehen die Symptome aus?
Wie grenzt man die Diagnose gegen andere Krankheiten ab?
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If you read just one #monkeypox article, make it this one, illustrating both the folly of not listening to people on the ground in the most affected communities & the perils of shaming & stigmatizing sex so much that people won't talk about it. 1/ @NPR
This Nigerian doctor, Dimie Ogoina (@Dimostic) just addressed a special #monkeypox session at #AIDS2022. 2/
Historically, based on experienced in African countries where #MPX has been known for decades, the virus was often contracted from contact with rodents & was considered difficult to transmit from person-to-person. 3/
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Image from the same article depicting these vaxxed CDC researchers all suited up to do their sampling of rodents in an area with endemic #MPX 3 people dressed in blue gowns, gloves & helmets
From the CDC page on *traveling* to an area where #MPX is endemic "People infected with monkeypox can spread the virus to others through the air when they cough, sneeze, or talk."
..."Clinician Information

When a patient presents to a health care facility with fever and vesicular or pustular rash, a combination of standard, contact, and #airborne  infection control precautions should be applied" #MPX ...2/3
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Are we keeping track of who’s been minimizing #MPX & of those claiming it won’t spread much beyond MSM?

I’m feeling extreme Feb 2020 vibes & reiterate that scientists I trust are increasingly alarmed.

If we learned anything from Covid, it’s that under-reacting = ☠️.
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BEWARE: 55 Tufton Street! (Civitas) has produced a report saying the UK has the most expensive & 2nd worse health system after the US BUT Tufton St Civitas admits they've included COVID expenditure, Test, Trace & Isolate in their calculations (without saying it's £37 BILLION!)
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1. A #monkeypox 🧵
The US has surpassed the UK in #MPX cases, trailing only Spain at this point, I believe. Friday's tally from @CDCgov is 2891 cases. A couple of weeks ago the tally grew by about 50 cases a day. Now it's hundreds — nearly 400 today.
2. At a White House briefing late today, Jennifer McQuiston from @CDCgov said 99% of the US #monkeypox cases are gay, bisexual & other men who have sex with men. CDC knows of 2 cases in children (household transmission), 8 cases in cisgendered women & 5 in transgendered men.
3. In the UK, the #monkeypox case total is 2208, the vast majority of which were detected in England. @UKHSA updates its case count on Tuesdays & Fridays; today's total was only up 71 cases from what HSA reported on Tuesday.
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1. A short #MPX 🧵
The U.S. #monkeypox case count is now 2,323. Cases have been reported from all but 7 states: Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, Mississippi, Alaska, Vermont and Maine.… Image
2. The latest #monkeypox report from @ECDC_EU & @WHO_Europe is out. 36 countries in the European region have reported 10,604 cases. As usual, there's lots of interesting data in this report.
3. Some stats:
- 42% of #monkeypox cases are 31 - 40 yo.
- 99.5% are male.
- 38% are people living with HIV (of cases for whom HIV status is known, ~1/5th of all cases)
- 94.5% had a rash.
- 31 were health workers, but they aren't thought to have been infected at work.
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Aerosol spread is possible, not confirmed. Please review transmission statement in WHO clinical /IPC guidance for #monkeypox. Much we still don’t know so provide data if you have it. There is early information coming out about different modes of transmission during this outbreak
2.5 Transmission and viral shedding
Despite decades of circulation in animals with spread to humans, there are limited data available describing transmission and viral shedding of monkeypox
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1. Short #MPX 🧵
There's an interesting #monkeypox paper today in @Eurosurveillanc from researchers in Barcelona. They took 147 specimens from 12 MPX patients, sampling saliva, semen and feces as well as skin/lesion samples and swabs of the throat and anus.
2. They found a high level of positivity among those samples — including finding #MPX DNA in the saliva of all 12 patients in their study. They also found #monkeypox virus DNA in semen (7/9 cases), urine (9/12 cases) and feces (8/12 cases). This raises an obvious question.
3. Sadly, this paper can't answer that question, which is: Can #MPX be transmitted through contact with bodily fluids/products? It can't answer it because the researchers didn't try to grow virus from the specimens, so it's not clear if this was viral debris or infectious virus.
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@WHO published its first situation report for the multi-country #Monkeypox outbreak with data till 4 July 2022 there has been

👉6027 cases and 3 deaths in 59 countries in 5 WHO regions
👉2614 new cases (77% ⬆️) & 2 new deaths since last DON

Sex is available for 73% (4406/6027) of cases
👉Of these, 99.5% (4385/4406) are males (median age 37 yrs)
👉Males 18-44 years of age account for 79% of cases
👉0.1% (6/5584) of cases with age data are aged 0-17 years of age.
Among cases with reported sexual orientation
👉60% (1214/2025) identified as gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men
👉41% (335/827) of cases with known #HIV status were positive for #HIV
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We @UKHSA have updated our monkeypox #MPX case counts to 106 confirmed cases in the UK.

A few things have changed over the past two weeks. A short explainer thread here.

Following initial reports of cases in gay men, we have seen a large increase in reported cases in this group, also including bisexual men, and other men who have sex with men.

We know this outbreak is being transmitted in networks that are connected through sexual activity.
It probably has in the past, given that transmission between people who live together has been documented extensively.

The above does not mean that MPX is not, and can not, be transmitted through other networks, or routes.
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de #incubatietijd is vrij lang (5-21 dagen) en de ziekte heeft twee fasen: prodromale fase (algemene ziektesymptomen) en de typische fase met huidlaesies ('pokken')

Ook hier is bron- en contactonderzoek essentieel om verspreiding te stoppen #BCO

een 🧵 1/ Image
in de eerste dagen van het ziektebeeld hebben mensen koorts, gezwollen lymfeklieren, hoofdpijn, spierpijn, moe

[als het goed is heb je dan al een #COVID19 test gedaan 😉 omdat dit, behalve gezwollen lymfeklieren, ook typische coronasymptomen zijn]…
Na 1-3 dagen ontstaat huiduitslag met vier stadia

1- maculopapulaire uitslag = vlekken & bultjes
2- vesiculaire uitslag = blaasjes
3- pustulaire uitslag = pusbultjes/bulten
4- korstjes (vallen er na paar weken af)
korstjes weg = niet meer #besmettelijk
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Monkeypox is an Orthopoxvirus like Small Pox or Vaccinia virus. They are brick shaped linear dsDNA viruses that replicate in cytoplasm. They bind to glycosaminoglycans to enter cells or are taken up by apoptotic mimicry #monkeypox #orthopoxvirus 1/n…
Small Pox is the archetypal orthopoxvirus infection of humans which infected humans from prehistory until its eradication in the 20th century through Vaccination. First true success of Vaccines 2/n #Variola #SmallPox #orthopoxvirus…
History of Small Pox Vaccination is the history of Vaccination itself. Life long immunity produced against Small Pox, which could be mimicked by attenuated cowpox (Vaccinia) was the key to Small Pox eradication 3/n #Vaccinia #SmallPox #orthopoxvirus…
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As if you needed reminding.…

'A well-sealed FFP2/3 [N95/N99] mask is the single greatest tool humankind has come up with to prevent initial infection, further spread and mutations - as well as an endless pandemic.'

#MaskUp ImageImage
I hadn't realised that the 'Vax-Only and Nothing Else' crew were a thing; or that they are so incredibly toxic & wrong-headed; and as dangerous as any of the other extremist Covid bands.

A thread on putting them right: and why vax-and-mask matters. ImageImageImageImage
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