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🔴 #Mpox aka #Monkeypox is spreading .
But not where you think it is.
A short 🧵 Image
The latest situation report on the multi-country outbreak of #mpox from @WHO has come out . In Summary:
▶️ 87,929 cases and 146 deaths from Jan 2022
▶️ 111 countries / territories affected as of date Image
▶️ The European and American Outbreak of #mpox which followed a super spreader event last year is pretty well under control.
There are few cases still being reported, but vaccination campaigns have brought the outbreak pretty well under control. Image
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We now relive the “Roaring Twenties,” but with a SARS-virus that, unlike the 1918 pandemic influenza, establishes chronic infection and will take society down if left to evolve unmitigated. Party time 😈👇
@JessicaLexicus crashed the party before it was even endemic 😂👇 Image
We warn the “back to normal” party goers against significant ‘policy resistance’; the expected pushback to any kind of policy change.
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#Mpox | La #virueladelmono ha causado hasta la fecha unos 87.000 casos y 116 muertes a nivel mundial. Pese al descenso de los casos por la inmunidad de grupo y un cambio de comportamiento entre la población de riesgo, existe aún un alto riesgo de contagio. Abrimos hilo 🧵👇
#Mpox | La principal vía de transmisión es el contacto físico estrecho con las lesiones y costras en la piel y los fluidos corporales. Aunque es menos frecuente, también puede contagiarse por compartir material que haya estado en contacto con sangre
#Mpox | Cualquier persona puede adquirir la viruela del mono si mantiene un contacto físico estrecho – no necesariamente de índole sexual - con una persona infectada
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@DrTedros "As you know, just under three weeks ago I declared an end to #COVID19 as a public health emergency of international concern.

It was a moment of relief and reflection.

It’s encouraging to see life return to normal – to be able to hug a friend, to travel freely, and to meet…… Image
@DrTedros "But at the same time, many of us continue to carry grief in our hearts – grief over those we have lost, grief at the terrible toll the pandemic has taken on families, communities, societies and economies, and grief that it didn’t need to be this way"-@DrTedros #WHA76
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1/ Tpoxx (Tecovirimat) resistance in immunocompromised patients, many of whom received multiple courses of treatment. Reminder- tpoxx is our first-line antiviral against monkeypox/mpox.

Important pre-print from CDC Monkeypox/mpox response team… Image
2/ Having worked on surveillance for a number of cases for the past several months, I think key is that many are patients also w/ tough social challenges which have made adherence to antiretroviral medications difficult, setting them up for a double-hit with AIDS + mpox @g0ingmad
3/ Health equity again is at the core of epidemic response. Over time, it is possible that we see circulation of these #mpox variants even in patients who have not been exposed to tecovirimat yet (more on this soon), esp if we see a resurgence this year. @gregggonsalves
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A 31-YO♂️, #sexually active with 2♂️partners in the previous month: 8 days before redness of the R eye, an itchy perianal rash & rectal pain; scattered, tender, shallow ulcers & pustules on chest (A), abdomen (B), back (C) & perianal (D)
#proctology Image
PCR from the perianal vesicel:➕for nonvariola orthopoxvirus DNA.
Species-specific PCR: ➕for #mpox virus, clade II.

The patient reported a new rash with numerous ulcer on his chest, abdomen, and back

MPOX (formerly known as #monkeypox)

#MolBiol #virology
During the next 2 days, the patient took tecovirimat & reported redness & discomfort of the right eye and become painful

He had learned that mpox had been diagnosed in one of his #sexual partners from the previous month.


#ophthalmology #IDtwitter On examination of the right...
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HOW, Dr. this possible?

Canada detected it's first case of #mpox almost one year ago to the date: Image
And while you deployed the 99k vaccines to provinces and territories...and wanted to test Wastewater...did you never think to add the #mpox Vaccine to the Vaccine Passports?

Were you playing loose and reckless with Canadian Lives?
Or did you learn from your abysmal failure with COVID, not recognizing that only sick people die from the sniffles?

The economy of Canada was SHATTERED.

You put us into a 2 Tiered Society, based on Vaccines...when the only people at risk...
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🧵 1/4 The #mpox prevention toolkit. 🌈 #publichealth #LGBTQ #LGBTQI #prevention #pride
🧵 2/4 Get up to date on the mpox vaccine. Both doses! It’s not too late! Read more and find your two shots 👉…
🧵 3/4 If you have a rash or don’t feel well avoid events and sex. Get tested even if you have been vaccinated or had #mpox before. Go you your health care provider or #sexualhealth clinic for mpox tests & other services (like HIV and STI) Find them at👉…
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Der Gesundheitsnotstand für #SARSCoV2 #COVID19 und #Mpox wurde von der WHO aufgehoben. Die Krankheiten sind deswegen nicht weg & benötigen weiterhin Aufmerksamkeit, aber man kann trotzdem ein bißchen froh & dankbar sein, dass wir bei beidem aus der akuten Notsituation raus sind.
Ich bin jedenfalls sehr froh darüber, dass das öffentliche Interesse, v.a. an Corona, praktisch komplett verschwunden ist. Von mir aus kann es gerne so bleiben & ich hoffe sehr, dass wir in den nächsten Jahren erstmal keine weiteren Ausbrüche dieser Ausmaße mehr haben werden
Genug zu tun, um nächstes Mal besser vorbereitet zu sein, gibt es alle Mal. Aber es ist auch schön, mal wieder an anderen Viren arbeiten zu können, in einem normalen Tempo, mit freien Wochenenden und mehr Zeit zum Lesen & ohne Twitter! Man darf auch mal zuversichtlich sein!
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Poucos dias depois da declaração do fim da emergência de saúde pública de interesse internacional da COVID-19, a @WHO declara o fim da emergência internacional da #mpox

De igual forma, os países precisam manter-se vigilantes, testarem e ampliarem a vacinação dos grupos alvo
Desde março, temos a vacinação contra a #mpox no país, centrada principalmente nos grupos de maior risco de exposição e de doença grave, além dos profissionais de saúde. Confira abaixo na reportagem do G1 👇🏼…
Lembrando que o vírus causador da #mpox seguirá circulando, dado que também pode infectar outras espécies. No fio abaixo, que já é mais antiguinho, explico formas de se proteger, sintomas e o que saber sobre a doença
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1. Maternal chronic immune activation harms the fetus. They experience catch-up growth, retardation in utero and then faster growth in the first year, an evolutionarily conserved double tap that foreshadows obesity and cardiovascular problems later in life.

For your children. 🤨
3. People started to share @RealCheckMarker's arguments on (1) unmitigated international aviation; (2) WHO's template and the North American pandemic playbook; and (3) the real risk of SARS with legal and other experts. Good, this is how society learns. 👇
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1. This is fascinating to see when applying for energy and climate positions: Most institutions value subject-matter expertise. Systems problems* caused by nonlinear feedbacks with multi-year lags call for systems expertise.

* SARS/climate as prime examples; there are many more!
2. Interestingly, I do and share nothing special; anyone and everyone could do the same. That's the entire point. We can't possibly solve global systems challenges in private expert dialogues. Societal learning requires people who do the societal teaching!
3. It's not trivial; consider the climate perspective. The pandemic focus was/is already a vast simplification. Not to take global health policy as an easy off-ramp - that even comes with a valid actionable legal framework - will only escalate complexity.
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Do we live in a society of science illiterates and noticed only as everyone had to put the cards on the table early 2020? More precisely, we see that @GhoshAmitav's Unthinkable applies to SARS-CoV as well as to climate.

CoV-2 was widely circulating in Italy by September 2019 (!) ImageImageImage
@GhoshAmitav 2. There is scientific debate what these findings mean if anything. Debate and implications are not reflected in public, politics, or even the wider scientific community. It's not our role to force such debate via twitter; our focus should be on solutions.…
3. For 1 Sep to 31 Dec 2019, Chang et al. 2023 found no SARS-CoV-2-specific antibodies in blood donors in Wuhan before Dec 2020, indicating no evidence of transmission of COVID-19 before December 2019 in Wuhan, China. Absence of e is no e of a, but still:… Image
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1. The real risk of #SARS Let'er R.I.P (Re-Infection Policy) is positive feedback on pathogens OTHER than SARS-CoV. Take #Mpox.

What is remarkable about this cluster in Taiwan, other than it not being in WHO statistics (Taiwan being no member state)?… Image
2. "Wear a mask and seek medical attention immediately"

WOULD you LOOK at THAT! Taiwan CDC recommends N95 for #Mpox! Almost like the virus is airborne*

* given respiratory symptoms and systemic disease, OF COURSE it is

very science based scicomm… ImageImageImageImage
3. Taiwan reports 132 deaths, WHO only 120.

I'll share some literature next, when I find time; we volunteer ours after all.

Extending Let 'er R.I.P. (Reinfection Policy) from coronaviruses to poxviruses is quite the gamble.… ImageImage
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💉 Le ministère de la Santé publie son calendrier des vaccinations pour 2023.

Ci-dessous, les vaccins recommandés pour les adultes (tranche d'âge par tranche d'âge), hors #Covid19.

1/4… Image
Ici, les vaccins recommandés ou obligatoires pour les enfants et les adolescents.

Pareil, tranche d'âge par tranche d'âge (les vaccins obligatoires sont sur fond bleu).

2/4 ImageImage
Hors #Covid19 et #Mpox, les nouveautés portent sur la vaccination contre les rotavirus, recommandée à l'ensemble des nourrissons, et celle annuelle contre la grippe saisonnière, ouverte aux enfants/ados.

Par ailleurs, pharmaciens et infirmiers peuvent désormais vacciner.

3/4 Image
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Possible #MPOX mutation? An investigation has been launched in France 🇫🇷 after new cluster 17 cases—59% of people in a new monkeypox cluster were vaccinated—double usual % seen. Hence concerns of possible new #monkeypox mutation.…
2) While the #MPOX jab does not offer complete protection against the disease, usually only 25% of French cases are in vaccinated individuals.
3) Those affected in the current French cluster are all men aged between 24 and 56.

“No parties or events common to the cases have been identified," the French health authority said. “No person has required hospitalisation.”
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17 cas masculins de #mpox (ou variole du singe) ont été recensés en région Centre-Val de Loire depuis le 1er janvier, dont 14 rien qu'en mars.

Tous des hommes ayant des rapports sexuels avec des hommes, aucun hospitalisé.

A noter : 10 d'entre eux (59%) étaient vaccinés.

Cette part de vaccinés parmi les cas est bien plus élevée que celles en France entière depuis octobre (25%).

C'est troublant, mais "il convient d’attendre les résultats des études d’efficacité en vie réelle qui permettront de mieux interpréter ces données".

Comme je l'ai déjà expliqué, on sait assez peu dans quelle mesure le vaccin contre le #mpox protège, a plus forte raison sur la durée.

"Dans l’attente de données robustes des vaccins contre mpox, ce cluster incite à la vigilance", dixit SPF.

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A thread on the risk of genetic recombination of rabies virus (lyssavirus) with SARS-CoV. RABV is airborne; if it picks up Omicron-grade immune evasion, to lower infectious viral load, chains of infection become untraceable given a long incubation time.

Real-life zombie party.
Fun meme: makes us look like adventure park tour operators. We only alert governments to the need to deliver effective policy.

No magic, just hard work.

Research and translation (for all to understand) takes time; I appreciate occasional coffee support.
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So where exactly are we now in the #COVID19 pandemic and where are we going?

Long thread ⬇️
@DrTedros @DrMikeRyan @WHO
3 years ago @WHO described the situation of #COVID19 as a pandemic, but it was 6 weeks earlier - on 30Jan20 - that @DrTedros declared the evolving situation as a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC), our highest alarm to the world.

From 1 Jan 20 to that point, @WHO had issued EISs, DONs, comprehensive technical guidance, a global strategy to suppress transmission & save lives, sent officials to China to learn, started daily pressers warning the world to take action in the hope we could prevent a pandemic…
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▶ Evidence is growing about the link between untreated #HIV and more severe #mpox symptoms highlighting the importance of ensuring that
✅prevention and
✅treatment services
for both #HIV and #mpox reach all people in need – a 🧵👇 Dr Francisco Silva is a general practitioner who also works
Worse #mpox symptoms have been reported in people who are severely immunosuppressed. This group includes some people who do not know they are living with #HIV and who are not benefitting from antiretroviral treatment. The MPOWER Programme at HIV Ireland works with members of th
People on effective #HIV treatment are not at any higher risk of severe #mpox - highlighting the urgent need to increase access to HIV prevention, testing and treatment services.
#HealthForAll LGBTQI+ march in Lisbon, Portugal, and one man and a woman h
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A #CROI2023 special session on #mpox. Some live tweets: Image
Dr. John Brooks, an internist at CDC office of prevention, speaks about #mpox. He notes that we've seen declines worldwide in new cases. 2/ Image
Mpox likely transmitted most via contact with skin and the anorectal area. #CROI2023 3/ Image
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And now at #CROI2023, a special session on #monkeypox/#mpox.
John Brooks of @CDCgov: Mpox decline has not been even in all places -- we need to keep our eye on places where it hasn’t declined as much & need to stay vigilant for reemergence. Image
I'm not going to try to live-tweet this one & didn't request advance permission to share slides.
John Brooks (@CDCgov): Let’s get people vaccinated against #monkeypox/#mpox now, before spring & summer. Summer means Pride, Pride means a lot of fun, a lot of fun means a lot of sex. #CROI2023 Image
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The CDC's #ACIP meeting on #mpox/#monkeypox is going on. Some interesting stats! Cases have remained overwhelmingly among men who have sex with men. Cases in kids have been extremely rare. Vaccine uptake has been racially inequitable. 🧵⬇️ ImageImageImageImage
The CDC estimates the Jynneos mpox vaccine efficacy based on 9,544 mpox cases among men 18-49 from July 31-Oct 1. Mpox rates were 7.4 times higher than those with 1 dose of the vax and 9.6 times higher than those with 2 doses. No difference based on subdermal vs intradermal. 2/ ImageImage
More mpox stats: 3/ ImageImageImageImage
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Mpox (monkeypox) can devastate people with advanced HIV disease, leading to severe skin and genital lesions and causing death in perhaps as many as 1 in 4 of those with a highly compromised immune system, I report for @NBCNews @NBCOUT. #CROI2023…
At #CROI2023 today, @profchloeorkin described the especially devastating case of a young man with advanced HIV and a very low CD4 count who had severe lesions and lung disease. He died following a bowel perforation 113 days after his first mpox symptom.…
Check out Dr. Orkin's thread on her presentation.
**MAJOR trigger warning**
If you look at @TheLancet paper to which she links, p. 8 has devastating photos of mpox lesions. But she feels they're important for clinicians to see.
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