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No legal compulsion to get v@ccinated; government cannot be held liable for deaths from COVID v@ccine: Central government to Supreme Court…
On the compensation being sought, the affidavit said that the petitioners have other legal remedies including approaching a civil court for damages.
It was also emphasised that a strict liability on Union or State governments for administering the vaccine is not legally tenable, since the vaccines are manufactured by third-parties.
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How Jawaharlal Nehru shaped a young Indian state’s ideas on ‘dissent’, by @tripurdaman:

Jawaharlal Nehru and how his love for Marxism affected India:

[From Swarajya archives]

'After Nehru - What?', by C. Rajagopalachari:

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In the affidavit filed before the apex court, the Gujarat government underlined that the convicts' "behaviour was found to be good" and that they were released on the grounds that they had completed 14 years in jail.

A thread.

#BilkisBano #BilkisBanoCase…
In the ICC Statute, the reduction of a sentence remains a judicial mandate and not executive discretion. | Saumya Uma…
"We believe that the remission and the government's silence sends out a signal of impunity and sets a precedent that is inhuman and immoral," said a statement issued by over 400 writers, artists and other prominent citizens.
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#InternationalDayOfGirlChild | Here is a thread of select articles on achievements of the girl child, the challenges they face and the impact of #COVID19 on young girls.
#InternationalDayOfGirlChild | Let's celebrate this day, with these inspiring and heart-warming books for girls. Here are three books that celebrate girl power — both real and fictional. #Replug
#InternationalDayOfGirlChild | Ahaana Bharat Ram of The Shri Ram School is on a campaign distributing free sanitary napkins among women who have no wherewithal to buy pads. | @soma1807 writes
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi paying tribute to #MahatmaGandhi on the occasion of his 153rd birthday anniversary, at #RajGhat in New Delhi.

Photos: Shiv Kumar Pushpakar
President of India #DroupadiMurmu paying tribute to #MahatmaGandhi on the occasion of his 153rd birthday anniversary, at #RajGhat in New Delhi.

Photo: Shiv Kumar Pushpakar
UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres urged people to shun violence by following #MahatmaGandhi 's principles of #Ahimsa (non-violence) on the occasion of his 153rd birth anniversary.
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#5GLaunch | Prime Minister #NarendraModi is set to launch the #5G telephonic services, ushering in an era of ultra high-speed internet on mobile phones.

Follow live updates here:
#5GinIndia | Follow live updates here:
#5GIndia | #5G will be launched by #PMModi in select cities on October 1 and it will progressively cover the entire country over the next couple of years, according to an official release.

Click the link for live updates:…
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#ManiRatnam talks about all things
#PonniyinSelvan in this #TNMExclusive with @Ahmedshabbir20 & @priyankathiru👇

#Replug | #TNMexclusive interviews with #PS1 cast🧵

In this interview with @priyankathiru, @rparthiepan speaks about his role in #PonniyinSelvan1, working with #ManiRatnam and more.

#Karthi speaks about playing the role of #Vanthiyathevan in #PonniyinSelvan1, his bond with the horse in the film, completing 15 years in cinema and more.
#PonniyinSelvan #PSI

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संगीतकार म्हणून माझ्या कारकीर्दीच्या अगदी सुरुवातीला मंगेश पाडगांवकरांनी मला एक सल्ला दिला होता - "कवितांना तू चाली देतो आहेस हे ठीकच आहे, पण तू गाणं explore कर." तेव्हा ते नेमकं काय सांगत आहेत ते मला नीटसं समजलं नव्हतं पण घरी आल्यावर शांताबाई शेळके यांचा गीतसंग्रह -
‘कळ्यांचे दिवस, फुलांच्या राती’ उघडला आणि शांताबाईंची गीतं पाहायला लागलो. गीत आणि कविता यात नेमका फरक काय आहे यावर अनेक चर्चा, वाद झडले आहेत आणि त्यात मला आत्ता पडायचं नाही. इतकंच सांगतो की शांता शेळकेंचा संग्रह वाचू लागलो आणि मंगेश पाडगांवकर काय सांगू पाहत होते ते माझ्या
हळूहळू ध्यानात येऊ लागलं होतं.
‘कळ्यांचे दिवस, फुलांच्या राती’ हा शांताबाईंच्या अशा गीतांचा संग्रह आहे की ज्यातली बरीचशी गाणी संगीतबद्ध किंवा ध्वनिमुद्रित झाली होती; पण या गाण्यांना फारशी प्रसिद्धी मिळाली नव्हती. काही गाणी चित्रपटांसाठी लिहिली होती पण ते चित्रपटच प्रदर्शित झाले
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Hours after @narendramodi acted to oust Alok Verma from his post as head of CBI at midnight on October 23, 2018, an unidentified Indian agency known to be a user of #Pegasus made a note of 3 telephone numbers registered in his name. | @svaradarajan
@narendramodi @svaradarajan The blow the Modi govt gave that night was accompanied by a second sucker punch: someone with the keys to India's hush-hush spyware deployment system received authorisation to add Verma's numbers to a list of persons of interest selected for surveillance.…
@narendramodi @svaradarajan .@thewire_in investigated several hundred India numbers from a leaked database comprising 50,000 numbers believed to be linked to probable targets of #Pegasus.…
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On All Fools’ day, learn ten #Sanskrit words for a fool

‘ajna’ (अज्ञ): “one who does not know”

‘astadhi’ (अस्तधी): “one who has thrown away their intellect”, “or one whose intellect has set [like the sun at night]”

‘devanampriya’ (देवानाम्प्रिय): “dear to the gods”

‘balisha’ (बालिश): “one associated with a fish-hook”, i.e. one who can be deceived like fish are by a fish-hook

‘mudha’ (मूढ): “one who has been confused/bewildered”

‘murkha’ (मूर्ख): “one who is confused/bewildered [easily]”

‘yathajata’ (यथाजात): “one who has not grown beyond being a newborn”

‘vivekavishranta’ (विवेकविश्रान्त): “one whose discrimination is on rest/sleeping”

‘vaidheya (वैधेय): “one who follows rules ‘vidhi’s [without thinking]”

‘hasra’ (हस्र): “one who laughs [unnecessarily]”

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Gandhi is definitely not above criticism and blame.

Yet, says @arvindneela, in the grand canvas of history, he explored means to assert an assimilative Hindu identity when the Hindu nation was being attacked by proselytising forces.

That many Hindutva leaders and ideologues have religiously followed the thoughts and actions of Gandhi is self-evident.

What makes it appear like a fantastical claim are the distortions done to Gandhi’s ideals.

#Replug #GandhiJayanti…
Did Savarkar think Gandhi a sissy or is it another case of distortion by 'eminent historians'?…
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From the Archives | Remembering #JawaharlalNehru on his death anniversary through some rare archive pictures.

Photo feature:
Replug | It was a long and winding road that took the child born at Anand Bhawan to his last steps as the Indian Prime Minister at Teen Murti Bhawan. It was not an easy journey.
(Excerpted with permission from #JawaharlalNehru by Aditi De)…
Replug | #JawaharlalNehru, the historian who wrote about the past for the love of his daughter’s future Image
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1. As Ayodhya gets ready for the historic occasion, here's a 25-tweet thread on the struggles, the controversies and the records that have led to August 5th.
2. As the Bhumi Pujan draws closer, here is a brief history of the long legal battle that was fought and won for the mandir:

#Ayodhya #BhumiPoojan…
3. From Persian works of the medieval era to sanads issued by Mughals in 18th century, Muslim sources themselves acknowledge the formerly disputed plot as the Ram Janmabhoomi:

#Replug #AyodhyaRamMandir…
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#Replug: “Using GIS for public health and its privacy implications: A case study of Kerala” by @hvpachisia , @jammastergirish , @kadambari_shah discusses the importance of data #privacy and #technology in service delivery, @DataGovNetwork 1/4
A widespread health #crisis, demands granular datasets on #publichealth infrastructure so that researchers and policymakers can analyse and plan for demand. The envisioned GIS-enabled HMIS system would have proved a valuable input to decision-making 2/4…
“How has India fared with regards to the documentation and upkeep of health data in India?” @epw_in 3/4…
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Yesterday, I replugged @NarenMenon1's thread.

Now @dwimidhaM shows how compromised media outlets support these subversive elements.

Now an employee of Sterlite speaks out. Laden with facts, busting every lie peddled by the pOrALi brigade.

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#Thread | Here's our exhaustive reportage of the air pollution crisis in Delhi NCR - #DeathByBreath - in #video.

1. This is what is wrong with the air in Delhi-NCR

#Replug #OddEven
2. Should you leave Delhi? That's what doctors are prescribing patients with respiratory ailments. #DeathByBreath #OddEven #Replug
3. How Delhi’s poisonous air is damaging its children for life #OddEven #DeathByBreath #Replug
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