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@KeesvdPijl1 Rapid opponents of the #Trump admin📝turned to creating tremendous social, economic & political chaos by massively overblowing the severity of widespread viral pathogen📝metaphor for the political infection they believed afflicted the country.

@KeesvdPijl1 No one interest📝group could have achieved this on its own. It required a perfect storm [no] conspiracy much less a specific plot. It only requires that the right confluence of events #Event201🚩present themselves in a way that prompts action & cooperation
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🚫CENSORED🚫: @The_IAP released the following statement from Founder and President @mrddmia after Twitter suspended his account earlier today:…

#BigTechCensorship #TwitterBan #BigTech
“Twitter initially banned me without warning or explanation, but told an inquirer that I was suspended for ‘violence and hatred.’ Apparently, Twitter considers it violent to call out BLM and Antifa riots." - @mrddmia
“Every day, the left spews hatred with impunity, but when conservatives speak out against their tactics, we are silenced and our peaceful speech is labeled violence. Twitter’s true motivation is clear." - @mrddmia
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Trying to make a list of all of the claims about #hypocrisy and #doublestandards I've seen this week. Let me know what I'm missing (1/6)

#CapitolRiot #BigTechCensorship #impeachment
(1) From the left: Law enforcement was much more severe toward BLM than toward the White supremacists at the Capitol riot. Alternatively phrased, if the rioters on Wednesday were BLM supporters / were POC, there would be many more wounded/dead/arrested. (2/6)
(2) From the right: When BLM protested/rioted/looted, Dems and the media claimed it's not violent to destruct property, but then when Trump supporters damaged property at the Capitol, suddenly it does count as violence. (3/6)
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The Plot To Steal America

(Part 1)
#2020Election #Trump 🦅🇺🇸
The Plot To Steal America

(Part 2)
#FightBackForFreedom 🦅🇺🇸
The Plot To Steal America

(Part 3)
#Election2020 #FightForTrump
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An interesting section in the Georgia @SidneyPowell1 case mentions a watermark. @LegendaryEnergy @sav_anon @Timcast @SharissaBurnett
2/3 CISA supplied a rumor check that says watermarks are used, still on their website, as shown:
#watermarks #MailInBallots @scrowder @ANTHONYBLOGAN @tatum_report247 @LegendaryEnergy @TheOfficerTatum @HowleyReporter @ElijahSchaffer @SlightlyOffens
3/3 They also provided this handy infographic that confirms watermarked ballots were used as a safeguard this election, and specific weight of paper. #StopTheSteaI #watermark #conspiracytheory……
@RobbersonJon did you see this
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At what point do we say those who mention #Russian disinformation campaign are automatically discredited? These are the same people that have lied for the last 4yrs about #RussianCollusion hoax, tore this country apart & continue to push this nonsense. 1/8
The same people who tell you to ignore the #BidenEmails because they haven’t been “verified.” Here you have actual hardcopy docs & they can't be trusted, yet these same people point to Russia w/out any evidence. they jump on stories w/fakesources & no hard documents. 2/8
These are the same people who have been screaming about the integrity of our elections, yet they have no qualms about #BigTech & #BigTechCensorship interfering in our #Elections 3/8
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#TwitterCensorship #ShadowBan #BigTechCensorship #Censorship #CENSORED #ShadowBanned

Eu venho sendo freado pelo #Twitter há mais de 2 anos.

Quando minha conta chega em 7000 mil seguidores simplismente ela volta para 6500, 6200, etc.

É assim que o #Twitter trabalha!👇 ImageImage
No momento estou com 6812 amigos me seguindo.

Há também muitos amigos que eu seguia que simplismente sumiram do #Twitter "misteriosamente".

Eles eram buscadores da verdade!

A maioria deles postavam diariamente assuntos sobre os #chemtrails, #5G, #GeoEngineering, #GMO, etc. Image
Como pode uma pessoa sem nenhum seguidores ter 1348 likes em 1 hora, enquanto eu estou com quase 7000 seguidores e com zero likes em algumas postagens há semanas?

Obrigado #Twitter por me frear diariamente, isso só mostra quanto estou no caminho certo.
Foda-se Jack!
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#Thread Senator @tedcruz leading the charge against Big Tech Censorship in recent hearing on Internet Transparency:

“One issue that I’ve been very concerned about...& ppl across the country are concerned about is big tech using its power to engage in political censorship."

Senator @tedcruz: "One of the most frustrating things about dealing with the question of tech censorship is that it is all marked in darkness and obscurity. There is no transparency whatsoever."

.@tedcruz on the power of shadowbanning & other forms of censorship: "That is a degree of power handed to a handful of tech billionaires in California to monitor & police, & put not just a thumb, but all five fingers, a fist & their foot on the scales of political discourse."

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