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Hello everybody - let's get the show on the road for another week!

It's the original, the one & only daily🧵with all you need to know about what's happening in #Ukraine's defence against #Russia, which has reached day 446.

Catch up on Sunday's news here:
More very damaging losses for #Russia yesterday.

#Ukraine's figures show almost 7% of all destroyed artillery systems happened in the last 24 hours.

Vehicles, fuel tanks and special equipment also above the mean as well as killed soldiers.
#RussiansGoHome Image
The British update today questions #Russia's air defence.

It's always been a problem for Moscow after sending most of its domestic protection to #Ukraine, only to have to bring some back as #Kyiv shows more ability to hit long range targets.

#StandWithUkraine Image
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Buses are the superstars of the energy transition.

They make up 0.2% of vehicles in Europe, but deliver 10% of passenger kilometres. They even have a higher share of zero-emission vehicles than cars.

Our new paper looks out what's driving the change
Buses don't have CO2 standards yet, so demand-side measures are largely driving this trend. Sales shares vary wildly across Member States. In some, electric buses make up close to half of their sales (FI🇫🇮 NL🇳🇱 DK🇩🇰). In others, nearly none are sold (GR🇬🇷, IE🇮🇪, PT🇵🇹).

Cities are showing the most impressive commitment. Over half of Europes' capital cities plan for a fully zero-emission bus fleet by 2040. #Amsterdam and #Copenhagen are leading by example with a 2025 phase-out date.

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"In a quality city, a person should be able to live their entire life without a car, and not feel deprived."
—Paul Bedford (photo: the bicycle wagon of a train in #Copenhagen's station.)
As Bedford points out, the opposite is also true:
"A good sustainability and quality of life indicator: the average amount of time spent in a car."

(Elevated time car-commuting time also turns out to be a reliable metric of social isolation and general life dissatisfaction.)
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Siamo nel 1833 e #AnneLister stava preparando il suo viaggio verso #Copenhagen. La sua (e nostra😉) buona amica Madame de Bourke le aveva chiesto di portare con sé la giovane nipote, Sophie O'Ferrall. La zia aveva invano cercato di 'sistemare' Sophie e
quando la giovane aveva respinto questo famigerato pretendente russo, aveva deciso di rispedirla a casa dalla sorella Emily, che viveva nella capitale danese (è il viaggio narrato nell'ep. 8 di Gentleman Jack).
Madame de Bourke doveva essere davvero ansiosa di far ripartire Sophie e fu molto convincente con Anne. Quel che però non molti sanno è che qualche anno dopo Sophie tornò a Parigi e (a casa della zia) incontrò finalmente l'amore della sua vita: il conte #FedericoConfalonieri.
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I was waiting and I realized that nothing was made that I didn’t make, everything before today was happenstance which occurred by predatorial thinking from others… Finally, towards the end I learned that we make our reality… better late than never…
…and so it is that the #matrix is controlled by the creatures, who have set a filter we perceive bc we aren’t aware of our ability to create. The nasties that control our matrix are demonized creatures, ancient, and are constantly reinforcing this matrix…#reality
With indoctrination that produces suffering, bc they feed from this extremely negative energy. For example, the abuse of #children and #animals. Today you’ll find them in #Copenhagen all that fear and anxiety.
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I'm seeing a number of tweets asking how a mass shooting can occur in a mall in Copenhagen despite the strict firearms legislation in place here. It feels necessary to add some facts to the conversation: 🧵🧶🪡
#shooting #mall #copenhagen #Denmark
1) Denmark has had two random (2) mass shootings in eight (8) years, today and one in 2015, where two (2) died. That is 0,25 shooting a year for a country of roughly six million. I'm fairly certain the US have long since used up that horrible quota.
2) Gang shootings are not a part of that number (0,25/year). Why? They have claimed relatively few victims and are rare. Perps usually use handguns and not assault weapons (there's that legislation again!). They also target rival gangs, making them less deadly for "civilians".
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#Copenhagen #Dinamarca

Tiroteo en un centro comercial en Copenhague.

Al menos un herido de bala. Se desconocen los motivos por el momento.
Las autoridades dicen que hay varios heridos por disparos.

Se ha detenido a una persona. ImageImage

Vídeo del momento del tiroteo en el centro comercial.
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🚨 Evacuations underway, heavy police response at scene following reports of shooting at mall in #Copenhagen, #Denmark, local media reports
🚨 Man with gun spotted at Fields shopping centre in #Copenhagen Denmark.
🚨#UPDATE: shots have been fired and several people have been hit. #Copenhagen
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A thread: examples of russians harassing Ukrainians in the UK and abroad. 5th column is alive and well.
russians verbally abuse a 🇺🇦 child in London
russians triggered by 🇺🇦 flag, this time in #Copenhagen. The translation of shouting is something along the lines of “get the fuck out back to war you fucking whore”
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#Minkgate The head of #Denmark's Medicines Agency, Tanja Erichsen Faints During Announcement.
- When you constantly lie for witch doctor Gates, Voodoo about drugs, treatments, and limitations, the 'Bad Karma' can come and stop your breath suddenly.…
#COPENHAGEN, April 14 - Results of investigations into the #AstraZeneca-associated blood clots “showed real and serious side-effects,” Danish health agency head Soren Brostrom told a news briefing.
What do we do when we encounter the truth?
- Are we afraid of it?
- Do we run from it?
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#Denmark #Austria #Israel #Copenhagen #Coronavirus

Austria and Denmark want to agree a close cooperation with Israel in the research and production of vaccines and medicines.
To this end, Austrias chancellor Sebastian Kurz and the Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen will visit Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on March 4th, Austria's Chancellor Sebastian Kurz announced on Saturday.
"Our first priority is to accelerate the production and procurement of vaccines for the future," said Kurz on Twitter. The aim must be to prepare for the phase after the summer, even in the face of possible further mutations.

Austrias chancellor tweet:
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#Denmark #Copenhagen #Coronavirus

With fewer infections and simultaneous concerns about the British virus variant, Denmark is cautiously easing some of its restrictions on March 1. Most important change:
The shops that have been closed since the end of 2020 are allowed to reopen on Monday, provided that their retail space is less than 5000 square meters and they are not located in shopping centers. Justice Minister Nick Hækkerup announced this at a press conference in Copenhagen.
Larger stores can also reopen with a very limited number of customers. Open-air cultural institutions are also allowed to receive visitors at the turn of the month if these guests can present a corona test that is no more than 72 hours old.
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#Denmark #Copenhagen #Coronavirus

Denmark will also have to hold out in lockdown throughout February. The strict corona measures were extended on Thursday for a further three weeks until February 28, as Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen announced in Copenhagen.
This means that shops, shopping centers, restaurants, gyms and many other facilities will remain closed due to concerns about the further spread of mutated coronavirus variants. The schools in Germany's northernmost neighbor also remain closed.
However, there is hope that the younger students will be able to return to their classrooms by the fourth grade before February 28, announced Frederiksen. We will probably be able to say more about this at the beginning of next week.
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#Denmark #Copenhagen #Coronavirus

In the fight against the high number of corona infections, most of the retail trade in Denmark will be closed for several days from now on. Since Christmas Day and for the time being until January 3rd,
stores in Germany's northernmost neighbor have to remain largely closed, including shops with an area of ​​less than 5000 square meters. Supermarkets, grocery stores, pharmacies and specialty stores with medical equipment are allowed to remain open.
The closed shops may continue to issue packages that have been pre-ordered and paid for online. Shopping centers and shops with a sales area of ​​more than 5000 square meters in Copenhagen and the rest of Denmark had to close on December 17th, hairdressers,
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#Denmark #Copenhagen #Coronavirus

In Germany's northernmost neighbor, Denmark, 33 cases of the variant of the coronavirus that occurred in Great Britain have so far been detected.
The Danish health institute SSI announced that they were found between November 14 and December 14 in the capital region of Copenhagen as well as in the regions of North Jutland, South Denmark and Zealand.
This indicates that the new variant has gained a foothold in Denmark, albeit at a very low level. To what extent the virus variant spreads faster cannot be said based on the previous data, writes the SSI in a risk assessment.
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#Denmark #Copenhagen #Mink #minkcovid #Culling #Coronavirus

In the fight against the spread of a mutated form of the coronavirus, the Danish government has illegally ordered the mass killing of all mink in the country.
"We made a mistake," admitted Agriculture Minister Mogens Jensen on TV2. There is no legal basis to ask mink breeders outside the risk areas to cull their animals. At the same time Jensen called on the breeders to continue the emergency slaughter as planned.
Your cooperation is the best help to protect people's health. The government now wants to get a legal basis through parliament as soon as possible.
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#Denmark #Copenhagen #Mink #Coronavirus #minkcovid

In Denmark, at least 214 people have been infected with variants of the coronavirus that originally appeared in mink since June. 200 of the cases were detected in the North Jutland region,
according to the Danish health institute SSI. There are a particularly large number of mink farms in this region. Sars-CoV-2 was found in 216 breeding facilities across the country by Friday.
The cluster 5 virus type, classified as worrying by the Danes, has so far been found in five plants and in twelve people. The Danish government ordered on Wednesday that all mink in the country - around 15 to 17 million animals - should be killed.
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#Denmark #Copenhagen #Coronavirus #RESTRICIONS

As of today, stricter corona rules apply in Denmark. Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen announced the changes on Friday. In public, only meetings of a maximum of ten people are allowed,
even private meetings should be limited to ten people. Such restrictions are already known from Germany and other countries. However: Outside of work or school you should only meet ten SELECTED people.
So in Denmark people have to decide which friends and relatives they want to have contact with in the near future. The government and the health department want the private circle to be kept as small as possible. The government relies on "samfundssind" - a sense of community.
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#Denmark #Germany #Copenhagen #Coronavirus #BORDER #RESTRICIONS

Due to the increasing number of new corona infections, people from Germany are no longer allowed to enter Denmark without a valid reason for entry. The Danish Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod announced on Thursday.
The measure means, among other things, that German tourists are no longer allowed to enter the country. For most of the other countries in Europe, these entry restrictions have long been in place. Exceptions should apply to residents of Schleswig-Holstein.
In Denmark, the number of new infections has reached a record high. From Wednesday to Thursday, 760 new cases of Covid-19 were registered. This was announced by the State Serum Institute.
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#Denmark #Copenhagen #Mink #killing #Coronavirus

Denmark is one of the largest producers of mink fur in the world. Now veterinarians and breeders have started killing around 2.5 million of the animals. The reason: numerous minks got infected with the corona virus.
The stocks of farms without own infections are also culled if there is a case within eight kilometers of a farm with corona. According to the food authority, farms with no infections that have to kill their animals will be reimbursed 100 percent of the damage.
Farms with infected animals receive a little less. The animals are killed with gas in special boxes. The fur is not on the market. It is said that the culling of the animals could take months.
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#Germany has imposed a mandatory 14 day quarantine on anyone from #Denmark’s capital region, #Copenhagen and surrounding metro area, traveling into Germany. #COVID19
#Denmark is advising against all unnecessary travel to #Iceland as it now exceeds #COVID19 infection criteria. Entry restrictions/quarantine rules now apply for incoming travelers from there.
This is big. #Denmark is now advising against all unnecessary travel to the #UK as it now exceeds #COVID19 infection criteria. Entry restrictions/quarantines now apply for incoming travelers from there.
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#Denmark #Copenhagen #Coronavirus

Denmark has registered the highest daily number of new corona infections since the beginning of the pandemic. According to figures from the Danish health institute SSI on Saturday,
589 new infections with the corona virus have been confirmed since the previous day. However, today's numbers are difficult to compare with those of the first high phase of the corona crisis in spring, because in Denmark,
as in numerous other countries, much more is tested for corona today. Still, the Danish authorities and the Copenhagen government are concerned about the surge in recent weeks, largely related to some local outbreaks.
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#Denmark #Copenhagen #Coronavirus

Denmark is tightening the rules for restaurants in Copenhagen as the number of cases increases. Health Minister Magnus Heunicke announced that restaurants, bars and cafes in the capital should close at 10 p.m.
The reproduction number (R) - a measure of the infection rate - is now 1.5 for the entire country. In the past 24 hours, 334 new infections had been recorded. The mayor of the Danish capital Copenhagen also proposes an evening ban on alcohol sales.
In some parts of Copenhagen, regardless of the coronavirus crisis, there is a lot of noise and "totally unacceptable violence" at night, explains Social Democratic Mayor Frank Jensen.
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