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I asked for 150 likes and 50 retweets. You guys gave me 286 likes and 77 retweets. Let me blow your mind on how easy it actually is to run a Google Ads agency that brings the most important thing in the agency business - results for your clients.

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In order to run a Google Ads #agency we need a few things:

- A niche
- A vertical
- An acquisition strategy
- Knowing how to set up a #GoogleAds campaign for your client which brings results sustainably.

Since I want to make this thread as bulletproof as possible, let me give you a foolproof way on how to make this work for you - even WITHOUT any previous knowledge.

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(1/15) The #Coordicide project at #IOTA is naturally an important milestone that will need to be delivered. But too often other progress on IOTA is overlooked. There are soo many pieces that together form the vision of IOTA. Let's have a look what my colleagues are working on!
(2/15) The #IOTA Engineering department has 9 different projects: #Bee, #Hornet, #Chronicle, #Firefly, #Client Libraries, #SmartContracts, #Identity, #Streams and #Stronghold. It also maintains our websites, the coordinator and nodes.
(3/15) In those projects, #Bee, #Hornet and #Chronicle directly build out the first layer of #IOTA. Implementing new features to the first layer for updates like #Chrysalis and #Coordicide.
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Thread by @JessicaMeigs (THANK YOU THANK YOU!)

➡️ Hey #entrepreneurs, #TwitterMarketing, and ANYONE who is #selfemployed

‼️EVERYONE should know this information that's being buried in the news cycle:

‼️The PRO Act, or HR 842‼️👎

The voting date is scheduled for 03/08! (aka THIS Monday!)

🚨Remember the heavily OPPOSED smack-down that #California imposed on millions of #independentcontractors?

That they are ‼️STILL‼️ fighting? The law that says you cannot even do #Rideshare unless @uber, @lyft, @Grubhub
... EMPLOY you as an official employee of the company. 😱

Even IF they could afford to do that (and these companies have ALREADY said they CANNOT,) you could not:

🔸set your own schedule
🔸where you want to work
🔸or any other #sidehustle - GONE

Not sure if you’re in this 📦?
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Prochaine étape pour #ExperienceMakers « Connecter les expériences tout au long du parcours client » avec
@SMaziol & Tangui Cardin d' @AdobeExpCloudFR
Pour les marques, chaque interaction est une opportunité de #fidélisation.

Il ne s’agit plus de calendrier 📆 mais de renverser les logiques car aujourd’hui ce sont les clients qui dictent le budget.
Les marques doivent anticiper chaque micro-moment.

Pour @AdobeExpCloudFR, tout commence par le #client avec 4 points pour #fidéliser :

▶️Analyse et optimisation du #parcoursclient
▶️Déploiement d'expériences #omnicanal
▶️Activation des données et de l'intelligence en temps réel
▶️Création d'une vue unifiée

Read 5 tweets ce n'est pas "un format". C'est un outil #collectif à faire #évoluer, certes pas à pas, avec la patience que nécéssite l'#évolution, mais #collectivement. C'est long, donc, ce n'est pas un #produit fini #CléEnMain "Meilleur #service Au #client ", c + riche Image c'est un R.S. qui a été lancé en 2012 par l'association @Medialutte ; celle-ci avait été crée au départ pour encadrer @actualutte, journal dont l'objectif était de relayer les infos des luttes.
- "Et si on faisait un R.S.?"
- "Ok, c'est parti"
Il a connu au départ un fort succès, près de 18000 inscrit.e.s en très peu de tps. Son serveur vocal fourmillait d'échanges. On y organisait nos A.G. décisionnaires, des "Rencontres interactives" sur différentes thématiques chaque mois, & un atelier informatique solutions libres
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Small world. Mark Nutsch and Erik Prince.…
The actual PR lineup and gig: "To commemorate the 75th Anniversary of D-Day, a team of veterans from our #client American Freedom Distillery parachuted into the historic drop zones of Normandy with knapsacks full of their Horse Soldier® Bourbon."
Business is good. Try their bourbon.…
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A 6 minute discussion between Recruiter & Principal Consultant #UX to eliminate the common mis-expectation from UX and stop free gift design. ‘UX Interview Expectation Setting’… #UXjobs #UXhiring #UX #HR #Recrutier #ProductManager #UXAssignment #UXResearch
@jmspool @MrAlanCooper @userfocus your inputs are welcome.
I hope this clip corrects the #investments for #UX domain & also build trust of #client on UX deliveries that are properly researched and thus generating #returns.
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1/ What's wrong with #lawfirm compensation? Let @jordan_law21 count the ways.As predicted 🔮 (by me, about what I was going to do 😇), a #tweetstorm. First the link:…
2/ Next, my favorite #micdrop 🎤 quote: "law firms incentivize their lawyers to act in ways that are counter-productive to lwayers' happiness, clients' satisfaction and the firms' effectiveness." and 💥goes the 🧨-- more #truthbombs follow.
3/ 💯 agree that legacy compensation systems (and the attendant infrastructure of #tech, #process, #policy, governance as well as resulting #culture) emphasizes #lawyer effort over #client outcomes (namely, the billable hour). BUT I add here: what would be a better #alternative?
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